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It was once again a beautiful summer afternoon in Gravity Falls and our favorite couple were once again on a date. It was just a simple stroll through one of the many trails that surrounded the town.

"Look at that beautiful scenery." Danny said, "Thanks for showing me this trail Wendy."

"Not a problem dude." Wendy said, "Besides, it was awesome showing you this trail. I actually showed this trail to several of my dates when using the service, including Peter."

Danny recalled that the first date that Wendy had while using the service was with a guy from New York named Peter Parker, who coincidently was currently dating Kara Kent. The girl who Danny would have chosen if not for Wendy Corduroy claiming his heart first, metaphorically speaking.

Danny and Wendy continued to walk back on the trail for a few minutes, Danny thinking about Kara and Wendy thinking about Peter. When the couple suddenly heard two familiar voices, one male and one female. Danny heard a familiar giggle from the female voice. Wendy recognized the male voice as well.

Then another couple appeared before Danny and Wendy, who they both recognized.

Kara Kent and Peter Parker, both walking in the direction of Danny and Wendy.

"That's a funny story Peter." Kara said as she giggled.

"Well after the beating he gave me. Besides, he sort of had it coming." Peter said. He then noticed the first girl he dated from using the service.

"Wendy!" Peter yelled in excitement as he noticed the couple, including the red-headed member.

"Danny." Kara said in excitement as well.

Both walked over to our favorite couple and greeted them.

Kara hugged Danny, while Peter did the same for Wendy.

"Happy to see you two here." Kara said happily.

"You too Kara." Danny said, he then looked at Peter, "So this the famous Peter Parker that my girlfriend has mentioned a few times."

"Well I consider myself more amazing than famous." Peter said, as he shook Danny's hand.

Danny noticed that the grip of Peter's hand was stronger than Danny expected from a person around his age.

Meanwhile Wendy talked to Kara, mainly about their new relationships.

"So how's Peter been treating you Kara?" Wendy asked Kara.

"Ohh you know, he's been treating me as an intellectual equal." Kara explained, "How's Danny been treating you? Is he still sweet and funny?"

"Ohh yeah dude. He still that and more."

Kara just simply raised an eyebrow with an inquisitive but knowing look on her face.

"So what are you and Peter doing in Gravity Falls by the way?" Wendy asked.

"Well I just wanted a stroll through some beautiful scenery and Peter recommended this area near your town, though some of the people I met are a little bit weird." Kara explained.

"Yeah dude, I can see what you mean. So how are you liking this hike so far?"

"One of the best trails I have seen and walked on. Also…"

But then a missile flew just above the four teens heads and crashed ten feet away from them. The blast caused all four of them to fall off their feet. Danny looked above first to see a familiar enemy hovering above them as he got up.

"Skulker." Danny said with a little rage in his voice for the so called 'Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter' for ruining his date with Wendy, as well Peter and Kara's.

Kara got up as well and was mad as well, still bitter about her last encounter with the ghostly hunter. With her eyes briefly turning red.

Danny went behind a tree and turned into his Phantom form and went up to confront his enemy.

"Well whelp, it seems based on my calculations and your actions for the last several weeks, I'd knew that I'd find you here in Gravity Falls, Oregon." Skulker announced to satisfy his own ego. He also didn't recognize Kara from their last meeting due to her glasses. "Strange that you ended up with this red-headed human. I calculated there's a 25% to 68% probability that you would end up with Supergirl instead."

As Danny got close to Skulker, he said, "Have you been stalking me since I used the service?! Ewww."

"What! No, not like that." Skulker said, not wanting to be seen as that kind of villain, "Anyway, after I defeat you, prepare to be turned into a pelt over my fireplace."

"Still gross." Danny said as he blasted the hunter with an ecto blast.

Skulker dogged the blast. Then Danny hurled himself at the hunter, pushing him away from the group. Danny figured Wendy and Kara could take care of Peter. Danny slammed Skulker against a cliff face and then he slid down on causing an indentation down the cliff.

Skulker sent another barrage missiles at Danny in retaliation, who easily dogged them. He then quickly sent an ice blast at Skulker, freezing the hunter's armor in place and falling as well. As the armor fell to the ground, it shattered into a million pieces. All that was left of Skulker, besides pieces of his armor, was the tiny, pathetic blob that was the true Skulker. In which Danny sucked into the thermos with ease while the blob was yelling at him for their next fight.

Danny quickly flew back towards the group he was with and changed from behind a tree.

He then said, "Is everyone alright?"

"Yeah dude." Wendy said, "Were you able to find a ranger?"

Danny realized that this was the cover for Peter and Kara that his girlfriend was coming up with, even if Kara already knew his super secret. "Couldn't find one. I came back after I became concerned about you, as well as Kara and Peter."

"Well that's sweet of you Danny." Kara said, "I'm glad that missile didn't start a forest fire and that supervillain was taken care of by that Danny Phantom superhero."

"Yeah, but man I wish that battle was closer. I could have taken some good pictures for my job." Peter said.

"You work?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, I'm photographer."

"For who?"

"The Daily Bugle."

"Isn't that the news outlet that slanders supers, most especially Spider-Man." Danny said.

"Yes, but the staff are nice besides Jolly Jonah himself." Peter said referring to the editor-in-chief of the Bugle.

"I guess I have to take your word for it then." Danny said, not knowing what else to say.

The group then noticed storm clouds forming in the distance.

Kara then said, "I think we should be going now, plus it would be great time for dinner. Wendy, you live here, do you know a good place to have dinner?"

"Well Greasy's Diner is a good place for every meal of the day." Wendy answered.

"Thanks for that suggestion, but Peter and I already had lunch there."

"Well then Hermanos Brothers, which is Gravity Fall's Mexican restaurant."

"That sounds good." Peter said.

Kara nodded in response.

"Never been there before, so let's go." Danny said.

So the group headed into town.

Meanwhile, in a random and seemingly unimportant area, was a one of many secret bases for UNIT (UNified Intelligence Taskforce), which stored various dangerous objects from Earth, Space, and beyond. Each of the objects, once in the possession of various individuals (human or alien) who thought it would be a good idea that Earth should either be ruled by themself or whatever empire they claim to represent. After they were defeated by whoever, the weapon they tried to use usually ended up in this facility or a similar one depending on the area it was in.

Anyway, it was a seemingly ordinary evening at the facility, if not for the fact that there was an explosion at the facility right about now.

The guard at the entrance was blown (quite literally) off her feet.

"Holy smokes." She said.

The guard ran to where the explosion just occurred. When she arrived at the site, the guard saw two holes, one in the fence surrounding the facility (caused most likely by wire cutters) and another in the compound building, which stored the alien and supernatural weapons (which was most likely the result of the explosion). She then noticed three masked figures run out of the compound with bags in each of their hands that most likely contained stolen weapons from the compound.

"Freeze!" The guard yelled at the thieves.

One of the thieves responded by firing a stolen weapon at the guard, which only stunned her since this is the first time that the thief had used the advanced weapon.

"Come on." One of his partners in crime said, "We have to get out of here before more guards show up."

The trio of thieves (two men and a woman) ran out of the facility and into their car, which was parked nearby. As they drove away, they removed their masks.

The larger of the two men then announced to his friends, "With these weapons we'll show the government as well as those super freaks whose boss."

His two friends then snickered with a chuckle.

The woman of the trio said, "Alright, but we gotta test these weapons first."

She then threw what appeared to be a grenade at a nearby corn field. When the object landed it didn't produce an explosion like the trio of thieves expected. Instead, the field in several minutes turned from a fresh fertile field to a dry infertile desert of just sand.

The thieves were a little shocked at first but then cheered at themselves for the effects of their new weapons.

"Got anymore of those grenade-thingies?" The smaller of the trio said.

"Yeah." The female member of the trio said after checking her bag.

"With these new weapons we'll show the geeks in charge as well as their muties and super freak friends who's really in charge." The larger of the group said.

The trio of thieves laughed sinisterly knowing the type of power they had now in their possession.

Meanwhile in Gravity Falls, both rain and night had fallen when the four teens had reached their destination of Hermanos Brothers, which the name spoke for itself. The four teens walked into the restaurant and saw a few seats were taken, so they took a window booth. The group ordered their meals quickly, with Wendy and Kara each ordering a large combo and then soon having an eating competition, much to the shock of their respective boyfriends. Kara won easily to the slight shock of Wendy.

"How can a city girl like you eat so much?" Wendy said, still in awe.

"Simple." Kara said, "I'm an alien."

Wendy then laughed, the two boys did as well. The latter two knowing Kara's secret separately.

"Good one Kara." Wendy said.

Meanwhile at the other side of the dinning room, sitting at a random booth were three people, who were looking at their respective menus. The most innocent person in South Park, Butters Stotch, the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool aka Wade Wilson, and the author of this fanfic, Batguy01.

"I think I'll order the chimichangas." Deadpool said excitedly.

"Deadpool, you always order the chimichangas." Batguy01 said in mild annoyance.

"I know that's why I like them so much!" Deadpool yelled excitedly.

Batguy01 just groaned and then said, "What about you Butters?"

"I'm just gonna have a quesadilla and some chips." Butters responded.

"I guess two tacos with a side of beans and rice." Batguy01 said as he sighed.

"While we are having this nice little comedy skit, you better apologize for making your fans… or is it Phans? Whatever you better apologize to your fan phans right now for making them wait several months?!" Deadpool yelled, while pointing a katana at Batguy01.

"Sir." A waiter said surprisingly calmly to Deadpool, "No pointing weapons while inside this establishment."

Deadpool put his katana on his back and said, "You still better apologize to them Batdude."

"Deadpool, I already did so in the A/N at the beginning of this chapter." Batguy01 said in annoyance.

"Still you have a lot to make up for."

Batguy01 sighed and said, "I know. It's just that it's my first story that I'm writing and I'm still trying to learn how to evenly distribute my time of writing and other stuff. Also, as I stated in that announcement review I had to rehash the plot of this chapter."

"What you mean that Petey was supposed to know Danny's identity as Phantom and vice versa. Also for the red-headed lumberjack who is not Kim Possible to know blondie's identity as Supergirl during the fight with the Predator wannabe."

"Well yeah. Also why do you ship Danny and Kim hard Deadpool?"

"Because both are teen superheroes, they share the same character designer, and it's the best crossover ship in the animation history!" Deadpool yelled in excitement.

Batguy01 just simply shrugged and said "You and your other counterparts have been spending way too much time with NeoMark."

"Well I think both girls that Danny is shipped with is cute anyway." Butters said innocently.

"Why thank you Butters. By the way, how's your new life going with your new adoptive father?" Batguy01 said in curiosity.

"Great. Wade has been making my life better as well as life in South Park in general. Especially since he became the new sheriff." Butters explained.

Batguy01 spit out the water he was drinking and said to Deadpool , "Your the sheriff of South Park!"

"Well it was either me or that racist police force led by Sgt. Yates." Deadpool explained, "Besides it's also great to keep the adults of South Park in line as well, especially after dealing with Butter's parents."

"Fair enough I guess." Batguy01 said as he sighed.

"I think it is time that we go back to our main couple, wouldn't you agree?" Batguy01 said.

Meanwhile, our main couple plus another couple were finishing their respective meals when Peter noticed someone familiar.

"Hey Wendy, isn't that your boss a couple booths down from us?" Peter asked.

Wendy then looked in the direction that Peter was looking at and saw Stan as well as Soos and the Pine twins a couple of booths down from them enjoying their appetizer of chips.

After paying their bill, Wendy decided to walk up, mainly to see how Dipper was doing. She thought that it was a miracle that Dipper decided not to expose Danny as a form of revenge as well as still being slightly flattered that he was (or is still) in love with her. She knew that Dipper was a good kid and eventually he'll learn to accept Danny both for who he is and being her boyfriend.

Wendy greeted everyone at the booth, to which they all greeted her back, with Dipper in particular greeting her more somberly than usual. Mabel on the other hand was excited about something.

"What are you so excited about Mabel?" Wendy asked.

"Mabel challenged Pacifica to a game of mini-golf, which Pacifica, like, accepted." Soos explained, "Ohh hey Danny."

Danny, Kara, and Peter walked up to Wendy as well as having heard Soos's explanation of was going on.

"Hey Soos." Danny greeted back.

"Hey Wendy. Hey wimp." Stan responded to Wendy and Danny respectively.

Wendy scowled slightly at Stan for saying that to her boyfriend, which Stan simply ignored.

Stan then said, "Who are these two nerds?", referring to Kara and Peter.

Both scowled back at him, which he ignored as well.

"This is Peter, who I hope you remember from when I was using the service. And this is Kara, who is Peter's girlfriend." Wendy explained.

"Yeah, I remember him. He was the first guy from the service who wouldn't shut up about the science stuff. Believe me, I have been exposed to enough of that stuff when I was a kid." Stan said bitterly.

Peter still continued to scowl. When Wendy showed Peter the Mystery Shack during their blind date, which he pretty much exposed Stan's cons to a couple of visitors by simply explaining how the science behind it (well Stan's science) doesn't work. Stan still hasn't forgiven Peter for doing that.

Mabel then snapped out of her daydream of her humiliating Pacifica and said, "You're right, guys. I just need to practice a little more before midnight." She then noticed the four teens. "Hey Wendy and Danny. Who are your new friends?"

Wendy then said, "Mabel, you remember Peter from the service. The other dude is his girlfriend Kara."

Which Mabel nodded and said, "Happy to meet you two. Wanna see me practice mini-golf so I can beat Pacifica?"

Kara said, "No thanks, it's getting a little late for me."

The other three teens stated as well that it was getting late for them as well.

Danny then asked Wendy, "Who's Pacifica?"

"The daughter of the richest man in Gravity Falls and a spoiled brat who always gets what she wants." Wendy explained a little bitterly, being glad that Pacifica wasn't around her age range. Otherwise she most likely would have made her life more difficult.

Stan then said to Mabel, "Go to the golf course after dark, you say? I don't know, we'd have to break in and… Just kidding, let's break in!"

Then the Pines twins, Stan, and Soos, bolted to their car and drove to the mini-golf course.

"Should we, I don't know, stop them or something?" Kara asked to the rest of the group in concern.

"Nah dude. Trust me, that's tame compared to some of the other stuff Stan has done." Wendy explained like she was sure of herself.

The rest just nodded in response.

"Well that was fun today, besides the ghost attack that is." Peter said, wanting to change the mood of the setting, "Wanna try another double date again Wendy and Danny?"

"Sure/Yeah dude." Danny and Wendy said at the same time.

"Another one would be awesome." Danny said in excitement, having enjoyed the unplanned double date, "Where would the next one be though?"

"How about Metropolis? I've shown Peter my home city, but not Danny. Have you been there Wendy?" Kara asked.

"Metropolis, the hometown of Superman. That would be awesome dude." Wendy answered with a little excitement in her voice.

"So all four of us are free next Friday, is that right." Kara explained.

The rest nodded and so another double date was set, unaware of what was gonna happen next Friday in Metropolis.

At a location unknown to the four teens, ominous bells were ringing. A tall man checked the readings on his console and did not like what he was seeing.

Then a nearby telephone rang. The tall man answered it and did not like what he heard.

Something dangerous had been stolen.

As in very dangerous.

And it was in Metropolis.

So yeah. Hope you liked the chapter.

As Deadpool explained, it was originally planned during Danny's fight with Skulker that Peter and Kara's superhero identities would be revealed to Wendy and Danny's superhero identity for Peter's as well as vice versa. But I decided against it when I realized that one criticism I had was of Danny's superhero identity being exposed to four characters within the first ten chapters of this story. So I decided to save reveal's for later.

Anyway hoped you enjoyed this chapter.