Overlord and the shield

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Mordicus18 (and others)

Thank you for thinking so. To the other part of your review. Ainz is smart enough to know that outright killing the king, his daughter and the heroes would put a massive target on his back which would result in him being hunted to the end of the world and back. What he needed in that situation was information and humans tend to give that out when under duress. The way he went about doing what he did put a less substantial target on his back but a target nonetheless. He was going to have one anyway so it may as well have been on his terms.

Make no mistake he didn't kill anyone sure, but he did humiliate them.( When dealing with Nazarick you need to remember one thing. Death is a Mercy)

Myne especially, the spell he put on her will last a while because of the level difference, imagine being stuck inside your body unable to move for an unknown amount of time. You couldn't eat or drink without assistance and going to the toilet would be… well you get the picture. By the end you would probably start to hate being you too.

Edward Anthony Aparecio

Ainz doesn't give a shit about this world, the only reason he is trying to save it is because he wants to go home. He believes slavery is a stupid concept and will be making ultimatums later on to deal with it.

He doesn't quite know what "saving the world" means yet so destroying an entire country because they practice slavery could mean hard repercussions later on. And result in not "saving the world", it's why he's going about it the way he is. As for the other part of your review read the bit at the end.


While I have been working with him on one of my other stories I am not oblivion2991, thx for the comparison though lol.


Myne/Malty is an arrogant bitch and to quote her mother, a "pathological liar". she fabricated her story purely to fuck over the shield hero, she went along with her plan based on that fact alone. What she didn't account for in her plan was Ainz being, well… Ainz. She doesn't care who or what he was or the power he holds, only that he was the shield hero.


Bit of a spoiler so don't read if you don't want any. Ainz will still be getting Filo at roughly the same point in the future. But he's also going to be getting a mount truly befitting a shield devil later on, Filo definitely won't like it though.


He is a skeleton. He cast an illusion on himself and took on the appearance of a human to take off his helmet, just like he did when he was meeting the swords of darkness for the first time.

Chapter 2

"I should have killed them!" Ainz thought as he walked down the main street with crowds of people parting as he approached, instead of disgust like he expected he only saw fear. He didn't know why they were running away from him. "The news from the castle shouldn't have gotten out yet, maybe it was something else."

Stopping in the middle of the street, he glanced up to look at his HUD and in the top left corner, just beside his resource gage were the words [Aura of despair I] pulsating red. He instantly felt like an idiot, he was so distracted by what happened in the throne room that he had subconsciously activated the skill.

He deactivated the skill and continued walking, apologising to the people he scared. They didn't accept his apology of course, they just resorted to looking at him like he was diseased.

Further into the city he reached a small street market that was bursting to the brim with activity, a woman with a child inspecting a small fruit stall, a mage entertaining children and adults alike and an angry old shop teller yelling at street urchins for stealing.

It all reminded him so much of Carne, the biggest city in his empire. It was once a small little farming village but over time it eventually outgrew the title and became the central trade city for the continent, it was now bigger than Arwinter; a fact he was still very proud of.

He was brought out of his musings when a familiar voice called out to him "Hey Shield bro!?"

"Hmm?" he mumbled, walking over to the blacksmith.

"You know, you got a lotta nerve showing yer` face around here again after what you did to that girl you were with!"

"So you believe those lies as well." he replied calmly "I thought you were smarter than that. How disappointing." stated Ainz, shaking his head and walking away.

"Hey! Wait! hang on second?" the blacksmith shouted, only to be ignored. He shook his head and went back to his shop, he still had a bet to win.

After a long walk around the city - it wasn't so much a walk of shame but Ainz familiarising himself with the area - he finally came back to the large city square the king had mentioned, he made his way to the church he could see; what he assumed to be the church as it was the largest building outside the castle itself.

It was massive with all of its three towers standing over thirty meters tall, on top of each of the towers was a representation of one of the holy weapons.

On top of the first blue tower was a sword, on the center and red tower was the depiction of the spear and on the far right was a yellow tower with the depiction of a bow. Ainz suddenly realised why the shield was hated so much, this ridiculous country had formed a damned religion around the other three heros.

"No wonder why I was targeted so aggressively." he thought. Continuing inside he was met with a rather average looking woman in a white nuns outfit with gold trim fabric at the ends of her habbid and dress.

"Hello Sir Adventure how may I- oh the shield hero how may I serve you today?" she began in a cheery voice but after seeing the item on his arm her tone became flat with hints of disgust.

"I wish to see the dragon hourglass, if I may?" he answered in reply.

"And how do you know such a thing?" The nun asked in mild surprise.

"The king… informed me of its existence not too long ago."

"I see… this way." she stated lazily, gesturing to follow.

Along the way he had asked her about the dragon hour glass and what else it did besides telling them when the next wave would come, in reply all his guide would say was "I am not at liberty to discuss those details."

Understanding he would not get any further by asking her, he simply continued to follow her in silence. He could have used memory manipulation magic on her but he was unsure of her protections, besides he would need it later.

"Best to keep trump cards in reserve." Who knows when he'll need it. Also, it costs an awful amount of mana to use it. It is just not worth wasting on such a low level nun.

As they walked forward, eventually they reached a large hexagonal room with a white intricate ceiling. In its center was a raised platform with the same detail as the roof. In the very middle of the raised platform was the object he was seeking.

The dragon hourglass consisted of a multilayered neck that allowed for sand to trickle down slowly, the glass neck was encased in a gold filigree that followed the contours of the glass down and swirled back-up and ended with a perched roaring dragon and to either side of the center of the neck of glass, inlaid within the gold were 3 spinning red orbs of dark red crystal.

As he got closer the hidden stairs that lead to the platform raised from below and his shield started to vibrate madly, then it shot a bright green laser at the center orb and a new bright neon pink timer started to count down in the middle of his hud.

18d 13h 26m 12s

Wanting to analyze it further he held up his armor clad arm and began to cast appraisal magic on the hourglass only to be interrupted by shouting.

"Stop right there shield devil!" said a familiar obnoxious voice. Turning he found a young blond man staring at him intently with wrath filled eyes and a spear pointed towards his person.

"Oh? Finally wake up did we? Enjoyed your nap I hope?" He retorted sarcastically, completely ignoring the existence of the spear.

"Cut the crap asshole! What did you do to Myne?" Motoyasu asked angrily.

"I paralyzed her as punishment for slandering me and attempting to manipulate me. She lied through her teeth, this is what she gets." Ainz explained calmly, walking past the man to leave.

"Hey! Wait, I'm not done with you!"

Ainz stopped, turned and picked up the man, then brought him close just as he did the king before. "You seem to be under the impression that I am under your beck and call, I can assure you I am not… you are alive because I'm not sure if I need you yet. You can point at me- Poke me with your little stick all you want but if you don't have the strength to back it up it's only going to go the same as last time. Do not get in my way." He stated ominously as his eyes flashed red and dropped the man flat on his arse.

"I will- wha- you?

"Blasphemy!" The nun shouted in anger. "You can not simply refer to the holy spear as a mere little stick!"

Stopping to acknowledge the nun, Ainz turned his head and stated flatly. "I just did" then left, leaving the two to seethe in their rage behind.

"His holiness will have to be informed of this travesty!" the nun exclaimed and began to move quickly away from the still furious Spear Hero.

"Hold up!" he quickly exclaimed, getting the speeding nun's attention. She stopped in her tracks and returned to the spear hero. "Please forgive me Sir Motoyasu. I was simply overcome by the shield's lack of respect, what may I do for you?"

"The king sent me for some high quality holy water, princess Malty has been placed under a curse by the shield hero." he explained quietly, looking down at the floor and tightly gripping his spear.

"But that shouldn't be possible, no previous shield hero could do such a thing, are you sure it's a curse?" the nun asked curiously, a fisted hand cupping her chin in thought.

"The mage that serves the king said he doesn't know what it is, he said it doesn't resemble magic he's seen before so he doesn't know what else it could be."

"I see, this is very concerning…" the nun stated thoughtfully. "Please meet me in the main lobby, and I will be back shortly with your request." With that, the nun and spear hero went their separate ways.

Five minutes later the nun walked into the large lobby area, a diamond shaped white bottle carefully cradled in her arm. He idly wondered why it had taken so long but let the issue be.

"Here Sir Motoyasu, please accept this with God's grace, we pray this cures the princess' condition." She stated, handing him the bottle carefully then clasped her hands together as if in prayer.

"Thanks!" he said hurriedly, running out of the church and back up to the castle as quickly as he could, along the way he couldn't help but think back to what happened in the throne room.

Flash Back

Argh… he groaned groggily, stirring from his involuntary unconsciousness, the bump on his head reminding him of what had just happened. He quickly rose to his feet just as his other two counterparts regained their consciousness and ran to check on the girl who had been clutched safely in his arms moments earlier.

Her body was limp and unmoving… he increased his pace and quickly knelt to pick up the girl resting her back on his knees supporting her head and shoulders with his left arm; he could feel her heart beating rapidly through her ribcage where his arm rested. A sign that she was thankfully alive.

With a sigh of relief, he looked at her face and saw the resting panicked expression, her eyes wide in horror and her jaw slightly moving as she attempted to speak "He… he… he..." she tried to stutter out.

"It's alright, try not to speak." he stated warmly. Just as others were beginning to come to, Ren and Itsuki walked up behind him.

"She lied." Ren stated flatly, looking down at the girl.

"And how would you know that?!" growled the spear hero looking up at the dark haired teen. In a calm response Ren simply stated the facts.

"Where do I start?" he asked rhetorically "She said her clothes were torn off then he held her down but somehow got away… doesn't that seem a little suspect considering we just got our arses handed to us and the massive fist shaped hole in the door laying on the other side of the hallway?" Ren stated, pointing a thumbed hand over his shoulder

"He was drunk, remember, maybe he got distracted and lost sight of her, by then it could have been too late."

"Did you see how fast he moved, by the time she reached the door to the room he would have been standing in front of it." As Ren stated this Malty's fearful face twisted ever so slightly in anger.

"T- t that's enough, anymore talk of that... thing and you will suffer it's fate." Sputtered Aultcray. When he spoke he felt as if his lungs were on fire. He attempted to get up out of his cracked throne only to feel a pain so intense it almost made him blackout.

"What do you mean by 'that thing'?" Inquired Itsuki, a curious expression plastering his face.

"The Shield Her- no the Shield Devil, whatever he- it is, isn't human! I saw its red glowing eyes underneath its helmet and just look at what it and it's infernal magic did to my daughter." The king exclaimed painfully.

"Yeah he's right guys, have you ever seen him take off his armour completely? What about the fact that he hasn't eaten or slept once since he got here?"

"This doesn't add up. He took off his helmet, we saw his face, he looked as human as you or I do. Plus, how do you know that? Don't you remember the ring he showed us?" Asked Ren cynically.

"There is a key hole in his door that one of the maids used to look through earlier in the night, she told me he never took off his armour, just laid on the bed reading with it on all night." Said Motoyasu, choosing to ignore the question about the ring.

"That still doesn't change the fact that she lied, maybe he wouldn't have attacked us if she hadn't-

"I said, That's Enough!" The king roared painfully, attempting to get out of his chair once again but failed to, almost falling unconscious at the pain again; his now awake adviser silently voicing his worry, grabbing on to the king's arm.

"Are you alright?" asked itsuki.

"No… Do I look alright? I think that monster broke my back when he threw me. Someone, wake up that mage. I want to know what that devil did to my daughter."

Flashback end

When Motoyasu finally returned to the castle he made his way to the room he knew the mage and Malty to be located in, the glistening white bottle clutched carefully but tightly in his grip, with his spear attached to his back.

He rounded the corner and was met with two rows of soldiers flanking each side of the elongated hallway with a large window at the end that looked out and over the city. The guards stood at attention ready for anything and anyone.

They each gave the spear hero a nod as he walked past them to the door near the middle of the hall.

The guards In front of the door moved to the sides allowing the spear to enter. Once he was inside he briskly walked to his destination; Malty's bedroom.

Waiting within was a gaggle of maids who were tending to their mistresses every need, a worried looking father sat in a makeshift wheelchair with a brace that held his back together while it healed and finally a mage standing over the end of a frilly king sized bed trying to further examine its occupant.

"Has there been any change?" He asked caringly, walking up beside the mage.

"None." the mage says flatly. "Did you bring the item as requested?" the mage asked still trying to analyse the girl.

Nodding, Motoyasu Handed the item to the mage, who made his way around to the large bed to reach its still very awake and very angry resident; though she couldn't show it.

With a hopeful expression mounting on the faces of everyone in the room, some more so than others. With bated breath they watched as the holy liquid was slowly and attentively poured into the young woman's delicate mouth.

A golden glow surrounded the girl, then… nothing. The glow faded and sputtered into nothingness, as if there was nothing there to dispel. Tears began to form in the corners of the princesses eyes as the spear hero asked "Did it work?" looking around confused.

"No Sir hero, it did not." the mage grumbled then turned to the king sitting in his wheel bound chair, his hands covering his face in sadness and despair.

"My king, if i may, could I ask you to please repeat the incantation the Shield Devil used on your daughter."

"Extend boosted magic: paralyze." the king said gravely, looking at the mage like he was a moron. This was the third time he's asked.

"Wait a minute!" The spear exclaimed enraged, grabbing the mage by the hems of his gown. "You told me it was a curse so why didn't it work?"

"Ah? Lord Hero if you could let go of me I will explain…" the mage conveyed wryly resting his hand lightly on the hero's wrist. Relenting, Motoyasu let the man go and took a step back.

"I believed this to be a curse based purely on its effect but seeing now that the holy water did not work I believe this to be a spell and a very strong one."

"So what does that mean? Can you help her or not?"

"To answer your questions simply… no I can not. The simplest thing to do now would be to wait for this effect to end; "extend" must mean it has a time limit and "boosted" must therefore indicate thats its power was increased in some way, meaning this was not the base effect of this spell, it could last a few days or a few weeks, possibl-"

The blue sky outside turned dark as a massive pillar of flame shot up from outside the castle town wall, the heat wave crashed over the city walls, breaking just about every window in the castle town before it crashed into the castle itself with a somewhat weekend effect, only cracking the slightly thicker glass.

"What the hell was that?!"

"Grrrrr! He's making a damn show of power!" Altcray sneared in rage staring at the column of flame in the distance.

"By throwing a damn nuke at the city! Why would he-"

"Your majesty are you ok!?" A soldier asked with worry barging through the door.

"Yes I'm fine…" the King stated waving his hand as if waving away a fly. "Bring me a messenger. I have an urgent matter that needs to be addressed at once."

"Yes sir!" the soldier exclaimed, closing the door quickly and running off.

Ainz continued to walk...

Not even stopping to pull the balloon monsters off when they started to latch onto his armor, he simply crushed them in his hand and continued.

He only stopped when he reached a field. The same field he'd been grinding in the whole time he'd been on this stupid planet, he looked around trying to find his mark, when he did he looked at it and cast [Vermilion Nova]. The tree was vaporised even before the massive colon of superheated plasma shot out of the hill it sat on, destroying said hill and the ground around it, the heat from the spell was so intense that the guards standing on the wall had the hair on their chins singed off. The heat wave from the explosion continued to roll over the city beyond the wall.

They received the least of it, the earth and everything on it for 300 meters from the epicenter of the flame collom was set ablaze the earth inside the creator was turned to molten rock, the poor balloons stood no chance… hundreds maybe even thousands died without even registering what happened to them.

LEVEL UP!(shield level)

Then as if to mock his efforts, storm clouds began to grow and pour down rain like a torrential torrent, he wasn't really bothered by it at all, besides the fact it had stopped some fires from burning further.

After completing his "test" he sighed and made his way to the forest he could see in the distance, it was small, nothing more than a thicket of trees by comparison to the one that surrounded Carne; it would serve the purpose he needed it for.

Ainz went further into the forest, cast a small illusion on himself, one that made him look as he did now - he could still feel watching eyes on him like the girl from the castle - and switched to his main set of gear.

He continued his stroll through the shrubbery until he found a clearing. The one he found was decent for what he needed, if a little small but that issue would be shortly rectified, he noticed a small stream next to it, who knows if he would need it for something later.

Ainz observed the centre of the clearing, making sure this is where he wanted to put it and incanted [Create Fortress]. In the center of the cleaning the ground began to shake and crack like a spider's web and then in a matter of moments a massive 30 meter tall stone tower rose out of the earth causing a gust of wind that shook the forest around it.

Ainz turned his head briefly, sensing the small surprised gasp from the tree line behind him.

[Create fortress] Is a 10th tier spell that summons forth a mighty fortress in the form of a 30 meters tall tower out of thin air. In YGGDRASIL, anyone in the same party could open its doors with a touch. But it was discovered during his first trip to the dwarven kingdom that anyone, even if he considered them allies would need him to open the door for them or they would have to break it down which was almost impossible.

Upon reaching the interior he created a dark leather couch with [Create Greater item], sat down and leaned back comfortably, then opened up is inventory and took out a small assortment of items such as a quill, a scroll of paper and a [vile of infinite ink] plus other items he would be using to test with the shield later.

He quickly wrote down a message to Albedo and the other floor guardians then spawned a lvl1 skeleton to carry the message through the gate he would soon summon; doing so currently was not possible as his mana had yet to recover fully.

As he waited he started to feed the items in front of him to the shield, a red health potion from Yggdrasil which gave him the potion enhancement shield.

A used wand of [Raise dead] that did not give him the ability to raise people from the dead but only the ability to heal- ironic considering he was undead.

A random herb Enfira had once shown him while they were talking about alchemy, this unlocked the leaf shield that gave him the herb enhancement ability and a new mastery bonus system for the shield; after focusing on the little (i) a help screen appeared in his vision with more info about the aforementioned mastery system.

When a shield is used for a while to achieve a certain level of proficiency, it will grant its wielder permanent bonuses.

'It seems I get to keep the bonuses from previous shields in the skill tree… hmm I wonder' scrolling up to the Death Knight shield, he found that there was now a new bonus under its branch segment.

Mastery level required: 300 - Defence +45

He continued to stare at the new information wondering what the hell that ment. 'There's no further information on what the stat actually does… is it magic defence, physical defence or both and how much does that add to my own Yggdrasil stats.' "Aaaah, this is confusing" he stated out loud resting his skull on one of his hands.

Deciding to Leave it for future Ainz to figure out, he got up and went to the center of the fifteen meter wide room and cast [Gate], once again feeling as if all his mana had disappeared. He idly wondered if this would get any easier as he leveled up, even though he now had 121500 mana points it still took all of it to summon a gate back to his world.

Ainz turned to his low level subordinate and held out his message "Go through this Gate and give this message to Shalltear Bloodfallen she should be on patrol." the Skeletal minion accepted its command and lightly jogged through the tear in space; message in hand.

As much as he wanted he couldn't risk opening a Gate inside the throne room and have it fail immediately. Albedo would have put Nazarick on full alert the moment she was informed of his… kidnaping, meaning Aureole Omega would be blocking any and all unauthorised teleportation magic, this is the best he could do at the moment.

Hopefully they would receive the message and set his plans into motion.

Slavers tent, a few days later.

Ainz walked through town, unimpeded by anyone. As he proceeded, his towering figure gained many confused, but mostly scared looks. His dark armor, and flowing, torn red cloak had definitely made an impression on the people.

"Hmm, weird. But I shouldn't blame them…" indeed, it was almost the same when he first walked through the streets of Re-Estize, the stares were too familiar.

After talking to one of the guards who acted with suspicion throughout their entire encounter, he had finally told Ainz that the city was under martial law to protect the people from him.

Apparently his "test" on the other day had caused a great panic; both in the populous of the city and the court nobles. He also asked about the church but the low level soldier knew nothing more and asked him to move along. It was evident, he was not welcomed wherever he turned.

After a short walk later he arrived at the tent his Hanzos had told him about, it was just as they described; massive, striped yellow and grey.

When he approached the entrance he saw a sign above its entrance in a language he couldn't understand "Great another language I'll have to learn…" he cursed inside, nonetheless, proceeding deeper.

As he made his way inside, passing all the empty cages that were stacked on top of one another, flanking both sides - creating something akin of a pseudo hallway that lead him to the center - the sounds of animals and monsters that permeated throughout the tent gave a sense of atmosphere that one would typically find in a zoo he only saw in documentaries.

Stopping, and looking around, suddenly all noises cut off and went quiet. It was evident, the instinct of animals were in play, they knew well what kind of dreadful being now walked in these halls. For Ainz of course, it was slightly confusing, nonetheless, he shrugged his shoulder and proceeded, ignoring the sudden change of atmosphere.

His way led through the stacks of cages and soon, the towering "warrior" reached the center. He wasn't surprised to find another much smaller tent within. "It likely acts as something akin to a counter." He thought.

Inside the small tent he could hear some kind of mumbling. Maybe it was the owner? He could only guess.."Hello?" Ainz asked aloud, hoping to get the man's attention.


A short fat well dressed man in a top hat appeared in the next moment, peeking through the canvas door. In the moment this round and small figure spotted him, an inhumanly wide grin appeared on his face. An odd expression, not a smile one may find reassuring or even close to friendly.

"Oh, a patron! What brings you to my humble business? What can I do for you today?" The small man asked, with his still teeth bearing a wide grin. Ainz felt his low level observation shield ping briefly but didn't react as he knew it was the man in front of him.

'Customer?' Ainz raised his inner brow, finding the attitude of this man strange. Nonetheless, it was a welcomed change, at least he was somewhat friendly. More importantly, open to business. Not a trait he met often since the king issued martial law.

"Oh and what exactly is it that you sell? Animals?" The Overlord asked curiously, tilting his head slightly.

In reply the man began to chuckle heartedly and spoke with amusement. "Did you not read the sign out front? I sell slaves, dear Sir! Of the highest quality you'll find around! I might add! Now what can I get you?"

Ainz paused for a few moments to let his emotional suppression calm him down if only slightly. "Hmmm…. I was recently informed of a level 75 beastman that is held captive in a cage here. I would like to appraise it."

"Oh! A fine choice! A fine choice! Right this way!" the man exclaimed trudging along to one of the many rows of cages, elegantly walking with his cane. "Say, by any chance are you the shield hero, Sir?" He asked, looking over his shoulder as they made their way.

"And if I was?" Ainz asked incredulously from behind.

"It doesn't really matter, just a bit of idle curiosity on my part. If, theoretically, you were the shield hero I would want to ask you why you would come here. You clearly don't need a slave if the power you displayed the other day is anything to go by." Not to mention why he can't read? But pointing out such obvious things was not the slaver's style, he kept this info for himself, hiding it under his perpetual smile.

"Hm, am I that obvious?" Ainz asked curiously, allowing himself a low chuckle.

"Oh, indeed!" The slaver exclaimed and stopped to look at Ainz with a big grinning smile, all the while leaning on his cane.

"After a while in the business you learn quickly to get a read on people, like your body language, you don't display anything you're just… flat, but your voice exudes with charisma and magnanimity. Normally customers who come here are self indulgent or cocky."

"Is that so?"

"Indeed! You are just like the rumors describe you. All, dark and mysterious. Not many like you have appeared recently."

Yes, he practically gave himself away the moment the slaver laid eyes on him, "Yet, what truly intrigues me is your identity…" he pointed his cane at him.

"Oh! And may I know why that is?" Ainz asked curiously, finding the stocky, but mysterious trader more and more amusing. Such people are dangerous, yet, they can be useful if handled properly.

"Let's just say, I couldn't read your level! Like you weren't even there! Poof!" he made an explosive motion with his gloved hands, making Ainz smile bitterly under his helmet.

"Oh? So that's what you were doing? Inspecting me?"

"Indeed, please forgive my curiosity. In my profession, one can't be too careful…"

"Hmm, that's true. I suppose you can call it a passive skill of mine, but for future reference please don't do that if you wish to continue living. Normally it would launch a spell with similar effects to the one from the other day directly to the observers location."

"Ooo, how unpleasant! I'm practically shakin in my boots! Hahaha. Now shall we move on. We got a beasty to see dont we?" He asked rhetorically as he began to make his way down the lane of cowering caged demihumans.

"Well that wasn't expected… aren't people supposed to be a bit more hesitant when their lives are threatened?" this little man was more and more confusing. If Ainz were being paranoid, he would say he was hiding something.

Though, in his kingdom slavery was abolished the moment it was founded, he wouldn't repraimed the slavekeeper. It was a different world and different setting. This man, like many others, just wanted to earn his bread.

"Also, according to the laws of this country keeping slaves is not against the law." it was a disgusting and ineffective practice if you asked him.

But if he starts a one man Crusade against slavery now, and overthrows the ruling authority, that may lead to much more trouble later. Trouble he didn't need right now. With enough support, he might just take over everything. But without forces to monitor and enforce his will and rules, he was not sure it was a good idea. Either way, he will keep his opinions for himself for a time being. It would just ruin this business opportunity anyway.

"No trader likes complaining customers…" at least, that is what his manager always said. "Still, this guy creeps me out! Is he even right in his head?" Most would simply bow down and obey him, he knew well how menacing his armor looked, as well his presence was just dark and depressing - being an undead was both a blessing and a curse.

As he pondered on this, the podgy man ahead of him stopped in front of a cage covered by a large red tarp.

"Well here it is my level 75 beastman! He's my pride and joy! I hope you'll be satisfied with him!" the slaver stated excitedly as he flipped the weighty tarp over the cage to reveal a cowering wolfman in the furthest corner of the cage. The creature growled at Ainz, or at least attempting to through the rattled whimpering sound that leaked from its snout.

"Does it normally do that?" Asked Ainz looking down at the pathetic creature, the flames in his socket dimming disappointed.

"Hmm, it is strange." caressed his chin the trader. "No, in fact it's normally pretty agressive, it should be attempting to scratch my eyes out… there's something about you that's scaring the piss out of it, literally." the slaver stated, pointing at the growing amount of liquid pooling on the cage's floor. "Now that I notice it, all my wares acted the same way since you entered my establishment…'' indeed, it was evident. Even as an undead, Ainz started to feel the nauseating stench of urine.

Ignoring the little man's statement, Ainz' mind began to tick away in thought. "Does it know that I'm undead?" pondering on it for a moment, Ainz came to a conclusion. "Ah! I remember now! Blue Planet once told me about… animals - before most of them died out - apparently had the ability to sense when danger or disaster was coming, maybe it's something like that? Whatever, I'll do what I came here for, then I can leave." Ainz thought before raising his hand and casting [All Appraisal Enemy]

All the information there was to know about the creature flooded into his mind. Its affiliation and owner, it's stats, it's current level, how old it was and it's two race classes.

"So it is level 75 according to the standards of this world. Still it's stats barely reach that of a level 30 and those classes... what's going on here? This doesn't make any sense!."

"Judging by your silence I can assume you found out something surprising? May I ask what it could be."

"A moment please." The Overlord exclaimed briefly then under the hiding of his cloak, reached into his inventory and pulled out two gold coins.

One from Yggdrasil with intracellularly designed depictions of an angel and a demon on the heads and tails sides respectively. The other coin was from his world and Kingdom, one side adorned with his skeletal face, the other with the symbol of his kingdom and guild. Both were immaculate and shined brightly in the candlelight that was nearby.

Ainz looked down at the man who stared back with a grin that hid nothing of his greed. "Could you tell me if I can use these as currency?" questioned Ainz, offering the coins to the man for inspection.

"Oh absolutely! Pass 'em here, let me take a look." The man stated energetically looking at the coins, a childish sheen of excitement stemming through his glasses.

{On my authority as the Great Slave Merchant Beloukas I order thee, decipher the laws of nature and appraise my target to reveal its true nature, All ZveitAppraisal} after his incantation both coins he now held within his hand glowed a faint blue and the slave merchant began to cackle maddly.

"Do you know what you've just given me? These should be locked up in a safe and worshiped, this one." - he held up the Yggdrasil coin - "is composed of pure magic yet it still has weight! And this one" - he held up the SK coin. "Is one hundred percent pure gold even with magic and modern forging techniques this should be impossible and yet here it is! Just where the hell did you come from mister?"

"Ehh?" "I already knew both of those things but he didn't tell me what they're worth." "So what would you say each of them are worth in this country's currency?"

"Well normally the detail and design on both of these would make them worth double what a typical gold coin is worth but taking into account the information I just learned... " he smiled again. "Let me keep these and I'll give you any three things in my emporium here and a permanent discount on any services you may require of me!"

"Hmm… and what if I don't want slaves? What if I need "other kinds of wares"? Do you offer anything else aside from these creatures?"

"Hmm! It wounds me greatly that you think my wares only consist of living ones. I said 'you could take any three things, meaning, any items that take your fancy. Even information!" the spectacles of the man flashed dangerously in the next moment. "I'm also an information broker and an acquirer of rare and mystical goods, name it and I can get it!"

"I see, very well. Then, I want to inspect your other wares too before I decide…"

"Very well then, follow me then, good Sir!" It took a while, but the man guided him through his tent, showing him both his living, and lifeless wares. Most were not interesting to Ainz, yet, as he walked through the tent, he recognized something.

"Well, that's it! Anything earn your fancy?" asked the man, bearing the same wide grin.

"Hmm, maybe, but may I ask? Why didn't you show me that place?" he pointed towards the darkest section of this labyrinth built from cages.

"Oh! Those are my lowest grades of living wares, you wouldn't be interested in them."

"Still, I digress… please show them for me,"

"As you wish…" the pudgy man adjusted his hat, leading Ainz to the dark section.

What the Sorcerer King saw was a tragic sight. Demi humans in a miserable state! Blind, deformed, or with broken limbs. Just as the slave trader said, they were nothing noteworthy, Most likely worth notch.

"Even their look… like a dead fish…" most were too broken to react, or even raise their head. The light of life missing from their eyes.

"Just as I said, Sir. These are my lowest grade wares. They wouldn't interest you."

"Hmm, maybe you are right…" Albeit, Ainz found the scene disgusting, he was not the hero in black. If he starts to trash around and free everyone he may lose an important source of information.

"Enslaving him, breaking his mind would also lower his effectiveness to acquire goods or information…"

This man was right, the free information he shared with him indeed made clearer how this world works. This, despite the dirty nature of his business, made him worth keeping around.

"Who knew this is a matriarchal country, and that king was only holding power while his wife was away…" it was honestly amusing thinking how uppity that man acted, when in truth his role was only like a secretary, keeping things clean while the manager was away.

Keh~ Keh~ Keh~

"What was that?" Ainz thought, turning around and walking towards what sounded like the coughing of a child a few cages down. After reaching the cage he raised the green tarp that was covering it. What came before him could only be described as disgusting and above all, infuriating!

The demihuman girl in front of him was unlike the others that surrounded her, in the sense that she hadn't reacted to his presence - at all. Her expression was utterly broken! She made him remember the street orphans he often saw while going to work back when he was human. A tragic sight, most wouldn't live longer than a year in the streets, his Earth's atmosphere was that toxic!

Back then, he simply turned his head away, trying not to think about it. He barely could fend for himself. He had neither the power nor money to help them. But now, he just can't!

"What. is. this…?" he asked, looking at the man, his red soulfire eyes flared up to a point that they were even able to be seen through the dark slit of his helm.

Beloukas began to sweat heavily, feeling the killing intent wafting off of Ainz as he stared back into the glowing red eyes. "S- she's a racoon girl. Unfortunately she's a bit… sick" He chuckled nervously.

"I can see that… why? Is it not in your own best interest to take care of your 'merchandise'. Humans are disgusting..." he muttered under his breath, barely audible as his suppressor finally calmed him down enough to think properly.

"W- well you see this one has been a bit of a problem child, her previous owners say she screams in her sleep and that her sickness would cost too much to cure, she is; excuse me for being so blunt, but she is an acceptable loss."

"I see… " he said in disappointment. "It seems that no matter which world I'm in, human nature is constant." thought Ainz as he looked back to the girl, the words of one of his now long distant friends popping into his mind.

"Saving someone in need is always the right thing to do!"

He sighed lightly as the sense of nostalgia flowed through his body and left as quickly as it came. "Maybe I can use her as a control to see how leveling works in this world." he thought, trying to justify the words of his friend.

Kneeling before her cage, she slightly raised her head, the light of life long gone barely visible, yet were still there. So faint, it was almost nonexistent.

"Do you want to come with me?" he asked in as light a tone as he could make. The girl didn't react, only her tears started to pour from her eyes.

Ainz was slightly taken aback, even with his five decades of ruling a country he felt practically useless when faced with emotional needs of a child in a state such as the one before him. "I suppose the best thing to do would be to start with the basics."

"May I know your name, child? He asked lightly.

No response

"If you want to leave this place I need to know what to call you, calling you child or girl could get tiresome after a while." he joked in a sarcastic tone, trying to lift the dull atmosphere up slightly.

Beloukas who was standing behind him groaned internally at the horrible jest. All the while keeping his outward appearance the same 'friendly' one he always held.

No response

"I see, so that didn't work either… perhaps another approach."

"Do you want to become strong?" he asked in a more noble voice and continued. "Because I can give you strength on a level you have not known before, strength to not only protect yourself but those you care for." he said holding out one of his hands. "Ah, that was a bit cliche."

No response

"Very well." he said flatly and got up to walk away. As he was about to take a step he heard a voice so faint he would have missed it if it weren't for his super human hearing.

"R- ra- raphtalia…."she said meekly but he could see by her clenched fists that she had determination if only a little and considering the effort it took to overcome whatever her and the rest of the demihumans were feeling in his presence, he was fairly impressed.

He turned and knelt back down in front of the cage. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Raphtalia. My name is Suzuki Satoru." he stated softly, then got up and turned to the small man. "I will be taking her with me, please unlock the cage."

"Are you sure? There are much better options available."


"As you wish Sir... will you also be requiring a slave crest as well?"

"No, but explain to me what this slave crest does, I assume it's a form of control magic?"

"Yes, in a manner of speaking, it puts them under the effects of a curse, a strong seal based curse, it makes them completely at the mercy of their owners wims, refusal to carry out those orders repeatedly will eventually result in their death."

"That will not be needed." he said simply.

"Very well." Beloukas replied with a hint of disappointment then bent down to unlock the cage. "Come on, out you come." the slaver said as he swung the door open.

The girl sat inside the cage for a minute before she pushed off its floor with her hands and slowly walked out of the cage shaking lightly as she went. She eventually stood before Ainz staring up at him with eyes that no longer looked dead but still had hints of abject fear lying underneath.

"Ready to go?" Ainz asked looking down at her small form.

"Mhm." She nodded meekly in reply.

"And is there anything else I can get for you today Sir?" The slaver asked with his perpetual smile strewn across his face and his hands resting on the ball of his cane.

"Not at the moment… but I may be coming back later with a list of things and information I wish to acquire."

"Very good Sir, I await your continued patronage." the slaver exclaimed as they both made their way outside. He looked down at the coins in his hand and smiled with greed. "A most profitable day." He thought and turned around to walk back to his small tent.