Hello everyone, let me introduce myself: I am DevilsZack00, an Italian with a hobby of writing; of roleplay and gdr. But leaving this out: Welcome to my first fanfiction on this site, namely ... * Drum roll * Bleach: DxD! I know, the name sucks, but it's temporary. I start by saying that Bleach *is* one of my favorite manga / anime, so expect many terms taken from Bleach, but rest assured that I am seeing myself Highschool DxD to avoid mistakes in this story.

First announcement: I already say which narrative arcs from DxD I will follow:

- Rating Game narrative arc (Season 1)

- Narrative arc of the clash with Vali (Season 2)

- Narrative arc of the clash with Loki (Season 3)

Then, after these three narrative arcs, the two narrative arcs that I am conceiving will begin, which will culminate with an ending that (For now) I have not read in any fanfic crossover between these works.

Then here is the second announcement: I will not change anything in terms of relationships between the characters of DxD, except for only one character (No name for now ^^) so yes ... Issei x Harem. About couplings ... and Ichigo? Well ... he'll be with my favorite female character all over Bleach, but he'll find out towards the end of the first story arc.

Third announcement: I will use Bleach's Openings in each chapter (Sorry DxD fans, but I am not crazy about DxD's Openings) together with the OST and the endings.

Fourth announcement: Being Italian, I translate the fanfiction thanks to google translator so I'm sorry if there will be grammatical errors!

Last announcement: I will try to post at least three chapters every Wednesday and Friday every two / three weeks.

I have spent enough time ... Enjoy!

"Spoken" : Voice of Zangetsu

"Spoken" : Voice of White Ichigo / Ogihci

"Spoken": Special move name

'Spoken': Thought

Chapter 1: The Return Of The Strawberry

(Somewhere, in an unknown place)

The cold breeze of the Hueco Mundo hit his face, allowing him to absorb those few but feeble Reiatsu particles possible. The figure sighed as he adjusted his cloak, how long had he been walking? Days, or years? The figure knew nothing, except one thing ... he had to keep walking in that infinite desert, after all he had a vital task: he carried on his shoulders, in fact, the dream of Aizen-sama ... but it was really his dream? The figure asked himself this question, until he stopped while he saw in front of him ... a little girl. The girl had long black hair, she was wearing a Gothic Lolita dress but above all she was producing an incredible reiatsu. The figure approached the girl, ready to seek answers, but their discussion was lost in the wind ...

(The "camera" shifts its attention to the top and, while filming the moon of the Hueco Mundo, the story logo appears, then disappears in a white light that blinds the screen, changing the scene and the subject)

The open window lets in a gentle night breeze into the room, relaxing the owner while he sleeps. The room looks simple: A brown wardrobe built into the wall contained the clothes and the futon for guests, the gray desk was next to the bed and above it there were various school books and, finally, there was the white bed and above the bed there was he found his sleeping owner.

He was a tall young man in pajamas and with pink skin, his hair was pointed and of a natural orange color. The young man's name was Kurosaki Ichigo, a high school student, 16 years old and he had two peculiarities: He could see ghosts and, above all, he was a Shinigami (God of Death). The reason for the "possessed"? Well, Ichigo lost his powers 6 months ago, during the final battle against Sosuke Aizen, the so-called "Traitor Shinigami".

At first Ichigo looked like he was getting used to losing his powers, however, in reality, he had been having strange dreams for days, and this was one of them.

(Dream of Ichigo and PoV)

Squeezing Zangetsu's hilt tightly, I started to carry it in front of me and, while my Reiatsu grew out of proportion, I brought my left hand over my right arm, to then inhale and repeat one of my favorite phrases: "Ban-"

(End of POV and dream)

"-Kai!" Opening his eyes abruptly, Ichigo jumped up from the bed as he gasped, then put a hand on his face for a few seconds. The ex-Shinigami-Daigo let his hand fall from his face, bringing it on one leg, then turning his gaze to the window, observing the night sky. "I've been having these weird thoughts lately... Like, is any of this for real... or not?" Ichigo thought, looking at the stars. Six months had passed, but from that day he never saw Rukia again ... his friends Shinigami, his companions, missed him very much. "Better go back to sleep ..." Ichigo murmured, then sighed and lay down, waiting for sleep to come back a few moments later, lowering his eyelids and bringing him into the world of dreams ... until he heard a laugh all too familiar, but when he opened the eyes, he found himself in the most unlikely place.

Meanwhile, while Ichigo dreamed, a mysterious figure watched the sleeping young man, then raised a hand towards him, illuminating him with a red light that swallowed the whole room, while one voice could be heard: "I hope that the King Spirit knows what it means if it doesn't work ... good luck, Kurosaki Ichigo ".

(PoV of Ichigo)

When I opened my eyes, I was blinded by the light of the place but, when my eyes got used to the light, I looked surprised where I was: I was standing on the side of a purple skyscraper ... I was in my heart!

"Oss ~ King, how's it going?" - "How long, Ichigo" They said voices all too familiar behind me, making me turn. It was them ... it was Old Zangetsu and my Hollow.

"Guys ..." I raised a hand towards them, approaching slightly, about to cry ... they were my Shinigami and Hollow powers, they were my power.

"Hoi Hoi King, don't cry, after all we are not the only surprise of the day, get ready! AHAHAHA!" My Hollow said, laughing like a madman, while Old Zangetsu looked at me with his serious but protective gaze, then raised a hand and made an all too familiar weapon come out from under my feet: It was an absurdly big sword, without the hilt and the handle, with only one cloth on the handle that wrapped the whole sword ... it was my Zanpakuto: Zangetsu!

I looked at the Old Man with a surprised look, as if you were giving candies to a child, then receiving a positive nod with my head and taking the hilt with my right hand. When I took it, she immediately felt my Reiatsu come back, while my clothes changed into those of Shinigami ... it was a wonderful feeling!

"Zangetsu, I ... I ... thank you!" He only managed to say this, as Old Zangetsu looked at me, smiling slightly, as he began to disappear along with my Hollow. "Hey King, next time we meet ... don't be afraid of what's going to happen! AHAHAH!" The Hollow said, then disappeared, leaving me alone. Sighing, I carried Zangetsu behind my back as I began to disappear too. "Zangetsu ... I ... will not abandon you as I did against Aizen!". I said before I vanished from my inner world, hoping that the Old Man heard it.

(End of PoV)

When Ichigo opened his eyes, the morning light entered the room, completely illuminating it. After getting out of bed, Ichigo yawned slightly, then headed for the door and opened it, preparing for his usual awakening: his father's healthy ambush, ready to "fight" him ... but there was no such ambush.

"Old man…?" Ichigo asked as he left the room and stayed in his corridor. "Yuzu? Karin ...? O-Oi ... YUZU ?! KARIN ?! DAD ?!" Ichigo started to raise his voice, as he ran towards the floor below but, when he reached him, he stopped. In front of him stood a male figure dressed in a white Shihakusho with red outlines, with long brown hair gathered in a ponytail and with slightly dark skin. The figure turned, looking at Ichigo with his amber eyes, and then spoke. "You are finally awake, chosen by the Spirit King." He said, while Ichigo looked at him with a frightened and curious look "Chosen ... of the King ... Spirit?".

To be continued ...

[* ~ Asterisk]

By Orange Range (Bleach OP 1)

Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari

(The camera looks towards the sky while Ichigo dressed in his Shihakusho falls from it while he holds out a hand towards the camera)

Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari

(A quick look at the various protagonists while having fun around: Issei spying Rias in the shower; Kiba sparring with Koneko and finally Asia having fun with Akeno)

Hitotsu futatsu kane no ne wa hibiku kokoro no naka e to hiroku fukaku

Monogatari no youna hoshi no shizuku are naka ni hosoi senro wo kizuku

(Ichigo and all the members of the ORC (In their casual clothes) walk on the street, while the camera focuses one by one, framing their face and making their name appear next to them)

jikan to tomo ni jidai wa ugoku nagareru

(The camera shows an empty street of Kuoh, framing Sirzechs against the wall, Azazel laughing while drinking a glass of wine and Vali looking at the sky)

Hoshi wa shizuka ni ugoku

(For a moment it seems to frame Ophis and then immediately change the subject).

Me wo tojite mimi wo sumaseba GOOD BYE

(The camera finally frames the mysterious hooded figure seen in the Hueco Mundo)

Hanate hikari makezu ni shikkari ima

toki wo koe dareka ni todoku made

(You can see the ORC girls' figures heading to the left side of the screen, while Issei tries to follow them from the right side.)

Eikou no hikari wa kono mukou ni


(Ichigo thinks about blocking Issei, who punches him on the head, sending him to the ground. When he gets up, the young Issei gives a cry of pain)

Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari

inishie no omoi negai ga jidai wo koe

iroaseru - DON'T LIKE A FOOL ~!

(In his Shinigami clothes, Ichigo unleashes Zangetsu and begins to fight against various Hollows and devils without a master, helping the members of the ORC in the fight)

KIRARI hitomi ni utsuru dareka no sakebi

Kaze ni omoi wo tsuki ni negai wo

(Vali smiles at the screen, then takes a spray can and uses it against the camera, coloring it red)

Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari

Inishie no omoi negai ga jidai wo koe

Iroaseru - DON'T LIKE A FOOL ~!

(The members of the ORC, together with Ichigo, relax in their seat: Issei lying with his head in Rias' oppai while Akeno teases him, Koneko eats a dessert, Kiba drinks tea, Asia tries to take Issei for himself (In vain, alas) and Ichigo instead observes his badge from Shinigami-Daigo)

Bokura no omoi mo itsuka dareka no mune ni

Hikari tsuzukeyou ano hoshi no you ni

(ORC members get up from their seats and head for the window, looking up at the sky with a big smile.)

Well, it's definitely a short chapter, I admit it. But rest assured that from the next you will enter the world of DxD! Or at least in part: 3

Here Zack, see ya!