This and the first chapter have been sitting in my "WriterP" app since, october so I decided to give it a shot lol

If the first few chapters goes well, I'll upload once a week or every two weeks. If not, I can just scrap the story :p

Some of their attitudes may be a little OOC in this story. Like Umi, she'll be a bit more soft hearted later on.

Disclaimer! The Love Live franchise and its characters are not mine. If it was, I would've made at least one couple canon.

With all of that said, lez go

A drunk one night stand between two exes lead to big responsiblity.

"I will take responsibility. Kotori, please move in with me."


Post-Canon AU, Five Years after the LL Movie's ending.

Takes place February 2018.

First Years: 19, going on 20 y/o

Second Years: 20, going on 21 y/o

Third Years: 21, going on 22 y/o

Main Couple: KotoUmi

Side Couple: NozoEli

Mentioned Couples: RinPana, TsubaHono, NicoMaki