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Chapter Twenty Eight: A Maze of Dreams

April 24th, 2:30 AM; The night before the wedding (April 24th, 5:30 PM)

It was the night before the long-awaited wedding of Nozomi and Eli. They decided to hold it a month closer, from May to April so that the warmth of Spring would always remind them of, well, their promise to love each other til death parts them (though Eli insists she'll just find Nozomi again in the afterlife.)

All of the wedding's guests stayed at the hotel near the place where the outdoor wedding was held, and to celebrate their final nights as maidens, a typical bachelor and bachelorette night was held for the two. Despite staying just a few floors apart, the soon-to-be wed couple didn't know of each other's exact whereabouts other than being in the exact same hotel since their groomsmen and bridesmaids decided the two shouldn't see each other again until Nozomi walks down the altar, and though they hesitated at first, they eventually agreed.

Of course, what's a bachelor/bachelorette party without getting a bit wasted, no? After all, it was the final night without asking the dearest wife if they could drink..

Bachelor's Room (Eli, Umi, Maki, Rin, Honoka)

"Kotori, how are you guys there?"

"We're okay. Nozomi-chan just opened her presents eheh~ How is Eli-chan and everyone?"

"Eli is.." Umi let out a sigh, turning her attention to Eli, who was downing a bottle of vodka while Maki 'tries' to stop her (no, she was recording her) and the two orange-haired girls sing Garasu no Hanazono with the bluetooth microphones they brought for the wedding (honestly, no one knew where to put Honoka. Sure, she's one of Nozomi's bridesmaids, but she seemed too chaotic to be placed in the bachelorette room) "We're okay here, Eli opened the presents already. Do you think it's fine if I sneak out and go back to our hotel room..?"

"Umi-chan, you're Eli-chan's best man.. you should be there. Thinking about Umiko-chan again?"

"Of course.. The little one is teething, I'm worried she might suffer from a fever and we're both away from her."

"Yui-nee is taking care of her, remember? Though I do feel bad since she's pregnant with twins.. but Kazuma-nii and Yui-nee insisted it's fine, so just trust them, okay?"

"Can't I.. go there, then? I'm sure Nozomi and the others are more relaxed than these four here.."

"Again, Umi-chan, you're the bestman, and I'm Nozomi-chan's maid of honor, so we have to stay with them until the end of night, at least."

"You know, I wanted to ask this since earlier.. if the two can't see each other until tomorrow, who will stay with them here in their hotel rooms?"

"The rest of the girls will, we'll be the only ones to go back to our own hotel room cause of Umiko-chan. Oh, and Nozomi-chan asked me to tell you to stop Eli-chan from drinking, please."

"Okay, okay.. for real now, Eli, stop drink-" Maki stopped her laughter, hearing Eli gag slightly before the blonde ran to the restroom. Maki quickly took the bottle of vodka, showing it to Umi with a grin "Look, she finished it."

"Maki, I don't think we should be proud of that.. It would be trouble if she has a hangover while waiting for Nozomi to walk down the aisle."

"Or worse, she might vomit, nya!"

"That, too." Umi sighed as she rolled her eyes. She beckoned Maki to go and help Eli vomit in the restroom, and even though the redhead detested it, she sadly had to "Kotori, I'll call you later, I'll check on Eli. Have fun with the girls, okay?"

"The same to you, Umi-chan! I love you~"

"I love you too." Umi smiled at first, and immediately frowned as soon as she heard Maki scream in disgust. Thankfully, Kotori had ended the call by then "Maki, what happened?"

"She.. she vomitted on my foot!"

Bachelorette's Room (Nozomi, Kotori, Hanayo, Nico)

"How are they, Kotori-chan?'

"Eli-chan is vomitting, but the rest of the soldier game trio has it covered," Kotori giggled, putting her phone back on the coffee table and sitting beside the bride "Rin-chan and Honoka-chan are having a lot of fun, why don't we have fun, too? Let's play a few games!"

"Good idea, but hey, Kotori," Nico was busy pouring pouring wine into a few wineglasses "Can you drink? I know you're nursing Umiko and all, but, could you for tonight? And possibly tomorrow?"

"Mm, only five ounces of wine per day, though."

"You didn't have alcohol for nine months.. and to think you have to watch your alcohol intake until Umiko is done nursing.. Here," Nico handed her a wine glass, and passed another to Hanayo. Once everyone had their wine glasses, Nico smiled "To the soon-to-be Mrs. Ayase!"


"Nozomi-chan, how are you feeling?" Hanayo started the conversation after taking a sip of wine "Are you excited?"

"Of course! I've been waiting for this day, since Elicchi and I began dating. Actually, even before that.. I've been waiting for the day I could be with my love for the rest of my life."

"How sweet~"

"Well~ What about my maid of honor and my groom's bestman?" Nozomi turned to tease Kotori, who just took a sip of wine calmly "Come on, I wanna know~ Any progress?"

"None yet, Nozomi-chan.. but don't worry, when I get married, I'm definitely choosing you guys as my bridesmaids and maid of honor!"

It was a little promise they made in highschool - that they'd be each other's maids of honor. And fortunately, they stuck to it.

"Let's hope you catch the bouquet tomorrow, then," Nico said as she stared at her wine glass' contents "Maki-chan's still waiting til she graduates before we take another step, but seeing Kotori with a kid and Nozomi with a wife makes me jealous. But hey, I do have the hottest partner, so-"

"Oh, no.." Hanayo let out a sigh, taking another sip of the wine. She isn't really into alcohol, but for some reason, whatever she's holding gets more interesting when the soldier trio's partners discuss about them..

"I don't know about that, Nico-chan.. Have you seen Elicchi in a suit? You will tomorrow, and I'm sure you'll wish you took the chance to be Mrs. Ayase~"

"Wait, wait, no.. Have you guys seen Umi-chan after she works out? And hey, you know what they say - when someone is good with kids, it makes them look even more better! And we have a kid~"

"Aren't Maki-chan and Eli-chan good aunties to Umiko-chan?" Hanayo curiously asked, and the partners of the mentioned girls shrugged their shoulders with a chuckle "Ehh? Why? Rin-chan is just.. afraid to hold Umiko-chan, saying she might break her.."

"Well, for starters.. Elicchi is jealous of Umiko-chan cause when the little one is over at our place, I tend to cuddle her more than my fiancée," Nozomi said.

"And Maki doesn't like needy beings, or those that need a lot of care, like usual." Nico nodded, then grinned "Anyway! Let's go back to discussing who has the best partner!"

"We can all agree they're more mature than us though, right? Well, most of the time, at least," Nozomi said while the rest of the girls nodded.

"Let's play instead! Um.. what about truth or dare?"

"Seems fine by me~"

Bachelor's Room, same time

"Yes? Is this the hotel service? Can I order another bottle of vodk-"

"We would like to cancel that, thank you," Umi quickly snatched the phone away from Eli, who started to whine like a child whose candy was taken away from her. Umi finally ended the call, requesting for a pitcher of water to be brought up to their room, and frowned at Eli "Do you want a hangover on your wedding? You want to vomit on Nozomi's dress? My Kotori worked on that for six, almost seven months!"

"Are you telling her not to drink so she won't ruin her wedding day, or so she won't ruin the dress Kotori-chan made?" Honoka asked.

"Err.. both."

"Umi, I deserve at least a shot right? Since the groom vomitted on my foot?" Maki asked, and grinned when Umi gave her a go signal. The redhead poured herself a shot, and teased Eli as soon as she drank it "Mm~ Eli, it tastes soooo good!"

"Shut up, tomato.." Eli whined, clinging onto Umi's leg "Umi! Let me drink, please!"

"For what?"

"To calm my nerves down!"

"You're nervous about getting married? To Nozomi?" Umi questioned Eli's nervousness - this is her wedding with Nozomi, after all! Nozomi, the one she'd go on parfait dates with in highschool - Nozomi, the one who was always there since then..

Nozomi, the one who really loves her for who she is.. so there's no need to worry, right?

"Why are you nervous, nya? Nozomi-chan reallyy loves you!" Rin screamed to the microphone, causing the rest of the girls - except Honoka - to cover their ears. In a more hushed, and slightly guilty voice, Rin brought the microphone near her mouth again "Oops..?"

"Rin, one more time and I'm ripping that microphone away from your hands."

"Maki-chan, cruel! Bad! Horrible, nya!"

"Anyways.. Eli, you don't have to be-"

"What if I'm not good enough for Nozomi?" Eli whined like a child. Though they all knew she's drunk, Eli seemed more honest about her feelings when she is..

"You? Not good enough for her? When?" Umi sarcastically asked with a sigh, shaking Eli off her leg "You proposed to her, she said yes, you spent six.. almost seven months planning this wedding, now you're gonna back out because you think you aren't good enough for her?"

"I did not say I will!"

"You sound like you will.." Maki responded, taking another shot much to Umi's dismay "Umi, if I'm gonna spend time listening to Eli's woes, I'm not doing it sober."

"Nozomi-chan will get the wrong idea if she heard you, Eli-chan.." Honoka said as she pouted, puffing her cheeks up.

"Yeah, nya! Nozomi-chan would get heartbroken, poor Nozomi-chan.."

"A-Ah! No..! I really do want to marry Nozomi!" Eli franctically waved her hands in front of her face, then let out a sigh "I'm so excited to marry her, even.. tomorrow, in front of all of you, in front of all our families - well, some chose not to attend cause they're homophobic but.. fuck them, am I right?"


"Umi, we're adults, let her be. I bet you make Kotori scream the same thing when you do that," Maki reminded them as she read a text message from Nico. She instantly blushed, tossing her phone to the side "What the heck, Nico-chan..?"

"K-Kotori- Why is my intimate life suddenly involved in this?!"

"Ooh, what did Nico-chan send you, nya?" Rin scurried to get Maki's phone. After she read the text, she placed the phone screen down and awkwardly smiled "A dirty text, nya.."

"Ooh, I wanna see! Lemme see!"

"Could you two actually do something to help Eli with her nerves here?" Umi shot a glare at the the orange-haired girls, who were busy fooling around with a now-stunned Maki's phone.

"Give her alcohol, and she'll be fine!"

"We are trying to find a way that does not include alcohol, Honoka," Umi let out a sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose.

She swore not to bug the girls in the other room, it was Nozomi's final night as a maiden after all. But with Eli whining on the floor, Maki stunned on the sofa, and the other two laughing at Maki and Nico's messages.. she needed help.

And just then, her phone rang and Kotori's picture (a selfie with their Umiko) and name popped up.

"Kotori..!" Umi smiled out of relief as she answered the phone. Her smile soon faded after she heard the mischevious giggles in the background, and with a raised eyebrow, she continued "Kotori?"

"Hello, darling."

"K-Kotori? What's with the sudden n-nickname?"

"Don't you want me to call you that? Or do you prefer the pet name baby?"

"K-Kotori.. let's settle that another time, please? I need help here, I'm trying to stop Eli from chugging down alcohol, Maki's soul is not here, and the other two are on her phone!"

"Oh? That seems like trouble..but baby, I'm a bit busy here with Nozomi and the girls. I'm sure you can handle that well."


"Babe? Still there?"

"Um.. yes."

"Great. Anyway, hun-"

Umi suddenly ended the call, blushing madly. She then scratched her cheek and gave a slight smile, followed by a giggle.

"Heh.. she called me darling.. I like that. Never tell her that, though. Or Nozomi. Never speak of it-"

Her trance was broken as soon as teary-eyed pouty Eli clung onto her leg. When Umi looked down, she swore Eli looked like a kid looking for her mother.

"Call Non-tan for me."

"Why can't you do it?"

"I don't know where contacts is.."

"Ah, drunkard."

Bachelorette's Room

Muffled laughter filled the room as everyone listened to KotoUmi's conversation, even Hanayo couldn't help but laugh. They dared Kotori to call Umi different petnames, and Kotori obliged.

"Oh? Umi-chan ended the call.." Kotori muttered, worry laced in her voice. She tightened her robe - yes, everyone in the bachelorette's room wore a robe over their silk nighties, everyone insisted cause there is no way they'd sleep in bare nighties with Nozomi (AKA washi monster) around - and stood up from the couch "I think I should check them out, we might've broken them."

"No, no! That'll ruin the fun..!" Nico, now slightly tipsy, pulled Kotori back to sit down on the sofa.

Before they could even do another Truth or Dare, Nozomi's phone rang and the name Elicchi flashed on the screen. Nozomi, curious, answered the call on speakerphone.

"Call my wifee!"

"E-Eli! Let go of my leg already! I am, I am! She's not even your wife yet..!"

"Maki-chan, isn't 'pussy' another term for cat, nya? Why did you say you wanted Nico-chan's pu-"

"H-Hey! Give me back my phone!"

"Hello, front desk? Can I have bread brought up to our room?"

"What's happening there?" Nozomi asked, stifling her laughter. She heard some ruffles, followed by Eli's whine "Elicchi?"

"Nozomi! You love me, right? Right?!"

"Pardon me while I pray to every known god that you won't vomit on your wedding."

"Umi! Cruel! Nozomi, you love me, right? Don't you?!"

"Of course I do, Elicchi.. don't tell me you're having second thoughts on marrying me?"

"No! No..! I wanna marry you, of course!"

"Um.. hotel service is here with a pitcher of water and vodka.."

"Ooh! Maki, look! More drinks!"

"Elicchi, no drinking or else I'll be a runaway bride."

"..can we return the bottle of vodka? Thank you. I'm sincerly sorry, my friend has an alcohol problem-"

"Umi! You're makin' me sound like an alcoholic! And Nozomi..! Don't run away!"

"Are you not, nya?"

"I think it's best if we go to sleep already, no?" Hanayo suggested, fidgeting slightly "T-There's a lot to prepare tomorrow, even if the wedding is held late afternoon.. we have to wake up early and all."

"That's true.." Kotori nodded in agreement, much to a raven-head's dismay.

"We just started..!"

"You know, I'm surprised you didn't bring strippers, Maki-chan."

"I was supposed to but Umi and Eli said no."

"If you wanted to get laid, just go to the bachelorette's room and get your partner. Use protection though, cause someone did not."

"Umiko is the best unplanned thing that happened to my life, thank you very much."

"I still don't understand why Maki-chan wanted to see Nico-chan's pussy? You guys have a cat, nya?"

"Yeah, they do, Rin-chan! It's always with Nico-chan!"

"H-Honoka! Rin!" A blushing, furious Nico exclaimed, grabbing the phone from Kotori's hands "You two are so dead tomorrow..!"

"Now, now.. Umi-chan, are you the one holding the phone?" Nozomi took the phone away from Nico. She let out a sigh, then continued "Please give it to Elicchi."



"Non-tan..! Oh? Where are you? Why can't I see you?"

"So you'll be more excited tomorrow when you see me walking down in a white dress towards you," Nozomi teased "Hey, Elicchi, stop drinking, okay? If you have any doubts, any nervousness.."

"But I can't help but feel nervous.."

"Just know this, okay? I love you," Nozomi grinned, imagining her fiancée's - and tomorrow onwards, her wife - flustered expression "And that won't change. I'm sure of it."


"Cross my heart."

"..I love you, too. Mou, I'm sorry..! I just.. I'm worried you might not love me in the near future, I'm even worried about the time we'll eventually start our own family! It's hard to beat Umi as the best papa, you know?"

"W-Wait, why am I suddenly involved?"

'You're a picture-perfect papa! Like, you can do almost anything and everything without making a mistake!"

"I don't think Eli-chan would say that if she saw how Umi-chan would actually cry in defeat when Umiko-chan refuses to sleep.." Kotori giggled, scratching her cheek "Also if she saw how many times Umiko-chan peed on her.."

"Wasn't there a time Umi had accidentally touched Umiko's..feces while she changed her diaper, as well?" Nico asked, laughing when Kotori nodded "Wow, just.. wow."

"Umi-chan is a wonderful father, but she's Umiko-chan's father," Nozomi said, listening to Eli's whining sounds "I don't think she can handle our future child.. only you can."

"Of course. A hybrid of Nozomi and you? No, thank you. Umiko is an angel, and I'm not sure your child would be."

"How cruel of you, Umi! My daughter will be the cutest!"

"Daughter? You didn't even make it yet.. and hey, Umi has a point; mix harasho and washi-washi together, I don't know the result but it's definitely not a gentle and quiet kid like Umiko."

"Our kid'll be unique, that's all!" Nozomi chuckled "But seriously, Elicchi.. stop panicking about the future, okay? We'll cross the bridge when we get there.."

"Mm, fine.. Later.. can I call you before I sleep?"

"We're definitely turning the lights off when we sleep."

"Maki, no!"

"Let Maki-chan and the others close the lights, geez.. I'll stay on phone with you until you sleep, is that a deal?"

"..okay then..! A-Ah, wait-"

"And.. she's back in the bathroom. Rin, your turn."

"Why me, nya?!"

"She already vomitted on my foot, so it's your turn to watch her."

"The world is cruel, nya.."

"Umi-chan, are you tired?" Nozomi asked.

"Indeed.. I think everything is going to be fine here, Honoka's bread is coming in a few minutes, I doubt Rin could last longer. Maki is not so drunk, and Eli already finished every last drop of alcohol here, so nothing could go wrong. I'll go back to our room within the hour, I suppose. When I can finally escape these chaotic four."

"Except me."

"Sure, sure. Except you, Maki. But I still consider it chaotic four."

"I'll let your little bird go back to your room soon~ You should go get Umiko-chan so that Yui-nee could get enough rest."

"Yui-nee? She's asleep, Kazuma-nii is the one watching Umiko. Anyways, I'll end the call now.. Eli seems satisfied now that she heard your voice."

"How much can you even vomit, nya?!"

"Okay, byebye!"

"Now, can we continue?! For an additional thirty minutes, let's play!" Nico insisted, shaking Nozomi's arm as the call ended.

Kotori just let out a giggle, then gazed at a brunette, who leaned on the couch's arm rest.

"Hanayo-chan, are you sleepy?"

"Huh? N-No, I can handle this..!"

"Let's give Nicocchi a chance and play for an additional thirty minutes, no?" Nozomi considered, then giggled when Hanayo yawned "Or.. well, I don't really want to play truth or dare. Can you guys hear me out about my nerves too?"

The rest of the girls blinked, then shared confused looks at each other. Nozomi, nervous? About Eli? That was.. new. The raven haired then let out a cough, before speaking up.

"As long as you don't drink like Eli, sure."

Bachelor's Room

"Rin, how is Eli?"

"Err.. she finished vomitting, nya."

"And what is she doing now?"

"I don't know if she's still alive.. Maki-chan, check her, nya!"

When Maki entered the restroom, she stared at the floor - where Eli laid, her hair a mess - and let out a sigh. She then went back to the couch, poured water into one of the shotglasses and muttered something inaudible to herself.

"Eli, I've got a shot for you."

Like magic, Eli came rushing out of the restroom, and smiled as Maki handed her the shot. She drank it, letting out a loud 'ah' afterwards.

"Vodka is the best!"

"And that's how you know she's drunk.. but keep it going. You have to get water in her body somehow," Umi spoke, audible enough for only Maki to hear.

"Eli-chaaan, what else should we do? We drank already, we watched movies.. we even sang a few songs already! What else do ya wanna do before you sign your life away?"

"Odd term for marriage, but okay," Maki shrugged, pouring shot after shot for Eli "Hey, hey- calm down now."

"You know.. I have no doubts on marrying Nozomi, but I'm afraid of the..sudden changes that would happen. What if it's too much and she leaves? Or we argue and she leaves?"

"Didn't Nozomi-chan just say she won't leave you, nya?"

Bachelorette's Room

"Of course I won't leave Elicchi, I won't back out! Again, we've been dreaming of this together.. but I just can't help but feel nervous."

"Then why are you nervous?" Hanayo asked, hugging a pillow that Nico handed her (everyone had their own pillow to hug, actually) "Well, actually, no.. It's fine for you to be nervous, Nozomi-chan. Even if there's no exact reason for you to feel nervous."

"Hanayo has a point. I mean, even I would feel the same way when I sign my life away-"

"Odd term for marriage, Nico-chan," Nozomi giggled.

"-with the person I love."

"Nozomi-chan, it's understandable. I think I went through a similar thing with Umiko-chan!" Kotori smiled, tightening her hug on her pillow in the process "After all, a lot of things will change - almost everything will! Your life will be different than the usual, and at some point, you'll have a baby.. but I don't think it would change your love with Eli-chan. Actually, I'm sure of it! It'll make your love even stronger~"

Bachelor's Room

"I understand your nerves somewhat, Eli. Kotori and I, although not married-"

"Gotta change that someday before another person swoops your beloved bird away~" Honoka teased.

"-went through a lot of changes when Umiko came. There were times where Kotori would cry out of nervousness, times where I doubted myself, ourselves, because we were completely new to this thing called parenting. It was a major change in our life, after all. I suppose marriage is similar, since family comes after. It's not like it would affect your love right now, it would just strengthen it even more," Umi explained, then turned her head to Honoka "Bold of you to assume I'd let Kotori go."

"Yandere Umi?" Maki snickered, then gave a pat on Eli's back "I'm sure you and Nozomi will be fine. So, quit your drinking already and take a deep breath, okay? Hate to say this, but alcohol won't solve anything."

"It makes you feel like everything is solved, then the next day, you wake up with a hangover and whatever your problem or worry is is still there, nya." Rin agreed, trying to seem wise by cupping her chin and nodding along.

"Umi..! Am I holding you back from going back to your cute spawn?" Eli asked, pouting.

"Yes, indeed you are. I'm waiting for you to finally get to bed before going back," Umi nodded, obviously tired of whatever's happening but hey, she's used to it now "Just to make sure you won't be running out to Nozomi's room."

"I don't even know her room number.." Eli mumbled, then walked her way to bed "I'll go to sleep so you can go to Miko, I know how it feels to be taken away from your loved one."

"You two will literally get married tomorrow and spend two weeks together, alone." Maki sighed.

Eli paused, before turning around to Umi "Can you call Non-tan for me..? She promised we'd call before I sleep.."

"Still don't know where contacts is?"

"No.." Eli, like a child who was confused with everything in general, shook her head sadly.

Bachelorette's Room

"I suppose so.. thank you, girls. Tonight was really fun," Nozomi beamed with joy, then let out a yawn "but I'm afraid I'll cut it short now, I'm so sleepy.."


"Nico-chan, our future Mrs. Ayase needs to get her rest since the makeup artists will start doing her makeup and all by noon~ We still have a part two of the bachelorette tomorrow morning, anyway!" Kotori nodded along, letting out a giggle when Nico let out a grunt of disagreement "I'm sorry, I have to go back to our room since Umiko-chan might be looking for me.. I'll see you girls tomorrow, okay? Get enough rest~"

"Ugh, fine, fine.. I call dibs on the sofa!"

"Nico-chan, the sofa is big enough for you and Hanayo-chan. Look at the poor girl, barely hanging on.."

Everyone's gaze suddenly travelled to Hanayo, who eventually fell asleep, cuddling her pillow close. Nozomi and Kotori let out a soft giggle, watching Nico mutter something about still having to act like the senpai of NicoRinPana as she placed a blanket over the girl.

"Nozomi-chan," Kotori then turned to Nozomi, giving her a quick embrace "Can't wait to see how beautiful you'd be tomorrow!"

"Thank you, Kotori-chan! All thanks to your creations~ Gotta give kudos to those who made your bridesmaids dresses come to life, too!"

"Yeah, though I'm a bit disappointed cause the stitches look rushed.. but good enough, right?"

"Umi, a perfectionist, had a baby with a perfectionist.." Nico mumbled to herself as she gathered her skincare materials, proceeding to apply some on her face. She then looked at Hanayo, let out a sigh, then quickly looked at Nozomi and Kotori with a smile "Before Kotori goes back to her ocean, let's do skincare! We gotta be picture-perfect tomorrow, like Nico-Nii~"

Kotori and Nozomi shot worried looks at each other, before nodding cautiously.

Bachelor's Room

"Non-tan won't answer..?" Eli hugged a pillow close, almost tearing up.

"I'm afraid so.. I'll give Kotori a ring, hold on." Umi mumbled as she sat on the foot of Eli's bed.

Maki, Honoka and Rin stayed on the sofa, snuggled up with their blankets and pillows. At first, Maki whined at first, saying how unfair it was that Eli got a bed of her own and they didn't.

And that started a riot along with the other two. The then two first years and Honoka began chanting 'we want our own bed!' until a single glare from Sonoda Umi shut them up. Now, the three were on the sofa, watching Studio Ghibli movies to try and fall asleep - which Rin already did as soon as her head hit the pillow.

With a frown, Umi took her phone out to call Kotori. One ring, two rings, three? That was.. odd, she usually answeres by the second ring - but soon enough, Kotori did answer and all Umi heard on the other line were giggles.

"Kotori? Where is Nozomi? Eli is looking for her cause she said she will call."

"Ah, Umi-chan! Okay, okay~ I'll tell her to call in a few minutes. Say, can you pick up Umiko-chan for me? I'll be in our room in ten or so minutes."

"Alright. I won't need to pick you up?"

"I suppose you can.. is Yui-nee's room the same floor as Nozomi-chan's?"

"Yeah, that's why it's probably the best if I pick you up, no? Umiko must be missing you dearly."

"Mm, okay then! See you in a bit, my love~"

"Nozomi has truly influenced you.." Umi just let out an airy chuckle as Kotori ended the call, then she turned her attention to Eli as she stood up "Nozomi will call you in a bit, it seems like she's doing something. Wait for her call, alright?"

"..Non-tan won't break her promise of calling me, right?"

"Yes, 'Non-tan' won't.." Umi sighed. She walked to the door, glancing back and smiling once she saw her childhood friend fast asleep. Only Maki and Eli were awake, but sooner or later those two would be out cold, hopefully.. "I'll be off, you two. I'll see you in the morning."

"Wait, wait," Maki spoke up, turning her head back to Eli "Any last words to us before you get married and become Mrs. Ayase Eli, wife of Ayase Nozomi?"

Umi crossed her arms and grinned, waiting for a response from the blonde. The blonde instantly sat up, and gave them a smirk.

"I married the love of my life, and I've got no regrets. Also, I found a wife before you guys! Ha!"

"Expected, but then again," Maki laughed, returning to her normal position. She reached out for the remote, changing the movie from Ponyo to When Marnie was There "Umi has a child with Kotori."

"The next step is for me to have a kid with Nozomi, duh," Eli rolled her eyes, then grinned "You aren't engaged to Nico, you don't have a kid.. be careful or she might slip away~ I heard there are hot girls in the entertainment industry-"

"Quit it before I do something and make sure you won't attend your own wedding."

"Keep it down and just go to sleep, please?" Umi mumbled. As soon as she left the room, a smile formed on her face as she made her way to the elevator.

"Congratulations, Nozomi, Eli."

Bachelorette Room

"I don't see how this green mask helps.. and cucumbers?"

"Don't eat it, Nozomi! Geez.." Nico snatched the container of sliced cucumbers from Nozomi's hands, letting out a content sigh as she placed two over Kotori's eyes "Now, try to keep the mask on for thirty minutes, hold the cold cucumbers against your eyes til they go warm, okay~?"

"Won't Umiko-chan be afraid of her mama?" Nozomi giggled as Kotori sat up, holding two cucumber slices against her eyes "Nico-chan, is this necessary?"

"Of course! We have to be perfect tomorrow, you know?! This will happen only.. five times! Your wedding, Kotori's, mine, Hanayo's, and Honoka's!"

"Thirty minutes.. I just hope Umiko-chan is asleep.." Kotori mumbled.

Their heads turned to the door when they heard a doorbell, and Kotori skipped happily as she went to the door.

"Hi, my loves!"

"Um.. Kotori?" Umi cocked her head slightly. Umiko's lips trembled as she stared at her mama, and soon buried her face in her papa's chest "Umiko, no, that's mama..! Are you scared?"

"Miko-chan, look, it's me! Mou.."

"Keep it on for thirty minutes, okay?!" Nico yelled out as Kotori waved goodbye to them.

"Nozomi-chan, see you tomorrow!"

On the way back to their room, Kotori tried to make Umiko laugh or pay attention to her by making funny faces, but the little bluenette wouldn't budge as she held on tight to Umi.

When they entered the room and Umi placed Umiko down on the cot the hotel provided, the little one quickly covered her eyes with a lion plush as she babbled.

"Can't blame her, you do look different.. I guess she finds you scary now?"

"Umi-chan, that does not help at all!" Kotori puffed up her cheeks.

"It's fine, I still find you beautiful," Umi chuckled, still focused on the little one. She bent down and placed a blanket over her, caressing her head "Go to sleep, Umiko. We'll be up early later on."

"Your papa can be romantic sometimes, no? Umi-chaaan, I want a kiss!"

"Not with that mask on, Kotori."

"Come onnn!" Kotori tiptoed, trying to tackle Umi. She was able to place a quick and chaste kiss on her cheek, which made the latter furrow her eyebrows in disgust, all while the ashen-haired laughed "You got a bit of it on your face! Umi-chan is scary now, too!"

"Kotori..!" Umi exclaimed. Her head soon turned to Umiko, who started laughing while babbling as well "Umiko?!"

"Umiko, what do we do? Papa turned into a monster now as well!"

Kotori eventually regretted saying that, since Umiko's then-laughter paused. Her lips quivered, and she began crying again, thinking Monster!Mama infected papa.

"Umiko, wait, wait! I'll wash it off, please don't cry..!"

Meanwhile, Bachelor's Room

"Ah, Non-tan is calling! Maki, look!" Eli excitedly giggled, ignoring Maki's annoyed groans (she was so close to sleeping, after all) as she answered the phone "Non-tan!"

"Elicchi, I'm sorry I called a bit later. Nico-chan was putting a mask on us after all~"

"Ehh? The green, scary looking one?"

"Yeah, that one. Elicchi, how are you feeling, really?"

"A bit nervous.. I'm sorry, I can't help it. But don't get me wrong, I feel excited as well! I can't wait.. you'll be my Nozomi for real, my Ayase Nozomi."

"Mhm~ I'm feeling a bit nervous as well.. but I can't wait for tomorrow. We've been dreaming of this moment, and to think we're just one night away from it.."

"Hey, Nozomi?"


"I love you."

A short pause was heard from the other line, and Eli thought the call ended until she heard Nozomi's soft giggle.

"I love you too."

And so, they spent the rest of the hour talking about almost anything that came to mind. About the past, about the present, and of course,

about the future they'd have together.


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