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Khiara sat a good distance from her brother Sumeng as he took a bath. Ever since the physicians said that he was now addicted to yapian, she as well as the military council decided that he definitely had no more use and would become a burden not just on them, but on the empire as well.

But there in lay the problem. They could not just kill the Crown Prince without just cause, and even then, people would be in an uproar over the Crown Prince's demise. Therefore, Khiara consulted with the Crown Princess and asked for her opinion.

"He might not have had the virility that I hoped to see in him and he was not loyal to me while finding comfort in the arms of his lover, but he was good to me. He did not hit me and he never raised his voice at me, so I have no reason to wish him ill," she said.

"But surely, you should see that I cannot just let him have his life. He is a threat to me and the only reason why I have decided to consult you on his fate is out of respect for you. You have not done anything to me and it would be too cruel if I killed him in the most heinous manner," Khiara stated.

The Crown Princess sighed before closing her eyes. "I understand. And I know that the reasons that you have just stated are also what allowed me to live so far while you maneuvered ever closer to the throne. I know there is nothing that I can do to prevent Sumeng's death, but I must ask that he be granted a merciful end. He deserves that much."

No matter her personal feelings towards Sumeng, he was still Khiara's youngest brother. Now that she was thinking about it, his weak mind and easily-impressionable character were what caused him to become opposed to her and he never was in control of his destiny from the moment that he was born into the world. Due to that, Khiara realized that it was better that he depart from this world cleanly, as a public execution would create a larger mess than she would have hoped.

"Then in that case, by this time tomorrow, you will hear of how he has passed on," Khiara promised her. "Will you attend my coronation?" Once Sumeng was dead and Khiara was the only one left, she would not waste time to formally receive her title as Empress.

"If I have your permission, I would like to go home. I have seen enough at court and I wish to find a husband and live out the rest of my days on the sidelines," the Crown Princess requested.

Khiara nodded quickly. "Then it shall be so. The Grand Secretary currently is in control of your father the late Prime Minister's estates and other incomes. After you swear loyalty to me, I will hand them over to you."

"That is most generous of you, Your Highness."

"Consider this an investment on my part to you, since I will select a suitable husband for you and the both of you will be expected to stay loyal. You might have imperial blood flowing in your veins, but due to the actions of your father, you are going to have to show that you are not going to repeat the treason of your father."

"I will do my best, Your Highness."

"Good." Khiara poured her tea.

After ensuring that the Crown Princess would not cause her trouble, Khiara then walked to the place where Sumeng was put in confinement. He was deliberately deprived his supply of yapian and was undergoing the conditions that resulted when he was going through a deprivation from his source of pleasure. That was not good, since Khiara needed his mind focused and clear before she was to ask the final and decisive request from him.

Part of the process of taking the yapian poison out of his body was for regular hot baths, since it was proven that heat coming into contact with skin opened up the body to release any toxins that was circulating through the blood vessels. And this was Sumeng's twelfth bath so far. After Khiara dismissed the servants from the room, she sat near him.

"Dear sister," Sumeng recognized her.

"Brother," she replied. "I am sure that you can see your final fate at this moment."

Sumeng inhaled and breathed out while he put his arms back into the hot water. "I have to die, right?"

Khiara bobbed her head. "But I have to tell you this. Everyone knows that you were involved in the plot to overthrow me and that you wanted to usurp the throne in the wake of our father's death."

"You know that is not true. I am our father's only son by our mother, so the throne belongs to me."

"I will correct you. You think that just because of your birth, you are simply entitled to the throne? If that was the case, then our ancestors would not have taken the throne in the first place."

The founders of the Azure dynasty had taken the throne when the previous dynasty became weak and the empire was undergoing a series of famines and natural disasters. It was a sign interpreted by many that the previous dynasty had lost the Mandate from the Heavens, so Khiara's ancestor used the chaos to become a prince under the previous emperor before getting enough support to become the emperor himself.

"I suppose not," Sumeng conceded. "And now, what will you do? Kill me?"

"I will give you a chance in how you die, brother, for the sake of old times. Your wife also interceded on your behalf, asking that you be given a merciful death."

Sumeng frowned. "No matter by many acts of disloyalty against her, she stood by me. Maybe in another life, I would have been a good husband to her."

"Such thoughts do not matter anymore," Khiara told him. "No matter the course you choose to take, you will die. However, I will give you a chance, the fate that will make your passing the easiest to take."

"And how so, dear sister?" Sumeng asked.

"When a plot against the emperor failed, whoever plotted his ruin were always given a chance, to let their families keep their lands and fortunes. That is a rare mercy, but one that has been used whenever the emperor wanted to show mercy," Khiara began with.

"That was an honor only accorded to rebelling princes and those with great estates," Sumeng reminded her. "For the minor lords or any other commoner, they were not given such an opportunity and all their estates went to the emperors. But unless they went home and killed themselves, then nothing happened. And the families… the families were taken care of." He looked up to Khiara, realization now coming to him.

"That was a good deal. Not even the emperor's son was guaranteed such a fate if he ever rebelled, so it all depended on how the emperor chose to deal with him. As for me, what do you think is in my mind right now, and why I had you placed here?"

Sumeng swallowed. "Any rebelling princes or high-ranking nobles went home… and sat in a hot bath... opened up their veins... and bled to death..." Khiara was pleased that even Sumeng knw how it all worked. "Sometimes, they had a last feast before they did the deed."

"But I cannot allow you a feast. You must go quietly, for that is cleanest way for you. I have already promised your wife that she will be well taken care of, but how much more comfort she will be in will depend on your choice."

Sumeng might not have loved his wife, but he cared for her in his own way. It was a shame that he was born as the only legitimate son of the Emperor, for Khiara believed that Sumeng's inheritance and position drowned whatever good character that was buried deep inside of him.

Strangely, despite his earlier instances of cowardice, Sumeng was calm and accepted the path before him.

"I will also give you the choice on how you die." Khiara took our her knife while she also brought out a small vial from her robes. "I am sure you know what this is."

Sumeng scoffed. "You want me to drink poison?"

"I am only taking into consideration the possibility that you might not have the stomach to put a knife in your wrist and cut your arms open. Of course, if you really feel confident, you can take the knife."

Sumeng opened his mouth to stretch his jaw before shaking his head quickly as the blood ran through his head more smoothly. Unsurprisingly, he took the vial, opened it, and quickly drank the contents in his mouth. "How long?"

"You will be dead by morning, and it is painless."

Sumeng sighed and closed his eyes before leaning his head on the back of his bath. "When did we go wrong, you and I, for it come to this?"

That was a question that Khiara herself could not answer. She was so consumed by pleasing her mother that she never thought about the time she behaved like any other woman. Not willing to allow her brother to see her have nothing to say, she got up and left him, never to see him alive again. No regrets. No regrets, she kept saying to herself, although she was ultimately unsure.

Khiara then made her way to the courtyard of the palace, where Yujin was tied to a post and everyone of note in the capital was present. Daeron, Daenerys, Sam, the one they call the Hound and a lady guest, Arya and the entire Jade Order, Benjen, Prince Joon, Admiral Okamoto, Minister Zong, and others were gathered as they were about to witness Yujin's final moments.

After everyone bowed to her before she took her seat looking down on Yujin, all except Daeron and Daenerys who dipped their heads slightly to her out of respect.

Sam, as her Grand Secretary, then unrolled the scroll and cleared his throat. "Yujin Bu, you have been convicted of treason and murder of the highest degree, the sentence of which is being sliced ten thousand times. There have been delays and your sentence will be carried out immediately. If you have any last words, now is the time to say them."

But to all, Yujin was so broken by his torture that the only sounds coming from his mouth was his blabbering. The skin around right eye was swollen, he had cuts all over his face, and he could no longer speak clearly. It showed to all how the mighty had fallen and it brought even Daeron a sense of satisfaction.

Khiara then eyed Yujin's former partner Wah, who was also in attendance. As expected, he was unemotional, as he switched allegiances to her and was now part of the higher class in the empire. Daeron and Daenerys looked at him with their deathly glares, but that was as much as they could do at the moment.

Khiara nodded for Arya to come forth, as she was selected to carry out the sentence and also because she volunteered herself. Daeron and Benjen were both concerned about Arya in charge of such a punishment, but she insisted since everyone knew her hatred for Yujin. Drawing her knife while adjusting her white robes by rolling up her sleeves, she proceeded with the punishment only reserved for those found guilty of high treason, with one small cut to the body followed by another. The purpose was to prolong the suffering before death, as treason against the emperor or empress was seen defying the will of the gods. Arya had a butcher tell her where to cut, as she was not to kill Yujin quickly.

To his credit, Yujin did not scream for the first few cuts onto his body. However, Arya avoided the major blood vessels, since any one of them cut would quicken his death and thus defeating the purpose of the punishment. Once he did die, his body would be hung in the main gate of the capital for all to see.

Khiara drunk her tea while watching Yujin suffer as he neared his slow death, while others hoped that Yujin's death would come before they reached the literal ten thousand slices. She also saw Mingyu and the Hound looking on, impressed that Arya had it in her to do such a thing, while others such as Sam, Benjen, Prince Joon, Daeron, and Daenerys looked away, with Daenerys putting her head on his shoulder.

She is going to be do more of that from now on, Khiara mused, as the next big event for the empire would revolve around them.

Arianne arrived at Starfall to send condolences to House Dayne on behalf of her family on the discovery of the body of Edric Dayne. Having disappeared for a few years now, his body turned up somewhere in the northern Reach, only recognized by a passerby group that only knew him from before the war had started. As Edric was dead with no heirs from his body, the lordship of Starfall and the position of head of House Dayne fell to Ashara Dayne, with her sister Allyria helping her with the disappearance of her betrothed Beric Dondarrion.

Of course, with Arianne's arrival at the seat of the Daynes came another agenda. With the setbacks experienced by the Dornish spears against Stannis, the only place to recruit more men to the cause was from the Stone Dornish houses. Given the history between the Dornish houses in the Red Mountains and the rest of Dorne, getting help would be incredibly difficult. But with the confirmation of Edric's death, Arianne's father saw an opportunity and he thus had his daughter venture to the seat of the Daynes with an offer that he was sure that they would not refuse.

The men of House Dayne stood at attention as Arianne stepped off the docks and onto the Torrentine. Escorted to the courtyard of Starfall, she found both Ashara and Allyria Dayne waiting for her there. As customary when their rulers arrived, Ashara and Allyria bowed their heads in respect to Arianne.

Arianne observed the two ladies of House Dayne, the both of them the last adult members of a great family. Despite the burden of the years, both Ashara and Allyria retained the beauty that made them so renowned during the years before Robert's Rebellion, with their flowing black hair and eyes almost as purple as the Targaryens. Especially for Ashara, who Arianne had heard tell that she was romantically involved with the late Eddard Stark before the Rebellion began and who many suspected to be the mother of Jon Snow. However, given what Arianne had also heard of the one called Daeron Targaryen in the East, such a thought was discredited at least in the Dornish court.

"Welcome to Starfall, Princess Arianne," Ashara addressed her. Both she and Allyria were wearing black.

"Thank you, my lady. I would like to first pay my respects to Lord Edric's grave, if he has not been buried yet."

Ashara nodded sadly for her dead nephew.

"Right this way, Princess." Allyria led her to the crypts of Starfall and to the most recent of the graves. Once she saw Edric's final resting place, Arianne closed her eyes and said a few words in prayer for Edric's soul before she was led to the main hall of Starfall. She was given a meal and Dorne's customary wine.

"I thank you for your hospitality, my ladies. On behalf of my father, Doran Martell, Prince of Dorne, please accept our condolences on the death of Edric Dayne," Arianne said to them.

"We thank you and your father for such kind words. They mean much to us, especially since the gods were cruel in taking our nephew away before we could see what kind of a man he would have become," Ashara replied shakily.

Arianne was genuinely sympathetic to Lady Ashara's feelings at the moment. "From what I had heard and I might have only meant him once, but Edric had so much promise. For him to disappear inexplicably and to show up dead so far from home… the past few years have been cruel to all."

"Indeed so, Princess Arianne. But respectfully, we know that you are not just here because your father wanted to you to pay respects to one of his vassals." Ashara went straight to the point.

Arianne drank her wine before setting down her goblet. "As unfortunate as that sounds, I am here to conduct my father's business on his behalf. He could not come here, so he entrusted me to make his requests to you."

"Does your father want the men of House Dayne to fight alongside our sand and salt brethren against Stannis Baratheon?" Allyria asked.

At that point, Arianne saw no more use in prolonging the discussion, since the Dayne ladies already knew what she was going to ask. "Yes. That is why I am here. Although we only managed to get the Yronwoods to support our plans, we need the other houses of the Red Mountains to contribute to our efforts. Besides your house, we need the men from other houses such as the Fowlers, the Manwoodys, and the Blackmonts to fully commit."

"And why would we do that? While we are under Prince Doran, we do not support the Martells' backing the Lannisters in King's Landing. Ever since this war had started, they have not managed to defeat Stannis Baratheon despite having the greater numbers. And it was only recently that thousands of Dornishmen had perished."

Arianne regretted the loss of many Dornishmen, but it was all for a greater purpose, something that did not involve the Lannisters. "What if our primary goal is not to help the Lannisters keep the throne that they sit on, but to pave the way for someone else to take it?"

Ashara and Allyria looked at Arianne, curious. "Would you please explain that, Princess Arianne?"

Arianne was allowed by her father to reveal a portion of the final plans to the Dayne ladies, which was to be used as a way to persuade them to contribute troops and supplies. "You have heard tell of the survival of the Targaryens?"

"They are only rumors, and we have no reason to believe that the one calling himself the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell is the true article," Ashara said.

"What if he was the true article? What if the Targaryens still live on?"

"It does not really matter at this point, since the Targaryens were dethroned," Allyria pointed out. "While I am aware that there are those dissatisfied with the rule of the Lannisters in King's Landing, not many will support a Targaryen claimant coming back to Westeros, especially since we have no proof," Allyria added.

"I would not too sure of that, Lady Allyria. Ever since Joffrey sat his ass on the Iron Throne, law and order in the Seven Kingdoms have gone to shit. We are in severe debt, the Lannisters and their Tyrell allies are running out of fresh men to throw against Stannis' well-entrenched positions, and the harvests have suffered greatly so close to winter. Starvation will spread amongst the smallfolk and we will suffer many losses, especially since the Citadel is predicting the most brutal winter yet," Arianne explained.

Ashara and Allyria nodded. "We know those facts, Princess Arianne. But we are not sure why is that related to your request to supply Dayne men to support a Targaryen?"

Arianne sipped her goblet once more. "The rule of the Lannisters can be compared to a castle built on sand. While the sky is dry, the castle will stand. But if it rains, the castle will sink. And it is very close to raining on the Lannisters."

Ashara and Allyria glanced at each other deeply, with Arianne guessing that they were communicating through means only known to them. She wished she could do that with her brothers and her cousins in the Sand Snakes, but she was not close enough to them unfortunately.

"If we agree to do this, what does your father have to offer House Dayne?"

"How about… a marriage bond between House Martell and your daughter, Lady Ashara?"

"My daughter?" Ashara was surprised.

Born to an unknown father, Lady Dyanna Dayne was the now the heir to Starfall after Ashara and her request to have Dyanna legitimized from a Sand was quickly granted by the late King Robert as a way to buy goodwill with the Daynes after Ser Arthur's death.

"But which son? As far as we know, Quentyn Martell is not in Dorne at the moment and we were under the impression that Trystane is betrothed to Myrcella Baratheon."

Arianne shook her head. "The betrothal might still be in effect, but my father is trying to dissolve that since he is losing Lord Tywin's confidence. As Trystane is my youngest brother, he will be a good consort to Lady Dyanna."

Arianne was not sure herself of the viability of such a betrothal, since a betrothal made with the crown was not easily broken and there were consequences. However, it showed to her that her father was eyeing the bigger prize presented in the one calling himself Aegon Targaryen.

"Allow us some time to think on your father's offer, Princess Arianne. But in the meantime, please continue to enjoy our hospitality in Starfall," Allyria spoke for her sister.

"Of course, my lady."

Just then, a young lady entered the great hall. Immediately, Arianne recognized her as Dyanna Dayne and like her mother, she had grown into a beautiful woman, inheriting her mother's long dark hair. But curiously, she had grey eyes, a trait not common in Dorne.

"My princess," Dyanna Dayne curtseyed.

Arianna approached her and kissed her cheek, to everyone's surprise. "Good to finally make your acquaintance, Lady Dyanna." Despite being Dornish, there was something else that caught Arianne's attention and she was going to use her time at Starfall to get to the bottom of it.

Daenerys stood across Jon as a monk officiated at their wedding ceremony. Nearly everyone of importance was there and unlike at Yujin's execution, it was to be a happy occasion. She could not wait any longer and she was happy that Jon, who said that he preferred that to Daeron, obliged her.

Both bride and groom wore a traditional dress specially designed for the ceremony. The YiTi dress represented thousands of years of tradition and was usually made of a lightweight material with bright colors, simple lines, and no pockets. Daenerys as the bride wore purple robes, while the groom, Jon, wore blue robes. Daenerys could never have been happier, for this was the culmination of everything that she dreamed of until this point.

"You, Daeron Targaryen, are becoming the husband of Daenerys Targaryen. Do you promise to love Daenerys and respect her, take care of her, help her, in joyful times and in hard times, healthy times and sickness times, every day, forever?"

Jon smiled at her. "I promise."

The monk turned to Daenerys. "You, Daenerys Targaryen are becoming the wife of Daeron Targaryen. Do you promise to love Daeron and respect him, take care of him, help him, in joyful times and in hard times, healthy times and sickness times, every day, forever?"

Daenerys did not need another moment to think on that. "I promise."

After the vows were spoken, Jon and Daenerys sealed their vows by bowing and sipping wine from a gourd grown handed off by Benjen, who was the eldest relative present. As now husband and wife, Daenerys walked her beloved as they were taken to the main palace for the feast.

All throughout the capital, there was celebration and jubilation as the citizens looked up and saw Drogon and Meleys flying above joyfully. Khiara had spared no expense in making their wedding into a celebration to be felt by the entire empire, with the best foods and fireworks exploding in the skies.

Daenerys did not pay attention much to the feast, other than Khiara proudly announcing the establishment of the Jade Company, which was to be their army that would accompany them back to Westeros. In total, fifty thousand men were recruited, including two thousand officers and three hundred ships. It was a force that should be more than enough to start their campaign to take back the Iron Throne, if they could make it that far with their all of their troops intact.

All she could focus on was Jon, and how he was looking at her while they ate. There was much music, dancing and singing, with Arya and the Jade Order doing the highlight of the performances.

And then, the gifts came. Again, Daenerys did not pay much mind, for Jon was her focus. However, as she and Jon finally retired to their quarters, Daenerys saw Jon take out something for Khiara, a necklace of jewels. She heard him saying, "Do you know what this is?"


"The necklace of Shiera Seastar. Do you know her?"

Khiara's eyes opened wide. "You had this with you the entire time?"

"And now, I give this to you, to show you that I am with the one I love and you are the one that I cannot have, just like Bloodraven with Shiera."

Khiara was stunned, but Daenerys saw her take the necklace. "You are right. We can never be, but I will always remember us."

Daenerys then saw that Jon bowed low, to show that he will always respect her and remember her. Khiara nodded in acceptance and stared at Daenerys for one more moment as Jon rejoined her. She saw Khiara look in marvel at the necklace before she turned her around back around to their private quarters.

Behind closed doors, Jon and Daenerys locked eyes with each other. She was struck at Jon giving the necklace of Shiera Seastar to Khiara, but it mattered not, for she knew the symbolic meaning behind the necklace. She could not blame Khiara, but there was no other way that she could think that of for Jon to end things.

Daenerys suddenly felt shy as she felt Jon's eyes on her. He reached around Daenerys and attacked her neck with kisses. She moaned as she reached around and cupped the back of Jon's head.

Daenerys felt her heart race as Jon tended to her. She reached up to remove her cloak, and Jon shook his head. He gently pulled her cloak off and then moved on. Then he leaned to nibble at her ear. Daenerys wrapped her arms around Jon's waist and shuddered in anticipation. He stroked her hair back from her face.

"There she is," Jon whispered.

Daenerys bit her lip and Jon's eyes darkened. He pulled Daenerys flush against him and attacked her neck again. As Jon nibbled and sucked on Daenerys's long neck, she felt his fingers at the clasp of the halter strap on the back of her neck. Soon, her robe fell off while Jon's hands roamed her bare back and his lips finally met hers.

Jon groaned in the heat of Daenerys's mouth as she opened herself to him. His tongue plunged in forcefully and he angled his head to probe deeper. Daenerys sucked on his tongue as she pressed her mouth harder against his. Jon grunted and he groped at her ass pulling her impossibly closer as he ground his cock against her intimate places.

Jon then leaned back with an expression so lustful, taking in Daenerys' bare form.

"Fuck fuck fuck Daenerys," he moaned as he stared her bosom. He licked his lips as his eyes flickered up to hers.

The joy of being lusted by the one she loved sent sparks of pleasure down to her core which was by now throbbing. Daenerys threw her head back.

"Don't stop", she hissed. Jon buried his head in Daenerys's chest and kissed between her breasts.

Jon put a finger on her exposed clit while he picked Daenerys up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around Jon as he carried her toward the bed.

The main quarters glowed with the warmth and soft light of a fire roaring nearby.

Daenerys smirked. "Cold, my Lord?" she asked softly.

Jon shook his head as he laid her gently on their large bed. "No. You are all I need."

Daenerys's darkening gaze gave him his answer. Jon beheld the naked woman in his bed. Long. Lean. Lovely. Yes, she's at her best just like this. Natural. She doesn't need any anything else, he thought.

"You take my breath away", Jon murmured. Daenerys licked her bottom lip wantonly and sat up to grab at his breeches.

Jon gently swatted away her hands. "No, let me take care of you now. Just lie back and relax", he whispered. Daenerys pouted petulantly but laid back down. Jon smirked at her.

He held her gaze as he quickly disrobed. His cock stood erect. He crawled on top of her. "Let me do what the others have not done," Jon's voice rumbled. Daenerys felt it as much as she heard it.

She cupped his chiseled jaws and pulled his face down to her waiting lips. His lips were soft and supple, yet insistent. Daenerys immediately deepened the kiss as her tongue begged for entry into his mouth. Jon parted his lips and Daenerys sucked at his tongue as if she was trying to swallow him down into her very soul. Jon keened as their faces angled in counterpoint to each other to get even closer. Even deeper.

Daenerys broke away with a large gulp of air. Jon attached his mouth to her throat. He aimed to mark her everywhere. He nibbled, peck, bit and sucked his way down to her breasts. Her nipples were pert and inviting. Jon swirled his tongue around one as he pinched the other.

Daenerys moaned and tugged Jon closer to her heaving bosom. Jon took a nipple between his teeth and bit gently. Daenerys moaned again and arched her back.

"More, please…" Daenerys groaned.

"I love your teats. So…" Jon lost his words as he sucked the pebbled bud deep into his mouth. He released the nipple with a pop. Then he pounced on the other. And back and forth he went until Daenerys's whole body began to shake.

"Ohhh, Jon. Yes…" Daenerys screamed.

Jon's eyes widened. "Did you come...just from…"

Daenerys caught her breath. "Oh...almost…" Jon didn't give her a chance to answer. He flattered his tongue and made a long swipe down her torso. Nudging her legs apart, continued his assault. He spread apart her folds with two fingers while his flat tongue tasted her sticky sweetness.

"Fuck, your cunt tastes…" he licked, "Soooo…" he swirled his tongue at her opening. "I forgot the word for it." Daenerys shuddered.

He set up on an elbow, flicked his finger at her wet cunt and brought that finger up to Daenerys's gaping mouth. She sucked his finger with a feral look in her eyes.

"See... you are so sweet," Jon grunted before he dove back into her cunt. He latched his lips onto her center of pleasure and feasted.

Daenerys clutched at Jon's trimmed face and he chuckled. Daenerys both giggled and moaned. Her laughter ceased when Jon pushed a thick middle finger inside her and sucked her clit mercilessly. When he bent his digit and twisted it to and fro inside her, Daenerys felt the tension in her core tightening. She felt as if Drogon was taking her higher than they had ever climbed before, her body going farther from the earth and there was nothing she could do to stop. Tighter and tighter until she cried out as a sharp pang of pleasure exploded inside her, starting at her cunt and flowed out to every part of her. Then she was weightless, floating above the earth in a state of rapture and the only sound she heard was her racing heartbeat.

She slowly descended as Jon's stumble tickled at her inner thighs.

"Fuck, dear aunt", he purred over and over. She felt drenched between her legs.

Daenerys could only sigh. She noticed Jon's eyes were black as he moved up her body.

"You are incredible," Jon muttered as he teased her opening with the head of his cock. He gave her a dirty kiss, all tongue and musky scent. Then he pressed forward slowly.

Daenerys gasped when his huge member was fully sheathed inside of her. She wrapped her legs around calves and clutched his ass as he began to move in slow, grinding circles. Her clit was still swollen and sensitive, so every arc of his movements sent a jolt of pleasure through her. His chest hair scratched her tender nipples. And this beautiful, kind and strong man stared into her eyes as he made love to her.

"You are so incredible", he whispered again. "And I am so lucky…"

Daenerys licked his bottom lip and cut in. "I'm the lucky one."

Jon gave a harder thrust. Daenerys gasped. He leaned in and whispered, "You. Just. Come. All. Over. Me…" Another hard thrust and Daenerys gasped again. "Oh, I think I'm the lucky one."

Daenerys nipped at his neck. He grunted. She ground out, "That's never ever happened to me, soooo…" A snap of Jon's hips made Daenerys yell. "Oooooo…. we are not competing... unless you think you can beat me."

Jon gazed at her with an expression so raw, it scared her a bit. Jon smirked as he hooked her legs under his arms. "Is that's challenge, dear aunt? Because I've wanted to fuck you senseless… since you first offered."

And then he showed her. In and out. Over and over. Hard and harder still. Pleasure beyond description and a prick of pain. She could only dig her nails into his shoulders and shriek at each punishing thrust. It was as if he was trying to infuse himself into her. And the things he grunted in her ear.

"I dreamt of all the ways I would take you...make you come all over me like rain..."

Daenerys just listened, overjoyed at her nephew's lewd words.

"I've been watching you all day in those robes. But nothing compares to you like this..." Jon inhaled and exhaled. "You're mine, Daenerys. Say it…"

Daenerys felt like she was going to explode. "I'm yours, Jon..."

Jon's rhythm became erratic. Daenerys used her body weight and strength to flip them over.

Jon looked at her surprised. She raised an eyebrow as she rolled her hips. "I'm strong enough."

Jon sat up and kissed Daenerys's throat, collarbones and breasts as she rode him. The only sound to be heard were the wetness of their bodies meeting and their grunts, groans and moans. From rolling her hips to bouncing wildly up and down on his cock, Daenerys showed she could give as much as she took. Jon felt himself on the precipice again. Jon pressed the pad of two fingers and teased her clit.

Daenerys threw her head back as she felt the tension build again. She laughed at the sheer joy of their coupling. At the pleasure they gave each other.

She fell over the cliff's edge and held Jon's hand as he joined her. She felt his seed shoot hot and thick inside her. Trembling and relaxed, she collapsed against Jon's shoulder as he leaned against hers.

After a few minutes, Jon laid flat and pulled Daenerys's head down to rest on his chest. When their sweaty bodies cooled, he covered Daenerys and himself.

Jon shifted so Daenerys could see his face. "I do not know what the future holds, honestly. All I know is that you are going to be part of it. And I am more than happy that you are here with me." Jon expressed the truth.

Daenerys kissed him. "I know I will get scared and sometimes I might doubt myself. But I will never walk away. I'll never let go of you."

He held her tight and kissed her hair. They quickly drifted off to sleep serenaded by the sound of the fire crackling nearby.

Rickon was taken to Castle Cerwyn by Ramsay's men after it was decided that they would set up their main field camp at the closest fortress near Wintefell. House Cerwyn was evicted from their own castle after the previous lord openly resisted the Boltons, so Ramsay was given the castle as a gift by the departed Roose Bolton, which he now used as a pleasure place for his whoring.

Ever since Smalljon Umber turned over Rickon and Osha to Ramsay along with Shaggydog's head and skin, Rickon was subjected to the sick practices of Ramsay, which included being force to watch Ramsay bed the maids he grew up with in the roughest manner. What made it worse for him was that Ramsay bragged at how he killed Osha and showed him the dissected body of the wildling Rickon had grown fond of. But no matter Rickon's hate, there was nothing he could do, not while Ramsay controlled his home and he was all alone.

Rickon sat quietly in the main hall of Castle Cerwyn, all alone and tending to his thoughts. The last few years saw his father die, mother and brother Robb dying, Arya and Brandon both disappearing with no one knowing where they were, and Sansa in places unknown to him. No longer was he the innocent "runt" of House Stark, but he was also not capable of taking care of himself. Osha did most of that for him, along with Hodor and the Reed siblings, and now Rickon was left at the mercy of the worst possible man that he could end up with.

Rickon had no tears left for his family, for he had used them all up after hearing of Robb's and his mother's gruesome death. He just… could not feel anything now.

Eventually, Ramsay entered the hall and the servants of Castle Cerwyn served them plates of auroch steaks, fruits, bread, lamb chops, and whole chickens. Ramsay wasted no time in digging in, while Rickon was hesitating to eat.

"Are you not hungry, my lord?" Ramsay asked with his mouth full.

Rickon gulped before he picked up his fork and knife and cut off a piece of roasted auroch. He had to admit that whoever cooked it knew how to prepare meat, for it was tender and juicy while he could see the red parts of the flesh. But even that was not enough to assuage him.

"It is good, right?" Ramsay had that smile that resembled any predator feasting on their prey, who just decided to share it with another.

"Yes," Rickon managed to say.

Ramsay set down his fork and knife. "Is the food not to your liking? I can have the cooks prepare you something else."

Rickon was confused at Ramsay's behavior. "Why would you do that for me?"

"Because you are more valuable to me alive and unspoiled, especially with what I face right now." Rickon swallowed nervously, which Ramsay noticed and that made him more delighted. "Are you not curious as to why I am feeding you such good food? I would like to say it is out of the kindness of my heart, but I know you are not so fooled by such words."

Rickon breathed in and exhaled to control himself. "What do you face right now?"

Ramsay smiled while pointing his knife in Rickon's direction. "That is the first good question that I have heard you ask now. And I think my answer should make you happy, for it appears that one of your family is alive."

Rickon's eyes widened. "Who?"

Ramsay put a big piece of auroch in his mouth. "It seems that your sister, Sansa, is alive. And she has come back with an army of Valemen and traitorous northmen to take Winterfell from me."

"How do you know that it is my sister Sansa?" Rickon asked, while hope was growing inside of him.

"Well, it is hard for northmen to forget the red hair and fairness of your sister, no matter how long she has been away from her home. Of course, the fact that she is your sister will be hard to ignore, since she does have a blood claim on Winterfell and the entire North."

Rickon suppressed a smile, for while such news should have made him overjoyed, any emotion he displayed would be used for Ramsay and then turned on its head. He learned that Ramsay was very good at doing that and he had to keep everything close.

"Of course, what complicates matters especially for her is you," Ramsay continued.

"Why do I make things complicated?"

Ramsay put another bit of the steak in his mouth. "Well, for a start, you are a man. By the laws of this land, you are to be the new Lord of Winterfell. But those laws were changed when your brother, after his body was relieved of his head, rebelled against the Irone Throne. Thus, you no longer have any rights to Winterfell or the lands your family used to have."

Rickon did not think much on it. As the youngest son of House Stark, he was not expected to inherit anything and even as a boy, he understood that. That was what made it all the more joyful for him, because he focus on having fun in his life.

"But," Ramsay continued. "The weakness of the Iron Throne and the inability of the golden shit on the Iron Throne to actually rule has allowed blood in the water. Now everything is for the taking and your sister's actions… I would do the same if I were in her position. But she is after what is mine and I will fight her."

Rickon glared at Ramsay.

"However, I will give her a chance to accept reality and maybe allow her to live and you also."

"How?" Rickon asked.

"I will send a messenger to her and tell her that you are alive. If she inherited her siblings' focus on family, she would do whatever it takes to make sure that you are survive. But if she is more focused on getting what she thinks belongs to her, then you might be in some trouble."

Rickon sighed. "Whatever you think I might feel, I will not show you."

Ramsay giggled. "Oh, it is going to be like that now? You think that keeping that stupid look on your face, hiding everything, will help you?" He walked over to Rickon and unexpectedly slapped him so hard that he fell on the ground. He had been through enough, so he did not scream. "Squeal." What came next was Ramsay kicking his belly and Rickon gritting his teeth, trying hard to keep it together.

A/N: Khiara sees Yujin die and the 10,000 slices was a real punishment in imperial China called "lingchi." And that part with Sumeng before he committed suicide was based on the Godfather Part II, except Sumeng didn't have the balls to slice open his wrists.

Arianne visits the Daynes, and two guesses on Dyanna's origins.

Daenerys finally gets married to Jon and enjoys a lovely night with him. And the part with Shiera's necklace... I thought it was fitting, given Jon and Khiara's relationship. But now they have their army.

Rickon getting abused by Ramsay... smh