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Holy Country, AWA Academy

It's been days since the mission in Kuoh concluded and now the AWA gang are back in ZeroTopia with some new recruits in town. It's also been days since Rias Gremory has moved in the Hyoudou, much to Issei Hyoudou, Asia Argento and Issei's parents shock, and jealousy in Asia's case.

Walking around the ginormous courtyard of the academy, we see Ochako Uraraka and Nejire Hadou showing Rias and her peerage around... and oddly enough, Issei is nowhere to be seen.

"So, what do you think of the academy?" Ochako questioned with a smile.

"It's really great.'' Rias answered with a smile, "I really like the structure of this place and I really appreciate that no one is a making a big deal with us being demons.'' she commented.

"Well... we we're thought to coexist alongside various races and thanks to that, we're like a big family here.'' Ochako explained with a smile.

"I wholeheartedly agree with that.'' Rias said in agreement.

"By the way...'' Nejire spoke, "... have you met the members of the Occult Research Club?'' she asked.

Akeno Himejima nodded, "Yes, we did.'' she confirmed, "And I must say that they're pretty nice.'' she commented.

"Some of them has some pretty bizarre personalities but we got along with them well.'' Yuuto Kiba added.

"I'm still quite baffled that I had to share the role of president with six more persons.'' Rias admitted.

Ochako chuckled, "Well... there are more than one occult-like clubs all over the multiverse.'' she pointed out, "Same goes for the other clubs with each having their own presidents, so rather than having one president for each club... it's been decided each that club presidents from different schools and worlds will have to share the same role as president.'' she explained, "The same thing can be said with the vice-president.'' she added.

"I see... a club with large members from all over the multiverse is not easy task to handle alone, so having two to three more presidents to lead them is understandable.'' Yuuto stated with a nod.

"Is the same thing goes for the student council?'' Asia questioned.

Nejire nodded, "That's right.'' she confirmed, "Souna-chan and her peerage will be joining the League of Student Councils where she shares the same role as student council president with other more.'' she explained.

Rias chuckled, "I guess Souna-san doesn't have to worry about a lot of things.'' she mused.

"Also... I heard that her sister decided to attend this academy as well.'' Nejire pointed out.

"Huh? Now that explains why she looks so problematic when I came cross with her earlier.'' Yuuto muttered.

"Umm... has anyone seen Issei-san around?'' Asia asked.

Koneko then spoke, "He's probably somewhere in this academy.'' she replied, "Doing something perverted again.'' she muttered with an annoyed look.

Meanwhile we see Issei Hyoudou sneaking around outside one of the girls' locker room, checking the walls for some holes and some windows to look through.

"Come on... there's should be at least one peephole around...'' Issei muttered.

"Hey... are you tryin' to peek on girls?'' a voice demanded. Issei turns around to see Lubbock and Minoru Mineta staring it him with disapproving looks, Issei began to sweat nervously when the two suddenly smiled, "So are we!" Lubbock declared which surprises Issei.

"So, you're a man of culture as well.'' Mineta mused, "Come on.'' he beckoned, "We'll show you a place where he can easily peek on girls.'' he stated.

And with that, Issei followed Lubbock and Mineta with a smile on his face. He still missed his friends, the two idiots that got expelled from Kuoh, but looks he found himself with new companions that are perverted as he is.

After introducing each other, Lubbock and Mineta presented Issei three holes that they use to peep on girls, and when the three boys takes a peek on each holes, Issei is greeted by the sight of an eye looking back at him... said eye belongs to Houki Shinonono.

"CREEPS ALERT, GIRLS!" Houki alerted.

"Shit! They spotted us! Run!" Lubbock screamed.

And with that, the three boys ran off with a group of girls, led by Houki, chases after them, "GET BACK HERE YOU PERVERTS!" Houki demanded while swinging a kendo stick.

Unfortunately for the three boys, they found themselves cornered by the girls between three walls with no way out.

"Wait! We're sorry! We can explain!" Issei cried while Lubbock and Mineta hid behind him.

But the girls were not hearing any of that and attacks them, beating them rather violently with Issei screaming for mercy. Then Izumo Kamiki, Kimial "Kim" Diehl and Jacqueline O' Lantern Dupre arrives to see what's going on and watches the girls mutilate and castrate the boys off-screen with a smiles of amusement.

Meanwhile in the headmaster's office inside the clock tower, we see Lelouch Lamperogue and C.C. having a conversation.

"Are you glad that Lord Sirzechs and his fellow demon lords finally decided to form an alliance with us?'' C.C. questioned with a smile.

Lelouch nodded, "Indeed.'' he confirmed, "The addition of Lord Sirzech's strength and power is very valuable for us especially now that the Apostles are planning on something.'' he stated.

C.C. frowned, "What are they up to?'' she questioned.

Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door, "Come in.'' Lelouch answered.

The door opened and Damascus entered, "You called for me, headmaster?'' he questioned.

Lelouch nodded, "Indeed.'' he confirmed, "You see... the Apostles caused trouble in Kuoh days ago, and according to Kazama-san and the others reported that their attacks are known as 'trial' and even mentioned the word 'standard'.'' he explained which made Damascus' eyes widen, "Do you have any idea what those simple words means?'' he questioned.

Damascus sighed, "I know what it means.'' he answered, "Remember the mass invasion that they did a year ago?'' he questioned.

C.C. nodded, "Still fresh in our minds.'' she answered.

Damascus' face turns serious, "They're planning to do another one.'' he revealed.

Meanwhile at the academy's rooftop, we see Matsuri Hinata sitting on a bench reading a book when Kenji Kazama and Izuku Midoriya walks towards her.

Matsuri took notice of them, "Oh! Hello, Izuku-kun and Kenji-san.'' she greeted with a smile.

"Hey, Hinata-san.'' Izuku greeted back, "Say... can we ask you some questions?'' he asked.

Matsuri giggled, "You're already are.'' she mused, "But sure.'' she complied.

Kenji then spoke, "We just wanted to know why you never told us that you had a twin sister?'' he pointed out.

Matsuri blinks a few times, "What?'' she muttered in confusion.

"I said... we just wanted to know why you never told us that you had a twin sister?'' Kenji repeated.

"We met a girl during our recent mission and she looks like you, and she told us that she's your twin sister.'' Izuku explained.

Matsuri stares at them for a minute before speaking, "I... I never have a twin sister.'' she answered.

This taken the two boys aback, "W-What?'' Izuku muttered in shock.

"I don't know about the girl that looks like me that you met but I never had a twin sister." Matsuri confessed, "In fact... I don't remember anything at all prior of me becoming a magical girl.'' she claimed.

Izuku and Kenji looks at each other with a look of confusion and bewilderment, "What the heck is going on?!" they thought at the same time.

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