This was inspired by a post that said girls think their boyfriend's snoring is so cute when they first get together, but after a couple of years it starts to drive them nuts. The text exchange was partially inspired by something along these lines that I saw on Facebook. Warning: There is a curse word ahead.

Annabeth couldn't believe Sally Jackson's kindness.

Sure, she and Sally had bonded when Percy was missing— often crying together and supporting one another when things felt hopeless— but she never thought Sally would be this accommodating.

Annabeth had moved into the Jackson's apartment. After deciding that she'd rather go to Goode than stay at her boarding school, Sally immediately offered to let Annabeth stay in the guest room. Getting to go to school with her boyfriend was exciting enough, but getting to live with him too? She was living the dream.

Except she didn't really dream anymore, after going through Tartarus. Most of her nights were consumed by nightmares. And more often than not, Annabeth found herself sneaking into Percy's room at night. Upon seeing her tear-stained face, he would immediately open his arms to her. She would crawl into bed alongside him, and he would wrap his arms around her, whispering soothing words into her hair until she fell asleep. Sometimes, it was Percy sneaking into Annabeth's room, but it always ended the same way: with the two of them curled up together, fast asleep. It was the only way they could escape the nightmares.

Sally had found them wrapped up like this on more than one occasion. Most days, she just quietly let them be. As long as both of them were dressed, she really didn't care. But she was dismayed that they thought they had to sneak around after all they'd been through. So on this particular morning, Sally woke them up, told them to get dressed, and to meet her in the living room for a "family meeting."

Percy and Annabeth were scared out of their wits. They had no idea that Sally had found them like this more than once. Annabeth was sure Sally was going to kick her out. When the two were dressed, Percy kissed Annabeth's temple as if to say It will all be alright, took her hand, and led her into the living room, where Sally was sitting on the sofa with a stern expression on her face. Both teenagers visibly paled.

Sally burst out laughing. "Come now, you two, you're not in trouble!" Percy and Annabeth went from being white to blushing red very quickly. "I was going to make you think I was mad, but when I saw your faces I just couldn't go through with it!"

Both teenagers let out the breath they were holding, and sat on the loveseat across from her. Annabeth squeezed Percy's hand, and he squeezed hers back reassuringly. To Annabeth's surprise, Percy took the lead on this one. "Mom, I'm really sorry that we've been sleeping in the same room. We didn't plan it, it's just…"

"I can't sleep, Sally," Annabeth interrupted, once again blushing. "I… I have nightmares, and the only way I can sleep without having nightmares is when I'm with Percy."

Sally gave Annabeth a sympathetic smile. "I had a feeling that's what's been going on," Sally told them. "So here's what's going to happen. Annabeth, you can keep the guest room if you wish, but if you two would prefer to stay together, I would be okay with you sharing Percy's room."

Percy's jaw dropped. Annabeth sat there in stunned silence. She shook her head to clear it. "Sally, I don't know what to say. That's so kind of you."

She smiled at her son and his girlfriend, someone Sally already thought of as a daughter. "I know Percy has nightmares too. I can't even begin to imagine what you two must have witnessed down there, and if being together allows you to cope, who am I to keep you apart?" She shrugged for emphasis.

"Most parents wouldn't be comfortable allowing their son and his girlfriend to share a room," Annabeth pointed out.

"My son's father is Poseidon. I'm hardly most parents." Sally and Annabeth laughed. Percy was still in shock.

"Percy, close your mouth please, you'll catch flies," Sally scolded her son. Percy snapped his jaw shut on her command.

"Now there are going to be rules. First of all, the door stays unlocked. I reserve the right to check on you at any time. Any time," she made eye contact with both of them to emphasize her point. "I expect both of you to be respectful of me and Paul and refrain from being intimate while we're home."

Both teenagers blushed a deep shade of red, and suddenly took great interest in the carpet. Percy gripped Annabeth's hand tighter. "I'm not going to kid myself and pretend it's not happening," Sally continued. "But I don't want to be home when it is. And I want you to promise me that you're being safe."

"We are!" Annabeth squeaked, embarrassed out of her mind, but knowing that Percy's mother only wanted the best for them. Her voice lowered to a whisper. "My mother swore she'd strike Percy down where he stands if she becomes a grandmother before we're married."

"I never thought I'd agree with Athena on anything, but I think I might smack Percy too if he makes me a grandmother too soon. I'm not that old yet!" Sally's candor lightened the mood, at least to Annabeth. Percy was still looking at the ground.

"Well, that's all I have to say about that. As long as we're all clear on the rules, how about I make us some breakfast?"

Annabeth couldn't be happier. She didn't have to try to sleep without him anymore. She didn't have to go to bed each night knowing that she would just wake up crying in a matter of hours. She wouldn't find herself sneaking into Percy's room at 3 am. Tonight, she got to go to sleep in their bed in their room.

Percy's voice pulled her out of her thoughts. "Ready for lights out, Wise Girl?"

She smiled at him. "I haven't been this excited to go to sleep in months."

"I'm excited that I won't have to see you cry tonight, Annabeth." He spoke so softly and looked at her with such adoration, Annabeth could have cried, but that would've ruined Percy's sentiment.

"Me too." She smiled at him. "Shall we?" She asked, lifting the corner of his comforter and sliding under the covers. In response, he flicked the lights off and joined her in their bed. She immediately curled into his side and sighed, truly feeling content for the first time in ages. She felt his arms wrap around her, and he planted a kiss in her hair. "Goodnight, Wise Girl. I love you."

She tilted her head up and kissed him. "I love you too, Seaweed Brain. Sweet dreams." They settled in, her head on his chest, ready for a nightmare-free night. Annabeth took comfort in listening to Percy's breathing. It soon evened out, meaning he was actually asleep. He lightly began to snore, and Annabeth thought it was the sweetest sound she had ever heard. She fell asleep shortly after, and as expected, no nightmares came for either of them that night.

Several Years Later

Annabeth had had it. Something had to be done. She was making him see a specialist. Even if it meant dragging him to said specialist kicking and screaming.

She hadn't been able to sleep. The place where Annabeth used to sleep the most easily had become the most difficult. And it was Percy's fault. His snoring had gotten steadily worse in the years they had been together. "I don't snore!" Percy would yell adamantly whenever Annabeth tried to bring it up.

"Percy, you've always snored, for as long as I've known you!"

"You said I drool in my sleep, not snore."

"You do both, Seaweed Brain! And the drool I can live with, but the snoring is driving me mad."

"You're driving yourself mad, Wise Girl, because I don't snore."

"Ugh!" She cried in frustration. She threw his coat at him, closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Get out of this house before I punch you. Maybe if I break your nose, the snoring will stop."

"Love you too, Annabeth," he chuckled. He kissed the top of her head, even though she was still fuming, and left for work.

She was going to prove to him that he snored. Loudly. And then he was going to see that specialist, whether he liked it or not.

The next morning, Annabeth didn't pick a fight about the snoring. She thought Percy might be foolish enough to think that she'd dropped the issue, and she was right. She kissed him before he left for work, and to him, everything seemed normal. That's exactly what she wanted him to think.

She texted him right on time at 10 o'clock.

Percy received texts from Annabeth around this time almost every day. Usually, they were short and sweet little messages saying that she missed him. When his phone pinged, he expected nothing different. He picked up his phone with a smile on his face. That smile quickly turned to a frown of confusion when he saw what she had sent him.

In place of the usual "Thinking of you" message was an audio clip. Percy made sure no one was within earshot before pressing play. What he heard shocked him.

Snoring. The sounds of snoring filled his office. It didn't take him long to realize that it was him snoring. Annabeth must have recorded him in his sleep.

Shortly after listening to the clip, he received another text.

That's you fucking snoring.

Yea, I got that, he replied.

I really should punch you.

Real sweet, babe.

Do you believe me now?

How do I know you didn't get that clip off the internet?

Perseus Jackson…

Even over text, Percy knew better than to sass Annabeth any further. If she was using his full name, she was mad.

Yea. Sorry. I believe you.

You've been keeping me awake every night. Will you please see that specialist now?

Yes, dear.

That's what I like to hear.

I love you.

I love you too. But I'll love you more when you stop keeping me awake at night.

Percy sent her a kissy face emoji, and he knew when she didn't immediately reply that this conversation was over. Some guys get cute texts from their girlfriends. Others get audio clips of themselves snoring and keeping their girlfriends awake. Percy was the lucky man that got both.