Being the youngest in a family full of strong or legendary shinobi. All Naruto wanted was to make his family proud. He wanted to be the strongest he could possibly be. Yet at the same time, he didn't want to be stuck in their shadow. Naruto wanted to make a name for himself. Rather than just being the son of the Yondaime Hokage.

Sure having your dad as the fourth hokage is cool and all but Naruto didn't like always being put on the spot to be as great as his father. While he has confidence in himself. Measuring up to his father or mother's level is a ways away for him. Even his older sister Natsumi, could easily beat him. Granted she is 20 years old. Meaning she has 6 long years of experience over him.

Naruto's goal was to become strong so he could protect his loved ones. He wasn't too big on being hokage considering how little time the one who carries the title, spends little time with their family, due to taking care of village affairs. Naruto respected those who took up the position. But he just couldn't see himself as one of them.

So what was the blond doing right now? Training, starting tomorrow he will become a genin. He had no idea who his sensei was going to be. Nor did the blond know who were gonna be his teammates. People tend to dislike him because he's the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. During his birth, a masked man attempted to kidnap him right after he was born. His mother being the jinchuuriki before him was weakened. The masked man threatened to kill Naruto with flash seals. Thankfully Minato had saved him, but at the cost of Kushina being captured.

Long story short, Kyuubi caused a lot of damage to the village. Minato was able to seal the fox inside of Naruto using the Shiki Fujin. Normally one has to give up their soul to the shinigami in order to use the power of the reaper. Minato caught a lucky break because for some odd reason he was able to retain his soul after sealing up the bijuu. What was even weirder is that Minato meant to separate the chakra into two halves so the power of the fox wouldn't overload Naruto. But to his and Kushina's surprise, Naruto was able to contain the full power of the nine tails without any issues.

Due to his jinchuuriki status, it caused a good portion of the villagers to hate him. But out of the respect and fear of Minato and Kushina. None of the villagers actually tried to kill Naruto seriously. But the blond has had a few run ins with some hateful villagers at the wrong times. Causing him to get beat up really badly. Of course every time this happened, Minato would have the attackers arrested for assault.

Then some stores don't sell to him or they may sell rotten food or overcharge him for something. If he's with his family members than he gets treated fairly wherever he goes. It's only different when he's by himself.

Punching and kicking a log, Naruto finally stopped after doing this repeated action for an hour. He sighed.

"Man I wish I had someone to spar with. Maybe Nee-chan or Kaachan will later on if I ask. Actually I should go home and get some rest. I've been out here for 4 hours now. Not that I can't train longer than this but if I remember correctly it's two parts to the genin exam. Already got the first one out the way. So there's no telling what my supposed sensei may test me in. Kaachan will say it's best to be rested and prepared." Naruto said to himself.


It was the next day, the day the genin teams are announced. Naruto had finished getting ready for the day. He really wondered who would be his teammates since he doesn't really know too many people in his graduating class. It made him envy his sister since she graduated with the rest of the Konoha 12. The blond has more friends in that group than he does in his class. Really now the only one worth mentioning is Hanabi Hyuuga. Konohamaru and his group were 2 years older than him. Meaning they were already genin.

Once he was ready. Naruto left his room and went downstairs to the kitchen. This is where he saw both his mother and sister eating breakfast. Just looking at them, Naruto could feel himself getting a boner. He knew it wasn't proper but he was very attracted to his mother and sister. Especially his mother. Both were drop dead beautiful. Any man would be grateful to have them. Naruto assumed his father was grateful that he was married to his mother. At least that's what he could tell whenever he sees them interact. Natsumi had the perfect curvy body for a kunoichi. Her breasts size are C-cups. She had long red hair like Kushina but a lighter shade. Instead of violet eyes like Kushina, Natsumi had blue eyes while Naruto inherited his mother's eye color. Also Natsumi was an inch shorter than Kushina. While both Kushina and Minato are ranked as S-rank. Natsumi is A-rank or borderline S-rank. Naruto knew he had a lot of work to put in so he could catch up. He was still hoping that he had a bloodline from his Uzumaki blood to activate like his sister and mother do.

Natsumi and Kushina could both control how they age. If they wish to physically stay the age of 21 while actually being 50. Then they could do that. Natsumi also has an enhanced healing factor while Kushina had the Adamantine Chakra Chains. This doesn't even include the fact that his mother is a fuinjutsu master. One who taught his own father the deeper levels of fuinjutsu.

"Morning Nee-chan, Kaachan." Naruto greeted with a smile.

"Morning Naruto." Both replied at the same time.

Seeing his father wasn't here. "Where's dad?"

Kushina internally sighed. Minato had left before she woken up again. No matter how many times she tells him to let her know he's leaving for the day. The man always does the opposite. It really frustrates Kushina at times. It didn't help that Minato hardly spent time with them as a family. She knew that's what his job entails. However that didn't mean Minato couldn't try to make time for them.

Did she bring up the lack of sex? Oh yeah that was another key component to her frustrations. Her husband didn't like having sex as much anymore. Sometimes she has to beg him to do so. And when he does he always cums quick. Leaving the redhead highly unsatisfied. She normally vents her frustrations to her best friend Mikoto. Who was also having some trouble with her own sex life with her husband Fugaku.

Thankfully Kushina had recently discovered a way to help her frustrations. She knows full well that her son likes to check her and Natsumi out. Not only that but she has a special bond with Naruto. Considering he's the one who she spends the most time with if Natsumi isn't on a mission or having out with her friends. So Kushina knows that Naruto will be more than willing to have some fun with her.

"Oh he's at the office again. You know your father, he simply loves his job." Kushina said.

Natsumi rolled her eyes. "Yeah more so than us."

Already knowing how her eldest feels about her husband's choices. "Now Natsu-chan don't be like that. Your father has a duty to the village. It comes with the job as hokage."

Natsumi sighed. "Oh come on Kaa-san! I can see clear as day how dad's decision to stay in the office nearly 24/7 has affected you. As much as I love dad, I can't respect his decision to always put us second. Hell it doesn't even feel like we are second. More like his last priority."

Kushina knew her daughter was right. She just didn't want to have this discussion in front of Naruto. But she knew the younger blond picked up on things when he payed close enough attention. So she suspects Naruto to have his own opinion on the matter.

"Can't say that I blame you Natsu-chan. So Naruto are you excited to become a genin?" Kushina asked.

Naruto grinned with excitement. "You bet I am! Today's the day I start my career to become the strongest shinobi I can be." He voiced with determination.

Natsumi and Kushina could see the fire burning in his violet eyes. Neither one of them doubted his words. They fully believed in Naruto.

"I'm happy for you Ototuo but you know it won't be an easy goal right?" Natsumi questioned.

"Of course I do, strength is never gained easily. You have to put in the hard work to get it. You and Kaachan religiously told me that. And Jiraiya oji-san's books said that the most important for a shinobi isn't the number of jutsu you have. It's the guts to never give up! And you know I never give up or go back on my word." Naruto smirked. He was proud of himself.

Natsumi smirked while Kushina smiled. "Good me and Kaachan will be waiting for you to play catch-up. Try not to take too long little bro." Like her mother, Natsumi knew Naruto had a crush on them. Nobody knew this but Natsumi decided a long time ago that Naruto would be the only man for her in life. That's why she wasn't pressed to find a guy to date even though she is 20 years old. It wasn't any reason to when she already had a man in waiting. She just wanted Naruto to be the one to imitate something. Or to just let whatever happens between them happen naturally. It was pretty much a done deal in her mind that she would be sharing Naruto with her mother in the future. Most would find this disgusting. But Natsumi could care less since incest happens in clans all the time. Maybe not on an immediate family level. But Uzumaki's hardly went by the norm. And Natsumi knew that she and her mother wouldn't be the only one to get Naruto.

"Just you wait Nee-chan, I'll surpass you all in no time." Naruto stated with confidence.

"That's nice and all Sochi, but shouldn't you be on your way to the academy?" Kushina smiled.

She chuckled when she saw Naruto's face turn from confusion to realization in under 2 seconds.

"Oh you're right! Well gotta go love you both bye!" Naruto raced out the house.

Natsumi shook her head while Kushina still chuckled. Naruto was a very entertaining person to be around.

"So did you tell him?" Natsumi asked her mother.

"Nope he doesn't suspect a thing. I'm sure he'll be very surprised." Kushina said.

"Oh I'm sure he will knowing how close you two are. But like we agreed Kaa-san, you get first dibs on him. I got him next then we'll go on from there after. You're so lucky that you get to spend much more time with him." Natsumi complained.

"You know you can always join us on some missions when you have time Natsu-chan. You know we won't mind." Kushina said to her daughter.

"Yeah but I'd rather wait awhile before that happens. At least until he makes chunin or something. That should be more than enough time with you." The younger redhead replied.

"Wait you're going to wait that long until something happens between you two?" Kushina wondered.

"God no that's way too long for me. I just meant that as you two actually spending quality time together. Unless it's required I'll only join you two on missions once he's a chunin. That should give you plenty of time to do whatever you want to him while you're his sensei." Natsumi responded.

Kushina nodded before standing up. "Guess I better get ready. Do you have any plan for today?"

"Most likely will be with Hinata-chan all day. I have a few days off so I might as well use them for something other than staying in the house." Natsumi said.

"Hinata eh? Does she still have a crush on Naruto?" Kushina asked.

Natsumi smirked. "Yep she does, she's turned down every suitors who has tried to come claim her so far. Her clan wishes she choose someone but Hinata tells them that she already has someone in mind and the clan will just have to wait until it happens."

"Oh boy if you count the possibility of Mikoto getting involved. I say little Naruto will have him a harem soon if not already. And he doesn't even know it yet." Kushina chuckled before going to get herself ready.


Naruto was in the classroom waiting on his sensei. Apparently he doesn't have a team and was personally chosen by someone. All of the other graduates left with their teams.

"Iruka-sensei it's been over an hour! How much longer do I have to wait for this person?" Naruto asked the scarred face chunin.

Iruka sighed. "Naruto just try to be a little more patient. I'm sure your instructor will be here soon. Remember it's always good to have patience. Especially in our line of work."

Naruto couldn't disagree with that. He sighed. "I get that sensei. But wouldn't you think a sensei wants to make a good impression to his students?"

You know Kakashi made your sister's team wait over 2 hours before he showed himself. Be grateful you don't have him as a sensei. He would be three hours late every meeting. I remember Kakashi telling me how Natsumi and Sakura tried to kill him as soon as he came into the classroom." Iruka noted.

Naruto sweat dropped. "That definitely sounds like Kakashi-niichan."

A kunai shot through the doorway to the desk. Iruka was on guard. Checking the surrounding area for potential enemies. He noticed it was a note attached to the kunai.

Reading the letter. "Well Naruto seems like you don't have to wait any longer. Your sensei wants you to report to training ground 6. You have 10 mins to get there according to what they wrote."

Iruka didn't even finish the rest of his sentence. Naruto was out of the room as soon as he heard he had 10 minutes. Iruka sighed again. He really hoped everything worked out for the blond with red hair tips. Naruto was a good kid who didn't deserve the treatment he received. The boy had almost no friends in his entire class.


Naruto just arrived at training ground 6. Looking around, he doesn't see anybody here.

"5 mins? Good I was expecting you to take 8." A familiar voice spoke up.

Naruto knew that voice anywhere. He turned around to see his mother suited up in her jounin attire. Her long hair tied up into a ponytail. Blue headband sported around here forehead. The blond was shocked by how hot his mother looked in her attire.

Kushina could see the small blush on her son's face. She found it cute and decided to tease him a bit. "Are you checking me out Naruto?" She smirked.

It was funny for her to see his eyes widen. Flailing his arms around like an idiot. "W-Wait Kaachan! It's not what you think!"

Laughing at his reaction. "Relax Naruto I'm only teasing you. It's nice to know that I still got it." She winked at him.

Naruto sighed before grinning at his mother. "So I take it you're my sensei then kaachan?"

Kushina smiled. "You bet I am! I asked your father to appoint me as your sensei a year ago. Surprisingly Kakashi also tried to see if he could become your sensei."

That surprised Naruto. "Wait really? Kakashi-nii? I thought he didn't want anymore students to take on after he was finished with Natsumi's team?"

"Yeah that's what we all thought. However Kakashi said he felt that as your father's student. He has a duty to train you since he already trained Natsumi-chan. Luckily for me, I was the one who asked first. Kakashi asked 4 months after I did."

"Woah so wait how come I don't have any teammates?"

"Because I thought you would want to have someone as strong as me as your personal sensei. Also I want to focus on guiding you properly. I can't give you my full attention if I have to teach two others as well. Now normally it's a second test that's given to see if the graduates can work as a team. However me, Natsumi and Minato have all instilled the value of teamwork into that head of yours. So I doubt you need to be tested like that. I'm going to pass you obviously. But I do want to test to see your current skill level." Kushina said.

" does that mean I can go all out? I've been training myself to the ground for the past 3 years! I never showed you, dad or Natsumi my true skill set because I wanted to shock you all." Naruto asked.

Kushina raised an eyebrow. She knew her son trained a lot on his own. But she never knew to what extent. She had a few glimpses from the times Naruto came back home nearly about to faint from chakra exhaustion a few times. Or when he comes home really roughed up. Hearing how excited he was to show her his true skill level made her wonder just how much her son has been hiding from her.

"Yes you can go all out. Come at me with the intent to kill." Kushina replied.

"To k-kill?!" Naruto repeated.

Kushina nodded. "Yep your enemies will be coming at you with the same intent. You need to learn how to do so instinctually."

Naruto looked to the side. "But kaachan I don't know if I could come at you in that way. I care about you way too much." He spoke honestly.

The redhead felt her heart swell up. Knowing that her son loves her so much makes her feel on top of the world. "Hmm very well I'll make this interesting then. During your training with me from this day forward. If you can impress me, I will give you a reward." 'This will be the start of our little fun time Naru-chan. I hope you are ready to take on my needs as a woman. Since your father seems to have forgotten about them.' Kushina thought to herself.

"Rewards?" Naruto echoed.

"Yep you see Naruto, I know you have a crush on me and your sister." Kushina voiced.

The blond's eyes widen in shock and fear. Before he could say anything Kushina spoke up again. "I'm not mad about it and neither is your sister. We find it cute if anything. So we decided to have some fun teasing you. My rewards will be something I know you will enjoy."

"Something that I enjoy?" Naruto could see a clear vision in his head of his mother doing...erotic things with him. Thinking of Natsumi also being involved made him start to feel a boner coming on.

"Yep and who knows if your lucky enough. I may even give you some rewards outside of your training. So does that give you enough incentive to come at me like you're trying to kill me? Besides I'm a S-rank shinobi, anything you can throw at me I'm sure I can take." Kushina smirked.

Feeling determination like never before. Naruto nodded. He really wanted to see what kind of rewards his mother was talking about. All he had to do was impress his mother. Well he hopes it's easy since it's a lot he's been holding back a lot from his family. Naruto may not have a bloodline yet. But that doesn't mean he's weak.

"Ok you're on kaachan!" Naruto voiced with unrivaled determination.

Kushina noted how he looked more manly with that face than his father does most of the time. Really now the only time Minato ever carries around that dominant aura of his is when he's on the battlefield. During the third war for an example. Kushina could see those same hardened eyes on her son. It made her proud of him already.