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In the years since the Third Kaiju War in 2090, Earth has enjoyed a long period of peace. Resources and territories were no longer a cause of conflict, as the kaiju wars essentially forced the advancement of technology, and before long humanity built a space fleet, reverse-engineered portal technology from the Precursors used to travel to planets and systems far from Earth for colonization and resource mining, as well as put aside the petty differences which splintered humanity from one unified community altogether.

Since then, the United Nations of Earth has become the central government of humanity. Jaegers and effectively the PPDC have become the main military force of the United Nations Defense Force, and the world was at peace.

Then, in 2137, another breach opened, this time in space, bringing forth envoys from the center of the Galaxy, inviting humanity to join them in the already sprawling Galactic Alliance. Well over ten thousand years have passed since humanity integrated into the greater galactic community, but now beset by war against the dominant Carrogan Empire, humanity was caught unaware by a newly formed breach on Earth itself.

But unlike other instances, it was on land, and what came out were not multi-ton silicon-based lifeforms known as Kaiju; they were humans who resembled the soldiers of Ancient Rome. Unknown to these soldiers, however, was the might of a species who survived titanic horrors with monsters of their own.

In that same war instigated by the new arrivals from beyond this Gate, is the legend of the Titan Caller.

2:30 AM, June 24, 36137 (Earth time)

Outer Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy


Keth Malkor, the Zathuran Admiral of the Zathuran 8th Fleet ordered another volley of Antimatter shells to be fired at the Carrogans' Bioships. Seeing the effect these shells had from the viewport of his ZAF Dhurnam Hypercarrier, he saw fit to order another upon reload.

The elder admiral remembered precisely how this war started: A small recon craft landed on Coruscant at the beginning of this millennium, arrogantly demanding that the Galactic City of Coruscant be given as a tribute to their Empire's eventual conquest of the Milky Way Galaxy. As one would expect, Jehovah the Emperor refused, but offered them a place in his alliance.

What they did next had started the war: they detonated their bioship and infected at least sixteen blocks of Galactic City, causing millions to lose their lives in days, prompting the Jehovah, leader of the Nalzaeds who originated from Coruscant, and ultimately the rest of the galaxy to declare war upon the Carrogans.

Since then, for the last century plus, the galaxy has been at war; and while the Galactic Alliance has been able to maintain their borders, it was by no means cheap, and the hive-minded nature of the Carrogans had only made them tougher over the last century.

In the opening minutes of intercepting this fleet, five of his ships, 2 Cruisers and 3 Destroyers, were penetrated and detonated by Carrogan molten acid, which was highly effective at the alloys used for the Zathuran Fleet. Now, after several hours of engagements his 600-ship strong fleet has been reduced to a 293.

"Detonation confirmed! ZAF Pauvis has been lost!"

292, Keth noted, seeing one of his carriers turn into a floating cloud of scrap.

"Admiral!" One of his officers caught his attention. "We've detected a rapidly approaching ship! IFF signal identifies it as belonging to the Third Order!"

"The Third Order?"

Nalzaed Society revolves around Five 'Orders' so to speak. The First Order represents the Emperor and his close aides; the Second Order are comprised of politicians; the Third Order are comprised of warriors; The Fourth Order handles exploration; and the Fifth Order is commonly associated with polymaths.

That meant that whoever has a Third Order beacon is a Nalzaed warrior and de-facto commander of any armed force they are assigned to.

"Hail the ship!"

A holographic projection of a light-skinned black-haired humanoid, with strands of white in some places appeared in front of Keth. "This is Admiral Keth. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to?"

"Greetings Admiral. I am Matias Cox of the Third Order. I'm here to assist."

"While any assistance is appreciated, I can't see how your starship will be enough to beat them back."

"That's what they think."

In the instant after, some hundreds of ships, all of them with a silver finish, emerged from superluminal velocities, each bearing a mark that denoted a solar system.

"The UNDF Fleet?!"

"The entire Armada."

Matias rose from the seat of his minor starship, named the Ascalon, as he opened a direct channel to all arriving ships, specifically the Aerial Mobile Shatterdomes.

"Launch all Jaegers!"

Already, several of those massive mothership-sized behemoths opened up their hatches, allowing well over a hundred metallic giants to start flying towards the invasion fleet.

Moments later, Matias stood behind his seat and spread his arms apart as both sides hit the wall behind it.

Immediately, the wall opened up and armor began to form on his body; it was solid white with streaks of green. Once it was done, he was dropped into a hatch below him, which put him inside the Con Pod of one Rogue Tarragon, colored in the exact same way.

"Warning. Secondary Pilot not detected. Safety protocols engaged."

"Override protocol. Cox, Matias Lugh, 361100511."

"Override accepted."

Moments later, the stellar reactor that is the heart of Rogue Tarragon activated, and soon he was released from beneath Ascalon, using his Jaeger's underfoot and back boosters to fly into battle.

"Admiral." Matias stated, just moments before ramming into the closest unengaged Bioship. "Begin charging the Magnetic Disintegrator Cannon. Target the main mothership."

"Not with its Refractive shielding; they'll just blast it right back at us."

"I'll deal with it."

By then, Rogue Tarragon had thrusted his left fist into the ship, immediately knocking it off course as he used the newly formed crack to expose its crew to the outer void. The Jaeger then opened up its chest to deliver a direct blast of laser into the ship, aimed in the general direction of its power core before leaving it for the next.

This time, Matias activated the swords on both of his Jaeger's arms, puncturing and ripping apart the ship in seconds before making a beeline for the mothership, now the last one around. A quick shot from a free and aproaching Jaeger told him that its refractor shields are down.

"Matias! That ships is spooling up for FTL. We need that opening!"

"What's the MDC charge at?"

"82%, and climbing."

"Copy that." Matias immediately switched channels to contact all Jaegers. "All forces, fire mid-range detonation plasma torpedoes at is engines."

Having dedicated to surrounding the Carrogans, the ZAF-UNDF combined fleet fired upon their enemy in successive volleys, damaging its hull enough for Matias to zoom inside. He felt no resistance from the ship, most likely because there was nothing short of a warship's battery, orbital defense platforms, another Jaeger or a Nalzaed's complete power that could harm a Jaeger, which allowed him to move straight towards the Central core, and cleave a path directly into it.

"Line of fire is clear, Admiral. Let it rip!"

Seconds later, a red beam of pure energy blasted from the center of the Zathuran Admiral's Hypercarrier, ending the most recent incursion by the Carrogan Empire.

11:20 AM, June 24, 36137 (Earth time)

Coruscant, Galactic Center

"Let me get this straight. You piloted a full-sized Jaeger BY YOURSELF?!" Clark Avery stated, having just arrived from the local UNDF Garrison stationed on Coruscant. Per the usual for the one known as Matias, he rallied the support of basically the entire UNDF Orbital Fleet stationed around Coruscant, defeated the potential invasion fleet from the Carrogans and came back with fewer casualties for all parties involves, sans the Carrogans. "The Alliance and UNE would reprimand you for reckless action and potential abuse of power, but they can't deny your results."

Considering that these two were Jaeger partners as per standard PPDC, now Pan-Galactic Defense Corps after well over a thousand years since introducing non-humans and expanding their operations beyond the Earth, they were friends by word and somewhat brothers by mind.

"The fact that I'm half-Nalzaed gives me a lot more neural capacity than the average human. You know that, Clark."

"That doesn't change that you are still Half-Human. because of that, you're stuck in physical form; your powers are limited to physical feats only; heck, Nalzaeds at your age can already build Jaegers with their minds!"

"I can also outlive you, by several thousands of years."

"That I cannot argue."

They would continue to bicker even all the way back to Earth.

Despite being well over a millennia since the city was established, New York City still held extreme importance in the now-sprawling United Nations of Earth. As the capital of humanity, countless livelihoods are essentially decided by the policies of the Earth Senate. Having just received time off (although he suspected it to be an excuse to distance him from the battlefield for a while), Matias was heading back home towards Gramercy.

At least, he would have, had a breach not been detected in the middle of Central Park.

NYPD has already formed a perimeter around the park with their Minigers (Mini Jaeger, most of which are produced for civilian use and public safety, or in the UNDF's case onsite tactical support for the full-fledged Jaegers), each of them 12 meters tall standing in front of the non-armored police, just as Matias approached them.

Upon his first assessment, it was already obvious that it was not the Precursors who opened this breach; why would they put an Ancient Greek-era structure around it? Considering the size of the Kaiju, even the smallest one would not fit through this 30 x 20 meter opening.

One of the officers noticed him and saluted him.

"At ease, officer. The PGDC is sending over Cardinal Phoenix just in case." Matias looked to his left, seeing a vacant NYPD Miniger. "May I?"

"Of course. Go right ahead." The Officer, named Edgar, stated.

The Miniger's systems wasted no time to boot up, just in time as numerous figures stepped out. They were mostly human, but others that came through with them looked less human, moreso like the demi-humans of any fantasy story ever written.

When enough of them passed through, the one who seemed to be their leader shouted an incomprehensible phrase, and began to charge.

Matias and co. didn't need any orders to know what to do.

Since the Second Kaiju War in 2076, the PPDC has commissioned the construction of airborne Shatterdomes, literally supermassive spaceships carrying dozens of Jaegers each, in patrol over the skies of Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and every human-controlled planet.

Jaeger booster fuel relied on the extreme reactivity of Kaiju blood to rare earth elements. Such a discovery kickstarted industries who synthesized Kaiju blood, and its mass production only helped to deploy these Jaegers to any location on their host planet in less than an hour, in a process people affectionately call, which later became its main calling method, Jaegerfall.

After the Third Kaiju War in 2090, the UNE have also made efforts to widen and reinforce every major road to be big enough for Jaegers to walk through them. It at least helped to reduce collateral damage whenever Jaegers fall from the sky every now and then for deployment.

Near the coast of New York City, in the Atlantic Ocean, was the mobile Shatterdome known as the UNDF Dart, where a massive red-silver Jaeger known as Cardinal Phoenix, itself standing at 290 feet tall and weighing 7450 tonnes stood inside Bay 16. Already, its pilots Tamara Gilbert and Vicky Alya were inside the Con Pod.

"UNDF Dart, this is Cardinal Phoenix. Ready for action."

"Copy, Cardinal. Standby for Jaegerfall."

The hatch above the Jaeger opened, and then its own thrusters activated, propelling the metallic behemoth into the skies and towards New York. The two pilots stayed still as autopilot set a course for them to land directly inside Central Park.

Once it did, NYPD eyed at the machine momentarily before resuming fire on the invading Roman army, or some legion of soldiers that resembled such. Cardinal Phoenix began to fire plasma bolts from its shoulder-mounted turrets, shooting down any of those wyverns alongside UNDF Air support. Said soldiers didn't even try to think what manner of weapons such a massive golem could use before they either surrendered or frantically attempted to run back through the gate.

Before long, the invaders were no more.