10:30 AM, December 2, 2137

"And, we're done!"

Not long ago, Matias and co stepped foot onto the Voyager Space Station. Of course, the Falmartians were reasonably surprised, especially by the Molecular Forge which they happened to pass by.

Matias briefly explained how all matter is made out of atoms, and that the Molecular Forge changes individual atoms into other molecules, where Clark literally explained it as making stuff from the air itself.

All sorts of events and tours of the space station led up to where they were now, with Lelei watching as her Dee-Enn-A was being analyzed by machines from her blood.

"Why do you need my Dee-Enn-A?"

"Identification." Matias answered. "Every individual has characteristics that separates them from each other, from a simple fingerprint pattern to your own mind's specific pattern of thought. One thing that would be ridiculously hard to replicate would be your DNA."


As the data is being compiled, Matias glossed over the new entries and noticed that Rory's species was listed as half-human and half-unknown.

Before he could actually ask what that meant, he had been informed that their ship had arrived. On their way to the docking station, Matias took notice of the ship's hull designation and name: ENTERPRISE.

"They sent the Enterprise for us?"

Whatever this Enterprise seemed to be sounded important when Matias spoke its name.

"What is the Enterprise?"

"Pride of the UNDF Navy. A Super Battlecarrier."

That was all Pina needed to hear while she stared at the massive guns that were on it, and its sheer size only made it worse. With their tags updated with DNA identifiers, the Falmartians had entered the ship much quicker as they situated themselves in the command deck.

Amidst all of the technology, one of them looked their way.

"Greetings. I am Matzen Fynn, Captain of the UNDF SBC Enterprise." Matias saluted him just as he did the same.

"We'll be under your care." He looked back to the Falmartians. 'Get comfortable. It'll take a few minutes to officially reach Coruscant.'

All of them focused on the windows where they began to drift away from the Voyager.

"Set course for Coruscant." Matzen inserted his key, which authorized jump ignition. "Away in 3..."

A bubble began to form around the ship, surprising the Falmartians.


Knowing that she was about to go faster than light, Lelei held onto Matias by his coat.


Everyone on the ship experienced a jolt as the ship vanished from Fantasian orbit.

Being the daughter of a Nalzaed who was the namesake of a Human Goddess means extended fame in galactic society, especially when you happen to be related to Matias Cox.

She is known as Keti Thyia. Today, she is standing at the orbital spaceport Uranos awaiting for the arrival of her cousin.

A while ago, she has been designated as their guide, considering that she's spent more time on Coruscant than anyone else from Earth.

Her telescopic vision, courtesy of her mother Artemis, let her spot the Enterprise before anyone else did.

Those few minutes on the Enterprise was perhaps the newest experience to the Falmartians followed immediately by them witnessing the planet Coruscant.

As Matias has explained, the world DID in fact look like a jewel compared to the void around it.

'What...is this?'

But apparently Pina and Bozes have not been informed of what Coruscant is.

'This is Coruscant. The entire planet is one massive city, covering all 240 million square miles of surface land, extending beneath it to its core and upwards into outer space. It's still growing.'

By the time they stopped pondering, they found themselves on a conveyer belt. On the way, the group passed by a wall of lasers, then on the side wall displayed a portrait of each and every one of them as well as their name.

Each and every one of them flashed green.

At the end of the conveyer belt was a comparably hulking figure, even to Leo, and a petite female figure with a bow on her back, and both of them lightly tipped his head as he began.

"Matias Cox. Jehovah foresaw your arrival."

"He most certainly has, father." He bowed to Lugh, then turned to the female. "Honored cousin."

Matias looked back to his group, most of them unaware of who she is before he began, 'This is Lugh, my father. On Earth we call him the God of Skills.'

'And this is Keti Thyia, daughter of Artemis and my cousin. She could see up forty thousand leagues and precise enough to hit someone dead center using her bow.'

'A pleasure. I presume you are Lelei La Lalena.' She looked to the blue-haired one. Lelei responded with a nod. 'Tuka Luna Marceau' The blonde one. Tuka had no response. 'Rory Mercury.' The black haired one. Rory seemed to attempt gauging her strength as she felt that divine aura, the same type she had felt from Matias in fact. "Leo Tarasov." She watched as the Russian slightly tipped his head. "Clark Avery." The South African acknowledged. 'Pina Co Lada.' She gulped as she realized who this was. 'Bozes Co Palesti.' She realized the body she had under those robes. 'Myui Formal.' The young lady initiated a small gesture. 'Mamina.' The warrior bunny gave a small smile. 'And Persia.' The catgirl also smiled.

"Jehovah wishes to see you all."

After a brief ride down from the space station via its elevator, the group boarded what appears to be a hovering vehicle formed from morphable bio-tech, seeing how it changed its own composition to best comfort its passengers.

It was actually an afterthought as they gazed upon the ecumenopolis they are passing over. Yet all that awe is dwarfed by the massive structure they approached. It didn't matter whether or not they lived as nomads their entire lives or inside a castle, as the Silver Fortress in front of them dwarfed any city they're familiar with. In front of a massive arch leading inside were two mass-produced Jaegers and in two straight lines leading to the arch half-a-dozen Jaegers holding either equally large swords or spears.

The group began to walk as the vehicle deformed on a platform. It almost didn't cross the Falmartians' minds as they moved into the fortress, passing through numerous doors that equate to palace grand entrances, and into a chamber where a warm light bathed anyone there. Anyone not familiar would look around for what to expect, except those who looked to Matias, who kneeled, prompting others to do the same as they continued to question why.

"Matias Cox. You have come."

They looked to the blinding light, where a humanoid figure descended.

"I am Jehovah. Many in this galaxy call me the God Emperor, the Prime Ancestor, the Creator of All."

Pina tried to look into his eyes, and all she saw was what can only be described as infinite wisdom. Yet it wasn't fear that washed over her; it was warmth, the kind a loving parent like her father has in his spare time alone with her. To top it off, she didn't even need to think to understand what he was saying.

"Lelei La Lalena. Daughter of Ruthel. I am aware of your father's tyranny via your memories. If only I was there to cease his ways."

"Tuka Luna Marceau. Daughter of Hodor. Your survival appears to be preordained by the multiverse from which you originate. It's almost as if you are the kickstarter to a grand journey."

"Rory Mercury. Daughter of Alan. You status as a demigoddess of your world informs me of a pantheon's existence. I will make preparations to contact them personally."

"Myui Formal. Daughter of Colt. I am delighted that you seek peace in a state of war. It shall be resolved, with both worlds in benefit."

"Mamina. Daughter of Alina. Your queen has sacrificed much for nothing. His atrocities will not go unanswered."

"Persia. Daughter of Selena. Many admirers of benevolence seek you. Bask in it."

"Bozes Co Palesti. Daughter of Callus. I see a bright future in the divergence. You would be wise to maintain it."

"Pina Co Lada. Daughter of Molt. Loyalty is without question a great virtue. Unfortunately, it will result in disaster when misplaced."

One thing that all eight of them noticed is how they heard that inside their heads. Lelei looked to Matias, who seemed to be hearing Jehovah with a different set of words.

"The Galactic Alliance Conference will be upon us tomorrow. I suggest some rest and preparation for the conference to come."

For the humans of Falmart, but more specifically in Sadera, any entity that looks inhuman in even the slightest way, such as a darker skin tone, a sharper ear, or with non-human features, tended to attract attention.

Their current tour on Coruscant had it the other way around for them.

While the capital of the Empire was mostly populated by humans, mostly attributed to how quickly humans reproduce, they were among the many that lived side by side on Coruscant, without any apparent racism and supremist ramblings no less.

'So to recap again, this is Coruscant, a melting pot of culture, worlds, and empires across the galaxy.' She gestured to a patrol of three grey-skinned humanoids clad in what looks to be military-grade armor with wrinkled skin, but not the kind you'd find due to old age. All of them were holding glowing guns. 'Those are the Zathurans. Disciplined, military-ruled, and trained from birth to be warriors, but make no mistake; they're fight only for peace. They're also the ones who operate those Jaegers in front of the Silver Fortress.'

A blue floating feminine figure slightly bumped into Rory as she rushed. The figure turned back apologizing in what she can only assume as her native language.

'She, Miss Rory, is a Naa'Lizuz. They generate a bioelectric aura that they could use to levitate themselves and project electricity. Their natural habitat is in water, so they require their rebreathers to move outside of it. Note that their biology is incredibly resilient, even when unarmored.'

A hulking mass that was most certainly the size of giant ogres back in Falmart passed them. He had carapace armor that seemed to grow out of him.

'That is, by far, the toughest species in the galaxy: The Khunkre. Adaptive and hardy, the Khunkre are hard to defeat, their only weakness being relatively low intellectual capabilities. But enough of that for now.'

Keti stopped in front of a massive building spire, noting to each of them their intended lodgings for the next few days.

Lelei woke up next morning in an honest-to-the-gods divine-feeling bed.

'Good morning, Miss Lelei La Lalena.'

Immediately she was caught off guard by the surround sound, partially wondering if she was still asleep as that usually doesn't happen. Then she remembered that it has been a few weeks since she began to stay with the UNSF, and now she was on Coruscant, which according to Matias was the most advanced in their galaxy.

She could already tell, with how her solid surroundings morphed to her liking; right now, it looked like her room Master Cato's dwelling, which had been her home since she left Mimosa back in Rondel, although the window that looked into the planet-sized city of Coruscant immediately told her she wasn't back.

A little bit of stretching accompanied by a nearly inaudible yawn was what started her day, followed by a relatively short shower, a habit retained from when she had a lack of water to do so, putting herself into her green dress and blue tabard, taking her staff from Rondel along, and headed into the living room.

Just before she left though, she felt something talk in the back of her head, the kind that promoted calm instead of fear.

You are needed and with potential, Lelei La Lalena.


Tuka woke up in cold sweat. Fortunately for her, it was early in the morning when she did, or at least for the part of Coruscant she is in, as she had learnt yesterday.

Like she had heard yesterday as well, their room of accommodation changes itself in correlation with what would be most comfortable for its occupants. For her, it was a recreation of the treehouse that was her old home, which she was comfortable in for sure.

Then her mind shifted to the time when her father Hodor Marceau busted into their home and hastily attempted to evacuate the village just as the dreaded Flame Dragon attacked them.

She woke up just as she recalled being thrown into the well by her father to escape the dragon's fire, and the next time she knew herself as awake was when she saw the Yay-Ger Rogue Tarragon tear its head off.

She still held hope, albeit borderline psychotic in nature, that her father was still alive.

But today she was to appear in front of a governing body unrelated to the Empire of her world; today she speaks in front of the Galactic Alliance of which the UNDF are part of.

If there is one thing Rory has always done every day since her ascension to the Apostle she is today, it is waking early and making her prayer.

She bit back a complaint about her not being able to see the sun for this purpose; apparently the room she was in was reformed into a dark environment, which was exactly where she felt most comfortable, but she wanted to see the sun regardless.

Then the room warped so that she was exposed to the outside of the building, a balcony included, and she was left intrigued again.

She kneeled down and brought her hands up to enact a prayer, then a voice came into her head.

'You are quite loyal, Apostle of Emroy.'

The instant she opened her eyes again, she was sitting in a chair facing what she could only describe as a cloud of darkness.

'I presume you have some relation to Darkness, War, Insanity, Death, and Violence?'

'I'm more attuned to Darkness. My name is Erebus.'

'So it would seem.' Rory reached for the tea-filled cup in front of her, a light sniff confirming the lack of poisons, that she knows of, and a distinct lack of hostility. She drank it slightly to further her confirmation before fully partaking in it.

'You bruise my feelings to have even considered I invited your astral form to my abode only to perform an assassination. I assure you, Rory, if my intention was to do that, you would've been dead the instant you set foot on Coruscant.' Erebus commented, 'Although considering your current situation, that much caution is warranted.'

'How so, Lord Erebus?'

Rory could've sworn she saw the Nalzaed in front of her raise an eyebrow before he continued, 'The people of the UNE were not exactly left with the best impressions of the Falmartians, much less even consider letting another group of them through that Gate of yours without being led in chains. The fear that they might sabotage your transport from Earth to here is proof that those kinds of groups exist.'

Rory only gave a sly smile in return as she placed down her cup, now just noticing that she handled it despite being in astral form.

'I'll refrain from calling you out of nowhere like this again. See you at the Conference.'

When Rory blinked again, she was in her state of praying, slight hints of sound from her sides enough to tell her that the others were awake.

Now, she had another world to speak in front of. How many Apostles could say they've done that?

Seeing how comfortable she was in bed, Pina instinctively called for her maids only to have a not-so-human sound talk in response.

She had a room to herself, as did everyone else, and as absurd as it sounded when Matias' cousin said that their own rooms would change to fit what is most comfortable, she silenced herself and continued to admire. She herself wondered if she could appeal to Jehovah and potentially have this installed inside her chambers, but that will have to wait.

Today is when she will appear before this Ga-Lak-Tik Alliance and cull any possible misunderstandings and resentment.

...But what was she going to say? Obviously, she had doubts on whether or not the UNDF's claims are true, who she would have to meet in that room, even the potential for her to actually persuade them to whatever plan she has. From what she has seen of Jehovah, he had most likely realized some of her intentions, which was quite evident when her Holopad, uncertain whether she remembers the name right, came with a message that details Jehovah's intentions to visit the Empire himself.

Part of her hoped that she could use his visit to gain a favor. And in that visit, his ability to keep the Empire safe from harm as well.

Bozes could recount the parts of her life that involved Pina and the Rose Order of Knights from the instant she began to play soldier with the princess.

Officially, the order was that of an honor guard, as in the Emperor established it for decorative purposes. Even though their only experience in combat, barring Pina, Norma, Grey, and Hamilton whom were at the Siege of Italica, had ended in a bright flash of white, they were quite confident in their ability to fight against even their own Imperial troops.

Then she saw the titans, or rather Yay-Gers, which the UNDF employed and all sense of invincibility that came with being part of the Empire's forces crumbled.

HOW DO WE BEAT SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! She thought mentally every time she attempted to envision a victory for the Saderan Empire; of the six times she tried, the Empire was beaten all six times.

But if she and Pina could appeal to one of the representatives which she would see in the Conference to come, what's to say that they couldn't turn the tide against them?

Even with that thought, Bozes struggled to see any positive outcome.

Time to ride out the storm, as the Imperial Navy's captains have once said.

Both Persia and Mamina slept next to their mistress, now Viceroy Myui Formal.

In her state of rest, Persia wondered what Jehovah meant that many desired her. Is it because she was female? But considering how different the UNDF and their compatriots think, what is to say that their admiration was sexual only?

For Mamina, the mere mention of her late queen had angered her. She knows subtly that Jehovah was not to blame, but what did he mean by 'sacrifice'? The fact that she betrayed her people to serve as the slave of that wretched...crooked...BASTARD OF A HUMAN!

...But something had told her that Jehovah knew something about the demise of the Warrior Bunnies that she didn't.



All of those thoughts were put aside when they dressed themselves in an appropriate attire, while in waiting for Myui to rise. They had wasted no time to make their mistress presentable to the Ga-Lak-Tik Alliance, as in the realm of politics, they have learnt in their time with the Formal Clan, first impressions are everything.

The event that was breakfast came and went for the group, who were now standing just outside of the Conference Building.

A quick look by all of those present had confirmed some new ship designs in orbit and in atmosphere, which was an equivalent of other species.

Lelei had several thoughts in her mind that she attempted to answer herself, before Matias noticed and started talking, "There are at least 40 million species that are part of the Galactic Alliance. That's how many representatives we will see in the building."

An answer that only led to more questions?

I admit that I had lost interest in writing fanfictions while writing some of my more original stories, not that I have stopped planning for future events, however, for both this and my other attempts.