The world was cast into shadow.

Mute was the music of the world.

The landscape bathed itself in eternal darkness, for a brief second. Everything was silenced as sound was swallowed whole by the darkness.

Aizen, The target of mugetsu, was eradicated...

But the stone, the hogyoku, witnessed everything and survived.

The stone made a faint *clink* as it bounced off a stone.

The Hogyoku was a sentient stone that could grant god-like powers and abilities, but what it had seen, Impressed it to no bounds.

Ichigo used his final attack, and with that, his powers began its hight and descent into nothingness.

The hogyoku, turned its attention to Ichigo's barely dissolving spiritual pressure and disappeared.

Footsteps could be heard as the hogyoku's creator, Kisuke Urahara walked up, with a hand covering his eyes from the dust.

"Well, my dear Ichigo. I hadn't expected you to completely desintegrate aizen, but nevertheless it was a welcomed discovery." Urahara said

"Hat 'n Clogs." Ichigo greeted with a scowl.

Urahara seemed a little defeated as he said

"Aww, I thought you'd be happy to see me"

"I just saw you like an hour ago!" Ichigo said

As Urahara cast a crestfallen glance towards Ichigo as he said

"Well done, my student."

Ichigo's scowl softened, and he said

"Yeah yeah. Anyways, so I guess I destroyed the hogyoku as well, seeing as I can't find or feel it's presence anywhere"

Urahara's interest peaked.

"Ah yes, the hogyoku, the indestructible stone..." urahara said, foreshadowing something he already knew.

"well, whatever. I was never good at sensing that stuff anyway." Ichigo said, casting a look downwards

"My dear ichigo, Why do you look so sad?" urahara said in his infamous 'shopkeeper' attitude. Feigning ignorance.

"That last attack cost me my powers, soon, ill be powerless." Ichigo said with regret

Urahara's eyebrow raised "Really? I cant see any changes to your spiritual pressure. so are you sure thats what's happening?"

Ichigo looked at him dumbfoundedly, there's no way his spirits would lie to him

'If you can hear me, is this true, zangetsu?' Ichigo asked inwards

Silence. Just the echoes of his thoughts. Ichigo cast a sad gaze downwards.

"Something the matter, Ichigo?" urahara asked as he stepped closer in concern.

"No, I already knew this would happen." Ichigo said

Urahara put a hand to his chin and hummed.

"Hat'n clogs... Will I be wanted by central 46 after they reform?" Ichigo asks

Urahara's eyes flashed with curiosity, while he once more ponders an answer.

The man's eyes looked towards Ichigo and smiled.

"You saved the seireitei. I doubt anything will happen to it's saviour." urahara says.

Ichigo's mood brightens a little as he notices the hair in his eyes.

"say, hat 'n clogs, What do I look like?"

Urahara looks ichigo over and says

"Your hair is almost at your shoulders, has been like that after you left the dangai, and theres a...*urahara squints* hmm... there's a faint reddish glow to your eyes."



"It's true. You said your powers would begin to dissapate, No?"

Ichigo looked confused, It was true because that bandage like material and mask, that he was just clad in, disappeared.

"Yeah?...I think?" Ichigo said, Noting that he felt fine, that there was nothing wrong with him.

"I see. Come on, Let's get back to your friends." Urahara said with a knowing gaze.

After that was said, both soul reapers flashed back to karakura town where the last of the soul reaper defenses where.

The landscape was littered with rubble, craters, broken buildings that were on fire and even frozen with melting ice.

The duo made it to the rest of the soul reapers, and humans.

Now aware of his presence, Everyone in the area turned towards Ichigo, Their previously hardened expressions and stances now soft.

"Did...did you beat him?" Tatsuki asked, weary.

Everyone was fine, even though some had light bruising and scratches.

Ichigo looked to the left where his Isshin was, Still out cold.

'Goat-Chin looks okay, Hyori is being healed..Gin is...Everyone is either knocked out or fine. What a relief.' Ichigo thought to himself as he unconsiously touched Tensa Zangetsu's chain.

"Yeah, I did." Ichigo said in a down tone.

Looking at Ichigo's faintly red eyes, she asked

"Did it have something to do with that black wave we saw?" Tatsuki asked again.

"Yeah, I beat him using all of my strength." Ichigo replies.

Tatsuki's eyebrows raised as she said

"All of it? That makes sense as to why I can't feel anything from you.." she said as she shrugged.

'How...does that mean that she can sense reiatsu?' Ichigo thought, Surprised.

"What was that blast anyhow, and why do you look so much older?" said Keigo asks as he moves infront of Tatsuki, gaining him a Glare.

"It was my...final attack?" Ichigo replies. Getting confused looks from everyone around him.

Keigo had a surprised look, and soon grew a smile.

"Oh, can I see it?" Keigo asks, Ignoring Tatsuki's yelling at him.

"...what do you think final means." Ichigo glared at him.

Keigo jumped up in fright and ran behind Tatsuki fake-crying "Save me Tatsuki! Ichi's gonna kill meeee"

"Idiot. Good to see you" Ichigo said with a relaxed smile.

Tatsuki walked up to the Substitute and raised a finger to his face and said "Yeah yeah, I'm glad everything's alright now...But you hide stuff from us, Your friends, again and just you wait, You'll get it."

Ichigo was taken aback by her playfully authoritative tone, and smiled again.

"Yeah, sure." Ichigo said while unconsciously looking at Tensa's gauntlet, It seems that Aizen was correct in that Ichigo had fused with his sword.

"Ichigo, You probably want to get out of Bankai." Urahara told the Substitute.

"..Sure, I'll try." Ichigo said as he closed his eyes and focused on reverting to Shikai.

However, It wouldnt be. As soon as Ichigo tried to lower his Bankai, An intense spiritual pressure fell down on the town, Knocking out Ichigo's friends and putting the Soul reapers on their knees.

As soon as it was over, A black mist exploded from Ichigo, and then disappeared revealing that Ichigo was no longer present.

Urahara wiped the sweat from his forehead, and looked at the black puddle where Ichigo used to be.

"Ah, I probably should have told him about the hogyoku..." Urahara alluded, as he made a quick check on the resident humans to see if they were damaged to any extent and then disappeared.

()()()()()()()()()()()(Earth, Year ?, 20:00 hours)()()()()()()()()()()()()

The sun had set behind the mountains, as nighttime assumed its graceful control of the world.

Today was a very special occasion in Orario. Today was the 'Divine descent' that welcomed one new god every fifty years! However, This god would be the last to descend from heaven, as they were the final god that could be allowed to descend this century.

Many citizens looked at this day as a fiercely celebrated holiday, Because today meant new gods would decend unto the earth.

It was a joyus occasion! Citizens looked on to the mighty tower of babel to see a bright, Gold/white beam of divine energy decend to the top of the colossal construct.

The gods would create magical mirrors that allowed the viewing of things from a distance, Not unlike a television.

"And for the final god to decend from the majesty of heaven this century, Is the goddess of Hearth and home, Hestia!" Said an announcer with a shout as the beam dissipated revealing a short woman with curves in very tasteful places. She waved enthusiastically with a smile to the mirriors.

The crouds of Orario were silent for a minute, until someone whistled. And then another cheered, and another and then another, until finally the entirety of Orario was applauding and cheering Hestia on.

"And that's all folks! Stay tuned for news on this years 'Monster fare!' It will be Very exci-"

The announcer was cut off as an intense pressure fell over the entire city, Nobody but the gods remained standing, Then as quickly as the pressure was felt, it Disappeared.

A Crimson outlined black beam of energy crashed down from the sky with a mighty boom, Just outside of Orario.

The entire city was on high alert, This was no doubt a magical attack from their warring nation, Rakia.

"I-I was supposed to be the last god to decend, right...Right?" hestia asked her friend, ganesha.

"You were! This must be the work of Rakia! Damn it Ares!" Ganesha exclaimed rather dramatically.

"Go Find who ever did this!" was all the people heard.

"Hephaestus, can I stay with you for a little bit?" Hestia asked the resident Blacksmith.

"Hm? Sure, Come with me. But I'm going to go look with ganesha after." Hephaestus said as she guided the smaller goddess down the tower.

()()()()()(()()()()()(Outskirts of Orario, Two hours later.)()()()()()()()()

Ichigo awoke to see himself on some sort of dirt field...Or what used to be part of a forest, As the uprooted trees nearby would suggest.

'Where am I, What happened. W-Where are Tatsuki and the others?' Ichigo asked inwards.

Standing up, He checks his surroundings, Nothing was nearby. Makes sense that if anything WAS nearby, It would have left with the uprooted trees.

"Hat'n Clogs!" Ichigo called out, Hearing his own voice echo off the trees.

Ichigo felt a twinge of panic start to creep up his throat.

The shinigami carefully scanned his surroundings in paranoia, and noticed a gargantuan tower off to the distance who's top was covered by clouds.

'Just where the hell am I?' Ichigo asked as he studied the wall nearby

Feeling his neck hairs stand on end, Ichigo spun around and was at the ready.

Ichigo felt the chain that wrapped around his arm and noticed that he was still in Bankai, and pushed that thought aside for a more pressing matter.

"Great" Ichigo muttered to himself as he heard rustling in the bushes in the front of the clearing.

More rustling, and Ichigo could slightly feel that the earth was rumbling.

Then it happened, A single arrow sailed past Ichigo's right eye, and immediately after, A small army ran out of the clearing.

'Right.' Ichigo thought in deadpan.

"Hey, Wait!" Ichigo said, as he dodged the swipe of a sword, and then jumped backwards further avoiding a spear.

"You attack us and tell us to wait?" A man in armor said.

Ichigo looked confused.

"Attack? I didn't attack you?" Ichigo told the man, But he didn't listen and thrusted his sword towards Ichigo with speed the Substitute hadn't seen from normal Humans.

Attack after attack, these people clearly know how to fight, And are effective too. Not a single movement was wasted. Arrows flew towards Ichigo's position with speed and precision. But not a single scratch on Ichigo was made. Not even on his reformed Shihakusho...Reformed?

Ichigo stole a glance downwards to see that his previously torn up clothing was as if it had just been formed. Since Ichigo's shihakusho is a direct link to his Reiatsu, If it's undamaged, That mean's that his Reiatsu is completely restored.

'Old man, they can obviously see me so that means they're spiritually aware.' Ichigo said, as he strikes another arrow out of the air and blocks a swipe with Zangetsu's gauntlet.

...'Right. Not here.' Ichigo said, disappointed at the silence from his spirits.

"I've got you now!" Said a woman overhead with a Naginata poised to strike as she fell.

'What a bother, I don't have time for this!' Ichigo thought as he reached upwards and stopped the blade with his finger.

"Stop it! I don't know what the hell is wrong with you all! I didn't do anything!" Ichigo shouted as he threw the woman towards the treeline and snapped her naginata between his fingers.

Thunder sounded off in the distance, signaling that rainfall was imminent.

"The hell are you going on about, Boy? You clearly used gravitational magic! The whole city felt it!" A man with a mace said.

The crowd roared their agreements with anger at Ichigo as the first rain droplets hit the ground.

"Gravitational what-now? Fatso I dont have any of that." Ichigo said as he noticed the strange lack of arrows coming at him.

"Don't try to lie to us! We know it was you, That Black beam struck Right here, and lo and behold, You were here too! Surely you can see our reasoning!" A woman with reddish pink hair shouted as she put a hand on the bigger man with a mace to calm him down.

"Yeah, Sure, I guess. Just who in the hell do you think you are to attack a random person who you arent completely sure did any of this in the first place?" Ichigo said, trying to reason with them.

The twilight sky was fading to black, as the lights of the city began to reflect off of the Growing rainclouds, The air smelled like Rain, Steel and Dirt. Anger was prominent.

"No! It was you, there's no other explaination you fool!" Said the girl, and the attack resumed.

"Listen, Boy, Lay down your sword and come with us." Another man, Who dwarfed the fatso with the mace said.

"Captain Ottar!" The Reddish-Pink haired girl said, in near adoration.

"I cant do that when it was you who attacked me first." Ichigo growled out with a scowl.

"I'm not going to ask again." Ottar said, as he grabbed one of his oversized swords.

Thunder struck down near the group's position, Not frightening Ichigo in the slightest

"No, You're just not getting it!" Ichigo said. If he was back home he'd be able to explain to them with clear and calm words, But this unfamiliar situation, the cluelessness of his surroundings and the silence from his partner was weighing heavily on him.

Ichigo was unconsciously letting his Reiatsu leak from him enveloping him in his Usual Red on black Energy.

A woman stepped forwards and laughed. "See? That energy you have right now is clear proof that it was you. The colors match, and the evidence is undeniable." She said as she threw a spear at Ichigo, who swiped it away with god-like speed. There was shockwave from the swing of his sword that impacted the ground and threatened to blow everyone away. In-fact, Each swing of Zangetsu altered the landscape a bit, There were slashes on the ground and craters everywhere.

Ottar sped forward and slashed downwards with his sword, To which Ichigo blocked and pushed the man back with zangetsu. The man went flying, But he turned the momentum into his advantage and flipped backwards to land on his feet.

'They're...so weak..' Ichigo thought to himself with pity.

"Ah, Wind magic." Ottar said.

The group had let these two duel, Mostly out of fear of getting hurt.

"Woah..Keeping up with ottar? Impossible" The Big man with the Mace said.

Ichigo noticed his back was starting to feel strangely tingly and stole a glance backwards, But just in time to dodge a sword from a blond haired woman with weird armor.

"Woah the sword princess is here!" One bistander said

"So cool!" Another said

Ichigo looked forward and saw the two begin to stand next eachother and square up to Ichigo.

'...why does this remind me of a gang fight?' Ichigo deadpanned as he realized that this same scenario happens in movies, Where someone and the gang leader would be fighting in a circle of people.

"Ais." Ottar said, His eyes not leaving Ichigo's energy clad form.

"Who is this." Ais said, as she put her sword up in a stance.

The three circled around eachother with weapons at the ready.

"He's the one who caused that gravitational wave to hit the city. I had reports on my way here that at least three people suffered heart attacks." Ottar said, Glaring at Ichigo.

"Is that so? Then there's no use keeping him alive." Ais said, as she too glared at Ichigo.

Ais decided to take initiative and strike, Leading with a stabbing maneuver as if she wielded a spear instead of a sword.

Again, Ichigo dodged and was beginning to grow angry at these people attacking him senselessly.

Ichigo slashed back at Ais who blocked and was pushed back thirty feet from the force, It didn't help that the ground was muddy and beginning to get slippery.

Ottar came behind with a sweeping foot, That Ichigo dodged by jumping, Ais took advantage of Ichigo's immobility mid-air and lunged at him with her sword in front of her...But Ichigo was not Immobile.

Ichigo side stepped her strike with the use of a platform made of Reishi and roundhouse kicked her, sending her sailing back to where she jumped from.

The shinigami stood on Reishi, While to everyone else, He was flying.

"A Flying skill?" someone in the crowd muttered, the rest of the croud echoing the thought.

Ais grunted as she struggled to stand, Her armor was shattered, But remained on her. At first, She couldn't breathe, But she didn't allow anyone to see her struggling. She felt her ribs, and she could feel atleast two of them are broken.

"You, there. Eyes, was it? Stay down. I can tell you're hurt." Ichigo called out to Ais, Who began to breathe again, and readied her sword.

Ichigo sighed as he stood on regular ground again. The rain was really starting to piss him off.
"Seriously You sho-" Ichigo began but He was sent into the air by a fist hitting his stomach.

It didn't do any damage, But it still Pissed Ichigo off, As he readied his fist whilst falling towards Ottar, who had his sword up.

"Try again." Ichigo called out, as he used shunpo to get below ottar, and returned the favor by punching Ottar's gut, sending him even higher than Ichigo had gone.

"Seriously. Enough of this crap." Ichigo said, lowering Tensa Zangetsu.

"T-Tempest" Ais called out, as a light green mist surrounded her, as she sped towards Ichigo.

"..." Ichigo was surprised by the amount of willpower this girl had. Surely he thought she'd be down and out due to her injuries.

Then she slashed with a flurry of swordstrikes, all of which were blocked by Ichigo's finger, Much to the crowd's surprise and dread.

Ottar landed somewhere in the crowd, And began to cough hard.

"Please. Stop this." Ichigo pleaded to the Girl, who was still slashing wildly with her power.

Her eyes held a cold fury, Something That Ichigo understood all too well. The burning desire to protect...and the cold passion for revenge, Towards who? He couldn't figure out.

The shinigami sent her back several feet with a parry, as Ottar came back into the circle.

"Talking would be your best bet." Ichigo said, But neither one of the two listened to him, and attacked in tandem.

The substitute ducked below a stab from Ais, and strafed to the left, But he dodged right into the range of Ottar, Who capitalized on this and swiped to his right Aiming to decapitate the Shinigami.

Ichigo wasn't paying attention to Ottar, Instead he let his attention go towards the woman's onslaught of precise strikes and slashes towards him.

'Damn! She's not giving me time to breathe!' Ichigo said as he dodged again, Only for something to smash into his neck with the force of what felt like a smooth massage.

The woman stopped attacking and stared at Ichigo wide-eyed, as the sound of broken steel and shards of steel hit the ground in ear shattering noise.

Ichigo put a hand to his neck, and felt nothing out of the ordinary, and looked to his left to see Ottar putting away a broken sword.

The death god hardened his glare on Ottar.

"How Peculiar. your head should be resting at Her feet." Ottar said as he put his other sword at the ready.

Where had Ichigo heard this from? ...'Ulquiorra said the same thing.' Ichigo realized, Remembering the Espada.

"Right. Well, are you still wanting to fight? You cant scratch me. Like I said. talking would be your best bet right now." Ichigo said, Intentionally sounding cocky.

Ottar scowled at the man and said "You aren't worth the time. We'll defeat you and take you back with us. I said lay down your sword and come with us, But you didn't want to listen."

"Oh? You're the one who doesn't want to listen. I already said I wasn't the one who attacked." Ichigo said, Now unsure of his stance in the arguement.

"Because that energy you just emitted didn't look like that beam from the sky." Ais said with spiteful sarcasm.

"...Then I guess talking is out of the question" Ichigo said, Bringing his sword to the ready for the first time this fight.

Ais poised to attack, and Ottar stepped forward

"Talking stopped being an option once you revealed yourself." Ottar said, alluding to Ichigo's reiatsu.

"...Fine then. Have it your way." Ichigo said and disappeared. To bistanders, Ais and Ottar fell down unconscious, Their weapons shattered, Eliciting gasps from the entire crowd.

"W-What?! How is that possible!" The man with the mace said, as he rushed forwards, Only to fall down unconscious like Ais and Ottar.

To their surprise, Ichigo seemed to completely disappear and reappear at will.

Fear rose amongst the crowd. This stranger completely dispatched two of their strongest, and Morale fell to a new low as the crowd started to back off.

"Like I said. Talking would be your best option." Ichigo said, His scowl Furiously etched itself into the memories of those watching on, And the crowd began to prepare to rush Ichigo in a frenzy of steel.

"STOP!" A man shouted, And the crowd stopped and parted to let him in.

Ichigo turned his head to the new arrival, and he felt indifferent to them. There was a muscular man wearing an Elephant mask, A rather curvy woman in a plain white shirt with an eye patch, and a scarf-clad man with a Feathered Hat.

"Okay, Who are you three." Ichigo asked, Annoyed and confused as to why the crowd suddenly started to bow.

"I...AM...GANESHA!" The man with the elephant mask shouted out whilst flexing his arms. The Woman behind him nearly face palmed as the blonde haired man with the hat smiled on.

"I'm Hephaestus, and He's Hermes. We're here to investigate the force that attacked the city." The woman said as she crossed her arms under her ample bust. The crowd stopped bowing and stood at the ready.

"You sure you arent here to fight? If so Im sure I can accomidate you." Ichigo said as he stepped away from the three unconscious people.

Further steps could be heard as more people entered the scene.

"Hey, Has anyone seen Ais? She ran off without us!" A smaller woman with revealing clothing said. Strangely, Her gaze reminded Ichigo of Gin. That same snake-like stare.

"Oh shit." Hephaestus said as her hand went up to her head once she realized what was going to happen.

The crowd was silent, as The woman looked down at the unconscious form of Ais and her shattered sword, Laying next to Ottar. And then, her Stare trailed up to Ichigo.

"What. Did. You. Do." The woman said, as her eyes opened and glared at the Shinigami

Ichigo was slightly unnerved by this woman and the vibes she was giving off.

"I knocked her out." Ichigo said, Nearly nonchalant. As he crossed his arms and gave off a relaxed look.

moments pass in silence as the moon peeked just above the distant mountains, and bathed its pale light on the land.

"you...did what?!" The woman shouted, finding her voice, as she began to give off a pale white aura that fluxuated the color spectrum.

"Loki! Remember that our powers are forbidden on the lower world!" Hephaestus yelled at the Unleashed Goddess.

Ichigo's eyes widened, This woman felt about as strong as Kenpachi without his eyepatch! But how had he not felt this before? Surely they're limiting their Reiatsu- If not suppressing it alltogether.

"Shut up! I don't care!" Loki said, as an ornate shortsword materialized in her hand and she blurred forward with speed that stunned Ichigo.

Ichigo brought up his sword to block, and was thrown back with extreme force as he was sent into the ground. Ichigo's impact created a crater that splashed up huge amounts of mud and even dug deeper to dry dirt, blasting up a cloud of dust that shrouded him from view. Loki's aura was present and shining like a star.

Loki picked up an Unconscious Ais and backed off towards the Hephaestus, Ganesha, and Hermes. Her aura started to dissipate.

The crowd gathered up the other two unconscious Adventurers and rallied behind Loki and the other 3.

'Ganesha...Hermes, Hephaestus and Loki?' Ichigo thought to himself as he found that laying in a crater that formed to your body was actually quite comfortable. Sure, she was fast, Strong as hell too, But she was no Aizen or Ulquiorra who could spam nuclear blasts at will.

'Why are they calling themselves by the names of gods.' Ichigo said, as he wistfully rose from his resting point. Come to think about it, He hadn't really had a chance to rest after Killing Aizen.

Ichigo noticed that he couldn't see anything past the faint glow of torches, and that woman's dimming aura.

Ichigo sent power to Tensa Zangetsu and the air distorted. Gasps could be heard from above.
"Getsuga Tensho" Ichigo called out as he slashed his blade upwards to the raining sky, The Getsuga screamed its way through the air and exploded. The force from the blast cleared the sky of clouds.

Once the shockwave hit the ground, It dispersed the dust and clearing the air.

'W-what was that?' Hephaestus thought to herself once she felt the energy of that beam. Her eye widened with complete shock once she saw Ichigo standing there, Undamaged in a rather large crater. 'No way, To still be alive after taking a hit from a full-powered goddess?' Hephaestus thought to herself, as she locked eyes with Ichigo.

"Why do you call yourselves by the names of gods?" Ichigo asked the four.

The four had issues trying to believe what they are seeing, and couldn't believe that Ichigo was still alive.

"I-I, Ganesha will answer you! Haha It is simply that boy, We ARE gods!" The man said as he turned and flexed his triceps.

That seemed to relax the atmosphere a little, But not much considering that Ichigo had just literally changed the atmosphere.

"...You really expect me to believe that crap?" Ichigo asked, as he scowled at them.

"It's true. I'm Hermes, The god of trade, luck and fertility. She's the god of Fire, The forge, And Blacksmithing." Hermes said and jabbed a thumb at Hephaestus's direction.

She made a 'Tch' And said "I can speak for myself."

"Like Hermes said. We're gods." Hephaestus said, scowling at Hermes.

Ichigo had a blank face and said "Uh huh. Why should I believe you. Anyone can have power like that, and move as fast as..what was it...Low key?"

"...Not really." Hermes said in deadpan.

"...Ok." Ichigo said.

"Are you willing to come peacefully and talk this through with, Me, Ganesha?! If not, I have no issue telling these adventurers to take you down." Ganesha said to the horror of the crowd, Who began to slowly walk backwards.

"No. You attacked me first, I'm going to make you all realize the mistake you've made." Ichigo said, stepping forward as the dirt around his feet scattered.

"Hey, I'm sure its all just a misunderstanding, But please, Give us the benefit of the doubt here?" Hermes asked. Looking just like Hat'n clogs at that moment.

"you say that, but You weren't the one on the defense just now. You refused me the benefit of the doubt, so why shouldn't I do just that." Ichigo said, Getting ready to absolutely destroy these people. He had to get home somehow.

Loki had set Ais down near Hephaestus, and began to unleash her aura once more.

"His presence threatens the lower world! That's a condition to use our powers, right?! HAAAAAA!" Loki screamed with fury as she rushed forwards again, her anger still smoldering.

Ichigo had seen her move before, and was ready for it.

He parries her sword to the left, and the field disintegrates along with the adventurers.

"NO!" Ganesha yelled out, "All adventurers! Get out of here!"

'Damn!' Ichigo yelled internally, he'd never killed a human at this point before.

"Stop this!" Ichigo said, spinning upwards and kicking Loki in the jaw, sending her skidding back.

"You Monster!" Loki said, feeling his energy in the force that destroyed both the landscape and the Adventurers.

Every Adventurer in the vicinity had already left, leaving Hephaestus, Hermes and Ganesha the only ones present.

The fight continued, and Loki didn't let up, but Neither did Ichigo.

He slashed downwards chipping her sword, and cutting her thigh vertically.

"AGH!" She screamed out in pain, but her attack persisted.

Further back, the shockwaves of battle continued, and Ganesha stepped forward. Absolutely Livid.

Manifesting a warhammer, He told Hephaestus: "Watch over Ottar and Ais." And dashed forward with blinding speed.

Ichigo intercepted his warhammer with his free hand and locked swords with Loki with his other.

"Why did you have to come here!" Ganesha asks.

"It wasn't my fault! I didn't mean to, so back off!" Ichigo shouts back.

"Liar! Which pantheon are you from!" Loki shouts, as Ichigo slashes her sword upwards rather easily, disarming her, while holding a shattering grip on the warhammer.

While Loki's sword was in the air and Ichigo used the flat side of Tensa Zangetsu to smack Loki in the head, sending her into the ground creating a crater.

Her aura deactivated, and she was out cold.

"What did you do to her?!" Ganesha asked, ripping his hammer free, and wound back to strike Ichigo down.

"Shut up." Ichigo said, shoving his arm through Ganesha's divine weapon, destroying it and stunning the god.

"D-Divine weapons are unbreakable!" Ganesha said, unbelieving his eyes.

"I have a knack for doing the impossible." Ichigo said, slamming his foot into Ganesha's face, sending him careening towards the large wall of the city, narrowly missing Hephaestus, Ais and Ottar.

Hephaestus was awe-struck.

Two gods had been taken down right infront of her face.

In the several millennia she'd been alive, never has a god been humbled like this...Except that one time with loki and the horse...

In an instant, Hephaestus had felt a gust of wind, and a cold point of Zangetsu's blade on her throat, and Hermes was in range of Ichigo's fist.

"Are you two gonna fight me too?" Ichigo asked, fully ready to dispatch the man and woman if she said yes.

"..N-No..." Hephaestus may have been a weapon god, but that didn't mean she had enough skill to take on the anomaly infront of her.

"Yeeeahh, I don't think I will." Hermes said, backing up.

"Finally. Someone smart." Ichigo said, lowering his sword.

"Now, can i fucking explain myself?" Ichigo asked, fed up with everything. Sure He'd achieved victory against Aizen, and these 'gods' but he hadn't had ANY time to rest. Between storming Hueco Mundo, His fights with Grimmjow, Nnoitora, the ex-espada dordondodo...whatever his name was, and finally Ulquiorra, He never sat down, took a breather or even gotten anything to eat.

"...Yes. W-We have a room in that T-Tower over there." Hephaestus said, her nerves shaking her body causing her to stutter.

At this point, the adventurers who had evacuated had returned, and were shocked-a complete understatement.

"All of you, get Loki and Ganesha to safety, as well as Ais and Ottar, as for you? Come with me." Hephaestus said, gathering her bearing.

"...Whatever. You lead." Ichigo said, Too tired to care at this point.

"Ah-Ah, Your weapon?" Hermes said, Holding out his hand.

Ichigo looked down at the gauntlet/Sword that was Tensa Zangetsu, and chuckled.

"Yeah, no. Its not coming off." Ichigo said, as the 'gods' looked skeptically at him, But stopped once they saw that it was literally part of Ichigo's arm.

"...Right. Just follow us." Hermes said as he and the group head back into the city. The warriors behind him Shakily had their weapons ready just in case Ichigo wanted to waltz away...and it would be so easy to do.

()()()()()()()()()(With Ichigo and Co. Meeting room in the Tower of Babel.)()()()()()()()()()

Ichigo was sitting on one side of the table, whilst Hermes, Hephaestus, and a recently awoken Loki sat at the other. The room was stark white with a heavenly blue glow, and the table was located in the center of the room. The side with the entrance had an Auditorium that was packed with all sorts of people with outlandish clothing and styles.

All of whom were glaring at Ichigo.

'Heart attacks? Gravitational wave...Heart distress...This sounds exactly like spiritual pressure! If so, Then I really was Cause of this!' Ichigo thought in morbid clarity.

"What's more, Is you killed sixty two and assaulted three of our citizens. Not to mention the fight you won against Loki and Ganesha" Hermes said, Very seriously.

"It was self defense!" Ichigo shot back.

"It's not defense if you're the one who attacked! WE were on self defense!" Loki said, clearly still hurt.

"Listen, I've told you lot many times that I have no clue what happened." Ichigo said, Still trying to figure out what they were talking about.

"Then watch closely." A strange voice said, from...everywhere, as mist formed and gathered into the shape of a square and was put beside the table.

On that square of mist, a screen lit up and Ichigo saw this.

(On the Magic mirror.)

"And for the final god to decend from the majesty of heaven this century, Is the goddess of Hearth and home, Hestia!" Said an announcer with a shout as the beam dissipated revealing a short woman with curves in very tasteful places. She waved enthusiastically with a smile to the mirriors. The crowd went wild with cheers and clapping.

"That's all Folks! Stay tuned for news on this years 'Monster fare!' It will be Very exci-" The man was cut off, as the screen panned to the left to show a very familiar energy blasting down from the heavens. The air was distorted, and it looked as if it were raining. Screams of fright and pain rang out from the crowds below and panic was ensuing.

(The mirror dissipates)

Ichigo felt a pang of empathy from hearing these sounds.

"How would you feel if someone from your family had a very special day, only to be ruined in the worst possible way?" Hephaestus said, Alluding to her best friend's Descent.

"Okay, That might have been my fault. But I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. However, Put yourself in my shoes. I randomly arrive somewhere I do not know, and immediately I'm thrust into another fight. A one at that." Ichigo said, fighting off sleep.

Hermes sighed outwards in relief, He hadn't detected a lie on Ichigo's tired face, But He did try to Imagine the situation Ichigo was in.

"See? I told you it wasn't Rakia. Nor was it on purpose." Hermes said to Loki, Who's glare never left Ichigo.

"Right, and everything's magically okay because he's sorry?" Loki said with crossed arms. "He KILLED people!"

Hermes sighed. "Good grief, That's what happens when we gods release our Auras. It's as much YOUR fault as it is his."

Hephaestus butted in and said, "If he really had intent to kill, He'd have killed Ais, Instead of harmlessly knocking her out."

"Yeah but he DID kill people! Freya! Aren't you mad at what he did to Ottar?" Loki asked, Looking at the scantily clad woman in her seat.

The woman had a Knowingly dangerous looking grin, But said "No, Why should I be? Sure he knocked out my Ottar...after his sword shattered, But that shows me the kind of strength this boy possesses. If anything, Im interested."

Ichigo couldn't tell, But it looked like the entiretiy of the room's population minus Ichigo and Loki shivered.

"It doesn't matter. It's just a shame that there was bloodshed today." Loki said, as she crossed her arms and looked away.

"Now we come down to punishment." Hermes said, with a small grin.

"...Oh?" Ichigo hummed, as he slammed Tensa Zangetsu's blade onto the table

Hermes started to sweat as he carried on his plan. "Indeed. You've taken the lives of our citizens and a consequence must be in order." Hermes led on, The atmosphere of anticipation thickening to the point of making Ichigo unnerved.

Ichigo himself still had no clue where he was, and what he was going to do to get back home, but if they're going to punish him for self defense, this tower is as good as gone.

"You're going to be serving us." Was what Hermes said.

Silence shrouded the room.

"...Come again?" Ichigo said.

"Yes, You'll be in service to whoever god we choose." Hermes said with a forced smile.

"You're Joking? Right?" Ichigo said.

Hermes chuckled and said "Not in the slightest."

"I've already come up with a lottery system. You see, I've had every god in this room place their vote in who, out of the four of us, Should take you." Hermes said.

"So I'm forced to serve you lot after defending myself, and you just...Expect me to go along with it?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes. You will. Or you'll have to die." Hermes said, releasing his aura, as well as the 56 other gods in this room. Their combined Reiatsu was sickeningly thick, and distorted the room's atmosphere.

"I see." Ichigo said, standing up, and releasing his own Reiatsu, it overwhelmed everyone else's and his Red/Black aura began to pool like an ocean on the ceiling, making it seem like gravity was reversed and Ichigo was a waterfall.

Ichigo's sheer spiritual pressure silenced every other god's, as they were forced to crouch to catch their breath, or were too frightened to keep their aura active.

Hermes's last act of Intimidation failed, as Ichigo had overwhelmed every god's aura in the room, and was actively suppressing them.

"Let me make it clear to you." Ichigo started as his voice echoed. "I Serve Nobody. Should I serve someone, It'll be of my choosing, and even then it won't really be a service."

Hermes was clueless of what to do, as Ichigo re-contained his Reiatsu, giving the gods a blessed repite, as well as their ability to breathe again.

"...I see...Then, What will you do?" Hermes said, conceding.

Loki had a grimace on her face, as she gripped the arm of her chair with great force.

Ichigo put his hand to his face, Thinking:'I could use this to figure out where I am, Who these people are, and why they call themselves gods...And with any luck, Find a way back home.'

Ichigo whistled as he put his hand back to his side. "Well, I can tell you'd only be a pain in my ass if I left, so I think Ill go with the red-head over there." Ichigo said pointing at Hephaestus.

"Huh? Why me?" She asked.

"You didn't attack, or threaten me. Simple, right?" Ichigo said.

"I-...Ok." She said, What could she do if he rebelled?

"Right...Okay then, Hephaestus will take you. She will show you where you're going to be staying." Hermes said, as he put a hand to his face in disbelief. Hephaestus called Ichigo to her, and they began to walk into a hallway.

Sounds of chatter came from the room he just left and it did not sound pleasant. The last thing he heard was "How am I supposed to know how he survived two unleashed gods?"

Hephaestus pushed Ichigo forward and said:

"Listen, You have a lot of work to do before you repair your image. The public view you as a danger. It won't be long before you either receive offers of exile or death threats." Hephaestus said, as she and Ichigo boarded an elevator.

"Great. Where are we anyway." Ichigo asked.

"What? You don't know where you are?" Hephaestus raised her eyebrow.

"No shit." Ichigo said, Too tired to speak diplomatically.

Hephaestus furrowed her brow and raised her hand to her chin while muttering something to herself.

"I'll tell you once we get to the house" The woman said, choosing to disregard Ichigo's smart mouth.

Ichigo opted not to say anything for the duration of the walk.

The "House" Was most definitely a mansion, Where he met the other two members of the Hephaestus familia, Welf Crozzo, and Tsubaki Collbrande and a few of their maids and servants.

Both of whom were very offset by Ichigo's unsheathed weapon, But were relaxed upon Hephaestus's pleading that Ichigo wasn't going to try something.

Hephaestus had given Ichigo a briefing that said he was in a city called "Orario" And that it was run by a series of Organizations called "Familia". All of whom are both Lead by, and Named after their gods. He was now apart of Hephaestus familia and will start his servitude the next day.

The shinigami still couldn't believe that they were gods, They hadn't shown any proof asides names and some god-like strength and speed. If that was all it takes to be a god, Then Ichigo could really be what his name means: god of death...

However, Ichigo did not want to get ahead of himself and be overtly cocky.

Ichigo was lead to a spare room, and was told to sleep as everyone else would be resting at this time at night.

The room was decent, Desk next to the window with a mirror, The bed was flush to the furthest side of the room, And there was a wardrobe across the room.

Looking inside the desk, Ichigo found a letter opener, some quills and parchment paper.

Left to his own devices, Ichigo quickly tested something. He pulled out the letter opener and looked at the edge. It looked sharp.

Ichigo stuck a finger out, and sliced to the side with the letter opener. Small sparks were emitted and the blade was dulled.

"Thanks hollow." Ichigo said to himself as he put the letter opener away and began to shut off the lamp.

Ichigo lay in the bed face down. Pondering everything.

Discovering that his life was an orchestrated lie, Meeting and making both friends and enemies, Dying, Coming back, Spending 3 months getting his ass handed to him by his spirits, and finally Killing the man who pulled the strings finishing the fight. Then Getting stuck in this place, Getting into another battle with egomaniacs who call themselves gods.

Finally, Ichigo chose something for himself. He'd use them as a means of getting Information.

'I need a vacation' Ichigo said into his pillow finally nodding off and falling asleep.

()()()()()()(Ichigo's Inner World two weeks later, Nighttime.)()()()()()

Ichigo had visited the three people he had harmed, and VERY surprisingly, they all forgave him. Though, He could have done without the horrified/Angry looks many people were throwing at him, He was always there to help. He was very uncharacteristic that night two weeks ago, so he vowed to be better. Even going as far as to break up a couple muggings, and drunken brawls. In just two weeks, Ichigo had somewhat repaired his reputation, Though people were wary due to his battle with the gods and his constant scowl. Yesterday, Hephaestus had lead Ichigo to a panel of gods to report his status, They and the guild seemed pleased at his progress, So they granted him the right to have a Falna bestowed apon him.

Ichigo sat on one of the bigger buildings in his submerged soulscape, and sighed at his loneliness.

"Nice time to disappear on me, you two." Ichigo chuckled out, Noting the subtle flashes of light coming from above, Signifying rain.

The substitute had always wondered why he couldn't revert to shikai. Every time he tried, it seemed to raise his spiritual pressure around him causing people to give him dirty looks and sometimes even accuse him of attacking them. Ichigo had enough, and this was his chance to see. Hopefully the pressure wouldn't escape his inner world.

Ichigo stood and looked at Tensa Zangetsu's blade. Again, He Tried to revert to Shikai. This time, Ichigo knew that he was releasing spiritual pressure upon his world as signified by the distorted water near him. And he kept bringing his Reiatsu level lower.

Until finally, He was out of bankai, His regular cleaver was in hand.

"well, atleast that's back." Ichigo said to himself, But his relief was short-lived

But the water was still shimmering with the telltale signs of Overbearing Spiritual pressure.

Suddenly, Ichigo had a cold realization that the same effect was probably happening outside as well.

"Damn! Bankai! Tensa Zangetsu." Ichigo said, as he went back into bankai, This time, Tensa zangetsu's handle was present and seperate from the gauntlet. He was able to let go of the sword, But there was still that gauntlet that formed around his hand. Ichigo tried to take it off, But there were two black clasps that held it in to place, Deciding to mess with it further on the outside.

And he went back to the outside world.

()()()()()()()(In his room, Black Mansion.)

Ichigo sat up quickly and accidentally threw Tensa Zangetsu into the wall before looking at his new gauntlet. He stretched his fingers out, and the gauntlet moved with them. But that chain that connected the sword to his arm was still present and it seemed like the further away the sword, The more chain was created.

As Ichigo went to grab the sword, The extra chain disappeared, And the creaking of the bed gave pointed out that the spiritual pressure had escaped his inner world and affected the outside as well.

Ichigo remembered how his hollow used to use Zangetsu as a flail, and there came inspiration for new precise and ranged attacks that wont cause much damage.

Now that he was able to take off the Gauntlet, Ichigo stretched his aching hand for the first time since what, forever? (three months in the dangai.) And layed the gauntlet next to the dislodged Zangetsu, and got up from his bed. Ichigo looked outside and judging from the moon's position in the sky, He had to guess it was about 3:00am as he crept down the hallways, trying to get a feel of the place.

Why he couldn't wait until morning was anyone's guess.

Walking silently on a thin platform of Reishi, Ichigo made his way down to the balcony and opened the door.

There he saw The goddess Hephaestus sitting in a chair Unmoving.

"Oh, sorry." Ichigo said softly as he walked forward.

She said nothing, and continued staring out at the moon.

Still Ichigo crept forward Softly as to not alarm the woman at his presence.

The patio was enclosed with a netting so bugs couldn't get in, and it had a roof so the rain couldn't fall inside. But the mesh allowed the breeze to fly through...as well as block any unwanted watchers from seeing anything.

"Hello?" Ichigo called, Still softly as he finally peered forwards to see the woman's face.

Ichigo found that she didn't have her eyepatch on, Instead It was in her hand. But the part that he was staring at, was her eye. Her orbital bones, Cheek bones, And their respective muscles all blended into regular skin. As if someone had taken acid and etched away the facial tissue off of that part of her face. But the part that confused him, was the wound was seamlessly clean, and Her eye was still functional. It was undamaged, and seemingly floating in place.

Ichigo had seen worse during his fight with the 4th Espada before he passed out, he stole a glance at the new hole in his chest that Ulquiorra blasted through he caught a glimpse of his cauterized upper intestines, his emptying stomach and the outlines of his ribs.

But For Hephaestus...It made sense now why she was named after the greek god of the forge. Both she and him had a deformity in their eye.

It would be really mind boggling if she was a weaponsmith as well.

Ichigo stole one last glance at that strangely mystifying sight and noticed that her exposed eye twitched very slightly towards his direction and he lightly smiled before walking back inside.

Unbeknownst to Ichigo, There was a tear trickling down Hephaestus's undamaged eye, as she fastened her eyepatch back to it's place.

"Dungeon? What is this? A game?" Ichigo said in complete disbelief. Levels? Experience? Stats? This was JUST like a game he played as a freshman.

"No, It's not a game. I should take you to the Adventurer Graveyard...especially the recently marked tombstones" Welf said that last part quietly, and told Ichigo, As he was instructed to inform Ichigo on the ways of the world.

Tsubaki glared at Ichigo, who just gave a deadpan expression.

"Good grief, So when can we go see this dungeon?" Ichigo digressed.

Tsubaki snickered at him, and said "We're a Smithing familia. We don't make money in the dungeon like all the rest of them, We build weapons and they buy em. Simple."

Wait, what? "Smithing?" Ichigo said

"Yep! It's our pride and joy!" Tsubaki beamed. "Nothing like it." Welf added.

"...sure. So what if I wanted to go into the dungeon?" Ichigo asks and sneaks a glance out the window to the tower.

"I guess you'd have to ask me about that." Hephaestus said, Revealing herself to be right next to Ichigo. Speaking of which, Ichigo nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden appearance.

"Well, I dont have any issues about it. But don't go too far down..." Hephaestus said, as she remembered Ichigo tanking hits from an unleashed God.

"Actually, You really want a challenge?" Hephaestus asked, Tsubaki raised an eyebrow.

"Challenge?" Ichigo asked, as he turned to the right.

"Yes, I challenge you to make it as far down as you can!" Hephaestus said, as she sensed Hestia trying to sneak down the hallway with a bag of snacks underarm. Heading to her room.

"Ugh...Well, Just when you're ready grab that bag over there. Use it to collect the crystals that drop and then come right back." Hephaestus said as she began to walk towards Hestia in the other room.

Ichigo looked at where she left, and then to the bag.

"She knew I was going to ask?" Ichigo asked welf.

He sunk into his chair, a hint of jealousy creeping into his tone. "Yeah, she did."

Ichigo didn't really say anything back, Instead, Opting to grab the bag and head outside.

Welf had made custom made a saya (Scabbard) For Tensa Zangetsu. To Ichigo, It seemed that Shikai would be an impossibility around other people. And it didn't make any sense.

Ichigo Took the bag, Map, and Tensa Zangetsu in it's scabbard, and fastened it to his waistband while he made it to the center square.

'Didn't Aizen say that he couldn't feel my spiritual pressure? ...What if since I'm in Bankai, Nobody can feel my pressure because it's beyond their understanding... Great now I sound like that bastard.' Ichigo said, Trying to make sense of things. However, Ichigo was correct. At this point in time, Ichigo's status was Transcendent.

'I need to talk to Eyepatch about this.' Ichigo thought as he arrived to the front of the dungeon, Receiving looks from everyone.

"dungeon...Lame" Ichigo said, as he walked in.

()()()()()()(Dungeon, First floor.)()()()()()()

It was boring. Really boring. The monsters here, While interesting and thought provoking, Died or turned to dust once Ichigo released his painstakingly suppressed spiritual pressure.

It wasnt uninteresting, Though. There had been these five monster birds that Ichigo had used flash step to kill, and they dropped what looked to be golden eggs. Ichigo stowed those away for later.

And before long, the stairs leading down to the second floor were visible, and with a sigh, Ichigo trekked onwards.

What felt like hours later, Ichigo had counted atleast sixteen floors, and things were getting weird, The amount of Minotaurs

For even longer, Ichigo continued on, In this Labyrinth like area, until he stumbled apon even more naturally formed stairs leading lower.

"That's 17." Ichigo said, as he walked on.

For a while, Ichigo hadn't felt any spiritual pressure anywhere, Except through this opening. Suddenly, The ambient light in the area turned from its passive blue, To a much darker version, but nothing else happened as the ground started to shake.

"What the hell?" Ichigo asked, Now standing on a reishi platform to avoid falling over.

The room pulsed with energy, and what once was an empty room full of nothing but rock formations, was now being flattened by a giant grey colored Humanoid with white hair. The eyes weren't visible, and Ichigo assumed that it did not have any. However, It did cry out with a mighty roar and started to stalk towards Ichigo.

"Menos are way more intimidating." Ichigo said, As he used flash step to appear above the beast. Who at first didn't realize that it no longer held the high ground.

Looking up, The monster was face to face with a torrent of black/crimson energy.

"Getsuga Tensho!" Ichigo sounded off, and the energy completely desintegrated the beast, along with creating a hole in the floor below him. The getsuga continued into...the forest below and exploded with the force of Biblical proportions, Blasting air from the floor below back into the 17th floor Ichigo was in.

'...damn, I think I overdid it, Still, I never understood why I allowed my enemies to attack or powerup..' Ichigo said to himself as the fires of his power disappeared.

The Shinigami descended lower and lower through that hole he created until he was at the canopy of the average trees. Infront of him was..what could only be described is a Big Ass Tree.

"That makes...18"

Still standing on a platform of reishi, Ichigo pads the pack that was slung to his side, and decides that the bag was full enough, as he finished sight seeing, Ichigo yawned and prepaired to head back up to the entrance, Only to be stopped by a pulse of powerful Reiatsu emanating from the floor he was currently in.

Ichigo said nothing, as he glanced back at the currently blood-red room, and decided that he should sit tight for a little bit and see what was going on.

A bright flash of light Blinded the Death god for a split second, and dissipated to reveal the same monster he had defeated just moments ago, Except the only differences were It's height, the color of skin and it's eyes. This beast was way bigger, had pitch black skin, and it's eyes were a glowing red.

"...You were stupid to get bigger" Ichigo said loudly.

Instantly, the beast lunged at Ichigo with it's arm outstretched, It would have grabbed Ichigo, Had it's fingers not been separated from it's hand instantly.

Ichigo gave a chuckle at the monster's obvious confusion, Granted, This thing was tougher to cut than the other one, But was still like butter.

"Can you speak" Ichigo asked, as the beast's fingers began to regenerate.

Nothing was said, as the monster glared at Ichigo, and began to rear up for another attack.

"Guess not." Ichigo sighed, as he gathered energy into Tensa Zangetsu yet again.

The monster seemed to recognize this attack, and instantly it dove at Ichigo with renewed vigor and reckless abandon, Not caring that It's limbs were being sliced off and disintegrated. Each swipe from Ichigo's sword bisected a limb from the beast, and created an airblast that shattered or plain pulverized the landscape.

"Getsuga Tensho." Ichigo chanted, and his signature attack blew the Dark Beast away with little trouble.

And it appeared to kill the beast instantly, Except the room didn't change back to it's original colors. Three more of the same beasts "spawned" from the walls.

"...Its not a videogame, they said. Take it seriously, they said." Ichigo said, as he lightly facepalmed.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()(With Ichigo, Welf and Hephaestus, Guild hall)()()()()()()()()()()()

"They were black? Are you Certain?" Hephaestus said, as she slammed her hands on the desk infront of Ichigo.

"...Yes? Why." Ichigo said, almost nervous that he may have just messed up something.

Hephaestus had a face of shock and Ichigo couldn't figure out why. 'That's why I couldn't bestow a falna...' The smithing goddess thought to herself in realization.

"Were those Black Goliaths special?" Ichigo asked.

"..They only appear when go-Mmph!" Welf began but the guild attendant, Eina Tulle, Covered his mouth and interrupted.

"Not really, They're just the boss of certain levels, They probably only came when you blasted a hole through the 18th level's cieling. The dungeon is alive, Sorta, And spawns them when it's threatened." Eina's smile wavered for a second as Ichigo looked at her skeptically.

'Only appear when go...Go what? hmm I'll ask him Later.' Ichigo asked, as he raised his armored hand to his chin in thought.

"MMmmMMPH!" Welf started to struggle, as Eina quickly retracted her hands from his mouth.

"Gosh! I was about to suffocate! What is wrong with you!" Welf said, as a vein appeared on his neck. Eina only smiled and put her hands up in apology.

"Ichigo. We need to talk." Hephaestus said, as Eina opened the counter door so they could pass to another, more secluded room.

Everyone was silent, as they knew what was about to happen.

"So...Wonderful weather..Huh?" Ichigo asked, to try and break the awkward silence.

"Y-yeah." Welf said, as a hand went to his head.

"So...Uh, Here we are!" Eina said, as they reached the room.

"Right." Ichigo said.

The group sat down, and Eina cleared her throat to ask a question.

"So, What's your true name? Surely you're from the Shinto Sect." Eina said, Clicking a pen and pulling out a piece of paper.

"What?" Ichigo asked, Confused...Wait. "Wait, Shinto Sect? Don't tell me you actually think I'm a god?" Ichigo asked with a nervous smile.

Nobody was smiling back, And they were acting like he had broken a big rule, and was about to be punished for it.

"Yeah, Funny. Real name?" Eina sighed.

Welf looked back and forth to Ichigo and Hephaestus, Only to notice that Hephaestus was giving Ichigo a worried look.

Eina sighed and said "Ichigo...I'm not sure you know, But Those Black Goliaths are only born when the dungeon detects a god's presence."

"Maybe there was a god in the dungeon?" Ichigo asked

"Did the monster specifically attack you?" Eina asked.

Ichigo deflated as he realized what this meant. "Yes..."

"They only target gods." Eina said. Surprisingly patient.

"Well...What if...Maybe..." Ichigo began, But couldn't form any countermeasures to Eina's arguement.

"There's no getting around it, Ichigo. The Dungeon recognized you as a god." Hephaestus said.

"..." Ichigo was shocked. A god? No He was Just a shinigami! and not even a full one at that. Though, Ichigo had been fairly fluent in English and 'Shinigami' was a direct translation of 'Death God' or 'God of Death'.

That caused Ichigo to think back on everyone he knew, The shinigami...Were they gods? Was he...Was he a god?

Ichigo's mind was in utter disbelief. He had never been one to have a huge Ego. Except the time he allowed himself to go to hueco mundo to fight grimmjow because his battlelust was shining through, and he wanted everyone to see. But this- This was different. To go from being recognized as a human, to assuming the mantle of godhood...

No wonder why Aizen went mad, All that power, and the ego to back it up. A god complex was a scary thing, and Ichigo didn't want to fall down that slippery slope.

"Ichigo?" Hephaestus asked.

"My name is Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki. I am a Shinigami, and a Vizored. Nothing more." Ichigo said finally.

"According to the Shinto sect's Chosen language, Japanese, 'Shin' translates to 'Death' and 'Gami' translates to 'god'. So You're the god of Death, Huh?" Eina said, as she started writing things down.

"But what does Vizored mean?" Eina said, as the scratching of her pen stopped.

"..." Ichigo refused to answer this one. If they're having a fit over his supposed 'godhood' Then using their logic, Ichigo would be a corrupted god with demonic powers.

"Ichigo?" Eina asked

"Next question" Ichigo said, Crossing his arms.

Eina looked surprised, Then wrote something down.

"Of course. When you descended, Why didn't you Inform Ouranos that you were coming? Hestia was scheduled to be last because no other god in Heaven wanted to descend...and more importantly, Why don't we have any records of you? Every god is well documented and has history."
Eina said, Firing two big questions without a second thought.

"I dunno?" Ichigo asked, and the group nearly facepalmed. "And about that..." They hadn't known where he had come from, nor what brought him here. Mainly because he didn't tell anyone. Now seemed to be the best time.

"I'm not from here.." Seeing their unamused faces, He elaborated "...I'm not from this uh..Dimension? Universe?" Ichigo said, And that seemed to make sense to them.

"Oh I see. Realm transportation gone wrong, Eh?" Welf said, Trying to make sense of the situation.

"I think? One minute I'm standing with my friends, Next thing I know, I'm here, and in another battle." Ichigo said, remembering the fight he had with Orario's strongest.

"Ah I remember." Hephaestus said, as she closed her eye. Only for it to snap back open, "Wait, 'Another' Battle?"

Ichigo chuckled "Yeah. Do I need to tell you?" Ichigo asked, and Eina nodded furiously.

"whatever. So-" Ichigo began, and laid every detail from his and Rukia's first moments together, to him dying above las noches, and finally to him defeating Aizen.

The group had mixed reactions about every aspect of his story, Yet they stayed silent to listen. Welf even laughed out loud when Ichigo went on a huge ramble about his "Movie" experience. But they all listened intently with stalled breathing when Ichigo told them about his Endeavor into Hell to save his friends and family. It was rather difficult to get out, But eventually The substitute had gotten everything they needed to know out. Not including the fact that Ichigo has an Inner Hollow, and that it's powerful enough to destroy the once considered-indestructible chains from hell.

"Now, I'm here. I have no clue on how to get back." Ichigo said, Leaning back into the couch he sat on, as Eina clicked her pen, and sighed before leaning deeper into her seat, as Hephaestus tries to process the info.

"So where you come from, there are a vast amount of Death gods like you, Evil demonized human souls, and Soul destroyers?" Welf asked.

"Shinigami, Hollows and Quincy." Ichigo corrected.

"That leads me to my final question." Eina begins, and Ichigo tenses. "Would you like to start a Familia?"

"...If I say no?" Ichigo asks.

Eina smiles and looks at a yawning Hephaestus.

"You would continue to work under Hephaestus. Or get thrown out, Whatever she wants. Or, Should you choose to assume your position of god of Death, Then we will announce your presence to the public. From there, you will need to find people to join you and become a part of your Familia, Or, Family. Though, *quietly* People tend to be very materialistic, and most will only join if you're a successful Familia." Eina said with a grin.

Ichigo thought hard to himself.

"What's the catch. Nothing you said sounded like too bad of a downside." Ichigo asked.

Eina lost the smile and Hephaestus knew what was going to happen.

"You will be bound to Ouranos's law of Aura concealment under threat of banishment, and you will be barred from entering the dungeon." Eina says, Not knowing about how truly overpowered Ichigo is.

Ichigo again, Thought hard. His mind was scrambling to put pros and cons in order. Finally deciding, Ichigo answered.

The substitute solidified his face in resolve, before grinning slightly."Nah, I'm not about just sitting around powerless, Letting other people do the protecting. My name means Number One Protector for a reason." Ichigo said, Crossing his arms and scowling.

Eina smiled, and said "Alright. *Whispers* But I'm still classifying you as a god, and Putting you on File." Ichigo shrunk a little bit, but didn't say anything.

Hephaestus shook herself awake and said "About the five Jack Bird's Golden egg, Ichigo do you know how much they're worth?"

Ichigo shook his head

"They're worth One million Vallis per egg. Due to how rare they are. Additionally, the people in charge of Valis conversion counted everything your entire bag earlier, and your total earnings came in at Five million, Eight hundred and sixty seven thousand, two hundred and thirty four valis total. (5,867,234)." Hephaestus said.

"Well, Thats enough for a spoon made from Hephaestus, huh." Ichigo chuckled, and Hephaestus pouted at his jab.

Eina stood up which prompted Ichigo and others to as well. "Well, I think that about wraps up this meeting, Thank you Lady Hephaestus, for bringing this to my attention."

Hephaestus shrugged and followed Ichigo out the door, welf behind her. "mhmm" Was her response as they began to walk out of the Guild Building, Several eyes were planted on Ichigo.

()()()()()()()()()()()()(two hours later, 9:34pm)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

"Where's Hestia?" Ichigo asked Hephaestus, who was reading book on the Patio she always liked.

"Hm? Oh. I kicked her out to the church I own." The smithing god said, Sounding somewhat regretful.

"But why would you do that?" Ichigo asked as he sat down next to her.

She sighed before answering. "She was mooching off of me, She didn't help with anything, She didn't even start looking for Familia members. Atleast you went to the dungeon."

"Arent you friends though?" Ichigo asks.

Hephaestus raised her eyebrow and asked "You want your friends to live lazily? You see, Hestia's a goddess. How would the public view her? They would turn her away before joining her saying "You cant even support yourself, What about me?"." Hephaestus said, closing her book and turning to Ichigo.

"...I get it." Ichigo said, realizing that the goddess's goal wasnt to be cruel, or even to abandon her friend. It was to save her Image from the critical eyes of the public.

"Hey, I'm going to go to the Hostess of Fertility, Want to come with me?" Ichigo asks.

Hephaestus face heats up and she chokes on her tea, Before saying "N-no, I'll be fine. Thank you for asking me, though."

Ichigo raises an eyebrow before leaving the room muttering 'even goddess's get fevers too, I guess'

On his way back after a hearty meal, The newly recognized Death god walked his way to the pub with a scowl plastered to his face, But suddenly, Something earned his attention, Indicated by his solid glare aimed at the Tower of Babel.

(Bable, VIP Residence.)

The sound of labored breathing carried itself through the upper class room, As did the sounds of rustling fabric.

'first...That boy with the transparent soul...and now..Another with three layers of color?...mmmhh he's so strong too.. I...want them.. I WANT them BOTH!' breathed out a woman, who's face was covered by the darkness of nighttime.

'Oooh my! With them both...I think I'll finally be satisfied! Finish what that fool Odin failed to give me!...H-Happiness!' She shuddered out, as her labored breathing intensified, as did the rustling of the fabrics. Her eyes widened, and she smiled even more.

"mmph...He's looking me...in the eyes!" She whispered as she doubled her efforts.

The feeling of lust permeated the air, as the woman's rigorous activity continued.

"mmh...Ottarl!" The woman shouted out, Nearing her edge.

Instantly, The man named ottar appeared.

He bowed, Moving his cast-clad right arm away from sight, and replied "What will you have me do, Goddess Freya."

She shuddered at his near instantaneous arrival.

"Kee-Keep an eye on that man with-ungh!..The orange hair." Freya said, Her ecstasy almost nearing it's peak, as her adrenaline intensified when she knew that ottar ALWAYS delivered her requests.

"As you wish" He bowed again, and disappeared.

She decided that the Boy with the transparent soul needed a little more time to become stronger, But the other one, The one with the Blue, Black AND Crimson soul...He was just perfect for her entertainment.

Freya looked back out her window and stared with love at the man who had captured her attention. The swordsman with fire for hair, Who seemed to be walking back to that Cyclop's mansion.

'I will have you, You and your beautiful soul!' Freya thought to herself, as she broke past her limit.

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