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()()()()()()()()()()(Karakura, Dusk)()()()()()()()()()()()

It had been only thirty minutes since Ichigo had disposed of the abomination hybrid, and he was still livid, he'd gone and flashed through the streets of karakura, eliminating random hollows that appeared in his path as a way to release some anger.

That 'Thing' had not only managed to sneak into the Kurosaki clinic undetected, but had threatened Hephaestus. The one who carried his child, as well as his heart.

Ichigo remembered that he had seen Rukia at his doorstep, but she was not there once he arrived back home after finishing his hours long patrol.

He sensed that she was deeper within the clinic, and that she, Yuzu, Karin, and Hephaestus were in the same room while Goat-Chin was nearby. Likely eavesdropping as usual.

Walking in, Ichigo smelled cinnamon. Telltale signs of Yuzu's baking ability, and concluded that the younger sister was making some sort of confection, and the air smelled sweet. Ichigo was happy.

His mouth watered, as the four women stared at him ominously.

Rukia, sat on the couch, and stared at Ichigo, taking in his new appearance.

She noticed his long tied back hair, his black armor around his chest, shoulders and waist. All had a red hue and gold trimming. He looked like a king in his battle armor.

"So..Uh..You wanna ask me something or do you wanna sit there looking at me weirdly?" Ichigo smirked, and inside he was happy to see his good friend once more.

"I-Idiot! Where did you go!" She yelled at him while standing up.

Ichigo chuckled and looked at Hephaestus, who was reading one of his shakespeare books on the recliner.

Holding up his hands, he said "Hey, It wasn't on purpose!"

"Yeah, I know that! But I can still be angry, can't I?" Rukia said as she eyed the fire haired god infront of her.

Ichigo put down his hands and smiled.

Rukia shared that same smile, and said "Welcome home...Idiot."

Sitting down next to Hephaestus, Ichigo dispelled his armor and swords into his soul with a flicker of reiatsu, A trick he'd learned in his mindscape while asleep last night.

"So, Ichigo." The lieutenant spoke, looking at Hephaestus and Ichigo. "You're being summoned to Seireitei for a congratulations ceremony, If you'd accept to go, then we leave shortly. If that's alright with you."

Ichigo looked to his wife, to see if she was fine with this development. She smiled back at him, and nodded. He knew she'd be safe here in this house with Isshin being around.

"Yeah, I don't have anything else to do today...well, maybe except try out a recipe that Yuzu mastered. But, Yuzu isn't going anywhere." Ichigo said with a smile.

Rukia looked pleased as she stopped her fidgeting, a trait she picked up in Ichigo's absence.

"What about Renji? I haven't seen him here at all." Ichigo asked, noting the lack of loud mouthing from the red pineapple.

Rukia giggled, and said "He's in soul society waiting for you, like everyone else."

"Well...If there's nothing to say, Lead the way." Ichigo said, before looking Hephaestus in her eye.

"Rukia, If you'd be so kind as to get me a glass of water." Hephaestus asked.

A strange compulsion came over Rukia to obey the crimson haired woman sitting next to her, she stood up and followed Yuzu and Karin to the kitchen, (both of who were going to get some of Yuzu's dessert from the now cooled cookie tray) with a smile and walked over to the kitchen, where she'd find Isshin peeking over the corner. They began talking amongst eachother, mainly whispering their approval of Ichigo's wife while eating the soft and moist cookies Yuzu mastercrafted.

Now that Ichigo and Hephaestus were alone, Hephaestus's face broke out in a wide blush as she leaned closer to Ichigo.

"Well, Ichigo. My beloved. It seems that I'm due at any time, as your father Isshin says." Hephaestus said, Causing Ichigo to go wide-eyed.

"I-Is that so?" Ichigo said, shocked at this development.

Hephaestus giggled heavenly, as she locked her lips to Ichigo's for a moment.

Her eye closed and a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek.

"He utilized this weird contraption called a "Ultrasound" on me after you left this morning, and told me that we'd be having twins."

Ichigo's face was unreadable.

'King...Holy shit.' shirosaki decided to voice himself, shaking his wielder out of his stupor.

"I'm...So happy." Ichigo said, a ear-to-ear smile showing up on his face. "Goat-chin! Guess what!" Ichigo said, standing up, leaving a giggling Hephaestus on the couch.

"Yeah I already know, you dolt. Didn't she just say that I was the one who told her?" Isshin said with a grin, Ichigo's enthusiasm infecting him somewhat.

"So, Ichigo, my love. My dear other half. You better make it home, I haven't the slightest idea of what this 'Seireitei' Is, Even with your descriptions. You better make it home, to me." Hephaestus warned.

"Don't worry. I promise." Ichigo said with resolve, as he bent down and kissed his wife's forehead. "And...Can I give you some names I've been thinking about really quickly." Ichigo said

"I was hoping you'd say this." Hephaestus said with a smile.

"Kazui if it's a boy, and Akane if it's a girl...If they're both the same gender, then you get to pick one or the other" Ichigo said.

"Why does it sound like you're not coming home..." Hephaestus realized.

"I'm possibly gonna be there for a week or month or so...Uh, Just personal estimates." Ichigo said scratching the back of his head.

Personally, Ichigo knew that with the appearance of Asguiaro, the Quincies were set and ready to make their moves.

"...No matter, I will wait as long as it takes, you are my lord after all.." Hephaestus said, cradling her stomach.

Rukia walked in with Hephaestus's glass of water with a blush, and said "Shall we go now? Ichigo?"

"Shaddup." Ichigo said, blushing as well, as Hephaestus smiled and waved at her husband.

"Here you go, ma'am." Rukia said, handing over a strangely freezing glass of water to Hephaestus.

"Be well!" Hephaestus said, as Rukia followed Ichigo out the front door.

A senkaimon was opened shortly after that.

()()()()()()()()()(Captain's hall, Division 1, Seireitei)()()()()()()()()()

"Welcome, Ichigo Kurosaki. Hero of the Winter War." Boomed the authoritative voice of the Captain Commander.

All captains present stood ridged, as they saw their friend and comrade for the first time in four years, most with happiness but the minority like Soi-fon, and Kurotsuchi couldn't care less. The latter had been denied any permission to test on the "Substitute", so his primary emotion was disappointment and annoyance.

"Yo." Ichigo said, putting up a hand.

Contrary to his expectations, the captains present all shared a look of nostalgia and fondness. Only reserved for those truly worthy of being called friend.

"Welcome back, kid." Kenpachi said, grinning as his sword vibrated in it's sheath.

Ichigo's brow beaded with sweat as he waved nonchalantly in the killer's direction, as his gaze fixed upon Shinji Hirako.

"Woah, They made you captain?" Ichigo said, walking forward.

"Dumbass, It was my old position, or...Did I not tell you already?" The vizored said, grinning.

"Meh, The coat suits you, old man." Ichigo said lightheartedly, happy to see the familiar faces he missed for so long.

"Oh please, I'm gonna blush" Shinji said chuckling.

Ichigo shared the laugh and said "Okay weirdo"

Then the ancient captain spoke again. "While it's true that we're all glad to see you once more, please save the pleasantries until after this captain's meeting."

Ichigo nodded with a smile.

"Our purposes of bringing you here, is to congratulate you on your victory over Aizen. For that we thank you." He said, and flared his reiatsu before suppressing it again.

Ichigo bowed his head slightly, as a show of appreciation. "You will be given honors from all over the Seireitei, and information over things that have passed. And I personally have a gift for you." The head captain announced, and nodded his head towards Ichigo.

'As expected.' Old man Zangetsu spoke out, calming Ichigo's nerves.

"Oh? A gift? You didn't really nee-" Ichigo spoke before being interrupted.

"Nonsense. For far too long, has the soul society gone without paying proper tribute to it's saviors. And, it's yours to thank for the change brought about in this world." Yamamoto said once again. Oddly fervent in expressing his thanks.

'O...kay?' Ichigo thought. He wasn't sure what this gift entailed, nor if it wasn't just...something not good.

'Nefarious, Ichigo. You're thinking of the word 'Nefarious'.' Suki spoke in his mind with a giggle.

His spirits sure were chatty today.

"I see." Ichigo said, and scratched the back of his head nervously.

Chojiro sasakibe, Yamamoto's lieutenant, walked up with a rectangular case in hand.

"Hey" Ichigo greeted, and the man didn't speak, just bowed his head as he opened the case.

It was a White haori with the number '14' inside the diamond insignia.

Ichigo's eyes widened, and his mouth dried.

"While we've never allowed someone who's alive to become captain, you're an odd case indeed. This is the highest honor to bestow to a shinigami." Yamamoto spoke again, with hope lacing his voice.

"Wait, wait..Hold on." Ichigo said, surprising the 1st division lieutenant, and his captain, as well as every captain present.

"What is the matter?" The head captain spoke.

"Before I make my decision, Let me get this straight. You're offering me a position as captain, for defeating Aizen?" Ichigo asked in disbelief.

'No shit, that's what he just said.' Shiro spoke in annoyance, personally, more power to the king was always better for him as well.

'Hush, Ichigo asked so he may find out any additional reasons.' Suki spoke, and the hollow raised his eyebrows.

"Yes." The ancient captain spoke, and Ichigo nodded. "But also, your name and deeds spread through all corners of the soul society. Most extensively in the Rukongai. The countless souls there banded together under your legend, and rebuilt the rukongai as a singular entity. Many were moved from tales of your valor, and sacrifices."

Now that was news..But what sacrifices?

Seeing the confusion on Ichigo's face, Byakuya spoke next.

"Orihime Inoue, and Ishida Uryu informed us of what happened above the dome of Las Noches."

Ichigo's face paled. Now he was sure that this was a trap set by Central 46 to get him into custody.

"Nah. I'm good." he then said before spinning around and began to walk back towards the entrance, his armor clacking together surprising the captains.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." The head captain spoke out, and out of instinct Ichigo stopped.

"Central 46 is no longer the ruling body of the law. They have been reduced to mere advisors to the Seireitei. You will not be prosecuted due to your hollow abilities under any circumstance." The head captain spoke, seemingly hitting the nail on it's head.

"Really? What happened to that?" Ichigo said, slowly walking back towards Sasakibe.

"They've been found guilty of accepting bribes, embellishing even the most insignificant events, and abuse of power. I was given permission from Squad Zero, to demote that branch. Another effect of the changes you brought."

This stunned Ichigo. The central 46 was always known as unmerciful and cruel judges that never cared about the facts, and ruled with emotion.

"That's...Surprising. And you're sure that I did all of that? I just did my part and killed the bastard that started all of this." Ichigo said, still confused.

'King, if you don't take that fuckin coat, I'll battle you for a century.' Shiro said, his instincts tingling.

'I will, I'm just confused. I only killed Aizen. I didn't start a revolution? I was in Gekai, I started a familia, and a family. There's no way-' Ichigo's thoughts were interrupted

"Yes. Your name became legend because of your sheer devotion to duty and your will to protect." The head captain spoke out, the whispers of a smile on his lips.

"...I see." Ichigo said, and picked up the neatly folded coat out of the box it was in.

"Wear that coat with pride, For there is much pride to be felt with the new division. The fourteenth division is the most versatile. Your squad will be focused in the world of the living." The head captain said, as Ichigo put on the coat. Ichigo's armor phased over the fabric, and secured itself to their usual places.

"Most interesting.." Mayuri spoke out after seeing the black armor appear above the Captain's coat.

The coat was sleeveless, and the inside was a silken red. It was warm and comfortable.

The captains present clapped and congratulated Ichigo on his promotion from substitute to Captain.

"Thank you, Yama-ji" Ichigo said.

"Our next reason for summoning you here is this, The quincy have been spotted in the realm of the hollows, and have taken over Las noches. We believe the next time they appear, it'll be Karakura town." The head captain spoke out.

'...War...But that's why I'm here. I have to make sure everyone's safe.' Ichigo thought exasperatedly.

'Called it. But, They're your friends and if these quincies are strong enough to throw those hollows out on their own turf, who knows how strong they are' Shiro spoke.

"Okay, I already killed one. He called himself Asugiaro Ebern, or something like that. He was weird. He was an arrancar with a mask, but utilized a quincy cross for combat." Ichigo said, causing Mayuri to nearly choke.

"A hollow? Using a Quincy cross? Please tell me you have a sample for me. I'd love to examine it." Mayuri spoke.

"Sure, Here." Ichigo said, digging into the side of the haori, not used to having it there, then moving it so he could fetch the medallion from its place in his pocket.

He tossed it to the scientist, who gleefully catched it.

"Most excellent! Much obliged, did he tell you the purpose of this trinket?" Mayuri asked.

Ichigo shrugged and said "He kept asking me to use bankai, while holding that thing out in the open. It looked like it would have done something to my Bankai. So if anything it does something to our Bankai." Ichigo said, noting the look of concern on most of the captain's faces.

"Hmmm So the quincy either Want our bankai, or want to disable them. Either case is terrifying." Toshiro spoke, a hand to his chin in thought.

"Indeed, though, what makes you think they are designed to steal or disable?" Komamura asked the prodigy.

"Think about it, why would that hollow...Quincy? Ask for someone as powerful as kurosaki to use his bankai, while holding it out in the open. Surely, his own life would have been priority rather than asking for certain death." Toshiro said, gaining a couple raised eyebrows.

"You never seemed like one who had an intellect. You surprise me, I came to that same deduction as well. In any case, if our bankai were to be used against us, I'd like to find a way to reverse engineer this trinket. May I go, Head captain." Mayuri said, eyes glued to the object.

"Make haste, and report any success." The head captain spoke, as Mayuri disappeared with the flicker of shunpo. "Another topic to discuss, Captain Ichigo. Have you succeeded in suppressing your reiatsu completely? And why is it that I cannot feel your presence?"

This seemed to click with the other captains, who haven't felt the former substitute's pressure, like the gushing ocean they had been used to four years ago, and seemed to spark hushed conversations about how even the Captain Commander cannot feel Ichigo's presence.

Ichigo's forehead beaded with sweat.

'Vote. Truth or half Truth' Ichigo asked his spirits.

Seeing the eyes on him, Ichigo's sense of urgency is increased.

'Central 46 no longer has the power to make unjust decisions, so Truth may be the best route. In order to increase trust among allies.' Old man Zangetsu said.

'True, but consider this, King. Maybe the soul society is bugged and you're being watched from everywhere at once? I've felt it since coming to this place.' Shiro said, off put by that weird presence at the back of their minds. 'I vote half truth. Nobody but Hat 'n Clogs knows our true nature and likely hasn't told the head captain.'

'I'm inclined to agree with the Hollow. I feel many eyes on us, and more than there are in this room. Half truth...for now. He of all people should know.' Suki said, feeling the same sense of paranoia that Shiro is feeling.

'Noted. Thank you. I'll tell them the truth once I know we're not being watched, Old man.' Ichigo spoke, feeling Old man Zangetsu nod.

"Yeah, I've sealed the vast majority of my powers so the world of the living isn't affected, But I'm still combat ready at any time regardless of the seals. I can show you how I did it and what kido I used, if you'd be free." Ichigo said, causing the captains present to nod thoughtfully.

"I see. Congratulations, welcome to the Gotei 14. You may build your division as you see fit, but do take careful consideration on who you recruit. We'd rather avoid another Winter War incident." the ancient captain spoke.

"With this, this captain's promotion ceremony is dismissed. Stay vigilant." The head captain spoke and stood up with a thump from his cane, Nodding his head towards Ichigo as he walked away.

Ichigo was then walked up to by several captains, Kyoraku who wanted to celebrate with a party, Ukitake who also wanted to celebrate with a party, shinji who just wanted to say congrats, and Toshiro who inquired on where he went.

Truthfully, It was a welcome thing, Ichigo had been waiting for this for a year now. It's crazy how slow a year seems to pass, and he's immortal now. Ichigo only shuddered to think how long it's going to feel.

Chojiro sasakibe stood next to the Head captain's seat, as the last of the captains left the hall..Well, Kenpachi was standing at the entrance for an unknown reason. His sword vibrated in anticipation.

Ichigo walked up the steps to meet the First's lieutenant.

"Follow me, Sir." The mustachioed man spoke, as he lead the god of death down the corridors of the first division.

Eventually reaching the Head captain's office, He opened the door for Ichigo who nodded and said "Thanks"

Walking in, Ichigo noticed the head captain standing in-front of his balcony rails, seeing the unwalled Seireitei in it's glory.

Ichigo approached, and stared out into the vast civilization in front of him.

It was beautiful. A thousand mile city in every direction, even the mountains had a town or two on them, and they looked to be slowly modernizing as well. There was a great statue of a man holding a giant...

"Is that me?" Ichigo asked the old man to his right, as he pointed to the statue.

"Yes it is. Skilled architects of the Rukongai built it, to commemorate the defeat of Aizen. It's a war memorial as well, with the hundreds of thousands of names of those who died written on it's base."

Ichigo was shocked, to say the least.

"I see.." Ichigo said, scratching the back of his head awkwardly, his armor clanking around with the movement.

The captain's haori he now wore was a nice aesthetic touch, The reddish-black armor that had gold trimmings contrasted well with the stark white of the spiritual fabric.

"So, What is it you wished to tell me, young man?" The head captain said, peaking at the death god to his left with an open eye.

'Are there any barrier techniques we have that can block all sound and light from entering and leaving?' Ichigo asked internally as he motioned the head captain to follow him to the middle of the room where the desk was.

'Nope, sorry.' Shirosaki responded.

'...Once you enter this world again, I will test you as promised. But there is one, and it's called 'Kaiserliches Feld' I will allow you to utilize it once, but the next time you call for it, I will force you to prove your worthiness to use it.' Old man zangetsu's voice had a tint of annoyance to it.

Sweat once again beaded on Ichigo's forehead.

"Kaiserliches Feld." Ichigo spoke out, and a translucent box appeared around Ichigo, the desk, and the Head captain.

"Oh? A quincy technique? Explain." Yamamoto ordered, his arm tensing.

Holding up his hands, Ichigo said "Woah, woah! Calm down. I had a feeling we were being watched, so It's a field that my Zanpakuto created..." 'with the help of Suki.' Ichigo wanted to add, but the Hogyoku's presence was another topic for another time.

"About my seals...They were created again by my zanpakuto, but did you know where I went after the winter war?" Ichigo said, feeling like it was appropriate to explain himself to the ancient man.

"No, We were not informed as to where you went." The man said, Confirming the fact that Urahara had withheld information from the gotei.

That made Ichigo happy.

The next hour was spent explaining everything that happened in Gekai. From entering Orario, to becoming a god (At this, Yamamoto stifled a choke from drinking his tea), to fighting apollo in the war game, to marrying Hephaestus and then finally coming home.

"So...You've ascended to godhood. And have the abilities to damn souls to hell..." The man said pensively, which made Ichigo's eyes narrow.

"Well, Crazy as it may sound boy, I have no doubt in my mind that you are still that same ryoka who'd risk life and limb for people who are dear to him...Though, keep the fact of your godhood a secret, there's no telling how those with lesser experience than I or Unohana would react to hearing it." Yamamoto said, breathing a sigh of great relief.

It was a great surprise and relief that the Captain Commander was so accepting of these facts.

They were saved, the quincy threat is no longer as dire as it seemed. In fact, these past four years, Yamamoto had been silently bearing the burden of anxiety of the return of his most hated foe.

"I agree. My life is nothing but normal. I'm even scared to re-enter my body. Who knows what would happen to it now." Ichigo said, remembering his body in Urahara's stasis tank in the candy shop.

"Wise thinking. It would do well for you to commission a Gigai replacement until then, so you can see for yourself." The head captain said, finishing the rest of his tea.

"Okay" Ichigo said, running out of things to say, nothing is coming to mind-wait

"Well, if that is all, I need to get back to paperwork, something you'll have to experience first hand soon enough." The head captain spoke with a unseen grin.

Dispelling the barrier, Ichigo nodded and bowed before turning around. "Call me if anything happens, I'm always a garganta away." Ichigo said.

"I wish you'd use the senkaimon. The alarms are quite bothersome."

"Ah, my bad." Ichigo said, not seeing at all. He had no clue how to open one, he even thrust zangetsu out and turned it like a key like he saw renji do, and nothing happened.

"Take care." Ichigo said, and the older man behind him merely grunted in acknowledgement.

Walking through the hallways, Ichigo eventually reached the main assembly room, to see Kenpachi leaning against the doorframe impatiently.

"So. You done talkin? Let's have a rematch. I've been waiting for it." Kenpachi said, standing to meet Ichigo in front of the door.

Ichigo couldn't remember if he agreed to a rematch or not, but hey what can go wrong?

Grinning, Ichigo nodded and said "Yeah whatever, gimme a week, then we can battle all you want, no stopping until one of us is down."

After casually curb stomping every challenge in Gekai, Ichigo felt the need to cut loose, and his combat instinct burned wildly.

"Holy shit. Your balls finally dropped. Congratulations." Zaraki said, with a bloodthirsty grin.

'Accepting that man's request? How childish. It's not like you have another war to prepare for.' Suki said.

'Childish? This is one of the only things that the King's done, aside from nabbing that absolute hotty, that's impressed me.' Shiro cackled.

'It show's Ichigo's lack of fear. Our instructions have been met faithfully. I too, am proud.' Old man Zangetsu said, gaining a raised eyebrow from Ichigo.

'Wait, you're telling me, you want me to duel Kenpachi?' Ichigo asked, surprised of the usually passive quincy spirit's position on the matter.

'Indeed.' He said, and refused to elaborate further.

'Hmph, whatever.' Suki said, pouting.

Ichigo had walked completely down the many steps down from the first division headquarters, unsure of where to go next.

'Maybe I'll visit...uhhh...hmm.' Ichigo spoke aloud.

Suddenly, as if he was the only one to notice...

Ichigo felt strong reiatsu from...the head captain's quarters!

"Eh? The hell are you looking at." Kenpachi asked, as he followed Ichigo's gaze to the head captain's quarters.

"Follow me!" Ichigo shouted, as he took off in shunpo back through the same way he came.

Turning through the winding corridors of the building, he finally reached the head captain's room, and ran through the open doors.

He saw Chojiro Sasakibe, impaled on an oversized arrow and seven figures standing. It seems that they hadn't noticed Ichigo yet.

"-asakibe!" The head captain shouted, seeing his lieutenant mortally wounded.

"Do not grieve, you should praise him. He was so kind after all, to show you your end." The masked figure dressed in white in front said, causing Yamamoto's spiritual pressure to spike.

"In other words.." The figure continued. "Even after fighting and sacrificing everything, you will die a desperate death."

"In five days...Soul Society will be annihilated by the Wandenreich." The man said formally, as if he were stating facts instead of speculation.

"Are you sure about that?" Ichigo said, making his presence known, as the shards of the arrow holding sasakibe's body fell and disappeared.

Ichigo's Blut Heilung spread to the injured shinigami's body, and stopped the blood flow, though it was slow at healing the man.

"Oh? Ichigo Kurosaki. A surprise..." The man said as Ichigo glared at the man through his mask.

"Your eyes, they want to ask 'Who are you?' Even though you should understand that we're not going to give an answer. You should already know well who we really are. Farewell." The man said, before the top half of his helmet shattered damaging the man's eye as they disappeared into shadows.

The fire of Ryujin Jakka beamed through the wall and roof of the room, dissipating in the air above.

Yamamoto's flames were quick, but not quick enough to kill the invaders instantly.

"Hey, Hey. Old man, Are you okay?" Ichigo said, his healing starting to slow.

Sasakibe's labored breathing calmed for a second, as he spoke. His face free of pain, an effect of Ichigo's Blut on the downed shinigami's nervous system.

"T-The bankai..." Sasaikibe spoke out with shuttered breathing, Yamamoto appeared next to Ichigo and the injured lieutenant, who's internal organs seemed to be reforming.

"What about the bankai, Chojiro.." Yamamoto asked, kneeling down to his level.

"The medallions...They ca-Carry" he began coughing up blood, indicating that his internal organs were still heavily damaged..

"They can steal bankai! Mine...mine was..." Sasakibe said, as Ichigo's Blut dispersed, indicating that he cant heal any longer.

Ichigo's face became sullen as the man's breathing halted.

'..Why was it so slow on him?' Ichigo asked internally.

'It is a quincy power. It's main effects work on humans and quincies, but seems to be severely limited in it's capabilities with shinigami.' Old man zangetsu responded.

Ichigo grit his teeth together, as he laid the man down and stood up.

"Yama-ji...I'm sorry I couldn't do much more." Ichigo said, looking at the deceased lieutenant before him.

The pain in yamamoto's eyes was clear as crystal. But his resolve mirrored his flames as he looked into Ichigo's eyes.

"Ichigo. Leave me. I will prepare his funeral. Gather the captains." Yamamoto said.

"..Yes sir." Ichigo said, and left silently using shunpo.

()()()()()()()()()()()()(With Mirba and Co, Urahara's shop)()()()()()()()()()()()()

"So, Orihime, you have an ability to outright 'Reject' anything under your barrier?" Mirba asked, her eye widening in surprise.

Orihime chirped happily "Yes I do, though, I mainly use it to heal. I can 'Reject' the concept of injury on things."

"Woooooahhh! That's amazing!" Ren said, though, mainly staring at the fullbringer's chest.

"Ren." Acero stated, noticing his line of sight, shaking the other man out of his disgraced stupor.

"WAAAA!" *THUD* a child's voice shouted as they landed in the street in front of the shoten.

Mirba was the first to rush out the door, her pillow flying across the room she left, and leaving Orihime, Chad, Acero, Ren and Cassandra in the dust.

A child with short green hair, and a oddly shaped mask on her head lie in the street, looking dazed.

"Oh you poor thing!" Mirba said, scooping the girl up off the ground.

Coming to her senses, the child began crying again. "Where's Itsygo! I couldn't find him *Sniffle* So I looked for the princess instead! We gotta hurry!"

Mirba's eyes widened, as did Orihime's as she appeared next to the Familia captain, behind her was Acero and Chad, standing nearly equal in height.

After walking back into the shop and healing the minor injury on the child, another entity, one with a bug head for a face, fell in a completely disgraced fashion.

He was invited into the shop as well.

Urahara sat in the middle of everyone, as Yoruichi fidgeted with a pen on the side.

"So, The quincies have begun outright exterminating every arrancar in hueco mundo? As well as destroying Las Noches?" Urahara repeated what the child named 'Nel' just told them.

"Yes." She sniffled out. "The meanies took the castle a while ago and when they took Hallibel-sama they began ordering everyone to do things, but never killed anyone until today..."

'...Thousands of hollows were killed just yesterday..' Urahara thought, remembering how hollows disappeared in mass quantities last night, though, he'd also hacked into mayuri's database to find that he killed just as many citizens in non-conformant rukongai villages in the far reaches of the soul society.

Though vile, it kept the balance between worlds stable.

"Let's go and help them." Mirba said, resolve in her eyes.

Acero nodded and shared the sentiment, as Ren flashed a thumbs up, drinking diluted 'Soma Watermelon'.

"My, my. You are all products of Kurosaki-kun's influence, aren't you?" Urahara chuckled, ignoring Ren's "Damn right." comment.

"What about Kurosaki-Kun? Shouldn't we wait for him?" Orihime asked.

Ren raised his eyebrow. "We've been training for what, two days? Under that demon by the window-" he flashed a thumb to Yoruichi, who'd drilled them in Hohou and zanjutsu training. "These, what, Quincy aren't even worth our Lord's time. We can take care of this for him no doubt, now that our stats are for sure boosted."

For the entire time Ichigo was at his home, Mirba, Ren and Acero all underwent extreme strength training also from Yoruichi. The only sleep they've gotten was about the five hours before Orihime and Chad appeared.

Orihime was still iffy about Ichigo being called a lord, but if what these guys said was true, than it shouldn't be anything to scoff at.

"Right. Well spoken, Ren. Perhaps it'd be wise to bring along the soma, it helps you think clearly." Acero said.

'He's come a long way from being that stone walled stick in the mud..' Mirba thought happily.

"Aye, shaddup." Ren said, blushing.

"Well, I have just the thing you guys need. Follow me to the basement." Urahara said, as the rest listened...and Ren made sure to pack a gourd he'd filled with Soma watermelon, and securing it to his waist.

"I'm amazed every time Im here..Its so HUGE!" Mirba gushes as she jumped down the hole without care for it's height.

"Ah, you make me happy everytime you say that, dear Mirba-chan." Urahara said, wiping a fake tear from his eye, as they approached the artificial garganta.

"SO. Let's separate your bodie-" Urahara said, as he pulled out some pills, but stopped as he saw Mirba fiddling with the threshold of the portal. Sticking her arm in and out of the portal without any negative effects.

"...Hey, Mirba-chan, stick your head in there for a sec, tell me what you see." Urahara said, ready to catch her soul as her body fell.

"Kisuke what the hell do you think you-" Yoruichi cried out with rage, but was silenced by Urahara who held up a hand.

"Okay!" Mirba said, sticking her head into the portal for a couple seconds, and then coming back out without a scratch.

'Fascinating! Her body has the innate ability to cross into a spiritual realm unharmed!' Urahara said, witnessing the impossible.

"Woah! Ren, Ace, Come look! It's wild in there. It's all dark and grey and...I can't explain. But come look!" Mirba called out with a big smile.

Yoruichi's face reflected sheer surprise, as she just saw a mortal cross into an immortal realm unscathed. She's right to be surprised.

"...Intriguing..." Acero said, stepping back down the steps.

"Holy shit, that's wild. You're right captain, that's some crazy shit...and you're tellin' me that we have to go in there?" Ren said, shaking his head.

Orihime and Chad looked at eachother with humor, they were used to seeing passages into and out of worlds at this point...wait until they saw the dangai.

"Well, Let's get going! Orihime, you can take charge, yes? I won't be too far behind you." Urahara asked, as the woman nodded with Nel in her arms.

"Let's go, Sado-Kun!" Orihime said, entering the portal. Chad nodded, and followed suit. The Orario three were hesitant but entered one at a time.

"D-Do..Do I N-Need to go t-too?" Cassandra asked, hiding behind a small rock formation.

Yoruichi smiled at the timid girl, and said "No, you don't need to. It's going to be a rough battle, so unless you're good at fighting, I'd rather you not get hurt. Besides, I was going to ask you to stay regardless, You have a LOT of training to do missy."

"Eep!" Cassandra said, and hid again as Yoruichi giggled, and looked at Kisuke.

"You better keep them safe, who knows what Ichigo will do if they end up getting hurt."

Kisuke moved his hat closer to his eyes, and said "I wouldn't worry about them, almost everyone who entered through that portal was either a high lieutenant level or mid captain level." and walked through the portal Leaving a stunned flash-goddess and Seer behind.

Shit's going down faster than my life did huehuehuehue

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