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()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Hueco Mundo)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

Sitting in the sands of the Hollow's world, Ichigo's familia found themselves in an odd predicament.

Once the group stepped out of the Garganta, lead by Urahara's pathway, they began falling. As was Urahara's custom.

Mirba landed gracefully, not noticing Orihime's shield lowering everyone to the ground.

But...as soon as she made contact with the ground, the air began to get heavy. Her hollowfied eye glowed brighter than usual, and the Falna on her back began to glow a bright red, as did Acero's and Ren's. Both beings had not as noticable a reaction, but Mirba's was an odd situation indeed.

"Mirba-chan...Are you well?" Orihime said, looking at her, feeling Ichigo's reiatsu pouring out of the smaller woman.

Mirba stood up fully, and then looked at the auburn haired healer and smiled.

"Of course, Why wouldn't I be?" Mirba responded.

Acero's eyes squinted. He felt different, and he had a suspicion that the atmosphere of this world was to blame. However, it wasn't the case.

He dismissed it for now, and kept an eye on his comrades and captain.


"It's the 'Tres Bestia's' Reiatsu!" Nell said, sitting on top of Ren's head, causing him to try to get her off, only to get dodged every time.

"Well, then that's where we're going." Urahara said, and snapped at the direction of the battle.

The group began to make their way towards the wreckage of Las Noches, feeling an odd source of Reiatsu gathered there.

"It feels like Uryu-Kun's reiatsu...It's the Quincy." Urahara said, keeping the pace fairly easily.

Chad nodded, but his eyes steeled in feint aggression. His own powers felt amplified, like his last time in Hueco Mundo.

The dash towards the location of the Quincy reiatsu was a doozy, nothing but running and occasional talking amongst the group, however, they all felt a spike of Hollow reiatsu.

Mirba's eyes snapped to the source, as she saw three dots in white dashing around the place as explosions detonated around them followed by sand flying everywhere or blue energy setting the ground ablaze.

"It feels like Lord Ichigo's over there...But I know he isn't." Mirba said lowly.

"Ahh, That must be Hollow Reiatsu you're feeling. Has Ichigo shown you anything like that?" Urahara questioned, looking at Mirba's back, her falna growing brighter and gaining a black-ish outline.

"No." She said in a curt fashion.

"I have seen his Hollowfied state before." Acero said, testing the odd word on his tongue.

Urahara looked at the other giant in their midst as they ran.

"Of course. What happened?" Urahara asked, noticing Orihime's face falling.

"The captain got a spear shoved into her head by an enemy Lord Ichigo was negotiating with." Ren said, his body growing hotter by the second as they neared. It seemed he knew there would be a fight shortly.

"...My goodness." Urahara said, looking ahead again, noticing how close they were to the battleground.

"I see Hallibel's fraccion, they're getting beaten!" Orihime said, urgently.

Mirba turned to the healer and asked "Are they Lord Ichigo's allies?"

Orihime looked to be in thought, and said "We used to be their enemies, but they were misguided by an evil man named Aizen. They're not our enemies anymore."

"...Would Ichigo be sad if they died?" Mirba said, focusing on the three females ahead who were frankly getting destroyed.

Orihime looked at Urahara, who nodded with a knowing look.

"I think he would. He's a bit selfish in the regard that he wants to protect everyone. Even his enemies, former and present. He didn't even let Grimmjow fall after defeating him." Orihime revealed.

Mirba then looked at Acero, and Ren, who both nodded at her.

"Then let's not waste any more time. Ace, Ren, Shock and awe tactics. What does the enemy look like?" Mirba called back to the scientist behind her.

"He should be dressed in all white, and have a pentagram somewhere on his outfit. That's the symbol of the quincy."

Mirba nodded, as they reached a huge piece of destroyed wall, and used it as cover.

"Wait here, let us have a crack at it." Ren told Orihime and Chad, who looked at the three before shaking their heads.

"I don't think we can call ourselves Ichigo's friends if we sat back and let others fight a battle for us." Chad said.

"True, and if you get injured, I need to help you. I can't do that behind a rock." Orihime said, determined.

Acero looked at the two and said "Truly, cut of the same cloth as our Lord. Many thanks."

Ren's eyebrow raised and shrugged his shoulder as he turned his attention to Mirba...Wait, where was she?

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Mirba, further into the battlefield.)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

Mirba rushed into the fray, noticing a woman with long hair and sleeves get swatted into a wall, creating a crater.

"Sung-Sung!" A dark skinned woman cried out, dodging a spear from a man dressed in white with a...Pentagram on his hat.

'There's the Quincy.' Mirba thought, noticing the many bodies of men dressed the same as the man in glasses.

Mirba climbed over some rubble, and stood out in the opening, gaining the attention of all parties present.

Her long blonde hair swayed in the wind, as her black armor shined the pale moonlight. Her falna gave her an ethereal red outline, and her eye glowed intensely.

Unsheathing her stark-white Broadsword, the air vibrated around it, as the pink etched flowers began to slightly eminate a reddish glow.

"Oh?" The quincy in glasses called out. "A girl? Human no less..Who are you? And why do you feel like Ichigo Kurosaki..."

"Kurosaki?" The woman with short hair and red eyeliner asked, helping the long sleeved woman out of the small crater she was in.

"Don't worry about that. I'm gonna kill you, and stop whatever it is you're doing here." Mirba said, pointing her sword at the man.

"So, you're here and declaring yourself my enemy, even though you don't know my intentions with this place? Do you know what Hollows are, girl?" The man said, turning towards her, but keeping his senses trained on the three arrancar behind him.

"Souls who've lost their hearts, and corrupted. But those women behind you seem to be arrancar, correct? Meaning they have a semblance of humanity in them." Mirba said, recounting the knowledge Ichigo told his familia.

"Astute. However, they are all vermin before His Majesty. Every last one. I have been put here to secure reserve forces for His Majesty's army, making use of whatever useless trash lies in this world." The man said, noticing the spikes of Reiatsu from his current foes.

"So, would you consider Lor-...Ichigo, to be useless trash?" Mirba said, knowing her lords heritage.

"No. Ichigo is considered a Special War Potential. Where is he, might I inquire?" The man spoke, grinning.

"Hey bitch! Back off! This is OUR fight!" The arrancar shouted at Mirba.

Mirba's eye twitched and said "Fuck off! You three were getting your asses handed to you just a minute ago! Don't be stupid!"

"You..." The short haired arrancar said, stepping towards Mirba, before getting stopped by Sung-Sung who said "Apache, Listen to her. We could use help."

"Fuck off you twat, go lie in your crater if you want some random human's help!"

The larger and darker woman stepped towards apache, and flicked her forehead and said "Shut up, and get ready to fight. You too blondie."

"You know, I really hate to be ignored. *Sigh* I was going to recruit you for His majesty's cause, but none of you are worth his time anyways." The man said.

"I'd say the same to you, You aren't worth my lord's time either." Mirba said, causing the tres bestias to raise their eyebrows.

"Lord? You call Ichigo 'Lord?'" The quincy said, causing him to glare.

"As he deserves." Mirba said, gaining ground on the quincy quickly, but...

Disappearing before her eyes, he appeared behind Mirba, slashing her back causing her to stumble forwards.

"That hurts!" Mirba said, disregarding the pain and spinning backwards with her sword level with his head, aiming to chop it off.

Again, he disappeared and reappeared above her, kicking her head making her fly into some rubble.

"...Boring. Those that talk loud often go quiet quicker." The quincy said, turning to the glaring Arrancars.

Feeling a slight sense of regret for not taking the opportunity to capitalize on the quincy being distracted from the now dead human, the three got ready for battle once more.

"That's why I'm going to shut you up for good." Mirba said with an odd two-toned voice.

The quincy's eyebrow raised in slight surprise, and looked towards the 'Downed' human.

Her face was lit in pinkish flames, that solidified as a solid white mask, sharp and curvy, (Think the berserker armor's design, but as a mask with no eyes or mouth) and a single red line running up and down the middle of the mask.

"Oh? What are you, certainly not a normal hu- *GHKK!*" The man's mouth was forcibly closed, as he was ambushed by Apace, who kicked him towards Mirba, who said


Mirba slashed the quincy with her sword, who blocked it, but her strength sent him flying back towards the arrancars, who capitalized it by jolting forwards towards the sailing Quincy, who shouted

"Don't Insult me!" As he spun around in mid air with a small bow made of reishi, and shot Apace's knee, and swatted Mila Rose's sword out of the way, using his momentum in advantage, and increasing it with a speed technique not known to them.

Landing a solid elbow into Apacci's face, knocking her out cold, and drilling her head into the same wall Sung-Sung was buried into.

Sung-Sung sonidoe'd towards the Quincy's back, her sword outstretched, but was too slow as he jabbed his spear behind him, directly towards her torso.

It was caught by Mirba who appeared between them, and kicked the quincy to the left, stunning the man.

"I said, Don't be stupid. Aren't you three stupid strong? Nel certainly thought so." Mirba said, her mask distorting her voice..as it began to grow slowly.

"!" Sung-sung got a closer look at the woman, who seemed like a normal human, but didn't at the same time. She was an anomaly.

'Wait, did she mean Nelliel-sama?' The snake arrancar thought, tending to her allies, opting to watch this Human's performance.

Mirba walked towards the Quincy, who was already standing.

"Tell me, girl. How is it that you're a human, who can use a hollow's mask?" The quincy asked, walking towards Mirba, who had her sword at the ready.

"Don't worry about it. It's a secret even to my Lord." Mirba said, dashing forward with previously unseen speed.

"Well, secrets shared here will die with you, so what's the point in keeping them?" The quincy said, blocking slashes and jabs from the empowered human.

"Same for you, You've told me your 'MaJesTy's' plan, meaning you probably think I'm going to die here." mirba said, mocking his title for his king.

Backhanding Mirba, The quincy stomped on rubble and said "How dare you! I'll have your pretty head on a pike for that."

"Well, Imagine that. I was thinking the same thing. Imagine how happy Lord Ichigo would be if he didn't have to deal with scum like you." Mirba said, relishing the angry look on the quincy's face.

The quincy disappeared, the same as last time, but she was ready. Her [Pesquisa] was fully activated, and she spun around and parried the man's strike as he snapped his fingers.

All of a sudden, Mirba was swarmed by many other soldiers wearing Quincy attire.

"What the hell, you retreat and then your henchmen attack me? How insulting." Mirba said, before saying "{Wrath}"

Suddenly, the fire around Mirba intensified, turning the sand beneath her feet into glass, as she spun around and dashed towards the many men flying at her, shooting arrows at her and such.

She made quick work of them, and was dripping with both her blood and the blood of her many eviscerated and mutilated enemies.

"I Applaud your strength, girl. Why don't you leave Ichigo, and become a pawn for His Majesty?" The quincy said, all of a sudden, three elongated and sharp slits appeared on Mirba's mask, three on each eye, and the mask opened as she screamed out in fiery fury, breaking every quincy arrow in her body.

The air grew heavy, as his eyes widened, as she dashed forwards, with speed that was nearly difficult to track.

She slashed at him and his reishi-based spear, breaking it, and slashing his chest sending him sailing hundreds of feet into the desert, where she pursued him with mindless wrath.

"Oh? Where did this come from? Surely you're not just a regular human.. Let me be courteous, My name is Quilge Opie, Who and what are you?" the Quincy asked once more, impressed with this girl's power. He was really trying not to get cut.

No answer from Mirba, as she dashed towards him with speed equal to his, as her mask fully formed over her head, forming a helmet with ridges that made it look like a samurai's, but only barely.

"...Why do you ignore me? Am I not to your liking?" Quilge said, smacking the blonde berserker's head to it's side with his spear, causing her to roll off to the side violently, but she stood back up, shaking it off like nothing before speeding back towards the Quincy.

This caused the man to get serious. He fully intended to knock her out with that.

"Fine then. I'll take your corpse to His Majesty himself." Quilge said, and sped towards the girl, no longer on the fake defensive.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Acero and Co.)()()()()()()()()()()()()()

"Mirba-chan!" Orihime called out, walking to the battlefield once occupied by the tres bestias and Mirba.

Everyone dashed out towards the battlefield after feeling Mirba's Reiatsu spike and grow exponentially.

"She's using {Stallius} and {Wrath} Together." Acero said, unsheathing his flail, and inspected it to make sure it was good for the coming conflict.

His eyes widened, as his previously silver flail was a solid white, and seemed to have it's own gravity to it.

Ren noticed something different about his blades as well.

"The Princess?" A rough feminine voice called out.

Looking to her side, she saw the roughed up arrancars who were discarded by the Quincy beforehand.

"Oh my!" Orihime said, Using Shun Shun Rikka to form a shield of rejection to heal the injured arrancar women.

"Mila...Rose. I have one last thing to think...of." Apacci said, shakily standing on her legs.

Sung sung nodded and walked forward, the least injured of the three, and tore off her left arm and held it out.

As soon as Apacci did the same, Acero's poker face looked slightly off put, and Ren completely turned away from the grotesque act.

"Right, you bitches better be ready." Mila rose said, uncaring if the two new faces of the other group were hostile or friendly.

She herself tore off her left arm, and as soon as she did, all three severed left arms flew into the air and merged in a purple glow.

At this, everyone felt a massive spiritual pressure straight ahead of them, indicating Quilge was retaliating.

Acero's less trained spiritual senses even picked up on it, as he looked at the direction of the energy and unsheathed his flail, Ren unsheathed his swords as well.

"The captain's fighting over there!" Ren said, pointing his sword over to the battle.

"What is she thinking!" Orihime said, noticing through squinted eyes that Mirba was oozing blood from everywhere.

Urahara was silent, Unsure of this woman's powers. He noted the Hollow-like reiatsu exuding from her. Her battle cries echoed through the sands as the fight amped up, and she continued getting injured.

Quilge on the other hand seemed to only be breathing heavily, but not a single worthwhile wound on his body.

Urahara however, sensing the massing hollow reiatsu in the air above them, he decided to watch a little more and if it got too dangerous, he'd step in.

"AYON!" the tres bestias shouted, as a massive being of horror emerged unto the world, near the battle between the blonde berserker, and the Quincy sternritter.

Instantly smashing the sternritter into the sand while his back was turned, It unknowingly sent Mirba flying backwards as well, and into a wall.

"Mirba!" Ren shouted, as he and Acero rushed to go and defend Mirba, and as they reached Mirba, all they heard was


Suddenly, the environment around them began to glow and as Ayon continued to pummel Quilge, even the beast's own skin flew towards the quincy until it was nothing but dissolving bone.

"Ah..." Quilge said, he discarded his reishi spear long ago in favor of using his sword, and it was covered in blue fluctuating energy. He now had a set of wings on his back and a pentagram floating atop his head, his eyes now were grey with black lines running down them.

"You see, I've enslaved reishi in the most powerful way. I didn't want to use this, it makes my wings ugly and dirty. Even moreso that I rushed it, that wench went ahead and made me tired." Quilge mocked, but acknowledged the effort Mirba forced him to use.

"I'll reward you all, by having you die quickly." He said, as he dashed forward, and the first being he thrust his sword to was apacci, who was impaled into the wall she was leaning on, unprepared for such speed.

Orihime, and Chad backed dashed away when Sung-sung and Mila rose gathered apacci's injured body and retreated.

"Muda" Sung-sung spoke as they reached Orihime and Chad, and instantly, a white dome of reishi enclosed them from the rest of the world.

Wasting no time, Orihime immediately began to heal Appaci, and her eyes widened as she felt shockwaves coming from the world outside the enclosure.


"They are indeed beasts, for beasts sense danger and hide from it." Quilge said, and outstretched a hand to the dome, but suddenly...

"You will not lay hands on them any longer." A deep and agitated voice said behind him.

Quilge stopped his reishi absorbing technique, and took a look behind him, and said "Oh? Care to tell me why...My long eared friend?"

Acero stepped forward, and used [Geokinesis], and it seemed that the very sand beneath his feet bent to his will and solidified. Even though it was reishi.

"Oh? You can change the earth? Marvelous. Would YOU want to become a pawn for His Majesty?" Quilge said, lowering his grotesque form to the now solid ground.

"Don't insult me. Whatever vile lord you serve is nothing in the face of My lord, the god of death, Ichigo. I will never serve something as evil as whomever employed a monster such as yourself into his service." Acero said, the ball on his flail shifting into an eight edged mace head, that crackled with electricity.

"It seems that you truly are ignorant of beings higher than yourself. That girl payed the price for her impudence, but it seems as if you need to pay as well." Quilge said, his teeth grinding harshly.

"It wouldn't matter to you, filth, but I heard and saw the secrets that my captain dared to show and tell you. It would be an extreme disservice to not rend your spine from your back, and keep what's secret, secret." Acero said, disappearing from view and astonishing the Quincy.

Directly above him, Acero swung his flail and smacked the side of the Quincy's head, eviscerating it and sending him flying into rubble away from Sung sung's 'Muda'.

"{Do'me Quia}" Acero whispered, and pressed the offensive, at speeds surpassing sound.

Truly, it wasn't a surprise. Being trained by a war deity for centuries would improve anyone to this extent. Much moreso to an elf with extreme longevity.

"I must advise His Majesty to adjust the strength of our blut" Quilge said, feeling the rivines of cut flesh on his head.

Acero appeared to his left, his flail's head transformed into a spiked hammer head, and spun violently to the left, swinging the heavy piece of magical steel into Quilge's waiting hand.

Quilge smirked, and thrust his sword at Acero's chest, only to drop the smirk when Acero caught the reishi coated blade with his free hand.

"Don't get cocky, Human." Quilge said, ripping his sword out of Acero's hand, only to glare when his sword was blocked a second time.

The air pressure blew Acero's hair behind him, revealing his elf ears, causing Quilge to go wide-eyed.

"Since when was I Human?" shocking the now immobilized Quilge. "{Emi-Ei Utas}" Acero chanted, as his voice echoed against nothing.

Multiple cuts and bruises appeared on the stunned Quincy's body, as he was thrown back harshly, and dug his heels into the ground.

Acero's Geokinesis affected the ground beneath them for a quarter of a mile in all directions from where he stood.

"An elf? Such as one in fairytales?" Quilge smirked. "A prize for His Majesty, if ever I saw one!" Quilge said, raining quincy arrows down upon Acero with extreme fervor.

Even Juha Bach would appreciate such an exotic specimen.

"Don't make me laugh." Acero said stoically, sending Quilge back to the ground after appearing behind him with an unseen jump.

Falling to the ground, Acero then chanted "{Withering Aura}", and his flail became enwreathed in a bright red fire.

"So you think that Fire will work...Interesting, but ultimately useless." Quilge said, flickering into existence in front of the still midair Acero, who blocked the punch from Ayon's stolen fist.

Quilge's fist burst aflame, and by the second Quilge felt his arm growing weaker.

"What is this?" He said, Shaking his hand with great force at an attempt to try to put out the fire.

Acero climbed out of the crater he found himself in with a smile.

"As Mirba said, Don't worry about it. Come, Fight me. Monster."

"So be it." Quilge retorted, and shot his arrows by the thousands at Acero's position, only to be smacked forwards by an unseen force behind him. Similar to his fist, his back lit aflame, as did his wings.

The blue Vollstandig's energy began to corrode, at a small pace, and turn color until it was a dark shade of blue.

"What have you done!" Quilge said, standing up, Ayon's power boost was a boon for his physical damage resistance.

Though, there was something about this strange fire. He was shot forwards at speeds regular fires, and even quincy fire, would have been put out with.

"Noticing it now?" Acero said, transforming the head of his flail into an elongated sword blade, still cloaked with that devilish fire.

Quilge flicked the hair out of his eyes, and gnashed his teeth. "Speak straight with me, you cur!" Quilge said.

"Tell me what these damned flames mean! Why can't I put them out?!" Quilge said, noting that however many times he swatted at the now annoying flame on his fist and back, they didn't go out.

"Pathetic." Acero said, walking forward as the chain on his flail retracted, turning from a flail to a guardless sword.

Quilge squinted his eyes, and Acero continued. "Pathetic that you'd ask such stupid questions in the middle of battle. If every 'Quincy' is as weak as you are, your army is nothing to my lord."

"Don't look down us Vandenreich! You know no-!" His speech was cut off, as a hole blasted through his chest. Surprising Acero, as he saw Urahara standing behind the man.

"Urahara. Why interfere with this battle. I had him." Acero said, walking over the corpse of Quilge.

"My, my Acero-kun. You're scary. I've never seen such abilities as yours." Urahara said, noting the grey hair on Quilge's head, growing longer by the minute.

"even so, that doesn't explain why-" Acero was cut off, annoyingly, by Kisuke who said

"Listen. I would have let you finish, but you've already crumbled his spirit, due to that, I was able to critically wound him." Urahara said.

"..." Acero said nothing back.

"Besides, Ichigo is on the line, and is calling for Mirba-chan." Urahara said, looking over to Ren who'd just gotten Mirba out of her berserker state.

Her face was bloody, and her mask shattered. She was unconscious, as her Mind reserves depleted. Ayon had done a number on her, due to her being caught offguard, same as Quilge.

"-But, You're supposedly second in command." Urahra said, smiling.

"{Dome Quisei}" Acero spoke out, and a blue mist covered his hands, and now sheathed weapon, putting out the withering fires.

Acero gave a look over the thing in Urahara's hand, and then took the strange device. Ichigo's voice came through shortly after.

"Hey, Mirba? Are you there?" Ichigo's voice came from the device, clear as day.

"Lord Ichigo. It's Acero, Mirba is unconscious." Acero said, not wishing to ponder about the device any further than what was needed.

"WHAAAT?!" Ichigo shouted into the phone, which Acero moved away from his head.

"Calm, My lord. She fought valiantly against a Quincy *Quilge Opie! Captain of the Hueco Mundo Hunting corps!*" Urahara butted in, having watched the entirety of the altercation.

"Oh?" Ichigo exclaimed, Acero also noted how there seemed to be other voices coming from the voice, exclaiming their surprise over having fought a sternritter.

"Is she alright?" Ichigo asked, concern lacing his tone.

"Yes. Urahara ultimately killed him, only after the combined efforts of Myself and Mirba's power." Acero said, feeling dizzy.

Orihime and Chad, Nel and Pesche, and the now healed tres bestias walked forward towards the downed Quincy, still seeing the fires eating away at his body.

Acero wobbled slightly as he moved to stand against a piece of wall, or atleast sit on it, but Chad began to help him walk.

"Ace, you okay? You're sounding sluggish. What are your mind reserves looking like?" Ichigo asked, but was being told to hurry the conversation along from people behind him.

"Near zero. It's hard to stand." Acero said, but then spoke "Forgive me for asking, But what was the purpose of calling us?"

Ichigo chuckled from the other side of the line, and said

"To call you all brave idiots, to congratulate you all, and possibly to tell you all that you're amazing. But in reality, Soul society is under attack, and many Sternritter and Quincies have begun assaulting the Seireitei. The Rukongai's militia is putting up some serious resistance. They seem to be nearly matched with these 'Soldats' or whatever, but they're being pushed back hard. The gotei have begun to step in, sending Shinigami from squads 11, 5, and 2 to help reinforce the numbers, but it wont last. I need you all here, Quincy, Hollow, Apollo, or anything stupid like that, I know you three can handle it. If Orihime and Chad are with you like I think they are, That's infinitely better." Ichigo said, ending his monologue.

Acero's tired eyes widened, as he realized the true goal of the dead and burning Quincy ahead of him.

It was to buy the Quincies time.

"My lord, I'm nearly spent, and Mirba's incapacitated." Acero pleaded, how was he going to be of use to his Lord in this state?

Urahara chuckled, and put a hand on Orihime's shoulder, as the woman herself smiled with confidence.

"...Has Orihime healed you before?" Ichigo asked quizzically.

Before Acero had a chance to respond, a loud explosion sounded from through the phone, and the call ended.

"My lord!?" Acero yelled out

"Oh my." Urahara exclaimed, amusedly.

Acero couldn't find any amusement in the situation though, as it was taking all his strength to stay awake.

"Acero-san, lay next to Mirba-chan please." Orihime said, as he obliged, the cold grip of anxiety flourishing in his chest.

Soon after, an orange dome he saw before with the three odd women who were now watching the quincy's corpse formed over himself and his captain.

It was wondrous, as if the feeling of sleeping in, on a day of no work wrapped itself around his entire body. Aches he'd not noticed until now were fading, as did the cuts and arrow wounds in his body.

Astonishingly, His mind reserves were refilling! Truly the land his lord hailed from was something to be in awe of.

Soon, Mirba's eyes fluttered open as she coughed some.

"Ace?" Mirba asked, seeing the red-haired elf next to her.

"Yes, captain?" Acero responded, relishing the comfort and warmth this shield provided.

"I saw what you did to that bastard...well, some of it. It came to me in sort of a dream." Mirba said, seeing her broadsword sheathed next to her.

"Did you?" Acero hummed as he closed his eyes.

"Yeah. You're a badass with a flail." Said the blonde beauty next to him.

"...Many thanks, captain." Acero said, smiling.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Suddenly, Quilge shot up and started to claw at the fires that now spread to his entire body. "Make it stop! Make it stop!" He shouted wildly.

This got everyone on edge.

Though, his vollstandig had disappeared, his body was still mutated by Ayon's stolen body. Shockingly enough, there were now numerous wrinkles that lined the man's head, cheeks, and neck. It appeared as if he had aged many many years from his spot on the ground.

"Perish, heathen." Acero said, still in Orihime's shield and as Tsubaki floated infront of the healer herself the fire seemed to burn hotter.

"Tsubaki! I repulse!" She shouted, and pointed her hand at the frying and now elder Quincy.

As soon as he was pierced by Tsubaki, He disintegrated into nothingness, as did the flame.

'Another counter to {Withering Aura}...Outstanding.' Acero thought with wide eyes, Impressed.

"Damn you girl! You stole my kill!" A bloodthirsty voice growled, next to Orihime.

She hadn't even noticed his presence, as she slowly turned her head to see his Zanpakuto, aimed at her throat.

"So...I feel him here, Where is Kurosaki?" The former Sexta Espada, Grimmjow himself asked.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Silbern headquarters, Thirty Minutes ago)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

"Your Majesty, We've received reports of Ichigo Kurosaki's Reiatsu. He's Infiltrated Hueco Mundo." A soldat specializing in Surveillance spoke to his lord.

Yhwach himself was elated, A perfect opportunity had fallen into his lap.

Standing up, he said "Mobilize our entire force. Every sternritter is to be ready for invasion. We go in thirty Minutes."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" The quincy said, excited to purge the shinigami one and all.

"Attention!" The soldat's voice spoke to the entire empire. "An order from His Majesty to all Sternritters! 'Special War Potential' Ichigo Kurosaki is currently fighting our army in Hueco Mundo. All Sternritters are ordered to prepare immediately and gather at the Gate of the Sun!"

'Quilge should keep Kurosaki busy for a while.' Yhwach thought to himself, as he made his way to the Gate of the sun, Haschwalth in tow.

WEW! Fight scenes arent my forte, and quite frankly the last I wrote was the War game between Apollo. Forgive me if it seemed lackluster, as I did all I could to make it seem Organic.

Ichigo's familia were educated thoroughly (Minus Ren, Only Ymir knows what he was doing when everyone else was fighting) on the power scaling of the Bleach universe.

"But your OC's are too OP!"

What, and Bleach's main characters/villains arent? Ichigo was stupid strong, but got held back by reishi bars in the Garganta, for so long even though 'ThEy cAnT HolD QuInCiEs' so I dont wanna hear it ;p

...them bars held him for a pretty fuckin while, didn't it?

Here's the statuses from Acero and Mirba this chapter!

Mirba Tuganis, Lv3
Human, (Hollow)

•Strength:A 747 •Endurance:B 690 •Dexterity:A 773 •Agility:B 649 •Magic: B 790


{Supernova} A magical attack of great explosive magnitude focused around the caster, That is only available when in Mortal danger.

{Stallius} An ability that grants great strength when carrying heavy objects. May activate when distressed emotionally, granting enhanced physical strength.

{Wrath} An ability that cloaks Mirba's face and arms in dark pink energy that does heavy damage to whatever it touches, combined with {stallius} will trigger a berserker effect that sends Mirba into a rage and will brutalize any hostile being in her immediate radius. So far, Only Ichigo, Ren and Acero have stopped this state. Jumps a level when in this state.


[Greater Healing] Healing magic.

[Focus Boost] Negates the mental side effects of Adrenaline

[Instant Regeneration] A foreign born, passive magic that instantly heals any damage Mirba may take, at the cost of her mind reserves.

Acero D'atagne, Level 4 (8 while letting loose)
High Elf •Strength:A 867 (SS) •Endurance:B 792 (A)
•Dexterity:B 790 (S)
•Agility:D 530 (A)
•Magic: F 304 (B)
{Dome Quia} The user's weight and sense of gravity is cut in half, making him faster than sound. Can leap extreme distances with very little effort, and is able to do combat midair at the cost of high levels of mind usage.

{Emi-Ei Utas} A buffer skill, that increases his attack speed when using spears and other pole weapons. It increases attack damage with flails and chain weapons. Swords/Axes/Hammers are not effected. Combined with {Dome Quia}, his attacks are invisible and undetectable. With both active, he can strike and still appear as if he hadn't moved.

{Withering Aura} When Acero activates this skill, his fists become wreathed in a bright crimson colored smoke, and spreads to whatever weapon he wields. The smoke is highly corrosive to anything Acero deems to be a threat, and is also poisonous. The smoke turns into a highly dangerous nerve agent that shuts off communication between cells of the tissue the smoke comes in contact with. It accelerates the aging process of whatever it comes into contact. Three minutes of exposure can accelerate a person's body thirty years older or younger than what it actually is. Acero has used this ability on himself for hundreds of years in order to attain a state of extended longevity,

{Dome Quisei} The only known counter to {Withering Aura} Instead of a red smoke, a far more vibrant blue smoke forms, and reverses the effects of {Withering Aura} And even heals to an extent. After the ability is shut down however, mind depletes to near zero.


[Geokinesis] Is able to shift the earth according to his will, costs very little mind to use.

[Light manipulation]
Acero can cast, bend, and even block light from anything except light from other magic. Ideal for stealthy insertions. (Used to sneak behind Quilge and hit his back.)

As I said before, Training with a War deity is bound to have good improvements, especially if that deity isn't holding his magic back against you for hundreds of years.