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Seireitei after Yhwach enters the first division.


"You mean to tell me, you saw Ichigo himself, in Seireitei?" A deep dark voice sounded throughout the chamber.

"Y-Yes! Your Majesty..." The man known as Luders Friegen, stuttered out in pain, having lost all of his fingers in his right hand.

*SCHLICK!* "AAAHH!" Luders cried out.

"Lies? In this castle? To me? Even though our Echt Quincy scanners detected his reiatsu in Hueco Mundo?" The Quincy King, Yhwach spoke out, his head leaning on his fist.

"Your Majesty, It is true. We all saw him there." Another Masked individual spoke. At this, Yhwach Raised his eyebrow and sighed.

Luders looked at the masked individual with hope, only to have it crushed by "Well, It seems I was mistaken. I've already taken your fingers, and your right leg. I'd apologize to you...if you were Quincy." Yhwach spoke, and then it rained red upon the small group of masked people.

"Your majesty. Every sternritter who isn't in seireitei is at the Gate of the Sun. Though, was it wise to dispatch valuable fodder?" One of the masked men said, removing his helmet to reveal long flowing blonde hair.

"Hmph, Don't tell me what's wise. I can use any hollow I want, especially when I have their Queen." Yhwach said, opening a door revealing Tier Hallibel.

She bowed at his presence, and he grinned while he turned back to Haschwalth and said:

"Let's go and create peace."

(Seireitei, After Ichigo's phone call to Acero in Hueco mundo)

After stabbing a soldat, Ichigo's soul pager exploded in his hand, causing the young god's eyebrows to furrow.

Turning to the Quincy who did it, he said "Hey, what the hell's the matter with you? I was in a call."

A man with a mohawk, who's finger was smoking, said "I don't give a shit! What's the matter with you? Calling in the middle of battle!"

Ichigo got closer, and drew his shorter sword, at the same time the quincy's right hand became enveloped in flames.

"Then give me a challenge, and not something to use my phone in the middle of!" Ichigo said, getting close enough to butt heads with the quincy.

"Tough talk, you havent hit me once!" The quincy spoke.

"You should kiss. I need something to feel better about since Quilge-kun died." A female sternritter with long black hair said, sitting on a destroyed wall behind the firey quincy.

Ichigo and his adversary stopped, and turned to look at the female quincy, who was sitting there, twirling one of her hair-antennas.

"..Giselle, why the hell are you here. His majesty sent you and the other bitches to go fight captains." The man with the Mohawk spoke.

"Well, bazzy-kun, if you must know...I got bored, and thought HEY! Maybe I can take the burnt corpse of whatever bazzy kills. Good idea, right?"

"Bazzy? Your name's bazzy?" Ichigo said, grinning.

"Oh yeah, go ahead and stop fighting by all means." Giselle said with a serious face.

"Don't call me bazzy! Either of you fuckers!" Bazz-B Shouted, firing a Burner finger at Ichigo's head, which he dodged effortlessly.

"Then don't get called 'Bazzy'. Fuckin panzy" Ichigo said as he flashed forwards, swatting the sternritter's head with the flat part of his blade, and sending him careening past Giselle, and crashing through nearly every building in the seireitei until he finally stopped.

Giselle's eyes were wide, as she slowly looked back, seeing the path of distruction caused by Bazz-B's body, She gulped, and looked back at Ichigo who was directly in front of her.

"No mercy for those who show no remorse. You talked about taking bodies, what kind of sick bastard are you?" Ichigo said, rearing his hand backwards, ready to kill the woman in front of him.

"W-W-WAIT!" She screamed, putting her hands in front of her.

Ichigo's sword was a hair away from cleaving her head in half.

"Nah." Ichigo said, turning his sword to it's flat side, and sending her upwards into the air.

Ichigo sighed, and as he saw Giselle's unconscious body falling from seventeen miles in the air, he remembered that one assassin back in orario that he flung into the horizon on a whim.

He chuckled twice, as he sheathed his sword and took to the skies for another enemy to defeat.

Startlingly, his stomach dropped as he felt something sickening in the air, turning to his right, he saw a flashing purple light.

If he remembered, that was where Komamura's location was!

Using his godly speed, he descended onto the battlefield once more, cleaving through the soldats firing at him, and saving many of the Rukongai militiamen in need as he made his way to Komamura.

Once there, This woman with long black hair was grinning holding a pendant.

"Bow Wow doggie-kun, Who's got no bankai? Who's got no bankai? You dont!" the woman celebrated, treating Komamura as an actual animal.

"You...Bastard..." Komamura said as he succumbed to his burns, and serious head wounds.

"Sleep dogg- HEY! WHAT THE HELL!" The quincy woman shouted, as she no longer felt the hat on her head.

Ichigo stepped forwards, with her hat impaled on his larger sword.

Her eyes went wide at seeing Ichigo himself, even though the intel spoke of Ichigo being in Hueco Mundo. Just what the hell was Intelligence thinking!?

Ichigo didn't respond, instead he dashed forwards and hit her stomach with the pommel of his larger sword, knocking her out and sending her into the ground.
A plume of dust and dirt flew upwards from the impact, she wouldn't be getting up any time soon.

"Ichi..go..." Komamura said, finally passing out.

The god of death walked over to his fallen comrade, and hoisted the large guy onto his shoulder.

"Hup..Yeah, you're gonna be fine." Ichigo said, flashing over to the squad 4 barracks, and surprising captain Unohana.

"Captain Komamura!" Isane said, moving over to help Ichigo with the large wolf-man.

"He's fine, He just needs a bit of reiatsu, and treatments for burns and concussions." Ichigo said, leaving the rest to Isane, and disappearing without so much as a sound.

Unohana's eyes were fixed onto his location, before blushing slightly, and turning away.

"That man..." She said, as Isane struggled to put Komamura onto a stretcher.

In the Seireitei, many battles with soldats, and militiamen raged and the screams of the dead were overrun by the sounds of Kido and Arrows, and the clashing of swords.

The soldats have been trained for a millennium, so they had the edge in sheer technique, but the militiamen were just about even in terms of numbers. The casualties climbed alongside each-other on both sides, and the number of lives lost total entered the tens of thousands.

Ichigo himself, has cleaved through dense populations of soldats, and left not a single one standing.

It pained him, yes. But somehow, some way, it didnt pain him as much as it should have.

Until a pillar of fire of gargantuan sizes rose into the sky, signalling that the head captain himself has found the target.

Juha Bach.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(With yamamoto)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

"So, you've come here." Yamamoto said, the temperature rising exponentially.

The Quincy king only grinned, and drew his sword.

"Silence, hm? Well as to be expected."

Suddenly, a newcomer dressed in all black slammed into the ground to the right of them, and with a flick of one of his swords, dispersed the dust.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." Juha bach spoke, and his grin dropped slightly.

"Your Majesty, I'll take care of Ichigo in your stead." Jugram Haschwalth, the grandmaster of the Sternritter spoke, as he stood to oppose Ichigo.

Ichigo himself felt nothing except curiosity as he saw his new adversary volunteer himself for execution.

"Hey, Old man." Ichigo called to Yamamoto.

"What is it." Yamamoto answered, without taking his eyes off of Juha Bach.

Ichigo sheathed his shorter sword, and stood up straight.

"What's the order?" Ichigo asked, his hand gripping his sword tightly.

"Execution." Yamamoto said, as he flew forwards, blazing a trail of hellfire in his wake.

Ichigo's eyes locked onto Haschwalths, as their respective bosses clashed and fought leaving trails of destruction wherever they went.

He then felt Rukia's, Renji's, and Byakuya's reiatsu dim to horrendously low levels.

"Aren't you going to fight me?" Jugram spoke, his sword drawn. 'His form isn't located anywhere in the daten. These swords and his armor are both uncatalogued.

Ichigo didn't respond, well, if you count getting a sword shoved through the face a response, then he did indeed respond.

Haschwalth's face was blank, and his blut activated. In vain.

His face had a slender hole through it, and protruding through the other side was Ichigo's zanpakuto.

"Haschwalth!" Ichigo heard being called out, causing him to flick the corpse to the side, widening the hole in the deceased quincy's face.

Ichigo then looked up to see Yhwach fly down and try to Bifurcate the god.

Again, In vain, as Ichigo caught the sword with his thumb and pointer finger, stopping the King in his advance.

"You shouldn't have come here." Ichigo said, and slashed the King with Zangetsu, down his chest to his hip.

Though, the sword didn't penetrate that far, just enough to break the skin.

Ichigo's eyes widened, his opponent survived?

"Where do you think you're going?" Yamamoto called out, in a ball of fire as he flew to the immobile Yhwach, and suddenly, every fire in seireitei went out, and the sky was clear.

"Bankai." Yamamoto called out.

"Not so fast!" Yhwach called out, Jumping away from his sword and Ichigo, and pulling out the bankai medallion.

Bright blue light exploded through the area, and struck Yamamoto, but before it could finish, Ichigo slashed at Yhwach's arm, causing the man to drop the medallion.


Yhwach's eyes widened, and activated his blut to full power.

"TENSHO!" Ichigo said, as Yhwach was enveloped in blue energy with a gold outline.

This caused an explosion the size of a MOAB to cover the sky of Seireitei.

"You okay Old man?" Ichigo asked, Yamamoto, who's Bankai was still active.

"Yes, However one part of my Bankai has been stolen."

"I see." Ichigo said, Looking for the dropped medallion.

And failing.

"Wait." Ichigo said, increasing his search efforts.

"Ichigo." Yamamoto called out, and dispelling his Bankai.

Ichigo spat a curse, as the medallion, and Haschwalth's body have both been taken from under their noses.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't find the medallion." Ichigo said, as the area became pelted with rain.

"The quincy king and his people have left." Yamamoto said, still horrendiously angry.

Ichigo sheathed his zanpakuto, and nodded.

The battles with the soldats and the militiamen have ended, in an overwhelming victory as the seireitei's overwhelming numbers proved superior to the Wandenreich.

Ichigo collected Rukia, Renji, and fed Byakuya his Reiatsu to keep him stable and alive until squad 4 came to check on him.

Also utilizing 'Blut Heilung' to sew together his internal organs, and keep him alive, but that was before anyone could see him do it.

'One issue, Ichigo.' Old man Zangetsu said.

'What's up?' Ichigo responded.

'You called your familia here to help, though, you went ahead and finished the fight. What purpose do they serve here now?' Old man zangetsu informed, and to his humor, Ichigo face-palmed.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Captains meeting hall)()()()()()()()()()()()()()

"This meeting has come to order." Yamamoto spoke with a heavy thud of his cane.

All captains, except for Komamura, Byakuya, Kenpachi, and Kyoraku were present.

"The recent battle has been a decisive victory, and with the less amount of casualties suffered. The death count on our side has been counted to be 12,000. The Rukongai Militia submitted a battle report, reporting about 50,342 kills. Five of them reported to be 'Sternritters' Z, H, Both Y sternritters, J , who was killed in Hueco Mundo, and B. We have a list of sternritters due to interrogation of survivors Captain Kurotsuchi obtained." Yamamoto stated.

The captains nodded, anxiously coming down from their battle highs.

"Captain Ichigo Kurosaki, step forward." Yamamoto spoke, and said god stepped forwards.

"You are being recognized for most notable kill. You singlehandedly killed the Grandmaster of the sternritter, the (B)alance. Cutting off the main form of communication for the sternritters." Yamamoto spoke, and Ichigo raised his eyebrows.

'...Grandmaster? How could a guy that young looking be a grandmaster. When I think of the word grandmaster, I think of a secluded guy atop a dojo on a mountain, training pupils in martial arts..' Ichigo thought.

'on that same note, How could anyone your age ascend to godhood?' Old man Zangetsu said, and garnered a 'I guess' nod from Ichigo.

Ichigo stepped back, and continued watching. His armor clanking together.

"Captain Zaraki Kenpachi is not here, But he will be given a raise due to him killing two Sternritters, both have been reported to perfectly mimic Kenpachi." The head captain spoke.

"Is there anything anyone here wishes to report?" Yamamoto spoke, eyeing the captains.

Everyone looked to each-other and watched to see who would step forward.

To everyone's surprise, Ichigo stepped forwards.

"Captain Ichigo Kurosaki. What do you need to say."

Ichigo thought to himself, and said "When I stabbed that guy, I felt something happen to me. Though, I can tell it didn't work. All I know, is that I don't think that the guy's dead. His reiatsu didn't vanish completely."

"Nonsense, you stabbed him through the skull. Nothing except maybe hollows can survive that." Captain Hirako spoke out.

"What was his 'Schrift'?" Captain Hitsugaya asked.

"It was the 'B', the Balance. It reflects all of what happens to the schrift holder onto it's target, that target being Ichigo. If it was indeed activated, Ichigo would have been the one to die, not him..." Captain Soi Fon spoke.

"..Curious." Captain Kurotsuchi spoke, a hand to his chin.

"Do you have something to add, captain of the twelfth?" The head captain asked.

"Indeed I do. Perhaps his schrift was active, and if Ichigo was somehow immune to it, that means that it would have reflected back to the quincy, but if Ichigo was not immune to it...then that means the Quincy has survived, and Ichigo was actually stabbed through the head. But obviously since Ichigo his still standing among us, this isn't true."

'...Was my head stabbed?' Ichigo asked.

'Yes it was. Though, A wound of that size is nothing to our healing capabilities.' Suki informed.

Ichigo sighed out loud, and put a hand to his face.

"I have the answer. You all know I have hollow powers, yes?" Ichigo asked, to the nodding captains.

"I apparently also have High-Speed regeneration."

"Ah! That explains it." Kurotsuchi said, a look of understanding on his face.

"So, that guy can't be killed?" Kensei asked, looking surprised.

"What guy?" Captain Hitsugaya asked.

"The quincy, duh."

"Oh, well.. I doubt he can survive being completely annihilated. Perhaps next time you see him have the head captain incinerate him." Mashiro spoke from behind Kensei.

"Silence!" The head captain yelled, not liking being insinuated to be a flamethrower.

"The fact of the matter is that we now have intel on the enemy. Study it, and memorize everything. Above all else, Prepare for a long and drawn out war with an enemy without morality." Yamamoto spoke, and stood up.

"This captain's meeting is now over." the old man said with a thump of his cain.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Hueco Mundo)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

"Where is Kurosaki? I Sense him here." A bloodthirsty voice called out.

"..Lord Grimmjow?" Mila rose asked, curious as to why the sixth espada would show up just now.

"Kurosaki? Our lord? What do you want with him." Acero asked, standing up as he was fully healed.

"Eh? The hell are you? I dont have to tell you shit." Grimmjow spoke.

"If it concerns my lord, then it concerns me." Acero said, pulling out his flail.

"You wanna fight? Say...You called him lord. What the hell? He has a fan club now?" Grimmjow cackled.

"I've had enough-" As Acero was about to strike, Kisuke interrupted their proto-duel, and said "Don't do this yet. We have no time to be arguing amongst ourselves. Grimmjow, these three are help to kill the quincies, there's no need to fight with them."

Acero grunted and sat down, this entire situation was trifling, so he chose to ignore the panther.

"Since when did you become the middleman to kurosaki? I feel his reiatsu here, specifically in these three humans. Don't tell me he isn't here! Bring his ass out!"

"Your duel can wait. He's in soul society." Kisuke said, grinning.

"...Che." Was all Grimmjow said, before sheathing his sword and walking over to a half wall and sitting.

"Ace, What was that on that device you held, it sounded like Lord Ichigo." Mirba said, changing the subject.

"Indeed it was. It's a device that can speak to someone from long distances, even across realms. It was our lord telling us to go and join him in the fight."

That got Mirba's attention, as she strapped her broadsword to her hip.

"That is true, yes, But I don't think that's needed." Kisuke said, turning to the pair.

"Oh? explain." Mirba said.

"We can leave at any time, but, I doubt we'd be much use. Also, I wouldn't worry about the screams you heard." Kisuke said, pulling out his fan.

"Screams? You're telling me that you heard screams coming from the device our lord was speaking to us from? And yet we're still here!?" Mirba yelled.

Acero's eye twitched, and said "Captain, Kisuke said we'd not be of any use. Be patient, our lord isn't so weak to the point he'd need protection. If anything, I'd wager that the conflict is now over due to his presence."

"Indeed, Acero is much smarter then he leads on." Kisuke said, though this didn't do much to quiet Mirba's anxiety, but constant pats on the back from Orihime kept her calm enough.

"You had better be right."

Acero rolled his eyes, and started looking over his flail. It's smooth ball now boasted a few scratches, and had an unfamiliar energy rolling through it's surface. Its color was dark blue, and looked like a cross between fire and lightning

"So...You are demons?" Ren asked one member of the tres beastias. Sung sung.

"..Hollow. We're hollows, arrancars to be exact." The woman said.

"...A Hollow? I don't know what that means, but if anything I'd say you're an angel." Ren said, flashing the snake woman a grin.

Sung-Sung's face was passive, though her face was covered a little more with her sleeve than usual.

"And you're stupid." The woman said, walking away.

Ren chuckled, and said "Perhaps, but consider this: You seem to be really smart. And Opposites do attract."

Mirba's face went blank, and she resisted the urge to facepalm.

Acero looked away in second hand embarrassment.

Sung-Sung stopped walking, and turned to look at the man, up and down, and then said.

"Perhaps they do." before disappearing with sonido.

"...What?" Ren said, fully expecting his flirting to fail.

"...wait, what?" Mirba asked with a surprised face. Ren looked at her and shrugged his shoulders.

Meanwhile with the tres beastias.

"Wait, you're telling me you're actually into that weirdo?" Mila rose asked, looking over to the Orario four for a moment.

"Yes. He's charming." Sung sung said, her cheeks flaring with a blush.

Apacci was still unconscious, and isn't likely to wake up any time soon.

"But my duty is to lady Hallibel first and foremost." Sung-Sung spoke, seeing the questions flowing through Mila rose's eyes.

"Hmph, didn't take you to be a man lover." Mila rose said.

"Why wouldn't I be? Being near you and the ruffian on the floor for these last couple centuries has been all I needed to know not to trifle with the same sex." Sung-Sung said.

"Take that back, you stupid reptile!" Mila rose shouted.

"I'd rather not, you cow."

"For the record, I'd say that I like men more than you! In fact, why don't I go talk to that 'Charming' Man of yours!" Mila rose said.

Sung-Sung's sword came out of her sleeve and she narrowed her eyes as she said "You'll die."

Mila rose raised her eyebrow and said "It's a fight you want, eh?!" As she drew her own sword.

"s-shut..the fuck up...Please.." Apacci on the floor muttered, her head spinning.

Both arrancars stopped their borderline fight, and looked at their comrade.

"Oh, you're awake." Mila rose said, sheathing her sword, Sung-Sung following suit.

"Yeah, and I don't wanna hear you bitches arguing just yet." Apacci said, putting a hand to her head to cool it down.

Quincy reiatsu wasn't very pleasant, especially when you get stabbed from something made from it.

"Yeah alright." Mila rose said, and crossed her arms. Catching Ren's eyes as her boobs jiggled from the motion.

Seeing that he was caught, he looked away, and focused on the moon while whistling.

She chuckled, and looked down at her comrade.

"what happened to the quincy." Apacci asked.

"Princesa killed him, turned him into dust after that hunk made him age rapidly." Mila rose spoke.

"fucker's took my kill." Grimmjow grumbled.

The tres beastias looked at grimmjow and chuckled.

"Fuck you laughin at?" Grimmjow seethed.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Karakura town, Noon.)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

"Hephaestus-san, can you do me a favor?" Yuzu asked, holding a potato peeler.

Hephaestus, who was sitting down and drinking tea turned to look at Yuzu.

"Yes, my dear?"

"Can you help me open this jar? It's for the gratin." Yuzu said cheerily holding a jar of chilled organic milk.

Hephaestus smiled and put down her tea.

"Of course, Let me get up." Hephaestus said.

As soon as she stood up, the sound of splashing water could be heard after.

"Eh?" Hephaestus asked

"Eh?" Yuzu said, looking at Hephaestus's now soaked legs.

"Please tell me that was your tea?" Karin said, her face going white as she walked towards the kitchen.

All eyes turned to Hephaestus's still intact tea cup on the table.

"AAAAAAA!" all three screamed.

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