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()()()()()()()()()()()(Karakura town half a day before last chapter, Hephaestus.)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

Hephaestus had learned how to browse the internet, and use a laptop with help from Karin and Yuzu. It had been something magnificent.

She discovered the wonders of modern music, the beauty of this world's art, and love of modern smithing.

A katana, out of a simple building material? A knife out of a mineral? Of Milk?! Truly Ichigo's world was one of pure innovation, and she loves every minute of what she's seeing on the small screen.

However, there came the loss of innocence. Stumbling upon a video called "Thousand pound ramen mukbang" Made her stomach churn, How could one man waste so much food? And how did anyone enjoy this?

Furrowing her eyebrows, she clicked on another video.

"Hey what's up guys, I have an ENTIRE castle filled with money! Whoever gives me a single penny wins it!" She heard.

Her eyes widened.

A poor looking man with a long beard and unkempt appearance was the one to win the castle.

'Generosity? Of this magnitude? I wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen it.' Hephaestus said in her mind.

She then clicked onto another video titled "Daily dose of the internet"

This continued until the sun went down.

"Hephaestus-san, is there um...are you hungry?" Karin asked, opening Ichigo's door.

Hephaestus turned around and said "I am alright, thank you Karin. Though, Do you mind helping me with something?"

Karin walked in with her eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, sure. What's up?"

Hephaestus turned back around to the computer.

"How may I obtain this?" Hephaestus asked, looking at a video titled "Metro android Prime: 2", specifically pointing at the character's orange and red powersuit.

"Oh, you mean the game? Ichigo should have it lying around here somewhere. Let me hook it up for you." Karin said, smiling.

"Oh? No not a game, I mean that armor specifically. Where can I find the blueprints for it? Perhaps I can use it to create something nice for Ichigo." Hephaestus said, Unfamiliar with the concepts of gaming.

"...They don't exist. That's from a videogame, here, come with me and I'll show you." Karin sighed with a small chuckle.

"...I see." Hephaestus said, her cheeks blushing in slight embarrassment.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Squad 4 Barracks, Night time, Captain Unohana.)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

Captain Unohana was dressed in her nightgown and staring at the moon.

"Captain.." Isane spoke from behind the woman.

"You may sleep in my room tonight." Unohana said, as Isane sat next to the captain.

Without much effort, Unohana understood why Isane asked what she did, after all, it's been happening nearly every night for half a century.

"..Captain, I have a question." Isane asked, hugging herself tighter.

"Yes? What is it?" Unohana asked, her eyes locked onto the moon.

"What do you think..About Kurosaki-san becoming a captain?"

In Unohana's eyes, a faint flicker of blood-lust leaked through, and her face darkened.

"!" Isane, who'd been studying the older woman's face had seen this, and froze.

"Oh!" Unohana exclaimed lightly, realizing her face's appearance. "Forgive me, I was lost in thought."

She then put a hand atop Isane's head, and said "I'm quite thrilled that Kurosaki is a captain now. It should make for some...fun times."

"..Captain?" Isane questioned, and Unohana didn't answer.

She just chose to smile, and subtly blush.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(With Soma, Orario, Gekai.)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

A long time after Ichigo familia departed from Orario, Soma had chosen to strictly regulate what happened inside and outside his complex. He no longer was obsessed with his liquor, that he'd unintentionally create liquor gangs and thieves.

Those previously in charge had been thrown into Orario's law system as punishment for daring to act as soma himself.

Now, things are brighter than ever in the soma mansion, Servants working as bar tenders to create the funds for the familia, People may come into his servitude as they please, and leave should they choose to. Nothing is as it was.

Soma himself had even been tying up his hair to look more formal.

The lawns were freshly cut, there had been flower beds planted, and even a small tavern the people of Orario were welcomed into.

"My lord." A small woman said, addressing Soma himself.

"Yes Calith?" Soma said, with a small smile.

Calith held up a clipboard holding parchment with various reports written onto them.

"Soma product A-12, and B-43, Named Peanutbutter and Cookie dough have been confirmed for release. Soma Watermelon is out of stock, and Soma blue razzberry is the new city favorite. Production squads A-R have been approved for a short vacation spanning three weeks, and in that time Production squads S-Z will take over. I'll need your seal of approval for these, if that's fine with you?" The woman said, drawing in a large breath after speaking for so long.

"Ha! Well done. I'm proud of everyone here, in fact, sales have been booming since the reform. All thanks to the familia. Let everyone know that once Peanutbutter and Cookie Dough release, everyone is approved for a four day vacation, and the taverns will be closed."

Her eyes lit up in excitement.

"Thank you lord!" She said, and bowed after handing the god his reports.

"Well, I'll be returning to my office now. Please call me if you need anything Calith." Soma said, and pat her head lovingly.


As the god departed, her face exploded in a blush, and she felt her head where his hand was, and she hopped up and down a couple times in happiness.

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(Ichigo after the skirmish with the Quincies.)()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()

Ichigo sat atop Sokyoku hill, reminiscing of the past before entering Gekai.

"King, Answer me something." Shiro spoke suddenly.

Ichigo's eyebrow raised. 'Silent this entire time for once, and now you wanna talk?'

"Shuddup. I have a question and will you answer it or not?"

'..I guess? What's up?' Ichigo responded mentally.

"Why didn't you bang Mirba before dating Hephaestus?"

This made Ichigo breathe in saliva, and cough violently.

'What? Why on earth would you ask that?' Ichigo responded trying to get ahold of his lungs once more.

"Answer the question, if you would." A silken voice asked.

'Suki? You too? Traitors!" Ichigo said in mock betrayal.

"Do we need to drag it out of you?" Old man Zangetsu asked.

Ichigo's face exploded in red.

'I have no choice against the three of you, huh...' Ichigo responded, before giving in. 'I didn't because Initially I was trying to get used to the concept of being a god. And I was trying to get to know her. Before I realized I was in love with Hephaestus, I would have liked to go on a date with her.' Ichigo admitted, crossing his arms ashamedly.

"Honesty is best. From what I know, Gekai is used to polygamy. Say, If you were up to the task..-" Suki started but with interrupted with

"-Man enough!" Shiro interrupted loudly.

"Silence, pest." Suki said, before clearing her voice. "Perhaps, you might bring it up to Hephaestus, talk to her about zeus, and his four concubines, then ask if it's normal."

Ichigo balked. What brought this on?

'Woah woah woah! No, I'm married, and about to be a father any second now. No way this is gonna fly with my household, nor with hephaestus.' Ichigo said, shaking his head. 'Besides, why are you so sure that I'd even do something like this to Hephaestus?' Ichigo asked.

"Instinct." Shiro simply responded.

"That, plus, the more children you have the more I can dote on them." Suki said giggling.

"...I'd like to see a large family sometime." Old man Zangetsu said.

Ichigo's face went blank, and he slapped his forehead creating a sound that bounced throughout the entire soul society.

Some would dub that sound as the 'Ominous Smack' and said it was from a wife who caught her husband in bed with another woman.

Others would say it was from a particularly unruly child acting up, and being disciplined via sandal to the bottom.

Only Ichigo knew that it was because his spirits urged him to clap adventurer cheeks.

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