Chapter 1: Asking Harry

Hermione Granger, third-year Gryffindor, was sitting in the Hogwarts library. This was such a common occurrence that her doing something else would have been more noteworthy. She was not reading, but thinking, which was slightly more unusual.

One might argue she had a lot to think about. After all, less than a week ago she and the famed 'Boy-Who-Lived', Harry Potter, as well as their friend Ron, had all been involved in a dramatic confrontation involving werewolves, dementors, animagi, and mass murderers.

As a result of that confrontation, one Peter Pettigrew who had long been believed dead, was instead revealed to be alive and the true betrayer of Harry's parents, while the infamous Sirius Black was redeemed as an innocent man imprisoned for twelve years without trial.

The fallout had been impressive. Some high-ranking ministry official named Crouch had been thrown out of office over his mishandling of Sirius' trial, several other prisoners were being retried, and the current minister Fudge was desperately trying to separate himself from the previous administration. The Dementors had also been returned to the wizarding prison of Azkaban, much to the relief of all of Hogwarts.

Yet, she was not really thinking about all of this, except tangentially. What she was specifically thinking of was her friend Harry Potter, and the change that had come over him.

With Sirius Black freed, he was once more able to take up the role of Harry's godfather. The thought of never having to go back to the Dursleys had revitalized the boy, as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Instead of hiding away all the time, he stood taller and smiled more.

This new more confident Harry was doing things to the young girl. Specifically, over the last few days Harry had been featuring prominently in certain fantasies of hers. It was one of the curses of being born so early in the school year. With a birthday of September 19, she was only a few months shy of her fifteenth birthday. And, as in many other things, Hermione was a precocious girl. She'd developed an interest in sex years ago, and her parents had as usual let her get whatever books she wanted to satisfy her curiosity.

Along the way, she had come across something called The Pearl, a late 19th century erotic magazine. It had contained many sex stories, and among them had been several with a strong BDSM theme. Now, Hermione had no interest in being tied up or whipped bloody. But the idea of being spanked as something other than a punishment to be avoided had taken root in her imagination.

Hermione had always striven to be a good rule-abiding girl, and had been accused, sometimes justly, of blindly obeying authority. Now, for the first time, she was imagining NOT following the rules. Of slipping up, or even deliberately misbehaving. And when this misbehavior came to light, an irate person would take her firmly by the ear and drag her over their knee. Her skirts would go up, her knickers would come down, and her disciplinarian would then proceed to turn her arse as red as the Hogwarts Express.

Over the past several months, this particular fantasy had fueled several pleasant masturbation sessions. During her self-exploration, Hermione had placed several people in the role of her disciplinarian. Stern older women like Professor McGonagall had featured prominently, as had Hogwarts heartthrobs like Cedric Diggory. Over the last week though, Harry had taken pride of place. Under the skinny frame and messy hair was a good-looking boy, and the way he had taken charge during the crisis and stood his ground against a swarm of dementors spoke directly to Hermione's submissive side.

This led directly to now, as Hermione Granger sat in the library and tried to pluck up the courage to turn her fantasy into reality. She spent hours planning approaches and excuses. More than once, she came close to abandoning the idea, or at least postponing it. What finally decided her was the fact that she actually had a reason why she might deserve to be spanked. She could present it to Harry as a result of her guilty conscience, and if he should refuse, they could go back to being friends.

Harry Potter blinked curiously as Hermione set up silencing and privacy charms on the abandoned classroom she had dragged him into. A small part of him (that sounded like Sirius) raised all sorts of inappropriate suggestions, but he quickly suppressed it. After all, he and Hermione were just friends, no matter how cute he found the way she was biting her lip as she looked at him.

Hermione delayed some more as they found seats facing each other, then she spoke. "Harry, I called you here, because I wanted to apologize."

Harry stared in surprise. "What for?"

"About the Firebolt." Seeing Harry's puzzlement, Hermione rushed to explain. "I treated you absolutely horribly over that. Tell me honestly, Harry, if I'd sat down and properly explained to you what I was worried about, would you have really refused to let the broom be examined?"

After a moment of silence, Harry said slowly, "I guess... I was really excited over it, but if you'd talked it over with me..."

"Exactly. Instead I treated you like a child and went behind your back. I took away your choice. And I just realized, I've never properly apologized for it." Taking a deep breath, Hermione took the plunge. "And... I don't just want to apologize. I also think... that... you ought to punish me for it."

Harry's eyes had gone huge behind his glasses. "Punish...? Hermione, there's no need for that! Besides, I was really mean to you afterwards."

"Maybe. But you did forgive me eventually. That's the thing Harry, you forgave me just like that. Even though I was so horrible to you. It makes me feel like I took advantage of your good nature." Hermione leaned forward and took Harry's hands in her own. "Please Harry? Just punish me and we can be even and I can stop feeling so bad about it."

Hermione held her breath, and almost sighed in relief when Harry tentatively nodded. "All right... but what kind of punishment? Lines?"

Hermione huffed. "Well, if I behaved that badly at home, my parents would have given me a good hard spanking." This was a gross exaggeration. The worst she'd ever gotten had been a light smack to her rear, and that was when she was nine.

Harry choked on air. "Y-you get s-spanked?!"

"Don't tell anyone but I'm not always a goody-two-shoes," Hermione grinned.

"Umm... but I don't want to hurt you."

"Oh Harry, this is a punishment, it's supposed to be uncomfortable. Besides, you'll be spanking me with your hand, and you're not exactly Mr. Strongman," Hermione giggled. "At worst, I'll be sore for the rest of the day."

Poor Harry had gone bright red in the face and seemed to be having trouble breathing. "If... if you're sure..."

Hermione kept the elation from her face. Instead she solemnly nodded. "I am. Please, Harry?"

"All...all right."

"Good. Now, don't freak out. I'm going to get undressed."


Hermione rolled her eyes. "Harry, think about it. You'll just be using your hand. If I kept my robes and skirt on I'd barely feel a thing. Unless... would you prefer to use a paddle or a cane? I could transfigure something."

Harry shook his head violently. "No! I... just..."

Hermione smiled and hugged him. "Harry, calm down. It's not like I'll be naked or anything." That's for much later. "Besides. I trust you. You're my best friend."

Once Harry had calmed a bit, Hermione moved quickly, discarding her outer robes. Then she undid her skirt and let it slip down to her ankles. For a moment, she was tempted to pull down her knickers as well and bare herself completely, but she didn't want to scare Harry off. The boy was red enough in the face already.

Shuffling to Harry's right side, she whispered. "I'm really sorry about my behavior Harry. Will you please spank me like I deserve?"

Harry swallowed and nodded. "Sure thing, Hermione."

A moment later, Hermione was draped over Harry's lap. Her palms were pressed against the dusty ground, and if she stretched she could place her toes on the other side. Harry looked down and swallowed again as he saw her deep blue knickers stretch out, revealing the creamy skin of the lower curves of her buttocks.

"Remember Harry, spankings are supposed to hurt, so don't be scared to make it long and hard. Don't stop until I've been properly punished."

"All right. I'm... going to start now."

Hermione held her breath, her insides churning with a heady combination of anticipation, arousal, embarrassment, and a little bit of fear. Then the first spank landed on her right buttock with a sharp SMACK!

At first, Hermione could tell Harry was still uncertain and holding back. But after she took the first eight spanks without a peep, he seemed to grow more confident. Hard, sharp spanks started peppering her bum. The strikes would mostly alternate between buttocks, but Harry would sometimes focus several in a row on one cheek before going back to alternating. And as the spanking crossed twenty swats, Hermione realized something - this really hurt!

Each spank added just a little bit more to the growing fire in her bottom. Harry might be a skinny 13-year-old, but after a minute Hermione could have sworn it was Hagrid paddling her arse! She couldn't see the floor anymore because of the tears in her eyes, and she was gritting her teeth to keep from crying out loud.

Yet, not once did Hermione want Harry to stop. Go a bit gentler, maybe, but even as the heat built in her rear, a different, much more enjoyable heat was building between her legs. Even as the spanks rained down, she starting discreetly rubbing her thighs together, finding the pleasure behind the pain.

It was about then that Harry's hand found her sensitive sit spots, right where her buttocks met her thighs. Two hard spanks were delivered to each target, made worse because her knickers didn't cover those areas. Hermione couldn't help it, a loud yelp rang out into the room.

The spanking stopped. Hermione wondered if Harry would take this as a sign that she'd been adequately punished. She let out a little sigh of relief. Even though part of her had been enjoying this, her backside was stinging badly and - SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!

Hermione let out another little yelp as the spanking resumed. This time there was no pause whatsoever. Hermione felt a little spike of fear as she realized Harry was taking her advice to heart. He was going to punish her properly, and a little wailing and tears wasn't going to stop him!

Well, Hermione could stop him. She was certain if she ordered him to, Harry would let her up immediately. But that would also ruin all the work she'd done getting him to spank her in the first place. She wanted Harry to have the confidence to spank her the way she needed it. That meant he needed to trust his own judgement. Calling it off now would spoil everything.

This realization actually made Hermione feel free. It was what she wanted. She'd misbehaved, and now she was being punished for it. Harry was in charge, and all she could do was submit her arse to a beating. Hermione stopped all efforts to control her reactions. She sniffled, and sobbed, and wailed. She kicked her legs and wriggled her bum in a futile effort to stem the onslaught. She joyously threw herself into the role of a naughty little girl unwillingly receiving her just desserts.

Hermione only realized the spanking was over when a minute later she heard Harry's worried voice. "Hermione? Are you all right? It wasn't too much, was it?"

The concern in Harry's voice pulled her immediately from her high. "Of course not, Harry." Clambering up from his lap, she pulled him into a hug, and then added a kiss to his cheek. "You were perfect. It hurts, but it's a good hurt. I feel much better now."

"Ah...OK? You were really crying a lot..."

"If it's not making me cry, then it's not much of a spanking, is it?" The humor in her voice seemed to reassure him, and Harry melted into her hug. He still kept himself a bit separate though, and Hermione knew why. She'd felt his erection poking into her stomach while she'd been wriggling on his lap. She decided not to mention it, as embarrassing him wasn't on her agenda.

Once the hug was over, Hermione looked at Harry bashfully. "Harry could you do me a favor?"


Shuffling over to her bag, her skirts still tangled around her ankles, Hermione pulled out a bottle of cold cream. "Could you rub some on? My butt is really sore!"

Harry's face seemed to have turned permanently red. "Um... over your knickers?"

"Of course not." Hermione smiled gently. "Don't worry Harry, I trust you to be a gentleman." So saying, she handed Harry the bottle, turned around, and slipped her knickers down to her knees. Then she bent over and placed her hands on a desk to steady herself.

Looking back, she could see Harry frantically looking everywhere but in her direction. "Well, come on, hurry up!"

It took a bit of coaxing, but Harry's hands were soon roaming over her reddened rear, rubbing the cream into her burning hot skin. Peeking back again, Hermione had to stifle a laugh. Poor Harry had averted his face, and was massaging her bum entirely by touch. He was doing a good job, too. As the cream soothed the worst of the sting, Hermione could feel her pussy throbbing in time with her arse.

With the growing sensation came a desire to take the next step. To spread her legs and expose herself completely, give Harry a good look at her aroused sex. How would Harry react? Would he freak out, or ignore it? Or would he whip out the raging hard-on she knew he had, and take her then and there like a bitch in heat?

Hermione sighed and brought her wild wonderings back under control. Neither she nor Harry were ready for that yet. So she kept her legs firmly closed, and focused on enjoying Harry's gentle ministrations.

A minute later Harry was done. Hermione pretended not to notice his sigh of relief as she pulled her knickers and skirt back on. Instead she rewarded him with another hug and kiss on the cheek.

As they separated but still holding hands, Harry cleared his throat. "So, uh, I guess we're even now?"

"Well, that's up to you Harry. Do you think I deserve to be spanked some more?"

"Um, no?"

"Oh good," giggled Hermione. "I'll be sleeping on my front as it is."

Harry chuckled as well. "Well, you did ask for it."

"I did, didn't I?" Hermione smiled softly. "Harry, this might be a weird thing to ask, but do you think you could do it again?"


"Well, I know I can be a really bossy bitch at times. No, don't deny it, you know it's true. So, I guess, I'd like your help in keeping myself in check. I'd like to give you permission to spank me whenever you think I'm misbehaving."

"I don't think you're that bad..."

"That's because you're way too nice. Please, Harry? You're the only one I can trust like this."

"Well...all right."

"Thank you, Harry. We'll talk more later, OK? And, um, please don't tell anyone about this? This is just between the two of us."

"Of course I won't tell!"

"I know. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go have a lie down. Thanks to a certain someone, my arse is killing me."

As they separated with mutual laughter, Hermione could barely keep from cheering. She reminded herself that her relationship with Harry still had a ways to go. Harry needed quite a bit of training before he'd be confident enough to put her over his knee on his own initiative. And she still needed to get him to see her as 'girlfriend' instead of 'best friend'. Still, all that could wait. For now, she needed to get back to her dorms and get some privacy so she could give her heated sex and stiff nipples some much-needed attention.

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