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Chapter 2: Upsetting Molly

A year ago, Hermione wouldn't have minded spending a few weeks of her summer vacation with the Weasleys. But then last year she didn't have a cute and clueless boy with whom she was trying to get some alone time.

The original plan had to been to stay with Harry and Sirius. Harry had written her a long letter about how the Blacks had an ancestral home in London, how Sirius had always hated the place, and how Sirius' cousin Andromeda Tonks had convinced him that the best way to stick it to his family was clean up 12 Grimmauld Place and populate it with people his family would most emphatically have disapproved of (like Hermione and the Weasleys).

Unfortunately, sometime during the cleaning of the place, the professional curse-breakers Sirius had hired had stumbled across something hidden in the house that had sent all their plans for a toss. Harry wasn't sure what this thing was, except whatever it was, was so dangerous Professor Dumbledore himself had put in an appearance, and Sirius (who normally told him everything) had refused to discuss it. The only thing Harry had managed to find out was that it had something to do with Voldemort, which in retrospect made sense considering the majority of Sirius' family had been fanatical supporters of that lunatic.

Either way, 12 Grimmauld Place was locked down until an even larger contingent of curse-breakers could go over every single brick and stone to make sure Voldemort hadn't left behind any other surprises. Which meant their summer vacation plans were now based out of the Weasleys' home. And as charming as that home was, it was also quite crowded.

To top it all off, the highly anticipated trip to the Quidditch World Cup finals had ended in disaster when the Death Eater remnants had started a riot. Miraculously, no one had been seriously hurt, but someone had set off a Dark Mark that had sent the Ministry in a tizzy and had Mr. Weasley and his son Percy working overtime.

It had taken her quite a bit of coaxing and teasing and cuddling to get Harry to stop brooding about the whole mess. By the time he came out of his funk, they'd also quietly decided to 'try out' being boyfriend and girlfriend. And a key part of her successful strategy had been a particular mini-skirt - one short enough that her knickers were fully visible when she bent over. It had started life as one of her normal skirts that she had carefully transfigured, and it worked beautifully to distract Harry. Particularly when combined with the black lacy knickers she'd bought specifically to go with the skirt.

It had also led to quite a bit of shouting when Molly Weasley had glimpsed sight of it. Normally, Hermione would feel bad about upsetting the woman, even if she did think the Weasley matriarch was way too controlling for her own good. In this case, though, that little tiff seemed to be about to pay unexpected dividends.

"Look, Hermione, I do love to see you in that skirt," admitted Harry seriously. "But I don't want you upsetting Mrs. Weasley." He gave that shy smile that always made her feel warm. "You can model for me once we're back in Hogwarts. After all, there's only a week left before the vacation's over."

"No way. In Hogwarts we'll be hidden under robes all the time. I got that skirt to show off, and I'm not going to keep it hidden just because some old biddy is still living in the 19th century."

Harry was frowning now (but still looking cute doing it). "Hermione, Mrs. Weasley is the mother of my friend, and she's our host. If she doesn't like it, it's just polite not to upset her. I'm not saying you can't wear it, just not while we're here."

Hermione felt a tingle in her core as Harry's stern tone registered. Getting Harry to spank her a few months back had been one of the most arousing experiences of her young life. In these last few weeks, she'd managed to tease Harry into giving her the odd light smack to her rump, but he'd yet to repeat his earlier performance. Could this be her chance? Hermione decided to push. "Oh? And what will you do if I do decide to wear it?"

"Hermione!" There was a definite sternness there.

"Yes, that's my name." Hermione gave her best smirk. "Don't wear it out."

Harry sighed and rubbed his head. "I can't believe this, you really are acting like a brat. All right Hermione, if that's how you want to play it. If you don't stop wearing that skirt here, I will punish you just like I did the last time."

Hermione gave a look of mock outrage. "You'd spank me? Just for wearing my clothes?"

"Yes, Hermione. I will spank you if you wear that skirt again while we're here." Harry's tone grew persuasive. "Come on, it's just for a week."

"Oh all right." Even as she pouted, inside Hermione was jumping for joy. Now she just needed to pick her time.

It was a couple of days later. Mr. Weasley and Percy were at work, Sirius was busy at Grimmauld Place, Ginny was visiting a friend, and all the boys were out playing quidditch. Hermione had stayed back claiming a book to read, but instead she had been busy deciding on her dress. A simple shirt top, she decided, and of course, her short skirt.

After careful consideration, Hermione smirked mischievously as she took out her wand. She had to thank Sirius for letting it slip that the Ministry didn't bother monitoring for underage magic around Wizarding households. Unfairness to muggleborns aside, it now meant she could use her wand to carefully shorten her skirt by yet another inch. Now, the faintest hint of the curve of her buttocks could be seen even when she stood, and the simple act of bending over would leave her bottom almost completely exposed. To further seal the deal was her black lacy lingerie, skimpy enough to show quite a bit of creamy flesh.

Hermione smiled as she imagined Harry's reaction when he saw her out on the quidditch pitch. The other boys might stare as well, but she didn't care about them. What would Harry do? Would he wait until they are alone to confront her? Would he drag her back to deal with her right away? Or would he spank her right there on the Quidditch pitch, in front of the Weasley boys? Hermione found that last thought equal parts mortifying and arousing, but admitted to herself it was the least likely scenario.

So intent in her thoughts, Hermione hardly registered Molly Weasley's presence in the kitchen, until her outraged voice gave Hermione pause. "MISS HERMIONE GRANGER! Where do you think you're going dressed like that?!"

Annoyed by the interruption, Hermione replied with a curt, "Out."

"Out? Half-naked like that?!"

"Yes, out. Now if you don't mind..."

"Oh, I absolutely do! You are not going anywhere except back to your room to put on a proper dress!"

"No thanks, some of us like dressing as if we're in the 20th century."

"Miss Granger," there was a definite warning growl as Mrs. Weasley came around the kitchen counter. "You will do as I say!"

"Or else what?" Hermione smirked as she remember having an identical conversation with Harry. "You'll spank me?"

Mrs. Weasley went completely red in the face and seemed at a loss for words. Deciding the conversation was over, Hermione turned away, only to be brought up short once more, this time by a vicious pain in her ear.

"OW! Mrs. Weasley!" Hermione screeched in pain as Mrs. Weasley established a firm grip on her ear. Now using that grip, the woman hauled Hermione around to face the kitchen counter. Hermione realized she might be as tall as Mrs. Weasley, but the grown woman had a distinct advantage in mass and muscle.

Before she knew what was happening, Hermione found a firm hand on her back pressing her face down on the counter. And then, with a loud crack, an iron hard palm crashed into her bum.

The very first swat informed Hermione that Mrs. Weasley could spank much harder than Harry.

The second swat confirmed something she had suspected - bending over, her skirt offered no protection to her bum, and neither did those lacy knickers.

The next ten swats were delivered in as many seconds, leaving Hermione squealing and gasping for breath.

"Now, Miss Granger, have you learned your lesson? Are you going to go up and change?" came Mrs. Weasley's stern voice.

Getting spanked by her friend's mother was an unlooked-for and utterly humiliating experience, and the dozen swats had raised a fierce sting. Even worse, with the way she was positioned, if anyone entered the Weasley's kitchen their first sight would be of her reddening arse! Hermione's mouth moved without any input from her brain, "I'm too old for this! Now let me go you hag!"

Retribution was not long in coming. One strong hand holding her in position, the other beat a merciless tattoo on Hermione's posterior. The spanks were hard, fast, and seemed to unerringly find the most sensitive spots on her rear. In a little over a minute, Hermione was coming to genuinely regret her rude response. "OW! OW! OW! I'm sorry Mrs. Weasley! I'm sorry! I'll go change!"

"Oh, now you're sorry? I think you need to be a bit sorrier!"

Hermione felt a jolt of fear as she realized the situation was completely out of her control. She had stumbled her way into a genuine disciplinary spanking, and she was finding it a much more frightening and painful experience than her little games with Harry. Her entire world narrowed down to the hard hand that was setting her arse on fire, and how to get it to stop. Sobbing and wailing and pleading did not reduce the sting. Stomping her feet and wriggling her arse had no effect on Mrs. Weasley's aim.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, there came a pause in the spanking. Through her tears, Hermione heard the words, "Now Miss Granger, will you do as you're told?"

"Y-yes, Mrs. Weasley, I will. I p-promise to go change right away!"

"Oh, I know you will. But before that you will do something else. Are you listening?"


"Good. I want you to move to the middle of the floor. Then, you will bend over and touch your toes."

Hermione's eyes widened with horror as she realized her suffering was yet to end. "No, Mrs. Weasley please - "


The spanking resumed instantly, four hard swats that left Hermione screeching. "Now, once more, Miss Granger. Will you do as you're told?"


"Good. Now, get over there and bend over."

The hand holding her down finally released its grip, and Hermione got up sniffling, her face burning as hot as her arse. Too ashamed to look Mrs. Weasley in the eye, she shuffled over to the center of the clear area.

Looking at the ground, Hermione's stomach clenched as she realized she was, in fact, going to bend over and meekly present her bottom for chastisement to this harridan. Her throbbing arse ended any thoughts of defiance before they could begin. Hermione felt like crying all over again from the humiliation, as she bent over and touched her toes, her skirt riding up high enough to reveal her lace-clad bottom in full.

"Good. Stay."

Bent over, Hermione could hear Mrs. Weasley moving around in the kitchen. Peeking around her legs, she saw Mrs. Weasley coming back into view. Hermione swallowed hard as she saw in her hand a long and heavy wooden spoon.

Mrs. Weasley took position to Hermione's left. Soon, she could feel the spoon's rough back tap-tapping on her heated flesh. Right now, even the light taps were enough to make Hermione flinch. Then the tapping stopped. Mrs. Weasley shifted. Hermione shut her eyes, gritted her teeth, and clenched her arse. And the spoon came whooshing down.



Hermione wouldn't have believed her bottom could get any hotter, but each swat with the spoon felt like a kiss from a burning coal. The second swat had Hermione jerking halfway up, but threats of extra swats swiftly sent her back down. The swats came slowly, several seconds apart, on alternating cheeks. Hermione's tears flowed freely as she did her best to keep position.

Finally, after ten swats, Mrs. Weasley ordered her up. Immediately, Hermione's hands flew to her rear as she danced from toe to toe, trying desperately to rub away the sting. As a final cherry on the cake, she had to stand there for several minutes as Mrs. Weasley lectured her on proper behavior before sending her to her room.

Hermione didn't go to her room though. Her first stop was the bathroom. Lifting her skirt and lowering her knickers, she avidly studied the damage in the mirror.

Her entire bum was a deep crimson, and on top of that were purple bruises left by the spoon. Hermione closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensation of her fingers gently exploring the contours of her thrashed posterior. After a few minutes one of her hands slipped between her legs, and Hermione shuddered as she encountered the slick folds of her aroused sex. In her mind, Hermione was going over the spanking. Only now she was replacing Mrs. Weasley with Harry. It was Harry, forcefully holding her down and smacking her arse. Dominating her to the point where she would meekly bend over for a beating.

With that vision fueling her, it didn't take long at all before she was shuddering in pleasure, leaning against a wall because her legs couldn't support her through the force of her orgasm.

It was as she was cleaning herself up that Hermione heard the sounds of the boys returning from their game. Immediately, a wonderful idea came to her. Mrs. Weasley may have interrupted her appointment with Harry, but Hermione would still get to have some fun with him!

"Really? A spoon?"

Hermione pouted. "It stung like crazy! Can't you see the bruises?"

Harry snorted. "I can, in fact." He was slowly massaging Hermione's bruised flesh, rubbing cold cream on her bared bottom as the girl lay face down on her bed. "You know this is entirely your fault? You knew she was upset about that skirt."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

"And you know if she hadn't spanked you, I would have. Or did you think I was joking?"

Hermione turned to face him. "Tell me truly, Harry, would you really have spanked me?"

"Yes, Hermione, I would have. Unless you want to change our arrangement."

"No Harry. But I was wondering if you could actually follow through."

"Well, I can, and I will. So watch yourself," Harry admonished, as his hand come down with a firm slap on her bum.

Hermione gave a little 'eep'. "All right, you've made your point. But Harry, I hope you've been taking notes."


"Yup." Hermione lifted her hips up and gave her arse a little wiggle. "This is what a properly spanked bum looks like. Something for you to aim for the next time I misbehave."

Harry laughed and shook his head. "You really are incorrigible."

Smiling like a cat that ate the cream and the canary, Hermione lay back down and let Harry continue his gentle ministrations. Yes, she decided, what she loved most about a good spanking was the cuddling and massaging afterwards. As she enjoyed the delightful sensation of Harry's fingers, Hermione decided on her next goal in their relationship - convincing Harry to extend the post-spanking massage to between her legs.