Learning Zombie Tongue

"You just thanked me for rubbing peanut butter on your umbrella," Zed said with a wry smile.

My mind scrambled as what he said sunk in. "Crap!" I thought. I switched back to English to say what I had originally intended to say.

Once I got home that evening, I finished my homework and remembered what had happened in the cafeteria. My resolve returned. I was going to learn Zombie Tongue. One way or another. I powered on my computer and started researching. I found some sites that might or might not help. I even went searching the library site. And, surprisingly, I found a few books on learning Zombie Tongue. I quickly reserved them. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, I shut the laptop and began getting ready for bed.

The next day, after cheer practice, I walked the short walk to the library to pick up my books. As the receptionist checked out my books, she eyed me suspiciously. I smiled brightly.

"With zombies in human school, gotta brush up on Zombie Tongue". I offered as a tiny explanation. The receptionist merely nodded, still looking suspicious. I took the books back and squared my shoulder. Then, I turned on my heel and briskly walked home.

That night, I poured over the internet sites and read the books and took notes. Zombie Tongue was truly a fascinating language. The next morning, I sneakily packed in one of the books into my book bag before leaving for school. At school, during any free moment I had, I was reading the book and making notes for myself.

It was free period and I was in the school library with Bree. I put away the homework I had just completed and pulled out the book I had packed, as well as the notebook I was using to take notes on the language. After a few minutes, a note was slid to me. "What are you studying for?" I looked up and smiled at Bree, holding up the book as I did so she could get a good look at the title. I watched her face to see the reaction. For a minute, the girl looked confused, but then she hesitantly smiled and pulled the sheet of paper back to her.

"Why?" the next line read. I pulled out a pencil and quickly wrote up my answer. "I messed up the vocab a few days ago. I want to learn Zed's language. He's my friend".

It was about a week or two later that Bree asked me if she could learn the language with me. She's a very supportive friend. And, I think the Zombies are starting to grow on her. I happily told her she could join me. Over the following weeks, Bree and I got together twice a week after school to study Zombie Tongue, studied during free period or lunch, and even attempted to write each other letters in Zombie Tongue (it didn't exactly go so well). But, we pressed forward learning all we could and teaching ourselves as much as one can when learning a foreign language without an actual instructor. We made flashcards and quizzed each other and laughed over the grammar mistakes we made. By the time I had turned in all the books and done as much online as possible, I had a variety of words and even a few simple phrases. One day, Bree joked that the library was going to have to order more Zombie Tongue books because I had checked all the ones they had out. Then, the best thing happened…..

"Gar gar giza."

"Yeah. I gar gar giza you too."

Definitely gonna have him help me perfect my Zombie Tongue.

HAPPY ZOMBIES 2 PREMIERE DAY! Who else is super excited to see what happens next in Seabrook? I know I am! I hope you guys enjoyed this oneshot. As always, big thanks to my #1 cheerleader, Quietly Screaming, who created the title page and proofed the story for me. If you ever want to fangirl over our favorite Zombies characters with me, find me on Instagram at wildflowerchildgrace. I'd love to talk to each of you!