James Potter was awakened from his slumber, by a loud bang. He opened his eyes as did his wife, and they both got up from their embrace on their sofa, wands drawn, looking at the source of the noise. What they saw however, made their faces white and their blood cold. For standing at what used to be their door was the Dark Lord, Voldemort.

Without a second to lose, James transformed the couch into a thick concrete wall for cover. He sent two cutting curses, which the Dark Lord easily flicked away, sending a killing curse of his own, which James avoided using his cover, but the blasting curse the young Auror sent at his feet, not only surprised the Dark Lord, it also made him recoil a step. Being as proud as he was, Voldemort did not take whatever made him weak, lightly, and so he sent a blasting curse of his own which destroyed the wall James was using as cover.

But the wall was quickly repaired by his wife, the red haired Lily Potter. While the two wizards were fighting, the witch was readying a powerful protective ward, which went up after she repaired the wall.

The Dark Lord sent two killing curses at the couple, but was surprised to see it dissipate before reaching them. Knowing that the Potters had set up a ward to protect themselves, Voldemort prepared to destroy it.

"Take Harry and go to Hogwarts!" James yelled at his wife quickly. Lily's expression turned into one of confusion, then anger. At this moment the Dark Lord fired what appeared to be a blue beam into the ward and it started to very slowly crumble.

"I'm not leaving you here!" Lily shouted back.

"There's no time, go and I'll join you." James yelled frantically, practically pushing the woman up the stairs. Lily, now a tiny bit relieved that her stupidly brave husband wasn't going to sacrifice himself, she rushed up the stairs into the nursery.

At this moment, James smiled faintly as he got an idea that was so crazy, it might work. The ward Lily put up was seconds away from being down, and the Dark Lord grinned widely as he also realized this. Just as the ward went down, James waved his wand around producing mass amounts of smoke.

This made Voldemort's smile fade away, and so he shot multiple killing curses at random. But seeing as this had no effect, he sent a large gust of wind which cleared the whole room, revealing it to be empty.

"Hmph." said Voldemort, amused, after a human presence revealing spell showed no one nearby.

'The coward fled' he thought to himself as he proceeded up the stairs and into the hallway. He blasted the first door open, and it appeared to be the couple's bedroom. He went further down the hallway to the next door. He waved his wand towards it, blasting it open.

Lily let out a yelp as this happened. She had just made one of little Harry's toys into a portkey since Voldemort had put up anti-apparition wards around the house before approaching, and she touched it, expecting to feel the sensation of apparating, but just like she thought, there was also an anti-porkey ward.

Despair filled her, as she felt a pang in her chest, a lump in her throat and her entire body went numb in anticipation for what was to come. She looked at Harry. He was wailing because he was awakened by the blast. She would never see him again. She didn't even know if James made it out alive. She was going to die here. She cried with him, as she knew there wasn't anything she could do against a wizard who rivaled Albus Dumbledore in strength.

Seeing the mudblood cry without even trying to defend herself made Voldemort think about what his servant begged him. He did not understand why Severus loved this woman. Even though she was married to another man, he still wanted her life spared.

Severus had proven himself to be very useful. He was skilled in dueling, and he served as a spy for him in Dumbledore's order. So if he killed her right now, Severus might betray him, considering how much he loved her.

With a flick of his wand, he knocked out Lily and the baby started to fall, but he caught him with a levitation charm before he hit the ground. He pulled the boy towards him, and he put him to sleep with a small stunning charm. As he held the baby who was destined to kill him, he thought back to weeks ago when he was deciding on what to do with the prophecy brought to him by Severus.

His first thought was to kill the boy and prevent any threats against him. But the boy was not the only threat to the vision he had for the Wizarding World. Albus Dumbledore. He was the only one who rivaled his power and everyone knew it. Yet, even Dumbledore could not defeat him, and nor could he defeat Dumbledore. And if this boy had the potential to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, then if raised accordingly, he could be the weapon to unleash upon the world and Dumbledore. And in the future he could maybe even be his successor.

He grinned widely at the sleeping boy in his arms. Removing the wards he had previously put up, he disapparated back to his home and base of operations, the Riddle Manor.

He appeared at the empty dining room where he and his top lieutenants have meetings. He took his seat at the head of the table and called Malfoy through his dark mark.

"You summoned, my Lord?" said Lucius Malfoy meekly, as he apparated into the room, a minute or so later.

"This child, Lucius, is destined for great things. We only need to raise him to the beliefs we uphold. I trust you to do this." the Dark Lord ordered, as he beckoned Lucius over, and handed the baby to him. "He will ensure our victory against Dumbledore."

"What's his name?" asked Lucius, carefully picking up the baby into his arms.

"Harry Potter." said the Dark Lord, watching his lieutenant's expression turn into one of shock. "He will be raised and trained, until he is strong enough to fight Dumbledore."

"If I may ask, my lord, what makes you think that this boy has the power to defeat Dumbledore?" inquired Lucius, curiously.

Voldemort looked at him for a moment before answering, "There was a prophecy. It said that this child, is fated to defeat me," Lucius looked even more shocked. "This boy would have grown up under Dumbledore's tutelage and would eventually mean our downfall. But if he were to be raised as one of us, as a Death Eater?" Voldemort let that sink in, "You are dismissed."

Lucius nodded, his expression quickly turning emotionless as always, and disapparated back to Malfoy Manor.

As he appeared in the main hall of his large manor, he thought about what this meant for his future, while walking up the stairs and into his bedroom. The boy was Draco's age. They could grow up as brothers. Lucius had no problem raising this child, he would have Dobby and Narcissa to do it. It was just an unusual feeling. It's not everyday you're forced to adopt a half-blood infant.

He reached the door to his bedroom and opened it. Narcissa was still asleep, as he did not wake her when he left to the Dark Lord's call. He lowered the baby gently on his side of the bed and went to the other side to wake up his wife. He shook her lightly, which woke her up with a surprised look on her face.

Taking note of his Death Eater outfit, she asked, "What?".

"The Dark Lord tasked me with raising the Potter child." Lucius stated dryly.

"WHAT?!" shouted Narcissa, waking up the baby behind her. She looked at the now wailing baby and back to Lucius, obviously asking for an explanation.

"He told me that this boy has the power to defeat Dumbledore, that he was the one who could ensure his victory in the war. He said that he trusted me with this." he explained. Narcissa looked at him understandingly. She knew he couldn't just refuse the Dark Lord's request, but a baby? She didn't even know how this little half-blood could take on Dumbledore, and she even questioned the Dark Lord's sanity, to herself of course. But she agreed nonetheless.


James Potter ran as fast as his four legs could take him. He reached the outskirts of Godric's Hollow and changed back into his human form. He looked back on his shoulder, at Potter Cottage. Lily must already be at Hogsmeade. With a final sigh, he disapparated to Hogsmeade Village.

Looking around, he saw that Lily was nowhere to be found. He assumed she had already made it to Dumbledore, so he rushed to the bridge leading to his alma mater. Halfway through his destination, he was stopped by Dumbledore appearing a few meters in front of him.

Not letting the man speak, he uttered the question he was dreading the answer to, "Where's Lily?" he asked, panting.

Dumbledore's expression hardened as he answered, "Not here."

James's face went pale and his heart skipped a beat. Without hesitating he disapparated back to Godric's Hollow and Dumbledore followed suit. He arrived at the path leading up to what was left of his door and he sprinted. He ran as fast he could, up the stairs and into the nursery. He stopped at the door for what he saw there made his entire body cold. Lily's body was lying motionless on the floor and Harry was gone. James swallowed the lump in his throat as tears began to fall freely from his eyes and onto his face. He sunk slowly against the wall, as the tears became sobs, for James had just realized that he ran away while the love of his life and only child were murdered. He let them die. He did not protect them. He had nothing and no one now. He held his face in his hands as he kept crying. Not even noticing Dumbledore slowly approach him and then leave. He spent a few more minutes like this when he heard two sets of loud thumping footsteps approach at a fast speed. He looked up to see two familiar faces, that of his best friends, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They approached the room themselves and Remus's breath hitched. As they saw the image of Lily dead on the ground, they all cried softly together. A moment that did not last longer than seconds, as they heard a female groan from the room.

They practically bolted to the red head's side as it was obvious now that she was alive. She opened her eyes, as she saw James, she asked, "Where's Harry?"

The tears on his face and eyes told her what she didn't want to hear. She quickly got up, her heart pounding in her chest. Her baby was gone. Tears fell freely as her knees gave out and she fell back down on the floor and James held her in his arms.

The relief they felt when they realized that their friend was alive was now gone. The four said nothing for what felt like forever, as they all just sat there, the parents grieving the loss of their son and the uncles, their nephew.

Lily's crying stopped, she was now just staring into nothing. Sirius patted James lightly on the shoulder, drawing his attention.

"You're staying with me tonight. Come on." he said, softly, wiping the tears from his face and getting up. James nodded and he almost lifted Lily on her feet.

He put his hand on James's shoulder and his wand hand on Remus's. They appeared in the living room of 12 Grimmauld Place. The place was abandoned by Sirius's family, with most of them dying of natural causes. Now only Sirius lived here. But this was also the main headquarters for the Order of Phoenix.

Sirius gestured James to follow him up the stairs and he and Lily, who was being held up by James, followed him.

Sirius pointed at the second door in the hallway and said, "This one here." he opened the door for the two and James went inside with Lily. Sirius watched as James whispered some words of comfort to her, and laid her down on the bed.

James kissed her temple softly and went back to Sirius. He exited the room and Sirius closed the door behind him. They both went down the stairs. Remus looked at them with raised eyebrows, as Sirius went into the kitchen, opened a cupboard and got a bottle of firewhiskey and three glasses, as the men sat around the small dining table. Sirius filled each of the glasses and sat down, trying to drown the sadness they all felt inside.

The three best friends spent a few minutes like this, each lost in their own thoughts, until James spoke up, "God, I don't even know if he's alive."

Sirius looked at him, "Well, there has to be spells, rituals, that could help you locate him, since you are bound by blood."

"I hope so."

They sat in silence a little while longer, before they were joined by Lily. James pulled up a chair for her next to him and she sat down. He put his arm around her, and they noticed that she had cried again.

"I need some of that." said Lily, her voice hoarse, obviously referring to the bottle of firewhiskey on the table, something that surprised the three.

Sirius summoned a cup from the cupboard and what surprised them even further was when she drank the entire cup in a single swig. They had never seen Lily break character like this, but they understood. Lily was a very emotional woman, they knew that. They wouldn't be surprised if they never saw the Lily they knew.

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