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The months leading up to the U.A entrance exam were both productive and monotonous. Katsuki and Izuku would often meet and train together, working hard and pushing themselves to their limits. Limits that are quickly being surpassed with the help of Izuku's Equipment.

Huffing in and out with massive gulps of air, Katsuki holds out his hand for the sports bottle he'd gotten Midoriya for his birthday. The cool metal of the bottle feels fantastic against his palm when Izuku hands it to him and the boy quickly begins to chug down water, reminding himself to take it slow. After a few seconds of silence between the two, with the only noise being Izuku's own noticeably smaller huffs of air.

"Pah! Man that really hits the spot. So this thing makes water now?" Katsuki asks as he hands the bottle back to Izuku, the top noticeably saliva free. Izuku happily takes the bottle and starts to chug down water on his own. While he's doing that he nods but holds up one finger, asking Katsuki to wait.

"Oh man that is good, and yeah. The last ability was Refill, which lets it make more water over time. I don't know where it's getting the water though. Good water at least. Only does water though, not the Hydrade or Lemonade. Can't even pour the water out. Just fills the bottle, but I mean it fills the whole bottle in an hour so it's pretty great." Izuku explains as he wipes the sweat away from his forehead, looking back at the beach behind him.

Despite their earlier reluctance both boys decided it would be nice to clean the beach. For one thing, to clean up all the garbage present and have a nice beach nearby where they can relax and enjoy the summer. Another reason being they can train here, with the sand working as resistance training, the bits of metal testing your perception and agility. And they can also work on ambush combat defending and attacking.

"Deku your Quirk fucking is weird. I mean I make nitroglycerin sweat that I can somehow explode on my palms but not the rest of my body, which somehow doesn't explode unless I make it explode, and your Quirk is even weirder than that." Katsuki grumbles as he too looks over the work the two boys have done thus far. Already they've cleared up half the beach in 3 months, moving most of the larger objects to be taken away by professionals with big trucks. And there is actually a truck here that was broken down.

"Yeah, I'm not even going to argue that. My Quirk is weird. Hell I'm wearing a tracksuit right now that makes me get more out of all my workouts, and my school uniform increases my learning ability. Don't get me wrong, I love my Quirk but it's weird." Izuku replies as he turns back to his friend, mouth open to ask if he was ready to get back to exercising, only to be stopped by the pissed off expression on his friend's face.

"So your cheating ass is wearing a tracksuits that's making this shit work better for you? Where the hell is my tracksuit you bastard!?" Katsuki asks viciously as he glares at his longtime friend. Over the years he's grown a lot calmer than how he'd normally be, especially after all the things Izuku has done to disable him, but he's still Katsuki

"wha-wait Kaachan I texted you about bringing one. I only got done charging this one today. I had to save up 8000 yen for it. It's B-Rank. I even dumped Charges in it. I only have 356 now." Izuku replies, thrown off by his friend's sudden anger but not about to cower in front of him.

As Izuku talks Katsuki get less and less angry, though at the final sentence he facepalms hard. "DEKU YOU IDIOT!" he shouts. "You should get rid of all your Charges so you're improving your base abilities! At 356 charges you're still at 3 and a half times your base strength." Katsuki growls out at his friend and training partner who suddenly looks like a deer stuck in headlights.

With an apathetic expression on his face Izuku walks over to a wall and starts beating his head against it. "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!" he repeats as he smashes his forehead into the wall, only stopping when he can feel blood pouring down his head. "Fucking… Kaachan bring a tracksuit and whatever else you think might be useful tomorrow. I'll dump all my points into whatever I can find. Mom will be happy when I upgrade more of her cooking stuff I guess." Izuku replies as he looks to his friend, who simply nods with an entertained smirk on his face.


And so the boys' months went with them both using Upgraded items courtesy of Izuku's weird ability and with a combination of increased gains, proper nutrition, and lots of online learning on proper forms and techniques for varying skills.

One such skill Izuku is implementing now as he races across the rooftops of downtown Musutafu as he runs to U.A high. He's not particularly late, but he'd had no trouble sleeping last night and his incredibly comfy bed had held him in soft slumber for just a few minutes too long. Now he's sliding over the edges of roofs as he shouts. "Parkour!"

It takes him only a few minutes to find a good place to get off the roofs he'd been jumping on, dashing back and forth from brick wall to brick wall in an unassuming alley until he finally lands on the ground, his shoes absorbing all his extra momentum so he lands softly and without sound. Though Izuku doesn't even take note of that and instead walks out of the alley, down the street another block, and in front of the illustrious U.A high gate.

Standing there, Izuku takes a moment to really appreciate the size of this building in both a physical and figurative sense. He takes a moment to really think about his life leading up to this point and how his life will go from this point after.

"Move it Deku, we gotta get inside or we'll be late. And next time you run off like that don't go shouting 'parkour' all over the place like an idiot. What if a hero saw you using your Quirk like that!?" the rough voice of Katsuki Bakugo interrupts Izuku's introspective thoughts before said boy nods and begins walking inside, his blonde friend in step beside him.

Izuku and Katsuki find their seats next to each other and quietly wait for the written exam to start. Not even 10 minutes after they've sat down the staff door opens and out steps a well-known Hero, Present Mic. "Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to U.A's Entrance Exam. Today you'll be working hard to see if you have what it takes to attend this prestigious school. Can I get a YEAH!?" the hero shouts, putting a hand to his ear in hopes of deafening applause of those gathered, only for absolute silence to meet him.

"Nice! Anyway you'll have an hour and a half to complete the test in front of you, and after that we'll start the practical portion. So sit up, take a deep breath and get ready…" he pauses here, watching as the children shuffle and move, getting more comfortable as they take deep breaths and make themselves relax. "Alright! BEGIN!" he shouts, smiling as he sees many of the students dive into the exam with a determined fervor.

After the written portion, which Izuku is actually feeling pretty good about, the applicants all came outside, climbed on buses, and were taken to replica towns that they would be using to test their physical heroing abilities.

Stepping off the bus and into his designated waiting zone before his designated gate, Izuku starts taking some deep breaths to both hype himself up and calm himself down. "Gotta focus. This is U.A High, the place only the best get into. I need to be focused and ready." he mutters to himself before a hand suddenly slaps down on his shoulder.

"Could you please stop muttering to yourself? You're distracting others." a tall boy with blue hair and engines in his calves suddenly asks Izuku making the green haired boy blush red with embarrassment. As Izuku opens his mouth to reply a siren goes off and the booming voice of Present Mic tells them to go.

Everyone is stunned for a moment but Izuku is the Quickest to recover, bolting across the gap between the waiting area and the doors, and noticeably covering more distance than his steps should be able to. Immediately slipping between the two open doors Izuku starts looking for the robots they were told about earlier.

Within seconds he spots a couple one pointer and even a two pointer, seemingly patrolling the area, looking for 'heroes' to fight. They spot him immediately and come barreling towards them just as he does them.

Wiggling his fingers Izuku takes the small bit of time he has to take a tally on how many charges he has inside him. "413, I've got to hope it's enough." Izuku mumbles to himself just before he jumps off the ground, immediately uppercutting a One-Pointer and shattering its head around his fist. Izuku winces at the slight sting and shakes hand, trying to get the pain out.

"Definitely going with gloves on the hero suit." he mutters again before jumping back and away from the remaining robots. Taking a moment to gauge the situation and check the damage to his hand Izuku accept the risk/reward cost and immediately dives back in to smashing robots.

In the observation rooms, where the staff of U.A. are looking over the varying students, they make remarks about how much they like their live performances.

"This kid with the explosions is doing very well. Checking for others in the area, mainly attacking the robots from above to reduce shrapnel, and using his explosions for mobility. I'm seeing some great promise out of him." the Blood hero Vlad King remarks as he tallies up the points the would be students are getting as they assault the dreaded Robot Army. Personally he's with Aizawa on the idea of a different physical exam.

"That would be one Katsuki Bakugou. His Quirk, Explosion, allows him to sweat a nitroglycerin like substance from his hands that he can then selectively explode. I've actually had my eye on him ever since the first few noise complaints about explosions. He's been doing a great job training and not getting caught doing it. From my understanding he's been training with another hopeful student down there. One Izuku Midoriya, whose Quirk I'm even more interested in." Nezu, the man rat bear dog creature that just so happens to be the principal of the illustrious school, replies before taking a sip of his tea from his boosted seat.

"Really? Which one is he and why are you so interested in him?" Aizawa, the loner and constantly tired man that he is, asks from his sleeping bag that he has setting up against the wall where he can still keep an eye on things.

"Got him right here." Midnight, in full dominatri- I mean Hero gear, points to one of the screens while holding up a profile for a student. She hands it to Aizawa behind her before she continues making any remarks. "Mm, lot of muscle on him for being only 15. Must have done a lot of exercise recently to bulk up like that but still be slim enough to move like he does." her point is only further proven as Izuku jumps from the ground, onto a wall, jumps off the while, and drives his knee into the back of t a Three-Pointer's head.

"Ah, I could see why you'd be interested In such a Quirk Nezu, though it is a pretty strange one." Aizawa mentions after having gone over Izuku's file. Looking up from the file he sees the curious eyes of almost everyone in the room, especially the number one Hero who has thus far stayed quiet, either nervous or deferring to the other teacher's experience. Sighing to himself Aizawa begins explaining things as best he understands them, because passing around the profile would be illogical.

"His Quirk is weird in that it seems to be two Quirks combined, but neither of his parents have a Quirk like his. It's called Charged Infusion. First his Quirk gives him ten 'charges' a day that he can stockpile. Each individual charge increases his physical abilities by one percent. 100 charges makes him twice as strong. His profile might be out of date but it says he can hold 500 charges before it becomes too much for his body to handle and starts hurting. The other half of his Quirk is that he can infuse those same 'charges' into items, giving them minor Quirk-like abilities. He helpfully put some examples in his profile which mention a notebook he has now filled with seemingly infinite pages, and the same notebook being ridiculously tough when it's closed." Aizawa looks around at the stunned faces and glares, basically daring anyone to ask a question after he just got done explaining things.

"I see. That makes Young Midoriya an incredibly versatile hero applicable in basically any situation. Very interesting indeed." All Might finally speaks up, looking back to Nezu after he speaks.

The rat-man takes a sip of his tea before smiling a chilling smile. "isn't he just? Anyway I believe it is time we really tested the students. Release the Zero-Pointer." Nezu replies before taking another sip of his tea, a mad glint in his eye as Present Mic presses the big red button.

"48 points so far. This is pretty tiring. I'm really glad I was able to bring along my workout suit for this." Izuku mutters to himself as he runs along the rooftops of the faux city, looking around for anyone in need of help, or more robots to smash, but by this point the roads mostly just filled with scrap metal.

Then the building underneath him suddenly crumbled away, and he was standing on the slowly rising body of an absolute massive robot.

"oh. This must be the Zero-Pointer." Izuku notes with a small note of interest, until his feet start sliding off the sheer metal chest of the monstrous robot. He immediately scrambles up the chest of the gigantic thing and clings desperately to the head once he finally gets on its shoulder.

"holy crap I can actually see my house from here." Izuku remarks, his mind still not fully caught up with the situation. Looking around Izuku notices students running away from the robot, leaving people behind to stare at it, and one little splotch way down there that looks incredibly close to a person stuck under some rubble in the immediate path of the walking Robot of Doom.

'they're not actually gonna leave her in harms way are they?' Izuku thinks to himself, asking about both the staff of U.A. and the other would be students who should be helping he like a real hero would. A part of Izuku's mind that sometimes got him in trouble, but was never really wrong answered the question perhaps the best he could. 'are you really gonna leave it up to whether or not they are?'

With a sigh Izuku sends an apology to his poor aching hands before he begins to slam his hands into the metal head of the monster, making slightly larger dents with each strike. It hurts a lot worse than the smaller robots did, likely because of the thicker metal, but dammit there are people to save right now, pain can be dealt with later.

"Holy shit what is that kid doing?!" Power Loader roars as he sees the kid bashing the head of the Mega Robot in with his fists. "acting as a Hero should to defend others. He's taking down the giant robot that is frightening and threatening the other students." All Might replies with a big beaming smile that he's known for.

Power Loader hits All Might over the head with his clipboard. "Use your brain Muscle-head. The targeting and control system for the robot are in its head. If he messes those up we legitimately can't stop the robot without using the failsafe, which he can't do if the kid is inside because it'll collapse the robot on top of him." Power Loader explains in the stressed out voiced of someone tired of dealing with idiots.

Nezu sets his cup of tea down and actually looks worried for a moment. "Maybe it is time I changed the physical exam from robots."

Back with Izuku, he's now made a hole in the head of the robot and is ripping it bigger with his bare hands. He can at this point feel the sharp metal trying to catch purchase on his hands to cut him and just barely not being able to.

Walking inside the head of the machine Izuku is actually amazed at how much open space there is in the thing. It's like someone expected to be in here often. Maybe it was meant to be piloted? Either way, he really needs to stop this thing. Taking a deep breath Izuku looks over all the buttons and switches which are thankfully labeled. Eventually he finds a big read one that reads 'Failsafe' though for some reason in English. Having found no better option, and really not thinking about it, Izuku smacks that button and the machine immediately stops moving.

For a moment at least, then there's a couple dozen loud pops and the machine starts tilting a lot really quickly.

"IT'S FALLING!" Izuku realizes before booking it out of the robot's head, getting a sharp cut on the side of his leg for his actions.

Iida Tenya came to the U.A entrance exam expecting to be able to show off his worth of the family name, and to prove that he can be the next Ingenium. And thus far he's willing to bet that he'd done just that, until the massive robot came out of the ground and started scaring everyone off.

Scaring everyone so much that they willingly left behind a fellow classmate who was almost immediately crushed by rubble and stuck in the path of the massive robot. And then Iida noticed another student on top of the robot, trying to punch his way in.

remembering his breathing exercises his brother taught him the boy bolted for the down classmate, a rather cute brown haired girl with a seemingly permanent blush on her face. Just as he got to her there were a few dozen loud pop sounds and the Giant Robot suddenly stopped, before suddenly toppling over as it seemingly fell apart.

Where the boy that was fighting the thing earlier was he couldn't- wait no there he is, on the arm of the robot seemingly running down the collapsing machine in a desperate bid to escape before it collapses on him.

Iida was stunned by the display and would have remained as such were it not for the girl still pinned under the rubble suddenly groaning. Immediately he knelt down and began lifting the rubble as best he could. It's not what his Quirk was meant for but he still had strong legs and could at least get some of the weight off of her.

"just a little more, if I can move my arm to reach it I can get it off." the pinned girl declared and Iida took that as motivation to push himself even further. The rubble shifted, and he was worried that it was going to collapse, and then suddenly he was pulling nothing. The weight was gone and his arms went flying up in the air, taking the rubble with them.

Before Iida could say anything he was suddenly struck from the side and pushed away with a strong force that knocked the wind out of him. Just before he landed there was a loud crash, almost as loud as the sounds of the robot collapsing earlier.

When iida opened his eyes again he was blinded by a wild mess of green hair, and then that mess moved to present the boy who had defeated the giant robot. Before he can ask why on earth the boy tackled him the boy asked his own question. "are you two okay?"

stunned and confused, Iida looked to his left and saw the same girl that he'd been helping moments before, though she was apparently throwing up on the ground. Did the boy tackle her harder than him? "why did you tackle us?" Iida asked

The boy pointed back to the rubble he's been helping the girl out of, only now the massive piece of rubble was smashed down to the ground, and if he'd been under it he might have actually died here. "the rubble started falling. I didn't know what was happening but I needed to get you guys out of there. Are you okay?"

Iida would go on to remember this day as the day he met the best hero in the world.