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Later in the Young household in the main office

Barbara comes in to see her husband Sam finishing up papers for the DA work since the arrest of Jordan Pryce with revealing about thirty-five corrupt officials from police to city council, has resulted in paperwork to the extreme. On the bright side, the GCPD department and city council are really getting cleaned up.

Moving over to the couch up against the wall Barbara sits down and putting her head against the wall sighs deeply. Following the yelling Bruce gave earlier she's been doing some thinking.

"Do you think I've been too harsh on the new Batman because of my bitterness and ego?" Barbara asks.

Placing his pen down Sam looks up at his wife replying, "Yes you have some issues for how you treat the new Batman from your own past as Batgirl."

Looking over "You know in all the years we've been married you never have told me why you trust Batman so much, not in any of the arguments we've had when McGinnis showed up either" Barbara says.

"Years ago, my father Dan Riley Young got kidnapped by Boss Biggis and forced to work in a camp mining gold alongside multiple others. Until one day Batman saved them and even in his public self, offered various members of the unemployed victims a job at Wayne Enterprises. If it wasn't for Batman, I would never have been born some years later, and never have married you" Sam says.

Giving a nod "The Dark Knight gives people hope, he looks out and protects this city when no one else can" Barbara replies realizing how petty she's been "It's what my father saw in him, it's why they worked together."

"Yeah, I would say so. Lord knows he has certainly made my job easier" Sam says.

"Looks like I've got some apologizing to do to them both and maybe start working with them a bit more. My own actions blinded my ego haven't done this city much good" Barbara says.

"Honey don't beat yourself up too much, okay? You realize your mistakes, that's after all the first step" Sam says reassuringly.

"Thanks," Barbara says then getting an idea smirks.

Frowning in concern "Uh I know that long, it's usually one before trouble follows. It's how you got me convinced to do a lot of young, dumb stuff when we were in college" Sam says.

"Well, you'll find out right when the rest of Gotham City does" Barbara replies.

Next night underneath Wayne Manor

Moving down the steps Bruce stops in brief surprise at seeing Terry with his jacket off is already in the chair looking at the various monitors containing information. Bruce doesn't bother stopping a smile from grazing his lips or the pride within his chest for how Terry is truly growing into the Dark Knight.

Not the impulsive, angry kid when they first met but is also growing into the other roles for what being Batman is. At the same time, Bruce is concerned given how it looks like him from years ago, how easily Terry could end up like him for being alone if McGinnis lets Batman consume him. Still, Terry making an active choice to let Walker into his life gives Bruce hope that won't come to pass.

Walking over Bruce notices Terry is covered in sweat, so he probably was beating a training dummy to death earlier to workout whatever frustration he had.

"Oh sorry, I'll move," Terry says sheepishly "This is your chair."

Looking at the screens "Lanier Company?" Bruce asks.

Scowling "Yeah the guy who has been building those VR reality machines. We've let this case fall to the wayside, that ends. Matt got caught stealing at his own birthday party for money to get into these machines. Won't even listen to how dangerous they are" Terry says.

"It's like a drug, they are all addicted" Bruce growls.

"Exactly and it's time I paid a visit to Johnathan Hatter," Terry says darkly.

"Don't let your anger could your judgment. We still have the same problem of no proof, even with Jessie a young girl who fell into a vegetable coma it's not enough to take him down. Lanier's lawyers made a disclaimer for side effects are at the person's own risk" Bruce says, "Legally he's secure in that way."

"Yeah, I know. I've tried getting past his company's servers for try finding possible illegal activity but kept hitting dead ends" Terry replies.

Bruce touches the chair as Terry gets up with Bruce sitting down who begins hacking into Lanier's database. After a while, upon getting an idea the first Dark Knight brings up a picture of Johnathan Hatter and one of Ira Billings for running a comparison search. Following a moment, the results are done.

"It matches, Ira Billings is Johnathan Hatter, who let me guess escaped from Blackgate, but the officials covered it up to save face," Terry says in disgust and anger.

"Especially since Billings got life without parole," Bruce says.

"How did you even think of putting that together?" Terry asks in shock.

"With all this VR tech I thought of Spellbinder being involved but no way to prove it. His public name of Hatter reminds me of one of my past enemies that used mind control tech got me considering occasionally the most obvious solutions are right in front of us. Having met Johnathan Hatter seemed familiar somehow but couldn't place it" Bruce explains.

Nodding "Yeah it's long past time this dreg got reacquainted with me" Terry replies heading off to the glass cases containing the suits.

Later at the arcade

Using the invisible mode Terry in the Batman suit makes his way into the room for the VR devices and stops in horror. Given there are four different ones being green bubbles as there are people inside of each, one including Matt.

Letting out a low growl of anger Terry suddenly feels movement nearby and is barely able to roll away from a blast of energy shot his way.

Turning off the cloaking device Batman turns to see Spellbinder walking forward holding a ball with a human eye in the center, his usual device. Only this time some upgrades by Mr. Wayne got made for the cowl's lenses in order to better filter out Billings' mind-bending device.

"I had a feeling you would be showing up eventually Batman. I've been waiting patiently for this day" Spellbinder says.

"Just answer me one question why do all this? No wait let me guess, the same old petty theft. The people have ended up in comas they will never awake from" Terry replies growling "All so you can make a cheap buck."

"All your questions will be answered by simply looking into my eye" Spellbinder says raising up the now glowing object.

In response, Batman producing a batarang in his hand throws it directly into the eye destroying the device as Spellbinder yells in shock. Moving forward Terry jumps up kicking Spellbinder in his chest breaking various ribs. Hauling Spellbinder who's in agony to his feet Terry kicks his left leg in with a resulting snap.

"How do I get them out?" Batman growls.

"You figure it out hero" Spellbinder snarls.

"Listen dreg head I'm not in the mood for games but if you are, I'll just hook you up to one of your devices" Batman replies angrily.

"Go ahead because I'll just happily imagine ruining your life even if I do die from it," Spellbinder says.

Deciding it's useless to keep wasting time Batman replies by punching Spellbinder in his face rendering Ira out cold and dropping the criminal to the floor.

"He's more useless then Mad Stan on a rant. Any ideas?" Terry asks tapping the cowl.

"I need a design scan of the machine, get me a look at it" Bruce replies.

Walking over to one of the devices which is holding Matt the Dark Knight crouches down and producing a miniature two-pronged device that Terry uses by ripping off a panel then inserting it into the machine. Suddenly McGinnis yells in pain as electricity courses through his body. Vaguely Terry can feel Bruce trying to reach him, but it fuzzes.

As Terry comes to discover he is standing inside the kitchen at McGinnis household, only his father is there at the table eating alongside his civilian self and Mary. Getting his senses together upon seeing his dad again Terry can understand how this can be addicting but quickly suppresses it. Reality to get back to, with Melanie, Mr. Wayne, his mother and protecting Gotham City.

Using that to fill himself with strength Terry walks over to the table as Matt looks over at him in shock.

"Batman, how did you get here?" Matt asks happily.

"I have my ways. Listen, Matt McGinnis, I need you to give this up and return to your family. This is all wrong, just a fake reality designed by a villain of mine" Terry says.

"Yes, but return to what? A mother who is thankfully there but my dad will be gone, my brother is a dreg whose never around" Matt says emotionally.

Crouching down "Listen I get it's lonely but that's life. You still have people in your life from your mother or hopefully friends at school. If your brother is stranger whose never home" Batman replies, pausing since, knowing the next words are going hurt like a knife slicing up his insides, "he's not worth your time. Be better than your brother. Your mother has already lost your dad, don't make Mary McGinnis lose you too."

"Alright Batman I'll leave this place," Matt says despite the clear emotional struggle within.

"Good boy" Terry replies approvingly.

"I'm not a dog you know" Matt snarks.

Suddenly Matt disappears as Terry watches as his civilian self goes, Mary and Warren to for everything fades around as Batman suddenly finds himself back in the arcade room.

"McGinnis, what the hell happened?" Bruce barks in his ear.

"Slag that was not fun. I got transported into Matt's VR reality and hopefully got him out" Terry replies.

"You did. Fortunately, your hacking into the system allowed me to get an inside look into the machines Spellbinder built. Just destroy the control boxes to get them out" Bruce explains.

"Isn't that too risky?" Terry asks in concern.

"It won't overload the victim's minds. Destroying the machine will sever the connection" Bruce replies.

"So, they will end up with a major headache but otherwise be fine," Terry says.

"Already sent a tip to the GCPD and one for ambulances, get a move on McGinnis" Bruce orders.

"Relax I'm already on it" Terry replies.

Batman moves throughout the room throwing explosive batarangs into the machine's control panels, freeing the victims. Once done Batman having thrown another explosive batarang with increasing the power in it, opens a hole in the roof he flies into the night.

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First Sam Young mentioning his dad being Dan Riley is a tie in to the original BTAS where those events of Bruce saving all those people happened in an episode called The Forgotten. I added Young to the end of Dan's name for solving the problem of how Dan was his dad.

While, to my knowledge, it never did state if Sam knew of Barbara's past, I decided to make it where he did.

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