A/N: Well, this was prompted by a picture I took during the summer. The locations and film scenes are based on the legends/folktales of Two Lovers Point in Guam and it's sister site Lover's Point in Japan. Apologies if I don't describe them well, I've never been to either! After reading several releases by this lovely community during (Vain or Valentine's, your pick) I decided to go forward and start writing the story that popped in my head. I must distract myself as I eagerly await Chapter 279 from Nakamura-sensei. I hope you enjoy!

Swooping down from above, all that can been seen is a tall cliffside overlooking a vast ocean. Moving away from the tip, a narrow dirt path can be seen, winding its way through the tropical flora to a village further inland. Near the point of the cliff, two figures are seen wrapped closely together. A large crowd of people heavily armoured, led by two richly dressed gentlemen wielding swords, move steadily closer to the couple they can see just ahead of them on the path.

A man stands ready, long black hair pulled tight into a bun a top his head, plain but well-kept clothes plastered to his body, sword drawn to face the encroaching horde. Both he and the young woman at his side breathe heavily from the exertion of the trek and trying to outpace their hunters. The man motions with his sword for the crowd to stop as they crest a rise in the path and become level with the pair. He and the beautiful, raven-haired lady stand together, hands clasped tightly. A look of fear and determination on their faces. Facing the ever-looming crowd, the man motions again for them to stop before the pair slowly step further back towards the cliff's edge.

"HALT!" The older man at the head of the hunting party yells, hand raising to sign to his men filed behind him. Everyone pauses, unsure whether the man was commanding the pair or the group of soldiers. At his side a younger gentleman seethes at the delay, impatient to have the problem dealt with.

Turning his face towards the young woman, the older man asks pleadingly, "Please my dear. There is nowhere else for you to go. Your mother is worried for you!" Attempting to project kindness and reassurance, her begins to lower his own sword and beacons with one hand, "Come home with me."

"NO!" The young woman cries, clasping the hand of the warrior at her side tighter. "I will not do it Father. I will not marry HIM."

"Insolent girl! You will do what I say! You are promised to the Captain and will honor that arrangement by marrying him!" her father replies, voice raising as his temper starts to flare. "You will come here, and you will leave that man. Or so help me!" Sword raising again as he steps forward menacingly and spits out the last few words. Beside him the captain adds sneering, "I shall give you all you need. Come girl, leave your pathetic boy. We are to marry in the morning."

Ignoring her father and the other man, the woman turns to her warrior. The two look deeply into each others' eyes for a moment. Nodding, the man sheathes his sword and raises his free hand, gently brushing a lock of hair back from the woman's face before reaching around to the back of her neck. The warrior slowly caresses her as her does so then begins to gently tug her long braid over her shoulder to rest between them.

Reaching up, the woman begins to do the same, pausing momentarily to run her hand along his jaw, the mans eyes fluttering shut for a second as she cups his face. Then, she begins to move her hand upwards and into his hair. Freeing her other hand from his grasp, she reaches up with both and undoes the tie holding his hair up in the bun. She runs her hands through his hair as it cascades down his back, before she gathers it together and pulls it over his shoulder. The two then begin to purposely knot the ends of their hair, binding themselves with a single knot.


The actors blink as they adjust to the sudden interruption and the burst of additional noise that erupts upon the command. "Hold that position for a second everyone, we will check the playback first before moving to the close-ups." the Director yells out to his cast, face already buried behind the stack of equipment in-front of him.

Taking a deep breath, Ren looks down at his leading lady. A slight smirk on his face as he helps her undo their hair.
"Alright there, Kyoko-chan?"
The small blush on her cheeks deepens at his endearment, and Kyoko looks up.
"Must you do that, Ku-Ren!"
"Hmm?" he hums, an innocent gleam in his eyes.
Glaring at him she hisses, "I specifically said NOT to caress my neck! You know I'm sensitive there!"
"But you have the loveliest reactions if I do." he replies, the innocent gleam turning briefly to the Emperor of the Night before Ren blinks it away.
"This is exploitation!"
"It's using skills to bring out the best reaction in my partner, that's not exploitation."
"Through acting! Not using prior knowledge of my weakness against me to make me show a specific expression."
Chuckling Kuon leans closer and murmurs in her ear, "I never said I was going to use my acting skills."
"Uggh! You're impossible." Kyoko responds, lightly smacking his shoulder, "I don't know why I associate with you."
"Because you love me." he replies quietly, a genuine adoring smile peeking out behind the teasing smirk.
"For some reason." Kyoko says, eyes rolling but with a slight pink burning the tips of her ears.

Their mini argument is interrupted as the Director yells, "Alright, the scene looks good! Tsuruga-san and Kyoko-san, we are going to start the close-ups from the hair knotting, so try to copy your previous actions as best as possible. There will be cameras on both sides so don't worry about blocking one as you move about. Soldiers, remember you may be in frame at some points so make sure your actions reflect those of your characters and not a bystander!"
"Yes, sir!"

The warrior nods at his lady as he brings his hand up to caress a lock of her hair away from her face, then moves it lower to run along the side of her neck. His thumb briefly moving over her racing pulse point lovingly, eliciting a small moan from her and a slight blush to rise to her face. As he reaches to pull her hair over her shoulder, he can feel a hand winding its way up into his bun. The other hand running along his jaw, pausing to cup his face before joining its pair. His eyes close briefly at the sensation. The two of them remain lost in their own little world as they do this.

The woman admires the man as she gently tugs his hair over his shoulder, her senses acutely aware of him and his hands on her. As the long strands of their hair brush together, they begin to gather it, twisting and tying so they are joined not only emotionally but physically by the knot they created. Gazing back into each other's eyes, they drift ever closer. Ignoring the rustling of the wind and the clang and thumps coming from the men not far away, the pair slowly kiss. Their lips gentle and caressing at the beginning, an acknowledgement of their feelings for one another. As the realization of their situation starts to intrude, the kiss becomes deeper and more passionate. The woman nips the man's bottom lip as his hands pull her closer. Their mouths and tongues mate, swirling, caressing and sucking, mimicking what their bodies want in that moment, the desperation and lust overpowering them. As their hips begin to move in time with the thrusting of their tongues, they pull back. The sound of pounding steps moving towards them breaking through their haze of love. Each taking a deep steadying breath, foreheads pressed together, they share one final look before turning and making the leap. Their bodies fall quickly, crashing into the waters below. The men and soldiers rush over too late and can only peer down in disbelief. Watching as the bodies of the couple sink below the waves, the lady and the warrior alive no more.

"CUT!" The Director cries out after a moment of silence. Some of the crew rush forward to ensure Ren and Kyoko are safe. The two actors lay tangled together on the small landing pad just below the stage they had set up near the edge of the cliff.
"That was wonderful!"
"Do you need anything?"
"Can we help you with that?"
The various stagehands and stylists help Ren and Kyoko up from their prone position and begin to untangle the pair and their hair as they wait for the director's verdict.

Off to the other side of the stage, the other members of the cast begin to talk amongst themselves as they wait.
"No wonder they are the Single-take King and Queen!"
"I know! Man, that was so intense. I had to stop myself from staring to much so I wouldn't screw up the take."
"HA! I had to make sure I didn't fidget too much. I'm afraid I might need to jump into the ocean after witnessing that."
Several of the men present agreed with that.

"Do you think the rumours are true?"
"About them dating? Fuck, if they're not, I definitely want to throw my hat in the ring. I'm going to need a cold shower for days just to calm myself."
"Hat in the ring for which one?" someone jokingly calls out.
"Honestly, either at this moment!"
A few more murmurs of agreement followed this statement along with a lot more chuckling.

From their places on the side, a progression of expressions flew subtly over the faces of the pair in question. Pride at the acknowledgment of their talent, to embarrassment on her part for the cruder comments. Catching Kuon's eye, Kyoko slightly shakes her head and briefly brushes her hand along his arm to calm him about the dating comments, before being overcome with shock at the implication of the last one.

Shaking his head, Ren leads the blank Kyoko away from the other cast towards the director, thanking the stagehands and stylists for their help along the way.
"Is everything alright, sir?" He asks, watching the director repeat a section of their kiss a few times.
"Ah! Yes…" the Director coughs, startled out of his moment of contemplation. "It all looks great! We will alter the lighting and background later to match the correct time of day for the scene. And to edit in the shot of you two sinking below the water. You both can have a break for the next few hours as we will be shooting the reaction scenes with the others for now, but we will need you both back here to shoot the sunset shot at the viewing platform later."
"Alright, we shall see you later than!"

Greetings of "Thanks for your hard work!" ring out among the cast and crew as the begin to get ready for the next scenes and Ren and Kyoko make their way towards the pavilions. The pair nod and reply in kind as they walk by reflex, both otherwise quiet as they walk in contemplation to their dressing rooms.