The pavilions for the film crew were packed once they arrive back from their incognito walk. Heading towards their temporary dressing rooms, Kyoko and Kuon are stopped by one of the security guards assigned to the site.
"Sorry, only crew members allowed." the guard states, raising a hand to halt their progress.
Stopping, the couple share a glance before Kyoko answers, "We are part of the crew."
"I'm sorry, but I'm going to need some ID." the guard replies, looking the two of them over doubtfully.
"Here." Kyoko says, holding out their crew badges.
Inspecting them, the guard's eyes go wide.
"I'm so sorry, Kyoko-san, Tsuruga-san! I did not recognise you two." Hastily moving to the side, he bowed in apology as they pass.
Taking pity on the young guard, Kuon replies, "No harm. You are just doing your job. At least we know these disguises work well."
"Thank you! Good luck with the filming."

The pair barely make it to their dressing rooms before catching each other's eye and bursting out into laughter.
"What's so funny?" Yashiro asks as he comes upon the couple bent over in the entranceway to Ren's dressing room, eyes watering as they continued to laugh.
"We- He- The guard-" Kuon attempts to explain between wheezing breaths.
"At the point- a couple- our disguises-" Kyoko tries to add as she wipes tears from her eyes.
Bemused Yashiro stands in the doorway as he waits for them to regain their composure.
"Are you done now?" he asks minutes later as Kuon and Kyoko take some calming breaths interspersed with giggles when they glanced at each other.
"I- I think so." Kuon states, breathing deep to resume the mantle of Tsuruga Ren once more.
"Sorry, Yashiro-san. We will get ready now." Kyoko says as she moves out of the door and towards her dressing room.
"It's okay, I came to tell you there was an issue on set and your filming has been pushed back another half-hour. Saito-san has gone to get the updated scripts from the writers' tent as the director made some changes to your scenes later."
Seeing their worried expressions, he adds, "Nothing major as far as I can tell, just some of the dialogue."
Nodding in understanding, Kyoko heads off, leaving Yashiro with Ren.

"You have some time, but you might want to change before the director sees you like this, and your reveal is ruined before you can even put in motion what you and the president have planned."
"You're right, as usual." Ren replies, sighing. "You'll let me know when we have the information I asked for?"
"Of course."
Glancing after the departed Kyoko, Ren sighs once more before entering his dressing room to change. Catching it Yashiro, quietly reminds him, "Only a few more months Ren. "
Smiling slightly, Ren responds, "I know. I can't believe were almost there. It's still hard though."
"Then give the last shoot your best, as you always do, and you'll both be off for the next few days."
"I plan on it."

An hour later, the film crew was set up and ready to shoot the modern-day scenes. Once the director yells "Action!", Ren and Kyoko make their way back to the viewing platform, this time in character.

As the light changes to a beautiful sunset, a man walks quietly to one side of the view platform before glancing down at the love lock he had found, tears glistening in his eyes as he thinks of the past. Taking a moment to regroup, he lets out a choked gasp before letting go of the lock and turning to look out at the sunset. A few minutes later a woman comes up, unbeknownst to the man, and comes to look at the same lock. Tears streaming down her face, she quietly sobs before also leaving the lock and moving off to another area. Both take in the view of the bay as the sun goes down, then turn and walk solemnly away, missing each other by a few feet as other tourists walk in between them.


The quiet film-set bursts into noise as everyone checks their equipment and wait to learn if the scene needs to be redone. All around the blocked-off film site, several tourists mingle and chatter excitedly while trying to catch a glimpse of the film shoot. Off to the side, Ren hands Kyoko some tissues as she dries away her tears from the scene, itching to pull her close after witnessing her tortured expression in the play-back.

"Are you okay?" He asks her quietly.
"I'm okay. Just- just don't ever leave me." Kyoko whispers back, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks once more.
On the pretense of helping her fix her make-up, Ren holds up one of the tissues to her face and cradles her cheek as he looks down at her.
"I'm right here. I always will be as long as you want me."
Closing her eyes, Kyoko takes in a deep breath, then nods. Reaching up, she gently squeezes his hand before taking the tissue from him. Seconds later their makeup artists come up, breaking the moment, and reminding the couple they are still in public.

Filming continues, mostly close-ups of the actors at the lock to be interspersed with flashbacks of scenes they did earlier on in the filming schedule. An hour later, light fading around the crew the director is finally satisfied they have all the shots they will need from this location. A round of, "Thanks for your hard work" ring out among the group as everyone begins to pack up for the night. Checking with the director, Kyoko and Ren confirm that they are free for a few days as the filming in Guam wraps up.

"Thank you for your work today! You both are certainly the amazing actors I've heard you to be. I've already informed your managers, but filming will start in Niigata in a week. The updated film schedule will be sent soon once we finish up here." The director says.
"Thank you! I'm glad you are pleased with our work. We shall see you back in Japan!" Kyoko responds.
"Yes, thank you." Ren adds.
The couple bow and say their goodbyes to the director and the crew as they make their way back to their dressing rooms to pack up.

"How long do you have off again?" Kyoko asks as they walk to the pavilion.
"I have 4 days, then I need to fly back for a few interviews before filming starts again." Ren responds.
Head tilted in confusion, Kyoko questions, "I thought you had a photo shoot in 2 days?"
Nodding, Ren says, "I used to. There was a problem with the product line, so it needs to be rescheduled for later."
"So, you are staying here for a bit longer?" Kyoko asks hopefully.
"I'm not sure. I asked Yashiro to see if it was possible."

Coming up to their managers, Yashiro greets them, "Filming went well I see. To your question earlier Ren, yes we were able to fix everything around."
Saito-san, Kyoko's manager adds, "The details are in your inbox. We already packed and moved your things, so you just need to change and check for anything we missed."
"Thank you so much! I really appreciate it." Ren says in gratitude.
"It was no problem. "

Seeing Kyoko's confusion, Saito says, "Get changed and then check your email, dear. Yashiro-san and I will be waiting for you two at the shuttle van."

Gently pushing her charge into her dressing room, Saito waves then closes the door. Briefly nodding to Ren and Yashiro, she walks off. A moment later a loud squeal of happiness rings out from the closed door. Grinning in response, Ren finishes checking his email, a confirmation of the mini vacation from the president and the room reservation at the other hotel for the next few days. Thanking his manager, Ren hurries into his dressing room and changes back into Kuon, eager to spend time with his fiancée.

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