Later that night a loud wailing woke both parents, the joys of having a kid it seems.

MJ sat up slowly and went to get up, looking back when she felt a hand on her arm. She quirked a brow at her husband and watched as he climbed out of the bed, opening her mouth to speak before he shushed her with a soft kiss.

"I've got her." Peter whispered, shuffling out of the room. He crossed the hall and smiled softly when he entered the room, glancing around a little before seeing a small Spider-Man plushie on the floor. He smiled a little and scooped the plushie up slowly, crossing towards the small bed.

Peter smiled lovingly when the tears finally stopped as May finally recognized her father's face. He sat down on the side of the bed and gathered her into arms, bouncing her a little on his good leg, hearing her giggle quietly.

"Feel better? You probably just wanted Daddy's attention, right? Your Mom's the same, ah you don't care." Peter chuckled softly and poked her nose gently, holding out the little plush toy. He grinned a little when she took the toy from his hand. "That's right, Mayday, Spider-Plushie was just protecting you from the bad guys. That's why I found him all the way over there." He pointed over near the door with a smile, noticing MJ in the doorway.

"Looks like she just wanted Daddy to say hi." Mary Jane said with a chuckle, entering the room. She sat down and smoothed out May's red hair with a grin, gently taking the girl from her father's grasp. MJ smiled cheerily and set May on her lap before covering her own eyes. "Where's Mommy? Oh no, where'd she go?" She dramatically moved her hands from her eyes, laughing a little at the excited giggling from the two year old.

"Oh good you're back." Peter joked, laughing lightly when MJ elbowed him in the ribs.