's the thing

There are very few crossovers between Bionicle and Fairy Tail, the stories that do exist are either dead, short, or not really that good, or all of the above, in my opinion though, and they're only three. The annoying thing as well is that the writers of two of these stories have chosen to humanize the Bionicle characters, and a lot of Bionicle crossovers like to do this, to which I always wonder, why? Is it for the purpose of shipping? Or to fit in more with human characters? In the end I know it might be that it's not a popular crossover, but I'm curious if any one of you has wondered how the characters would react to these biomechanical creatures, and the ways of their world, and vice versa, eventually.

To be clear, I don't plan on starting with a full out crossover, not yet, I was thinking at first to do a cinematic reaction if you will, having the Fairy Tail characters, and possibly some characters from another guild to wake up in a theatre, myself and the other writer in Kanohis explaining why they are there, and have them react to the Bionicle story first, so that way, they get to know the characters, and their world(s, and how it all works and connects. I also understand why some people humanize the Bionicle characters in some crossovers, so that connections between characters are made easier, but I, and possibly others, though I can only confirm my own few, want to see how they would react to these creatures, for example, a crossover story called "Godzilla: Rulers of Earthland" does this extremely well, sure, the monsters are downsized, but still they are Kaiju and still connect with the Fairy Tail characters, but that is for the future, for the present, Fairy Tail and friends will react to the story or Bionicle. in the end I'll need somebody who's very familiar with Fairy Tail's characters, if they know about Bionicle as well, that also is welcome, plus it's fun to work with someone else, so..will you help me?

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