I bit my lip nervously as Edward drove to the Cullen's house, I had my letter clutched in my hands, I had asked Edward to call a family meeting because there was something I wanted to tell them, I was sure Edward thought I was just bringing up the subject of my change again.

I didn't bother correcting him, I was finally getting what I wanted, after months of weekly letters, pleading. begging Harry to release me from my Oath made with family magic he had finally agreed, of course my shut down had been the reason for his finally allowing me to Tell the Cullen's my secret.

I sighed, when Edward Left me, Harry had blamed himself, he thought that if he had allowed me to share my secret, Edward wouldn't have been inclined to leave, he would have realized that I could take care of myself.

I told him not to blame himself, that it wasn't his fault, but he didn't listen. he always blamed himself, just like I always blamed myself, It wasn't something I could control, I blamed the Dursleys.

I was brought out of my internal musings by Edward parking in the Cullen's drive. I suddenly got a lump in my throat, as true to form, I began panicking. ' what if they don't want anything to do with me after? what if they hate me? what... what if they think I'm a freak?' I worried. at times like this I wondered where my Gryffindor bravery had skipped off to.

"Bella? are you ok?" Edward asked as he opened my door for me. I nodded mutely as I got out hesitantly. He didn't look convinced. "Jasper can feel your panic and fear, what's wrong?" He asked lowly. his eyes darting to the letter clutched in my hand like a lifeline. I had refused to let him read it.

I quickly shoved the letter in my pocket, keeping my hand there and swallowed. "yea, just... let's go inside, I want to get this done with." I said. he nodded and we walked into the house, Immediately I noticed the rest of the family sitting in the living room, most of them looking mildly curious, Alice Had a carefully neutral expression and I blanched with the sudden realization that she most likely saw exactly what my news was.

Summoning all of my courage I sat down with Edward on the empty love seat that was arranged to face the rest of the family, Esme gave me a warm smile and I returned it tentatively, gulping down the rest of my nerves, I began.

"I asked Edward to call this meeting because I have something to tell you all, but before I say anything please know that if I was physically capable of telling you before without collapsing on the spot then I would have. " I said, looking directly at Rosalie, after the events that happened in italy she had been trying to be nicer to me and actually get to know me. I didn't want this to destroy the unsteady friendship we had built.

at this time Alice spoke. " Go on Bella, we won't blame you." she said encouragingly, thats when I knew she had seen my news, she was telling me everything would work out fine. I sighed in relief as I took out the letter from my pocket and smoothed it out. " I got a letter today that made it physically possible for me to tell you this secret. I'd like to read it to you, after I tell you a story. this story has everything to do with my secret, please just hear me out until the end and don't interrupt.

" 18 years ago there was a war amongst witches and wizards, pureblood supremacists-" Here I was cut off by Emmett, "What's a pureblood?" He asked. Rosalie shot him a dirty look. " she said don't interrupt! I want to know what's going on!" She hissed. Emmett looked sheepish and shot me an apologetic look as he gestured for me to continue.

I sighed. " to answer your question a pureblood is a witch or wizard who's parents and grandparents were all witches and wizards. a half-blood is someone with less than that. a muggleborn or Mudblood, as pureblood supremacists call them is someone who is the first magic user in their family. now that that's cleared up. as I was saying.

there was a war amongst witches and wizards, pureblood supremacists who were led by a man named Voldemort, birth name Tom Riddle were wreaking havoc on the wizarding world, it was a full blown bloody civil war. people were so scared of Voldemort and his death eaters that everyone was afraid to say his name. they called him You-know-who or He-who-shall-not be named.

Voldemort was months away from taking over the ministry of magic, and everyone knew it. then out of nowhere a prophesy was made, assumed to be fortelling the defeat of the dark lord. it went as follows,

"The ones with the power to defeat the dark lord approaches. born to those that have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. and the dark Lord will mark them as his equals for two cannot live while the third one survive's. a battle will be faught, only then can a new dawn arise. the ones with the power to defeat the dark Lord approaches, born as the seventh month dies."

three babies were due at the end of July to parents who had survived three separate confrontations with the dark Lord, a spy who got a hold of the first three lines of the prophecy brought it back to Voldemort and he became obsessed with the prophecy, the two families went into hiding, on July 30th of that year, Neville Longbottom was born. and the Dark Lord began making plans to find and attack the Longbottom ancestral Family manor, the longbottoms were an old pureblood family, called blood traitors for not siding with the Dark Lord,

The Longbottoms thought they were safe behind the protection of their ancient wards. but then, the next day on July 31st twins, Harry James and Isabella Rosemarie Potter were born. and Voldemort changed his mind. he now wanted to go after the Potter's.

The Potter's went into hiding, and were successful in evading the dark lord for about a year and a half, then on Halloween night 1981 the Potter's were betrayed by their secret keeper, Peter Pettegriew. I'll explain what that is later, all you have to know is that had Peter never told Voldemort where the Potter's were, he would have never found them even if he were sitting on their front porch.

that night he attacked. James Potter tried to defend his family, he tried to buy enough time for his wife and children to escape, but there was no way out, little did anyone know Lily Potter had prepared for this scenario, she had done a ritual, a very dark ritual based on blood magic and all that was left for her to do was complete it. she ran into the nursery, placed her children in their crib and turned to shield them. Voldemort killed James then came after them, for whatever reason he told her to stand aside, that she didn't have to die, that he only wanted the children." I snorted.

" as if she were going to just let him kill her babies... she refused, she begged him to spare her children. to kill her instead. he ignored her and told her to stand aside several times more, still she refused, she continued to plead and beg for him to kill her instead. Voldemort killed her in his ire, not knowing that that is exactly what Lily had wanted.

she willingly sacraficed her life to save her children, her dying for them completed the ritual, and her children were now immune to the killing curse that Voldemort preferred to use.

though he didn't know it. he raised his wand and fired the deadly green curse, but they were already protected, the curse hit both children, cutting into their flesh and creating scars in the shape of a lightning bolt. Harry's is on his forehead, his sisters is on her chest, over her heart.

the curse then rebounded and struck Voldemort instead, many believed him to be killed. but he was actually reduced to a bodyless wraith and fled. the war was over, somehow word spread like wildfire.

and everyone in the wizarding world celebrated and toasted to the two orphaned babe's" I said, sneering slightly. " they called them The-twins-who-lived, or The-Boy-who-lived/ Girl-who-lived respectively.

but while they were celebrating their freedom no one gave a thought to where the twins were, if they were safe, if they were healthy, or even who would raise them.

A manipulative old man by the name of Albus Dumbledore brought it upon himself to place the two children, the two magical children with their magic hating relatives and manipulate the system to have their rightful guardian and godfather thrown into Azkaban, a wizarding prison, for crimes he didn't commit, and without a trial. I'll spare you the details, but for 11 years the twins grew up in a cuboard under the stairs, that they had to share, unloved, starved, neglected and beaten-" I paused as furious growling broke out around the room

I was surprised to see that even kind, lovable Esme and Carlisle looked murderous. Rosalie was practically vibrating in anger, and Edward looked like he wanted to hunt down the Dursleys, thats exactly why I hadn't mentioned their names or address yet, after all. I wanted to kill Vernon myself.

" then on their 11th birthday two letters showed up, from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, addressed to number 4 Privet Drive in Surrey, for Mr Harry James and Isabella Rosemarie Potter cuboard under the stairs.-" Here I was cut off by Rosalie who jumped to her feet and hissed.

"they knew! they knew and did nothing!" She growled. I smiled slightly and shook my head. " no. only the headmaster Albus Dumbledore knew, the letters are adressed by an enchanted quill, made by one of the founders of Hogwarts Rowena Ravenclaw." I chuckled.

" trust me, if the Deputy headmistress would have seen that letter she would have castrated the Headmaster, transfigured the Dursleys into wooden logs and used them as firewood as she raised the twins herself.

I'm serious, those were her exact words when she found out how they were raised, for all her faults, Minerva McGonagall cares about her students, all of them. she was actually under a compulsive charm of the headmaster's that willed her to ignore anything she found odd, but learning about her two favorite students childhoods broke that compulsion in half and she was spitting mad, only the fact that

she wanted to hold out for Justice saw her stay her wand. " I reminisced. "The twins went to Hogwarts, where they made two best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, The four friends became known as the Golden Quartet that was also the year odd things began to happen at Hogwarts. but those years are stories for another time. as the years passed and deadlier things began happening to the quartet they realized they were being manipulated and tested. along the way they made more friends , Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Fred and George Weasley, and Daphne Greengrass,

thats when things changed, the group dubbed themselves The Order of Shadow's, they made up a code, and everyone had a nickname." here I smiled. "Harry's is Emerald, Isabella's is Marie, Ron's is Robin, Hermione's is Foal, Luna's is Whisper." Here I giggled. " Draco's is Snowflake- he still hasn't forgiven me for that- Blaise's is Viper, Fred and George are Thing 1 and Thing 2 and Daphne is Icy.

the original quartet were the Undesputed leaders of the Order, but everyone in the group, minus the Potter twins, agreed that Harry and Isabella were the overall leaders of the group. now Daphne Blaise and Draco all came from prominent Pureblood families. and one of the first things I asked them was How they could be friends with Hermione, who is a muggleborn. but call Lisa Turpin. another muggleborn a mudblood.

and thats when we learned the other side to the story, Purebloods didn't hate muggleborns for no reason, well most of them didn't, it wasn't about blood status at all." I said as my tone turned furiously passionate "it was about muggleborns coming into the wizarding world and trying to change our culture! and the ministry of magic letting them to appease their parents! Ostara switched out for Easter! Yule switched out for Christmas! Samhain switched out for Halloween! and Beltane, a very prominent part of our calendar disappeared all together along with our other Holidays!

but it didn't stop there, rituals that have existed before the ministry itself! spell's that have been passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, banned! classified as dark! magic is magic! magic itself is neutral! they made blood rituals used for healing illegal because it required an offering of your blood, or the slaughtering of a pig,

that was always roasted afterwards. to do the healing, Dragon Pox, an uncommon disease in the Wizarding world is cureable through a cleansing ritual that was classified as dark for no reason at all and banned has taken the lives of twenty witches and wizards! including Draco's grandfather,

muggleborn come into our world by the dozen, and instead of embracing our culture they want to change it! it infuriates me! they, newcomers think they have the right to change us! us wizarding families who have been here for generations, they think they can waltz in and change what what else the fuck they dont agree with

just because they said so! of course we retaliated! we prevented them from getting prominent jobs in the ministry, stopped them from doing more damage! and what does the light say? they say that we, the dark witches and wizards who only want to keep our culture and customs, and prevent our world from losing everything that makes us unique, are evil, they say that we are prejudice, they call us Pureblood supremisists. and Voldemort, ruthless he may be, was at his core, simply trying to bring back our culture, he's a half-blood himself.

Dumbledore thinks that his followers don't know that, but they do. they just don't care, you know why? because he's powerful, and he's actually trying to fix our world!

though he did go a bit insane do a few years, that was because he used a certain type of magic without knowing the consequences in his desperation for immortality, he regrets killing James and Lily, but to be fair, his mind was all but gone at the time. think of it like, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Tom Riddle is Dr Jekyl and Voldemort is Mr Hyde. though they are one and the same.

anyway, in the summer after the Potter's sixth year, things at the Dursleys house... escalated, it was directly after they both turned 17, Harry had to put their realatives in body binds and in his panic he apparated- which is basically teleportation- himself and his sister to Malfoy Manor, coincidentally that's where the Dark Lord was staying. Narcissa, Draco's mother is a Healer, and Isabella was... in bad shape.

you have to understand that in the wizarding world Healing is much faster, things that would take weeks to heal in the Muggle world take minutes in the wizarding world, and thing that take months to heal in the wizarding world would have taken years in the muggle one,

It took Narcissa six months to heal Harry's sister completely, Harry panicked, he was scared because Dumbledore was looking for his sister, after all she was crucial to his plans, so Harry sent Isabella into hiding, and she stayed with a friend of the Malfoy's." I said calmly

"this letter is from Harry Potter, my brother." I said in a small voice

I turned back to the letter.

Dear Isa,

everything is going fine over here, we've been moving ahead of what you and I originally planned. I've discovered Tom is a closet Ravenclaw, haha. he told me to ro take that back, but I don't think I will,

Luna, 'mione and Ron said hi, Draco's still mad at you for nicknaming him Snowflake, Fred and George want to know if we'd let them put a portable swamp infront of Dumbledore's quarter's, ( although how they'll get into the school, I don't know.)

Daphne wants to know if she can borrow your red full skirt dress for the upcoming Yule ball being held by the Malfoy's. don't tell her I told you but apparently her brother bought a few products from Things one and two and set them off in her closet, there was magical paint Everywhere! including her brand new Acromantula silk dress, she was Furious! she said that her mother actually had to stop her from Crucioing him,

her and Neville are going to fill his room with magical manure, you know, the kind that seeps into everything. Oh! I almost forgot, Blaise got his charms mastery!

Tom's beem busy with work, I've hardly seen him these past few days while he's off during Dark Lordy things. anyway, that wasn't the point of this letter, the point was Isa, I owe you an apology.

You've been begging me since you started dating your boyfriend to release you from your oath and I stubbornly refused, because I didn't trust your judgement. and for that, I am truly sorry, I should have trusted you from the beginning like you trusted me when I told you about me going out with Tom,

you had every right to refuse to accept my relationship especially since I hadn't truly accepted your's. that being said. I Harry James Potter, Lord to the Ancient and most noble houses of Potter, Pervelle, Gryffindor and Merlin release you from your Oath, bound by family magic so mote it be. I hope you know what your doing, and please come to visit soon now that the immediate threat to you is over.

your loving brother,

Harry Potter

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