Bella POV

I waved my wand turning on the lights to the potions space I regularly used, it was three days after I had returned to Britain and I finally had time to go to the Potions Guild HQ, I was glad the Potions Guild rented out the state of the art spaces for long term potion creation.

It had everything a Potions Master or Mistress could ever want. Stainless steel cauldrons, over ten thousand storage areas for Potion ingredients, a stand with a built-in shield feature to protect your research and notes, and best of all a never-ending basin of water, directly from a natural spring. It saved time as water was the base for every potion.

Some of the more 'modern' Potions makers ignored this feature, they were convinced that purified water was better for potion making when in reality any Potions Master or Mistress worth their gold knew that water, straight from a Natural spring or freshwater river was best. Of course, those Potions makers who preferred purified water were also probably amongst those who barely passed their Mastery exam. Privately I dubbed them the Visco girls of the wizarding world.

Smirking to myself I Layed out my ingredients and began to work on the vampire pregnancy potion. Or VP as the Guild had dubbed it. Opening my notes I began preparing the half that was already complete.

If I was right in my assumption, adding crushed Unicorn horn would turn the potion from blue to purple, meaning the previous problem of the phoenix tears and the mandrake saliva not mixing would be fixed, then I could add the Sphinx hairs and pegasus feathers, at that point the potion should go from purple to a silvery lavender and I would have to leave it to brew for half an hour before I moved forward.

Like a robot, I prepared the potion as I have a thousand times before, occasionally glancing at my notes and checking the fire. Two hours later I was ready to add the Unicorn horn. I held my breath and carefully stirred in one crushed horn. After about thirty seconds I breathed a sigh of relief as the royal blue potion turned a deep purple.

I quickly penned the success into my notes and made a reminder that it took thirty seconds for the color to change. After a minute I added the Sphinx hairs and stirred lightly, clockwise, I waited, three minutes later the Hairs were softened and I added the feathers, the color change from purple to a silvery lavender took around a minute.

I waited for another moment, and when nothing exploded I broke out into a beaming smile and happily penned in the success to my notes, being sure to put in the time waiting for the color to change. Setting a timer for exactly half an hour I dimmed the lights in my area, the sign that there was a potion brewing in this space, and went to go speak to the director of the Guild.

I knew the entire Guild had been following the progress of my potion, they were almost as excited as I was to see if It worked. I also knew the Volturi approved this potion, they were well aware of the wizarding world, which reminded me,

I had to tell the Cullens not to worry about them anymore, Harry had contacted them as Lord Potter and informed them of what was going on, Apologizing for the Drama and gifting them a few dozen bottles of dragon's blood, which was basically like fine wine to a vampire.

They were very understanding and very happy with the gift. In fact, I was sure Jane had Volunteered to be a test subject for this potion, along with the wives.

I quickly informed the director of the progress, perhaps being a bit too excited he insisted I let him know if I needed anything. I thanked him and made my way back to my Potions space. Upon entering my space I froze, There was a bottle of Porcupine quills spilled across my desk, the lights were undimmed, and my Potion was now a very angry shade of red and frantically bubbling. Panicking I nearly flew across the lab and slammed my hand down on the rune that activated the emergency shield for my notes before spinning around to sound the alarm.

Someone had sabotaged my potion. But before I could hit the alarm the Potion exploded. I threw my hands up to shield my face as I went flying across the room and slammed into the marble wall. The last thing I heard as I faded to blackness was the sound of dozens of feet and people screaming my name, asking me if I was ok.

Rosalie POV

I laughed at the picture that Hermione was showing me, a younger Bella. Maybe around 14 had tackled one of the twins, and the reason was obvious, this Bella was sporting frizzy hot pink hair, the Moving picture had captured the moment she tackled the redhead perfectly, ending with her sitting on the chest of a very frightened Weasley twin who was staring up wide-eyed at the murderous glint in her eyes.

Emmett, the twins, and Harry were sitting off to the Side discussing Quidditch and the finer points of the sport. Carlisle was off talking Wizarding Medicine with Luna, who was currently getting Her Healers training at St Mungo's, Jasper had gone off with Draco and Ron to Talk strategy and Wizarding History.

Alice and Daphne had gone to Diagon Alley to shop some more. Esme was in the kitchens, learning new recipes from the house elves, who were only too happy to teach someone that loved cooking as much as they did. and Edward was sitting with Tom, discussing one thing or another, mainly Bella, and everything Tom Knew about her from Harry.

Honestly, I was shocked. If someone had told me last week that Edward would be having a civil conversation with someone who had tried to kill his mate five times I would have pointed them towards the Mental ward and strongly advised they check themselves in for a very long stay.

A Blaring ring sounded from Harry's Pocket. All the magical people in the room froze and their Heads snapped to Harry. Ron and Draco came Rushing back into the room just as Harry ripped the Mirror from his Pocket and answered. "Lucius what's wrong?" Harry asked worriedly. "That blaring ring means there's been an emergency that can't wait," Hermione Whispered to me, though the rest of my family obviously heard.

"You need to come to St Mungo's immediately, there was an explosion at the Potion's Guild center." my heart dropped in fear, Bella. One look at everyone else told me they had come to the same conclusion. " Someone sabotaged Isabella's potion while she was speaking to the director, It exploded a minute after she entered her space and she took the brunt of the damage.

The explosion collapsed the entrance to her space and it took a few minutes for those there to dig her out, she was unresponsive and rushed straight to St Mungo's Extensive Potions Damage Ward, Narcissa was thankfully here to speak with the head healer, she's working on Isabella now,

And I've called for two more dark healers to assist her. They should be here in a moment." Lucius explained. Luna squeaked as her eyes welled up with tears. "We'll be right there," Harry said hurriedly before he rushed to the floo room, which seemed to be the cue for the rest of us because suddenly everyone was rushing after him.

In the back of my mind, I noted Hermione calling Daphne and telling her to get to the hospital immediately. But the rest of my mind was blank with worry for my sister. I prayed to any deity out there that she would be ok.

Alright. That's all for now, don't worry, Bella will be .I think? Not sure, tune in next time to find out, though there is one thing the Nargles told me. she just won't be able to take potions for a while, 100 points to the first person to figure out what this means, for those of you who lost the plot, don't worry, you'll find out next chapter, I wonder what her injuries will be? Tune in next time to find Out