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The clomping of several shoes caught Phillip's attention as he made his way down the side of the castle. Most likely just on the other side children were innocently playing in the village.

He skipped down the last couple of steps with a happiness the Prince usually only faked. However, today was better than most, for he'd recently married the love of his life and now he was on his way to grab some things from the local village people with a newfound skip in his step- quite literally.

As Phillip made it down the last step and to the front door, opening it, he was met with a child who was breathing heavily. Concerned, he bent down and his joy faultered.

"Hey, what's wrong little one?" He asked softly, reaching out to move a stray blonde curl from in front of her eyes. She had red rimmed wide eyes and opening her mouth, Phillip noticed one of her baby teeth were gone. She was the image of the word adorable.

"It's alright, what's wrong?" He soothed as she let out a little cry. Finally, she breathed in deeply enough to get it together, and began talking... rather fast.

"I'msosorry, Prince Phillip! I was outsidewith- (deep breath) -some boys whowerethrowing rocks atbirds- and-"

"Woah, slow down. Take a breath and start over.. what's your name?" He asked, distracting her from her mission for a second in hopes she can calm down.

"Mila," she took another deep breath before diving back into her story, slower this time, thank goodness, "I was outside earlier and some boys were throwing rocks at birds! I told them to stop, I really did, Prince Phillip! But they kept doing it, and then finally they actually hit one! I managed to scoop it up and I brought him to Maleficent in the moors, sir, but those boys! They're still throwing rocks! Please make them stop. I've tried, but they won't listen to me."

"Well then," Phillip began, putting his hand on her shoulder as he began standing, "Let's see if they'll listen to us both, Mila."

The faerie walked slowly about the forest area, not daring to stray from her patient that lay only so far away from her.

She was worried he wouldn't be able to survive a transformation from bird to man, but she felt she had to try. She had already tried healing him in raven form but something held her back, and now this must be the only way to help him, right?

Thinking about said patient, Maleficent turned back around to see the raven splayed among the fairy beds that the fairies had so easily lent for him. In fact, to say the fairies all loved Diaval was an understatement. He hardly ever was on anyone's bad side and if he ever was, well then Maleficent made sure they didn't do anything to make it known.

She stepped forward silently, letting her dark wings trail behind her upon the grass. Reaching out a hand, the faerie kept her distance and whispered a single word, "Man."

Golden green tendrils crawled their way out of her hand and her eyes changed color for only a mere second. The sparks reached down and encompassed the body of the raven, wrapping around and enveloping him.

His arms lengthened, his legs grew, and his head changed to one of a human. With feathers disappearing and bloody human skin being brought to replace it, his feathery human hair grew out over his forehead and neck.

Blood ran down the whole of his left arm, indented by a major hit from the rock he had been hit by. Apparently, Maleficent had found this out before, when she changed Diaval to his human form, the wounds he had as a raven, and the size of them, grew to be the same size compared to his human form as well. (Ratio)

Grabbing the healing leaves and pure gauze that the fairies supplied from the village, Maleficent went to work. Any time the raven so much as whimpered, she'd stop what she was doing (it was just the two of them here and he wasn't awake, so she felt she didn't have to hide her emotional side) and immediately make sure she wasn't hurting him, adjusting her grip and the items or his limbs. Then before she'd get back to work, the female would reach up and card her way through his silky dark locks, feeling the tension escape as he leaned into her touch.

"Vain bird," she whispered fondly, continuing to run her fingers through soft locks. When she noticed he was soundly asleep again, she'd grab her items, and continue back on the job of healing a certain raven.

Healing was going to be a long process, but she certainly wasn't going to leave him to deal with it on his own. Maleficent would be there every step of the way.

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