Author's Note: Hey kids! time for another chapter of Pirates sitting Pirates II! Enjoy!

Chapter 2 Taking care of Cubby

Jake's POV

As Izzy and I were laying down on my bed, Cubby started to cry.

"Your turn." Izzy said to me as o got up and went to Cubby's old baby room.

As I went inside, Cubby started to bounce up and down I'm his crib.

"Yes, Cubby what is it?" I asked him as I hit me with his map.

"Ouch Cubby, do not hit me with your map that's not nice." I said to him as cubby hits me with this map again.

"No we do not hit people bad Cubby, bad." I said to him.

"how about you play with these blocks for a little bit, while I'll go check to see if you didn't give me a concussion.

As I went into the kitchen to get an ice pack for my head, Izzy came in.

"Hey Jake how's it going with little Cubby?" Izzy asked me.

"Did you not see what he just did to me? He hit me with his map twice." I said to her.

"Well that's Cubby for you." Izzy said to me.

"you know what I'm changing him back." I said to Izzy.

"No Jake, I want to keep Cubby like this." Izzy said to me.

"Why? so he can keep hitting me with his map." I asked her.

"No not really. But why did he do that?" Izzy asked me.

"I don't know maybe he likes it and he thinks it's funny." I said to her.