Powell was pacing outside the den and keep looking towards the entry where his dear friend Silverfangs was helping Kate, he sighs worried.

A badger of almost teen seasons was nearby "I wanna..want to go in, please...please..please"

"Zork...please quiet down, Silverfangs is with your mother, and I am stressed with worry." Powell said, trying to sound calm and failing.

Silverfangs, a wolf close in age to Powell, steps out and smiles "You may enter...both of you."

Inside was Kate, a badger and wife to Powell and in her arms a young newborn cub, so very small for his looks up at the entering beasts and smiles "Come on over..."

Zork walks in slowly and looked at the small cub, "Can I name him...I wanna name him...please I want to use the name I picked"

Powell makes his way over to them and chuckles "Ok fine, wot's your new little brother's name then?"

Silverfangs stayed off to the side and then slipped off to give the badgers some space.

"Oz...his name is Oz" Zork stated all proud of himself "And I am gonna be a great warrior and always be thar for Ozzy, cause I am the big brother!"

Powell and Kate smiled at each other"That's a fine name"

It would be a couple weeks later they would find out the cub was born blind, this caused worry but little Oz seemed to not let it get him down.


It was the worse winter Send Valley had seen in seasons! The crops in the fall did not produce as much food so beasts were going hungry. In the Winters house...Kate Winters was ill, her mate Powell Winters decided to seek the aid of his friend Silverfangs. So he steped out into the cold freeezeing night air...but he didn't return.

Oz could walk around fine, "But I hungie Zork and daddy isn't back yet"

Zork nods and speaks "I know Ozzy but I am sure he will be back soon"

"He would of by now." A rough cough as thier mother reaches down and gets Oz"We need to find your father"

Zork frowns "Mom...your not well to travel, you need to go back to bed"

Kate gave her son, the look, that dreaded MOM LOOK the one that would make the toughest warrior wet themselfs in fear...yes that look."We are going to find your father, now come" She would make sure Oz and Zork stayed warm, herself she could handle a little cold if needed.

The search ended about 1/4 a mile from where Silverfangs home was.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" A cry like a wounded beast came from her as she droped to her knees, there laying dead in the snow was Powell handed Oz off to Zork and cried, she finally stood and moved forwards, only to collapse

"MOM!"Zork cried out and sit Oz down beside them"Don't go anywhere little bro ya hear me?"

Oz was shivering, some from cold and some cause of fear"Ok..Zork...is mommy ok?"

Zork knew how to take a pulse and frowned, he started to cry and then hearing paw steps he pulled out his father's blade, passed down to him from his father Powell,who got it from thier father Darell who got it from his brother Soot...

The Blade of The Northwind Storms

"Calm yourself Zork Winters...it is I"

Oz backed up a little and frowns, he couldn't see but he knew their parents were dead and he knew voices, paw steps and the one whom just spoke he didn't know at all!" Zork..w...who is there?"

Zork droped the blade and rushed forwards, crying into the wolfs robes, he answered Oz "His name is Siverfangs...it's ok Ozzy."

Silverfangs looked at Oz and reached out a paw "To me Oz Winters, we are going to my camp...you and Zork's new home"

Oz steped forwards and took the wolf's paw in his and nodded, he could tell in the wolf's voice he was trustworthy.

Send Village- 7 Seasons Later:

Zork Winters was a fine skilled and deadly warrior who wielded the Blade of The North Wind Storms

Oz Winters was deadly with a staff, and had learned to use his own blade as well. He may of been Zork's younger brother but he was taller than Zork!

Zork smirked "Come on, who has a sparing match before their wedding!"

"I guess I do"Oz smiles and tilts his head "It helps relieve stress...but ya right, we best get to the wedding hall before Northstar decides its not worthwhile to marry me"

Zork chuckled "Yeah yeah, me on the other paw plan to be single all my life but I am happy for ya little bro!" He managed to knock him down and mess up his headfur with chuckle but helped him up and smiled.

Oz snorted but allowed the help up.

The wedding was perfect and things were good, Oz and Northstar were blessed with a cub a couple seasons later and they named him Cole, but Cole was born in what would become the 2nd worse winter in Send Valley History! And a day that Oz would never forget was to come...