Lord Oz, now that name took some time to get use to,or being called his Lordship, your Lordship and he let some just call him Oz. Oz had been Badger Lord for many seasons now, it had been , for the most part, peaceful along the was one time pirates attcked the shore and Lord Oz had that come to a stop within a week's time.

Many hares had come and gone and loved the old badger. He was blind yes but don't let that fool you, he was still deadly when it came to a fight. He was always good with a staff, and learned to better wield an axe and long blade, he never really caught on to the forge and left that in the care of a very skilled hare who lucky taught his children and their children the ways of the was odd to not have a badger that could use the forge but the hares didn't seem to mind. Uneasy at first the hares soon grew to love Oz and he them.

When it came to...the dibbuns, well it seemed he was not too good with them, yes he cared about them but kindly keep them out of his room and undr control thank you very much.

Today he was relaxing in the garden when he heard a hare clear thier throat."Sur..."

Oz keep sat on the bench and spoke "What is it Zolomon? I was trying to relax before lunch time."

Zolomon frowned but went on "Sur...a small group calling them selfs the Mosflower Defenders are here, they said a horde, get this led by a squirrel named Quade, has taken over a great deal of Mossflower, even burned part of it down and it wasn't for a rain storm it would of gotten a heck of a lot they have Redwall surrounded, this beast has poisoned and killed many.

Oz listens and nods "Then we help Redwall and Mossflower then."He stands "I shall meet them in the Meeting Room." He heads that direction.


The Mossflower Defenders, or what was left of them, wasn't that large and their numbers had been cut in half, the leader and 5 others came to get help after they fleed a burning Defender's base.

A hare General led the group inside and nods"This was...his Lordship will see you now."

Oz sat at the head of a table, a hare on each side of him when the small group of beasts were led inside.

"Thank ya" Says the leader of the group as he steps inside, "I thank you fer seeing us on...such..." It was then it seemed the leader of the Defenders couldn't speak,he just stared at the badger before him," ca..can't died. I shall you..die"

Oz raised an eyebrow but that voice, and the whole someone seeing him die? When was this? Memories started to come back, one's he knew but never shared, he always changed the subject when he was asked of his tilted his head, "Zork?"

Zork rushed over hugging Oz tightly and just started crying, but it was happy tear not sad ones."Ozzy! Ozzy it is you, your alive..your alive..."He then took a close look at him "And in de seasons is little Ozzy Badger Lord of Salamandastron!"

Oz allows the hug and hugs him in return."Zork...I missed you, so much."He is even crying then smiles "Explain later, you cam here for help for..Redwall and Mossflower and me and my hares will come to your aid"

Over the next 3 weeks the hares got ready and then marched to Redwall , Oz in the led. When they got there they could see things had gotten even worse and there was little time to wait.


The long patrol and Lord Oz came just in time to save the day and Quade and his horde was seriously loseing. Quade also knew he was dying but he would make sure his horde got a bit of glory back and maybe, just maybe this battle could still go in his favor as he managed to slip in while the Badger Lord fought off 15 vermin at once, a simple stab to the leg and the posion was quick, it would not kill the badger but...make him as helpless as a newborn.

Oz found himself on the ground as Quade stood on top of him and smirked"Hee heee...oh your not dead...yet, paralyzed...its temporary ya seeeeee...I used it to capture beasts...but seeing as I shape to kill a..Badger..Lord...without a"He raised the blade he had and went to plunge it into Oz's throat...only he didn't get that far as suddenly there was a snarl and he was literally flying across the open ground, rolled onto his side and stood shakely up and glared at the cause.

"No one tries to kill my little bro, ya scum...wanna fight...fight a badger come get me!" It was Zork and his eyes...were blood red with Bloodwrath.

Quade chuckles and grins "Kill him!" He says to his troops as he stood, he even got a couple slices in with his blade, the 15 were taken out and others were smart to not go near Zork!

Zork grinned and then tensed up in pain as he dropped his blade and help his chest and shivered, he had had trouble before but didn't tell may beasts...chest pains off and on and this was worse! His vision was starting to fade as well as he fell onto his side and gasped in pain.

Quade watched and smirked "He's having...a heart..attacked...ha ha..stupid badger..."He looked where Oz was and started to go to him while the effects of the paralyzing was still going on, only to be stopped by hares, he chuckled and dropped to his knees...Quade then started to feel the effects of his many wounds, as well as a slow working poison that had been in his own system, thus died Quade...and the rest of the horde were killed by the Long Patrol and other fighting beasts.

Zork woke 3 weeks later in the infirm "Wot..."

"About time you woke up Zork, I was starting to get worried, let me get a healer..."

"Ozzy..."Zork smiled weakly, he would be in the infirm a while, in fact he ended up in a wheelchair and a decision was made.


Oz was getting ready to leave but he had to say goodbye to Zork first"Wot did you need Zork, me and my hares need to get going."

Zork smiles "I way I joined de order as a Brother Ozzy"He had on his brown robes"Which"He presses something into Oz's paw.

Oz feels along the "The Blade of The Northwind Storms..."Shock in his voice

"Tis your now Oz...or should I say...hee..Lord Oz..something I never though I would say..sides a Badger Lord is supposed to have a great weapon and someone needs to have the Family Blade" Zork says.

Oz smiles and hugs Zork."Thank you Zork.I hope to see you again, but on better terms."

Oz then headed back to Salamandastron.

Life at the abbey slowly got back to normal and there was peace once again

At least for now...