Alexander is slaving away under the hot sun. He hates his master and he hates living on Tatooine.

He has lived here for his whole life under his master.

As he pulls up the last root, it hits him again.

The memory.

Alexander is a baby, watching his father stumble in and contact his mother with a stick.

He cries out, wanting to protect his mother.

Suddenly, his father turns toward him.

"And that bastard child too!" He shouts, moving to hit Alexander.

Despite her aching shoulder, his mother lurches forward to protect him.

"No!" She cries out.

Alexander is shaken back into the present. He has these memories from time to time. He can't tell why.

Suddenly, a landing pod settles next to him. He watches curiously as a man climbs out and comes up to him.

"The master is in the house, sir." He directs the tall man to the house.

"Thank you." The man replies, surprising Alexander. People don't usually speak to slaves.

The man goes inside and Alexander sees him gesticulating to the master.

Master nods, and the man comes back out.

"Please climb aboard my craft." The man instructs.

"Sir, has my master consented?" Alexander asks.

"Yes. And my name is George Washington." The man replies kindly.

The master comes out, rifling through a handful of money.

"Go on, git!" He shouts at Alexander.

Alexander climbs on, and the man shows him the controls.

"I have my own pod, and you will be a phenomenal pilot. Go on." George instructs.

"Yes, sir." Alexander starts the ship.

He flies out, following the dashboard instructions and finding it relatively easy.

He is not quite sure what his requirements are now, and the appearance of the man seems quite random.

"Oh well." He says aloud, preparing himself for the unexpected future.

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