(Spoilers for Attack on Titan seasons 1-3)

100 years ago, giant man-eating cannibals known as Titans, appeared worldwide and began to rapidly decrease the human population.

The Remaining humans fled to Germany, where they constructed three massive walls, Wall Maria, Wall Rose, And Wall Sina.

After constructing the walls, the surviving humans lived in peace for 100 years, until a new type of titan appeared.

Or so they were told.

Life inside the walls was peaceful for those hundred years, outside the walls was an entirely different story.

Outside the walls was much more dangerous, since titans eat human flesh, they tend to ignore non-human organisms like sheep and cows.

Now that the walls prevent titans from reaching people, they simply claw at them hopelessly.

A ten-year-old boy named Eren Jeager woke up from a dream, tears in his eyes, "Huh, Mikasa?"

A girl similar in age name Mikasa Ackermann stood over him, "Let's head back." She said, "W-what am I doing here?"

"You were out of it, were you sound asleep?"

"No. I just had a long dream, I think."

Mikasa grabbed a backpack-like object holding sticks, "Eren, were you crying?"

The boy gasped before wiping his eyes and getting his stuff.

"Don't tell anyone I was crying."

"I won't."

The two children made it back inside the wall they call home, shortly after, a loud bell rang, alerting everyone, "The Survey Corps! They're back!" Eren shouted with excitement.

The Survey Corps the boy was talking about wasn't in good shape, most of them were bloody or missing limbs.

"I-it wasn't a Titan..."Said one of the members, struck with fear, "It w-w-was much bigger, it tore the titan apart like it was a ragdoll."

"Moses! Moses!" An elderly woman ran up to one of the men on a horse, looking for her son, "Where's Moses? Where's my son!?"

The man motioned to another, the other turned around to grab something wrapped up in bandages.

He gave it to the mother, confused at first, she slowly unwrapped the bandages, revealing a bloody, severed arm.

Tears began to form in her eyes as she hugged her dead son's arm.

Eren and Mikasa had reached their home, the boy opened the door, "We're home."

His mother, Karla Jeager, turned around, "Welcome home. Eren, you actually worked hard for a change." She said before seeing his red ears, she pulled one of them playfully, "Ow! What was that for?"

"Your ears are red, you're lying, Mikasa helped you again didn't she?"

"Yeah, I guess. Hey, Dad, are you going somewhere?"

Grisha Jeager turned to face his son, "Yes, I'm going inland to see patients. For two or three days."

Mikasa, no longer able to keep it a secret, opened her mouth, "Eren wants to join the Survey Corps."


His mother gasped his shock, "Eren, what are you thinking!? Do you know how many people died outside the walls!?"

"I do!"

"In that case..."

"Eren!" Grisha started, "Why do you want to go outside the walls?"

"I want to know what's like out there. I don't want to spend my life inside the walls not knowing anything!"

"I see. The ship is waiting, I must go."

Grisha headed out the door, "Grisha! You need to talk to Eren!"

"Karla, human curiosity is not something you can restrain with a lecture." He turned his attention to Eren, "Eren! When I get back, I'll show you what I've kept secret all these years in the basement."


Grisha smiled, "Yes, son." Grisha then walked out the door and to his ship, "Bye!"

Shortly after Grisha left, Karla spoke up, "I won't let you. Joining the Survey Corps, don"t be stupid."

"Huh? Stupid? I think people who're just fine being cattle are way more stupid!" Shouted Eren as he ran off.

"I'll get him." Said, Mikasa.

A blonde boy name Armin Arlert was being pushed around by three teenage boys, "What's wrong, heretic? If you don't like it, hit back!" Said one of the boys laughing.

"No way, I won't stoop down to your level. You know I'm right, that's why you're hitting me."

The boy was stunned for a second, "Oh shut the fuck up!"


The trio of boys turned to see Eren charging at them, "Ha! It's just Eren."

Right behind his was Mikasa, scaring the boys, "Uh, nevermind!" The three boys dashed off.

"Ha! The ran as soon as they saw me!"

"No, as soon as they saw me."

"Armin, are you okay?"

"Y-yeah." The blonde stood up.

Later that day...

The evening had arrived, children played with each other, adults had adult conversations or watched their kids.

"So, why do people call others heretics because they want to go outside the walls?" Eren wondered, "People have lived in peace for a century, Eren." Said Armin, "True, but how come they're not curious about what's out there?"

"Have you ever heard of the saying, 'curiosity killed the cat'?"

"Yes, of course, I have."

"What the others are saying is that going out the walls is a 90 percent chance of death."

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the ground, along with a loud, thunderous boom, knocking people over.

After getting up, the three looked up to see a steaming red hand grasping the wall.

The head of the humanoid rose above the wall, The Colossal Titan's entire body resembled the human body without the skin, only muscle. Its body was constantly emitting steam.

The titan then slowly lifted its massive foot before swinging it back towards the wall, destroying it, dust and large chunks of rocks began flying everywhere, damaging buildings and killing people.

Luckily, the trio wasn't hit by any debris, as soon as the wall was breached, many 7-15 meter titans began to flood the city, sending many people into a panic.

Eren realizing that his house may have been hit, dashed off, Mikasa following, "Eren! Mikasa!" Armin shouted.

"She's alright, the house wasn't hit!" Eren thought to himself.

As he turned the corner, he saw his house completely destroyed, his mother caught in the debris, "Mom!" He cried out as he ran even faster.


"Mikasa, help me this!" With all of their might, they attempted to lift the wood off Karla, no avail.

"Eren, Mikasa! Leave me, you won't be able to get me out of this!"

"No! I won't leave you behind!"

"Dammit, Eren! Why don't ever listen to me!"

Loud footsteps were heard shortly after, a 15-meter titan with blonde hair and a permanent smile advanced to the group, "C'mon, Mikasa, faster!"

Before the titan could reach them, another titan crashed into it, sending them both into another building.

Stunned for a second, Eren stopped lifting, even louder footsteps shook the ground, causing buildings to crumble.

The two kids turned to face what was heading their way, it was clearly not a titan, something much, much bigger.

(Old Rivals-Godzilla: King Of The Monsters)

In a blur, a massive creature jumped over the wall like it was nothing. As the dust settled, the creature was clearly visible.

"W-what the hell is that?"

The creature in question had a name in another world, Rajin Kaijunnus Goji, a member of the species Gojira Legendarius, a species of radioactive, reptilian, prehistoric animals that have lived since the Permian era.

He stood at 175 meters tall, 115 meters taller than the Colossal, his back was covered in blood-red dorsal plates from the tip of his tail to his neck, his midsection had a noticeable 6-pack, the top of his head had large spines on them, used for intimidation and defense, his lower jaw had the same, inside his mouth were hundreds of razor-sharp teeth, made for ripping through flesh.

His muscular arms were good for punching and clawing. His eyes were amber yellow, clearly showing anger.

He lowered his head and gave a low growl before whipping it back up and unleashing a powerful, ear-splitting roar.

The intense sound forced both humans and titans to cover their ears.

The kaiju broke into a sprint, grabbing the nearest titan and ripping it in half. He stomped on another, scooped up one in its jaws before eating it.

The screams of a child alerted him. he turned his head to see a titan about to eat a little girl, in a mad dash, he grabbed the titan right before it grabbed the kid and tossed it to the Colossal Titan.

Rajin looked at the little girl, who is still in fear, he took out his clawed hand.

Reluctantly, the little girl climbed into his hand, the kaiju rose to his full height and began walking in another direction, taking a few steps before, bending down and letting the girl run away.

"It's killing titans, and helping people." Said a shocked Eren.

The smiling titan rose to its feet and continued to walk towards Eren and Mikasa, "Eren, Mikasa! Go! That thing's going to kill the titans! Don't worry about me!"

Reluctantly, the two kids left Karla under the rubble. "Stay safe."

(Two Against One-Godzilla 2014)

Rajin slaughtered most of the titans in a few minutes, he turned his attention to the smiling titan, who had Karla in its hands, "Mom! No!" Eren cried, realizing what it's going to do, Rajin rushed to save the woman.

But it was too late, the titan had taken a bite out of Karla, killing her instantly and spraying blood in every direction.

Eren's eyes could no longer hold in the tears, they flowed down his cheeks as he cried, "Mother!"

Rajin slammed his tail into the titan, sending it flying into the wall.

The kaiju turned his attention to the Colossal Titan, he charged towards the titan, the titan stood still as if he was waiting.

Once in range, the Colossal Titan released hot steam, stopping the Gojiran in his tracks, being much bigger, Rajin's claws connected to the Titan's face, knocking him over.

The kaiju sneered, finding it easy. He stomped on the Titan's chest, breaking through the muscle with a loud crunching sound.

The Colossal let out an audible cry of pain as he released its steam once again.

The inside of the kaiju's mouth lit up orange, he inhaled deeply before firing a stream of atomic energy down at the titan.

The titan remained motionless, knowing this, Rajin let out a victorious roar.

The survivors hopped on two large boats and headed towards another wall via a gate.

Not everyone made it on the boats.

Sitting down with Mikasa and Armin, Eren's fists clenched angrily, he hissed in pain and looked at his hands, bloody and with a few little splinters.

He got up and walked to the edge of the boat, slamming his fists on it, "I'll kill them, I'll kill them all!"