World Of Titans and Kaiju Chapter 20: Battle in Shinganshina

A lot had happened in between Destroyah's death and the plan to retake Shiganshina, along with Wall Maria.

Rajin had been out cold for a long while, Levi and Historia had not-so-great reunions with Kenny Ackerman and Rod Reiss respectively. Rod licked some Titan juice and became a massive 200-meter titan, which Behemoth and Rodan defeated. Historia later became Queen.

Eren had learned how to harden his Titan from Annie, who had surrendered to the Scouts and joined them, he had also learned how to harden his fists and create claws.


The Scouts had arrived at Shiganshina, the town where it all began at sunrise. "All troops, switch to ODM gear!" Erwin shouted and they all ditched their horses and scaled the wall before heading to the outer gate.

Something caught Armin's eyes, the remnants of a fire, he raised his blade and alerted Erwin. Not a single Titan had shown its face, which is good and bad.

Eren swooped over the wall to the side where the hole was and when the time was right, he bit his hand, landing on the spot. His Titan began to crystalize and he freed himself before he was also crystallized. Mikasa swooped down and grabbed him before heading back up the wall.

Once the inner wall was confirmed sealed, the Scouts headed over to the other side. Eren and the others approached the wall when Erwin shot a red flare, signaling to halt the mission.

"You think they found something?" Annie asked, "Probably."

Soon after, a flare was shot. They all turned to face the sound, but they only saw that guy being impaled by a sword and falling to the ground. From the hole came Reiner, ready to attack Armin.

Suddenly, Levi swooped down and impaled Reiner's neck and stabbing him into the heart. Reiner's eyes rolled into the back of his head before shortly returning.

Levi removed the blade and shot his hooks into the side of the wall, letting Reiner fall to the ground.

Reiner soon triggered his transformation and became the Armored Titan. "Be on the lookout! Look for his allies!" Erwin had to say no more, a dozen of transformations caught their attention and they all turned around to see the Beast Titan and multiple Pure Titans.

The Beast Titan grabbed a rock before throwing it like a pitcher in baseball. The boulder came screaming at them, "Incoming boulder!"

Fortunately, the boulder didn't hit Erwin or the other soldier on top of the wall. Unfortunately, the boulder did hit the entrance to the city.

Reiner's hands and feet grew crystalized claws and he began scaling the wall, "All troops, avoid clashing with the Armored Titan! Stay away from him!"

The Beast Titan then roared and slammed his fist onto the ground. The smaller Titans began to charge at the on the ground. "Dirk Squad, Marlene Squad. Protect the horses with Klaus Squad! Levi Squad and Hange Squad! Take down the Armored Titan! Use your Thunder Spears! Dedicate your hearts!"

Rajin had awoken and sat upright, "Ugh. What happened?" His question was soon answered by the sound of Eren's transformation, "Ah, great." Rajin stood from his seat and shot his hooks into the wall before scaling it. "Rajin!? You're supposed to be resting!" Erwin exclaimed. "I'm fine, Commander.

"Are you sure?"

"I assure you, I am fine."

Erwin nodded, "Well then, I want you down there helping against the Armored Titan." Rajin looked down to see Eren locked in combat with Reiner. Rajin nodded before scaling down the wall.

Reiner charged at Eren, ready to punch, but missed. He turned around and tried to punch again, but missed, letting Eren get a devastating blow to the face with his hardened brass knuckles. The impact sent out a shockwave and crushed Reiner's armor, sending him tumbling to a stop.

Eren reared his head back and let out a bellow. Eren charged at Reiner and punched him again, forcing him onto the ground. Reiner suddenly grabbed Eren's leg and lifted him up before he slammed him down on a building. Reiner then lifted Eren up before punching him again.

The dust cleared to reveal that his punch had connected to the ground, not Eren. Rajin had caught up with everyone else, who had the thunder spears on them, "Rajin!? You're supposed to be-"

"I get it. I'm supposed to be resting." He said in a mocking tone, "I'm fine, can someone fill me in on what's going on?"

"We're taking down the Armored Titan," Hanji replied. "Oh. Nice. And those spear thingies?"

"Thunder Spears," Conny showed in right thunder spear, "We're gonna use them to blow Reiner to hell!"

Hanji looked over to see Reiner down on his knees, "Mikasa! Come with me!" Mikasa nodded and followed. "What are they doing?"

"Just watch, you overgrown lizard."

"I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear what clearly just heard." Rajin glared at Jean.

Hanji and Mikasa neared the Armored Titan and fired one of their Thunder Spears into Reiner's eyes before pulling the wires. The spears exploded, making Reiner roar in pain.

The others soon came behind Reiner and fired eight of their thunder spears at Reiner's nape armor. The spears exploded, successfully destroying the armor. "Wow, that's badass."

"Now let's finish him off!"

They all came in for another go and fired their second batch of thunder spears. Inside his Titan, Reiner could see the tips of the spears above him, before the exploded.

Everyone began to cheer at the sight of Reiner's head being blown off, but Rajin had his suspicions. He inspected the body and saw the steam coming from it, "Guys, I don't think he's actually de-"

Suddenly, Reiner's Titan opened its jaws and roared loudly. On the other side of the wall, the Beast Titan grabbed a barrel from the back of a quadrupedal Titan and threw it over the wall.

Armin spotted the barrel and pointed to it, "We need to get away from Reiner! The Colossal Titan is coming! We'll get blown away!"

The Scouts began to retreat and expected an expolsion, but no explosion happned. All they saw was Bertholdt heading their way. "Wait! This is our last chane to negotiate!" Armin landed on a building, "Bertholdolt! Stop right there!"

Bert landed on a building a few feet away from Armin, "Bertholdolt! Let's talk this over!"

"If I agree to talk, will you all agree to die!?"

This caught everyone off guard, "We only want two things! To retrieve Eren and the demise of humanity in these walls!"

"W-Who decided any of that!?"

"I did it! Your lives are coming to an end right here!"

"That's very unfortunate! I was hoping I wouldn't have to hear Annie's screams any longer!"

This caught both Bert and Annie off guard, "Um, what is he talking about?" Annie asked confused, Hanji laughed nervously why rubbing the back of her head, "It's a long story."

"The only one who can save her from the savages in the Military Police is you! At this rate, she'll end up as feed for the pigs!"

"Fine by me!" Bertholdt jumped off the building he was on and onto another one. Armin followed him and Bert pulled out his blade, "Why the rush? Aren't we gonna talk it out?" Armin pulled his blade out and they stared each other down.

"Did you think that if you talked about Annie, I'd lose my cool? Nice try, you're trying to buy time. Surrounding me with soldiers, and distract me when the others kill Reiner."

"If you knew all that, why'd you agree to talk?"

"I wanted to know. To know whether if I faced you guys, I'd start whining and beg for forgiveness. But, seems like I'm fine now."

"Is that because you think we're the spawn of the devil?"

"No. None of you have done anything wrong and you're not devils either. Well, except for one. But you still have to die."

Bert felt someone behind him and turned around, clashing blades with Mikasa. He kicked Mikasa away before charging at Armin. Mikasa threw one of her blades, only to be blocked and letting Bert get away.

Rajin watched as Bert flew high into the air, "GET BEHIND SOMETHING!" A bright glow engulfed Bert and a massive explosion followed it. The blast was like that of an atomic bomb, destroying houses and roasting people alive.

They all looked up to see the Colossal Titan, "Armin! What are your orders!?"

"Let them fight."

They all looked at him, "Let who fight?"

"Rajin! Defeat the Colossal Titan! You're the only one who can!" Rajin nodded, "Get back, everyone. I've been waiting for this since Shiganshina was attacked."

They all nodded and hopped on Eren and retreated. "It's time to end this!" Rajin stabbed his blade into his hand, causing lightning to strike him and cause an explosion.

From the debris came Rajin, letting out an ear-piercing bellow. The Colossal Titan turned to face the pissed off Gojiran. "Ah, Rajin. Ready for round three, are we?"

Bertholdt got in a battle stance as Rajin's dorsal plates flashed red. Rajin roared and charged at the Titan, who also charged.

The two goliaths clashed, causing a massive shockwave. "C'mon, Rajin. You got this.

On the other side of the walk, the Beast Titan threw many small rocks, killing many soldiers and spraying blood everywhere. The furry Titan was about to throw another rock when another ape-like creature came behind him and slammed a boulder over his head.

The Titan looked behind him to see another kaiju. This one was the same size as him but with a few differences.

The ape's fur was a light grey and had a muscular build, unlike the Beast's somewhat fat appearance. The ears were more like a human's and the arms were large, his eyes glared a bright orange.

This was Kiko, the son of Kong.

Kiko roared at the Beast, who simply smiled, "Ooh, another ape to beat the shit out of. This'll be fun."

Kiko charged at the Beast, who grabbed another rock and crushed it before throwing it at the ape. The rocks pierced his skin and made him reel back in pain. Kiko charged again and grabbed the Beast's arm before throwing over his shoulder. Kiko slammed the Beast over and over again before letting go.

The Beast got up, only to be grabbed by the mini Kong by the neck and slammed him back down. The furry Titan kicked the ape off before standing up and stomping on Kiko's chest. The Beast lifted his arms and began bashing his face.

Kiko bit the Beast's arm and tore his hand off before kicking him off. The two stood up and stared at each other.

Rajin threw Bertholdt over him slammed into ground with his tail. He turned around and prepared to stomp on his head, but Bertholdt rolled out of the way.

Bertholdt stood up and punched Rajin in the face multiple time before Rajin caught both of his hands and kicked him right in the stomach.

Flames formed in his mouth and he reared his head back. Bertholdt clamped his jaws onto Rajin's calf. Rajin gritted his teeth in pain. Bertholdt then tore off a chunk of flesh before eating it. The loss of that chunk sent Rajin off balance.

Bertholdt stood up and his body began to change, his skin turned a dark red, his teeth became sharper. "He's transforming!" Armin exclaimed.

Dorsal plates formed on the Titan's back and a long tail with it.

Bertholdt has completed his transformation. Rajin looked in horror at this new form, "Oh god."

Bertholdt smiled before punching Rajin in the face. The impact sent Rajin falling to the ground. Rajin stood up and spat blood from his mouth.

Rajin charged and body-slammed the Titan, only to have no effect. Bertholdt slammed the Gojiran, sending him careening over the wall. "Rajin!"

The kaiju stood up before spitting out more blood. Bertholdt crashed through the wall and stared at his opponent. Rajin clenched his teeth so hard that blood poured out from his mouth.

Rajin charged and Bertholdt swung his arm. Rajin anticipated this and ducked under before tackling the Titan. Once the Titan was on the ground, Rajin began pounding at Bertholdt's face. Bertholdt suddenly blasted Rajin in the chest with a thin, grey atomic breath.

The beam cut through the Gojiran's skin, Rajin gritted his teeth in pain before swiping his tail under Bertholdt's legs.

The massive Titan fell to the ground and Rajin grabbed his tail before lifting him up into the air smashing him into the ground over and over again before kicking him.

"He's way too powerful in hand-to-hand combat." Bertholdt thought to himself, "I have to spam that beam."

Bertholdt began to fire his beam at his opponent. The slicing nature of the beam did a number on Rajin's body, making him roar in pain. Rajin's eyes turned red with rage and he swung his tail. The shockwave sliced Berthold's legs off and he fell to his knees. Bertholdt looked up at a fuming Rajin. The Gojiran began to tear off the Titan's arms.

"This is where you die!" Flames formed in Rajin's mouth, but before he could fire, blood spilled from Bertholdt's neck and his Titan fell. The screams of Eren and Bertholdt caught his attention and he saw Eren tearing out Bertholdt without his limbs from the Colossal Titan.

"Dammit, Eren. I was gonna do that."

Rajin had caught up with the remaining Scouts and a dismembered Bertholdt. "So, what should we do with him?"

"Well, we can't trust him and let him live. Someone needs to take his power."

"What!? No, please! I'll do anything!"

"Okay," Sasha put her hand on her chin, "How about...give up your power?"

"No, please!"

"Jesus, I knew you're scared but you're really sounding like a little bitch." Rajin scoffed. "Wait, how about Armin? He already has the brains, with the strength, he'll be a true badass."

"R-really? Are you sure?"

"You'll be fine."

A bright light caught their attention and they all looked over the wall to see what it was. The Beast Titan had disappeared and Kiko was badly burned.

Yet another kaiju. He was larger than Rajin by at least 27 meters and had brown skin with tough armor covering it. His head had one long horn at the end like Destroyah's and had two more in the back of his head. His mouth had sharp teeth and an evil smile. The tail was long and was armed with spikes.


"Is-is that him? Is that Bagan?" Ymir asked, "His face screams Bagan." They all looked over to face Rajin, who was completely still and wide-eyed. "Dude, are you scared?"

"N-no. I'm terrified."

Rajin inhaled deeply before jumping off the roof and scaling the wall. He looked at his potential new rival, "Let's do this." Rajin jumped off the wall and transformed into his kaiju form.

"Ah, you must be Rajin. I've heard a lot about you."

"And you must be Bagan. Heard about you too."

The two stared at each other before puffing up their chests and Rajin's dorsal plates flashed. "I challenge you to a Gojinkan Kai."

Rajin's eyes widened at the mention, "How do you know what that is?"

"It's called doing research."

"I accept."

Bagan gave an evil smile, "Then let's do this."

The two Titans charged at one another and clashed, locking hands. Bagan pushed Rajin back with ease and knocked him to the ground. Rajin's tail whipped around and wrapped around Bagan's leg and threw him off.

Bagan stood up and wiped the dirt off his face. Rajin charged at the larger kaiju and slammed into him, crashing into the wall. The Gojiran grabbed the horned devil's tail and threw him away from the wall. Bagan stood to find Rajin charging at him. The beast side-stepped and let the rage-filled reptile go right past him.

Confused, Rajin turned around, only to be sent flying with one punch. The Gojiran tumbled to the ground, stopping himself with his claws. "Heh, not bad," Rajin said as he wiped the blood from his nose. "Let's see you punch through this!" Forming above Rajin's wrists came red, glowing blades.

"Ah, pulling abilities out of your ass, are we?"

"I guess I am." Rajin leaped into the air and prepared to stab his enemy's eye. Bagan anticipated this and grabbed his arm before throwing him down. Rajin used this to his advantage and rolled over to Bagan's back and quickly stabbed him in the back.

"Come on Rajin! Kick his ass!" Eren shouted, "Show him who's boss, you overgrown reptile!" Ymir added.

Bagan roared in pain and whipped his tail around and stabbed Rajin. Bagan lifted his with it still inside Rajin and flicked it, sending the Gojiran flying. Rajin stood up and spat out blood, "This is pathetic, you're supposed to be the strongest kaiju on Earth?" Bagan laughed, "Don't make me laugh." Bagan stomped on Rajin's chest. "Now I'll end you." Blue flames formed in Bagan's mouth and he reared his head back. Before he could fire, a large ax slammed into his face. "What the?"

Bagan turned to see five kaiju staring at him. Kong, Godzilla, Zilla, MechaGodzilla, and Jet Jaguar. "Ah, so your little friends decided to join you?"

"You bet," Kong growled as his beard swayed in the wind. "Alright then. Come at me!"

The six kaiju charged at Bagan, who simply jumped over them and landed behind him. They all turned back to see Bagn forming two blue balls of energy in his hands. Bagan then threw them at the kaiju, they stuck to Rajin's chest and he scrambled to get them off but they exploded. Rajin fell onto his back, Kong and Jet Jaguar charged at Bagan and grabbed his arms. "Godzilla! Tailslide!"

"Got it!" Godzilla slammed his tail on the ground a few times before running. He then lifted his legs and slid on his tail. Ge slammed into Bagan's chest feet first, knocking him over. The two picked up Bagan again, "Do it again!"

Godzilla nodded and backed up for another tailslide. Bagan smiled and broke free before his horn glowed and sent the three kaiju in the air. Zilla and Rajin charged, only to have the suspended kaiju thrown at them. Explosions went off on Bagan's back and he turned around to see MechaGodzilla bombarding him with missiles and beams.

Bagan closed his fist and his horn glowed, MechaG froze up, unable to move. Jet Jaguar came behind Bagan and tackled him, releasing the mechanized titan. Bagan grabbed the robot and threw him away. Zilla leaped onto Bagan's back while Rajin tackled him. "Godzilla! Now!"

Godzilla fired his atomic breath, which Bagan inhaled it and fired it back at the king. His own beam sent Godzilla flying back. Rajin formed his blades again and stabbed them into Bagan's chest. Bagan closed his fist, removing Rajin from his chest and throwing him away.

Kong threw his ax at Bagan, pericing his shoulder. Kong grabbed Bagan's neck,"You will die." Kong pushed the ax further into his flesh, Bagan roared in pain. "Yeah, keep screaming." Kong smiled.

"Not yet." Bagan weakly said, "What?"

"You should've," Bagan wheezed, "You should have gone for the head. Dumbass." Bagan lifted his hand and snapped his fingers, engulfing everyone in a blinding white light.

The light died down and everyone was still standing. "What'd you do? WHAT DID YOU DO!?" Kong roared. Bagan smiled before closing his fist and falling into a portal, letting Kong's bloody ax fall to the ground. "What happened?" Sasha asked, Ymir turned to face Bertholdt, "Look." They all turned to see Bertholdt turning into dust before blowing into the wind.

"What the?"

Suddenly, the surviving soldiers other than the main group began to crumple into dust and float away. "Where are they going?"

They all looked up to see even more dust in the air, "It's affecting the other walls too." It wasn't just the walls, the entire megaverse had the same effect, losing people and animals alike. "Are they dying?"

Rajin looked in horror at they dying people. "Guys?" Jet looked at his hand, which was gone. They all looked back to see the robot crumbling into dust and floating away, "Jet!"

"He's gone." Zilla said sadly, Rajin sat down and looked at the ground, tears forming in his eyes, "We lost...and it's my fault!" Kong sat beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. "He's going to pay..." Rajin choked up.

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