Hey all! The first chapter of the sequel, Truth & Justice, has been posted.

Truth & Justice focuses on the continuing development of the relationship between Lex and the Kents and his ongoing battle with his darkness through seasons 3 and 4, as well as the impending fallout with Lionel.

This is my passion project. I adored and admired Lex's bravery, kindness, nobility, and brilliance in the first ~4 seasons of Smallville. His fall broke my heart, even thought I knew it was coming. Lex survived ten times the trauma usually required to turn a character into a villain before he even began to consider that path. Once it became clear he was skirting the edge, even his closest friends didn't stick around long enough to help him with the pain that drove him to ultimately value power over love and friendship. It seemed to me he never had a fair shot. So this series is my humble attempt at giving him a fair shot.

One last thanks to those who have read this far, followed, favorited, and/or reviewed. Special shoutout to those who have left multiple reviews on this story over the past few months: SeaKat, SJlikeslists, animegeekP, Thana Black, ashazara, tejdog1, Talk With Your Hands, Apfane Chan, and jakrar. Your enthusiasm helped keep me motivated, your kindness helped me with the isolation from the quarantines, and your feedback made me a better writer. Thank you all!

This is a current list (as of August 2020) of my other "Smallville" works, posted both here and on AO3. It's mostly for my own reference, but feel free to check them out if any catch your interest.

Part of ISLO

Brave Enough. Pre-series. 6-year-old Lex tries to hide his father's abuse from his mother.

His Father's Son. Missing scene from Ch. 17. Jonathan tries to convince Lex he's nothing like Lionel.

Red Kryptonite. Missing scene between Ch. 43 and the epilogue. Martha addresses Clark about his time in Metropolis.

No Sign of Weakness. Post-ISLO, pre-T&J. Martha catches Lex self-harming.

Big Brothers. A look at how the Kent family might have been if the baby had lived.

Compatible with ISLO

Raising an Alien. Pre-series. Jonathan and Martha learn how to care for Clark in his toddler years.

A Different Game. Season 1. Lana and Lex struggle to get the Talon up and running.

Save Yourself. Season 1 (finale). Gabe Sullivan implores Lex to flee Smallville to get away from Lionel.

S is for Loser. A darker take on the scarecrow incident.

Separate from ISLO

If He Knew. Season 1. Lex finds out Clark's secret at the bridge (long-term project).

If He Listened. Season 3. Clark reveals his secret to Lex upon discovering the Room of Obsession.

How to be a Friend. Season 5. Lex reflects on the loss of Clark's friendship.

After She Dies. Season 5. An extension of Lexmas in the form of a letter from Lillian.

Not My Future. Season 5. A satirical extension of Lexmas where Lex questions whether Lillian really knows the future.