Evil TV 2

Chapter 1

Toad stepped up to the microphone that was on a chair attached to a karaoke machine in a roomful of cartoons. He picked up the mic, and looked at Mario.

"This is for you, Mario." He told the Italian plumber.

"Mamma Mia, Mario." Luigi told his brother. "A shout-out from Toad. That's rare. I don't think he has ever done that before. You must be feeling pretty special right about now." Mario nodded.

"I am." He stated. "I haven't heard Toad sing before. I'm kind of nervous, and yet so flattered that he dedicates this to me. I hope he doesn't let me down."

"I'm sure he'll do fine."

"Yeah, he'll do fine. I know he will."

Toad began to sing Jump up, Superstar, but it was little more than screeching and yelling in a real high pitched voice. Everybody plugged their ears.

"I take that back." Mario shouted. "This is really bad."

"The worst." Luigi agreed. "It sounds like an animal dying. I guess it's true, you have to let stuff stay unknown." Mario nodded in agreement.

"I wish I never wanted to know about Toad's singing. But it's too late now. Curiosity killed the cat."

"Not to mention our eardrums."

"Oh, Toad." Princess Peach said to herself, embarrassed. She would've facepalmed herself, but she was too busy plugging her ears.

"My ears are bleeding!" Dewy Duck cried. "I think I prefer Uncle Donald's singing to this."

"Awwww!" Donald admired. "And you said I was awful."

"And we still stand by that, but you were better than this." Donald didn't know what to say.


"Kirby." Tuff said to him. "I like your singing better when you're Mike Kirby."

"Poyo!" Kirby managed to say throughout the pain.

"Maybe if he eats Green Eggs and Ham," Sam I Am began. "He'll start to sing better."

"Sam," Guy Am I said to him. "I don't know what you just said, but, please forget it." Sam was confused.

"What!? I can't hear you! What you say?"

"I said, oh, just forget it."

"Okay, I'll just offer it to him after his awful singing."

"I can't take this any more!" Timmy Turner complained. "I have to stop this." He looked at his fairies. "I wish Toad was silent."

"A wise choice, sport." Wanda told her godson. She, Poof, and her husband all raised up their wands/rattle, and... poof! Like a TV remote, Toad was still singing, but his singing was put on mute. Everyone sighed with relief as they unplugged their ears.

"That was a smart thing you did, young man." Everyone looked to see that it was Major Monogram in front of the stairs. "You did everyone in this room a favor. I was coming down here, and thought an animal was being tortured. If only Carl could've been the hero." Carl was shocked.

"What would I have done?" He asked. "If I unplugged, the karaoke machine, yes, the back of the room might not hear, but the front would. There would be no escape."

"Hmmmm, I suppose you're right. Ok, you're off the hook for now."

"Thank you, sir." He realized something. 'Wait, what do you mean 'for now?'" But Carl's question wasn't answered. "Anyways, everyone's here now. Come upstairs for a toast." He went upstairs. Everyone but Toad followed him.

Toad stopped singing. He tried to call out, but like his singing, nothing came out. He was confused, put down the mike, and ended up following as well.

Everyone was in the lobby of Princess's Peach's castle. Cartoons were all waiting anxiously for Professor Frankly's announcement.

"Dr. Why." Kevin said to the Kronosian. "Since it's 2020, where is our 2020 vision? I thought we'll all have it throughout the whole year." Dr. Why sighed at his companion for his stupidity.

"That's not how it works, Kev." The time-traveler explained to him.

"It's still early." Kevin responded. "February, so there's still time." Dr. Why sighed.

"I don't think so, Kev. It'll be nice, but I don't think so."

"Maybe the author will like Green Eggs and Ham to celebrate." Sam I Am suggested, bringing out a can of Green Eggs and Ham from behind his back. Guy Am I groaned.

"Sam," He began. "Don't bring her into this. She doesn't like eggs. Just because someone hates and trashes on what you like isn't the end of the world. People have different opinions, and people should respect that."

"Like YouTube comments." Poof, who overheard, put in. "They can be pretty nasty sometimes."

"Which is why I don't like you reading them." Wanda said. Poof sighed.

"If I was real, Mom, and not a cartoon, I would be almost 12. You can't baby me forever."

"I can try." Poof sighed again.

"Anyways," Sam I Am continued. "I know all of that, but it'll be great. If she and everyone else likes this delicious treat, it'll be a dream come true for me. You won't know unless you try." Guy I Am sighed.

"What's taking so long?" Bart Simpson complained.

"Have patience, sweetie." His mother, Marge said to him. "A lot of cartoons have to get packed in one room. It's not easy."

"But why do we have to be here? We know why we're here. It's the author's..."

"No spoilers, boy!" Homer told him through gritted teeth. Bart sighed.

A few minutes later when everyone was packed in, Professor Franky strolled up to the mic. Bart sighed in relief.

"Finally!" He cried. "That took forever!" Marge muttered sternly to herself.

"Be nice, boy." Homer warned. "Otherwise, I won't take you to any more parties."

"As long they're not lame, I'm fine with it." Homer growled in his throat. He so wanted to strangle him right now. Frankly cleared his throat,

"Attention cartoons, may I have your attention?" Everyone quieted down, and looked at the elderly Goomba. "I think you all know why we're all here today."

"BOOOOOO!" Bart booed. "Just get on with it!"

"Boy," A mad Homer said through gritted teeth. "You're tempting me."

"We're here in honor of the author's 200th story."

"Actually," Ferb put in. "Her profile says this, if posted right, will be her 201st story."

"NERRRRRDDDDDD!" Homer shouted.

"Homer!" Marge scolded. "Be nice."

"Yeah, Homer." Bart agreed. "Be nice."

"I am." Homer admitted. "I can't help if if that British's boy a nerd, because he is one." Marge sighed.

"Anyways," Frankly continued. "Since I have you all here, I like to hear what were your favorite/memorable moments you all had in the past ten years." Everybody talked at once. "Don't all talk at once. Pretend you're back in school, and I'll call on you. If you're already in school, well, you don't have to pretend. You'll be a natural. Oh, and for the readers, if you aren't caught up with these shows, or haven't read some of the author's stories, there will be spoilers, so you are warned." He looked at Dr. Why. "Dr. Why?"

"The rest of this page, all of the next page, and one line in the following page." The doctor replied. Frankly thanked him, and looked up front again.

"Okay, begin." Cartoons started raising hands, and Frankly called on each and every one of them.

"I finally settled down, and married the woman of my dreams." Lumiere said about his wife. "The one, and only beautiful Babette." Babette blushed.

"Oh, Lumiere!" She said. A little toddler girl tugged on her dress. She looked down at her smiled, and patted her head. "Don't forget our little rugrat, dear."

"Oh, yes. How could I forget?" He picked up the little child in his hands. "Little Jeannie, our bundle of joy." Jeannie giggled.

"When I discovered Miguel was my famila." Hector spoke."And after almost a century of my family both the living and dead, hating on me, I'm loved again. I lived again even though I've been dead since December of 1921." His family, the dead and living, all smiled. Coco snuggled up to her father which made him smile.

"When our godson made the best wish ever." Wanda told everyone. "Wishing on his god brother, and our sweet baby boy back in 2008."

"I was in extreme pain." Cosmo put in. "But in the end, it was well well worth it."

"Hey, Timmy." Mudkip said to him. "Where's Chloe and Sparky? Shouldn't they be here?"

"They would." Timmy told the mud fish Pokemon. "But Chloe moved to her grandparents' house. And I let Chloe take Sparky." Mudkip was impressed.

"Wow, that was so thoughtful and unselfish of you."

"Yes. It was. It was hard for me to let Sparky go, but i did it."

"And I can never be more proud." Wanda added. "It goes to show that good parenting..."

"And god parenting." Cosmo added.

"...can go a long way.'

"She and Sparky made our show bad." Timmy resumed. "Especially her."

"Hey!" Wanda shouted.

"It's true."

"Did I make the show bad?" Poof wanted to know. Wanda looked at him.

"No, baby, no. People change over time, and so can shows. They just didn't like the changes we made. That's all. We have to see the good in things. We can't let negativity put us down." "We got our cutie marks!" Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo all said together.

"Twilight got her wings, became princess..." Rainbow Dash added. "...as well as a bunch of other awesome stuff."

"We had the best summer ever!' Phineas cried out.

"That seemed to last eight years." Ferb put in. "And there is more to come."

"I won my first ever Pokemon League." Ash said.

"Took you long enough." Bart said with an eye roll. Ash was mad at this.

"My Pokemon really gave it their all, okay?! I would battle you, but you aren't a trainer, and don't have any Pokemon."

"Whatever, at least our show predicted a lot of stuff that came true. We're awesome like that."

"Well, considering how long our show's been on the air," Lisa put in. "...in the end, it's not that surprising that a bunch of stuff that happened to us can happen in the real world. Thirty years is a long time. Anything can happen. Our show's been on longer then Pokemon, but less episodes then them. They have over a thousand."

"And we're still going!" Ash cried out with joy.

"I've been working at the Krusty Krab for twenty years." SpongeBob stated. "And I'm not planning to stop until the day I die!"

"Glad to hear it, SpongeBob, my boy." Mr. Krabs put a claw around him. He looked at Squidward. "What about you, Mister Squidward? You're going to work until the day you die too, aren't you?" Squidward sighed.

"If I must."

"You have to. It's an order. You have no other choice." The octopus sighed again.

"Whatever." He smiled.

"Good to hear it." Mr. Krabs pulled out a dollar bill, and started talking to it like a baby. "And I'll never stop earning you guys. No I won't, no I won't!" He kissed it. Squidward rolled his eyes. Mr. Krabs saw that he was getting looks, and put the money away. He chuckled nervously. "Sorry, continue."

"I married Jeff." Hayley told everyone.

"And I pushed him into a spaceship!" Roger put in. "Where he lived in space for two years!"

"Like Phineas and Ferb," Mabel said. "Dipper and I had the best summer ever! I even won Waddles at a county fair!" Waddles oinked.

"I discovered that I can talk to pets." Blythe Baxter said.

"And I just became a witch's apprentice!" Luz Noceda added.

"And with streaming becoming more popular," Frankly stated. "Pretty soon, traditional TV will most likely die out. Maybe in this decade, maybe not. Who knows?" He changed the subject. "Okay, That's enough. If we all say what your cartoons did for the last ten years, we'd be here forever, so now, it's time for a toast." Every cartoon got drinks, and the ones that were able, together raised their glasses. "To the future!"

"To the future!" They all chorused, including the ones with glasses not raised. and drank.

"Okay, you may go now, and party hearty like there was no tomorrow!" Everyone dispersed.

"You are very adorable!" Mabel told King, a cute, fluffy demon. "Did anyone ever tell you that?" King looked at her, annoyed.

"Yes." He admitted. "And it's really annoying, so I appreciate you to stop."

"And you also sound like that villain Bill guy that we killed, but he got revived by magic."

"Well, you don't have to worry little missy. I'm not a villain, but if you keep pestering me, we may have problems."

"And you kind of look like my Alolan Marowak." Kiawe observed.

"You're right." Sophocles agreed, looking at him. "And he looks like a Cubone too."

"Marowak." The Alolan Pokemon also agreed. King looked at them.

"Except I'm not a Pokemon, kid. So tell your friend with the hat, and yellow rodent, not, I repeat, not to catch me in one of his balls."

"Oh, I think he knows."

"Good, because I refuse to be caught. I already have Edna and Luz. I also have enough problems to worry about. I don't need new ones."

"Fellow villain cartoons," Ganondorf said as all of the cartoon villains were gathered in his castle. "Welcome to my castle. I hope you find it homey as I do because, surprise, this is my home. I hope you all love it here as I do. If not, well, either suck it up, or get out. I can't have you moping in here. That is not allowed. That is only for those blasted good cartoons, and we aren't good cartoons, well, according to the good cartoons, we're not."

"Now, tell them why they're here." Vatti said to him.

"Why to party of course!" Ganon told him. "Am I right folks?"

"YES!" They all shouted at once.

"That's what I like to hear!"

"No, you moron!" Anti-Cosmo snapped. "The gemstones, remember!?"

"Oh, yeah! How could I forget?" Ganon looked at everyone again. "Apparently that's why we're here, folks. Sorry about that. Anti-Cosmo is being a party pooper at the moment." They all groaned.

"I came here for a party!" Bowser complained. "Not to not have one. I would rather be kidnapping the princess over this. Grr, you'll hear from my lawyer!"

"Aw, King Dad." Bowser Jr spoke up to him. "We don't have a lawyer."

"Oh, yeah. Well, If I had one, you'll be hearing from him."

"We'll have a party." Anti-Cosmo told the villains. "After we succeed in taking down the good cartoons." Everyone groaned again, which made him confused. "Wait, why are you all groaning?"

"You know why." Plankton spoke, "Because we'll all fail miserably. We're villains. That's what we're known for, to lose. I'll never get the secret formula, despite my constant not giving up. And you'll all fail in your goals too. Oh, come on, You know it's true. We're all hopeless losers who should give up because we'll never outsmart the good guys."

"Not necessary." James put in. "We won for the first time against Ash. Oh, sorry, spoiler alert."

"It was glorious!" Meowth added.

"Until that Bewear grabbed us, and took us back to its base before we could claim our prize." Jessie said.

"The point is," James continued. "...that you aren't always a hopeless loser when you give it your all. Practice makes perfect, remember."

"Yeah, well, sometimes you have to know when to quit." Plankton said. "And I don't. I'll keep trying to get the Krabby Patty Secret Formula even if it kills me." James pumped his fist in the air.

"That's the spirit!"

"Does this mean I have to continue kidnapping the princess forever and ever?" Bowser asked. "Because that'll get super old real fast. People need to know that bad cartoons like us are people too. Well, not all of us are people. You know what I mean. If not, well, you're dumb."

"And I'll keep trying to get rid of that there Kirby." Dedede said. "Right, Escargoon?" Escargoon sighed.

"Even long after we're completely bankrupt, and lose everything." The snail agreed.

"Anyways," Anti-Cosmo continued, hogging the mic from Ganondorf. "Remember the gemstones from seven to eight years ago?"

"No." Dedede said. "I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. So how do you think I'll remember that?"

"It was steamed rice, Sire." Escargoon reminded him. "Remember? Same as me."

"Oh, yeah. Still, how do you think I'll remember that. What gemstones?"

"The opal, sapphire, and ruby." Ani-Cosmo said. Dedede suddenly remembered.

"Hey, now that you mention it, I think I do remember those gems. I had the red gem."

"You mean the ruby?" Escargoon asked.

"Yeah, the ruby."

"May I continue?" The impatient anti asked.

"Yeah, you may continue."

"Thank you." He looked at the others again. "So, do you all have one at your respected places?"

"I have the amethyst." Bill Cipher said.

"I have mine." Plankton put in. "The emerald."

"And I have mine." Eggman concluded. "The tanzanite." He looked at Plankton. "Although, I should of had the emerald." Plankton shrugged.

"I'm sorry, you snooze, you lose."

"Hey!" Anti-Wanda piped up. "Wasn't Eggman in a movie when we did this before, and now as we're doing it again, he's in another movie? Isn't that just a cool coincidence?" She saw she was getting looks. "I thought it was a cool coincidence."

"Perfect!" Her husband continued, ignoring her. "Now that we all know where the gems are, let's pay the good cartoons a little unsuspected visit."

"Why?" Plankton questioned. "Oh yeah, because it's our jobs to tell the cartoons our evil plans before they're finished for some reason."

"Come on, I'll poof us all there. The cartoon villains are going to win; I can feel it!" Plankton sighed to himself.

"You can probably always feel it." With a poof, Ani-Cosmo poofed off with every single cartoon villain.

Finn and Jake were busy showing the good cartoons their dance moves when all a sudden the bad cartoons all poofed in. They all looked at them, and screamed. Finn got his sword ready determined.

"Sacre Blu!" Both Lumiere and Antrone cried.

"Again," Sonic began. "'Sacre Blu' is right, guys."

"Panic and run!" Thurston, a zebra shouted, panicking and running, "Panic and run!"

"Surprise!" The anti said.

"Anti-Cosmo!" Timmy said to him sharply. "What are you doing here with a lot of the super villains?"

"We're here to let you all play a little game with us."

"A game?" SpongeBob asked with excitement. Both he and Patrick were pumped. "We love games! What kind of game?"

"It's probably a trap." Sandy told him.

"No, no." Anti-Cosmo explained. "It's not a trap. Not really. You remember the author's 100th story? Remember you guys had to get three gems otherwise your shows were doomed?"

"Yeah, I remember!" Grimer piped in. "Charmander, Perry, Mario, Kirby, and I all volunteered to go, and retreive these gems. If I remember correctly, they were the sapphire, ruby, and the opal."

"Yeah, but now you have to get three more gems, otherwise your shows will suffer the same fates!" Plankton said.

"So now you have to get the emerald, the amethyst, and the tanzanite."

"Or face the coincidences!" Dedede added.

"They know that, Sire." Escargoon explained to him. "And it's consequences, not coincidences. DeDeDe glared at him.

"Escargoon! You know better then to correct me." The snail sighed.

"Yes, Sire. Sorry. It won't happen again."

"It better not, or I'll use the mallet."

"You're use your mallet anyway." DeDeDe smiled.

"Yeah, I would."

"And I know what you're thinking. I cursed all cartoons and video games to be doomed in three days unless you have all three gems thanks to a spell book I've found. It can't be one or two gems you find. It has to be all three, or it won't work. The spell also makes it so good magic can't imnterfere, so I'm sorry, not sorry Cosmo, Poof, and Wanda." Cosmo, WWanda, and Poof cursed. Poof was about to swear, but didn't for he knew his mom was present, and will not be happy.

"You're on!" Finn challenged. Anti-Cosmo grinned evilly.

"And the game starts now! Good luck, good cartoons, you're going to need it!"

"Oh, and we're not going to tell you where the gems are." Bill said to everyone. "You're all going to have to figure that yourselves."

"Aw, man!" Patrick cursed. And with that, all of the villains laughed their evil laughs, and poofed off.

The good cartoons all started talking at once.

"Guys, guys, settle down." Monogram said to them. "We need to figure out how we are going to do this." But they didn't hear for they were all shouting and talking. Monogram sighed.

"What am I going to do?" Perry then whistled loudly. He then went back to mindless pet mode as Monogram thanked him. The monotreme chattered. Everyone settled down, and looked at the major.

"Who whistled?" Phineas wanted to know. He looked at his stepbrother. "Ferb?" Ferb shrugged. "Well, whoever it was, and cliche as it may be, it sure got all of our attentions." Monogram cleared his throat.

"Anyways," He continued. "As I was trying to say, we all need to come up with a plan to retreive these gems, and pick a team to go. We need to think together on this one. They all thought long and hard.

"I think it might be fair if the cartoons that went previously don't go this time." Prof. Frankly suggested. "You know. Have some new blood go, and take part in all the action. Give them a chance to shine. Show them what they're made of, if you get my drift."

"We get it." Grimer "And I think so too."

"Yeah." Charmander nodded with Mario, Kirby, and Perry. "Although it would be fun, dangerous, and we would all jump at the chance, you're right, it's time for giving other cartoons chances to shine. Plus, to be honest, I'm glad you said that. I don't think I could handle it. Too risky." Grimer laughed at this.

"Oh, Char!" He said to him. "Make up your mind. You don't want to go, or you do." Charmander looked at him.

"No, I don't want to go. You have to say to yourself 'enough is enough' sometimes, and this is one of those times." Grimer nodded in agreement.

"I hear you, friend. You have to know your limits. Let's enjoy the party this time while others fight for their lives."

"I think the same ones with whoever went with me to rescue the adults shouldn't either." Luke Triton piped in. Mudkip, Violet Parr, Young Link, Poof, and Kirby nodded.

"You went twice, Kirby?" Finn questioned. "Man, I'm freakishly jealous."

"Poyo!" Kirby said.

"Well, who wants to go then?" Monogram asked.

"I will." Sonic volunteered. "I can outrun anybody. I can so outsmart them as well. They will be so blown away by my speed, that they won't know what's coming!"

"We'll go." Both Banjo and Yooka said at the same time.

"But Banjo and I will be better." Kazooie stated. Laylee was offended.

"Excuse me!" The bat argued. "I think you're mistaken, no, I know you're mistaken because Yooka and I will be better!" Both Yooka and Banjo looked embarrassed.

"Kazooie," The bear told the bird. "Please, don't start this. When we go, we have to focus on our quest. We won't have time to listen, and watch you and Laylee bicker."

"I know that, Banjo." The bird said back. "The question is, does Laylee understand? Because it's she who might cause problems."

"Oh, I understand." Laylee told her. "And I won't be the one causing problems. I'll be a good bat. I promise."

"Baymax and I would go with my friends." Hiro put in. "But I don't want too many to go all at once."

"Good call." His friend, Fred agreed. "Too much power can corrupt you. That's what my dad says."

"Can Finn and I go?" Jake wanted to know.

"Yeah!" Finn agreed, taking out his sword. "I wish I've gone with the kids, but, better now then never at all. We're ready to kick some bud guy butt!"

"That's seven in total." Monogram said. "I think that's enough. Anybody else?" The room was silent. "Going once, going twice...we got our volunteers. Good luck to all of you. Make us proud." Everyone cheered as the volunteers all walked out of the crowd.

"Wait a minute." Kazooie said. "We don't know where we're going. Where do we even start?"

"I hate to admit it." Laylee began. "But I think she's right."

"Thank you." Kazooie said. "I'm glad you agree. Maybe we will get along."

"As long as you're always on my good side."

"The Enchanted mirror might be of use." Adam piped up. "I'm sure the Enchantress won't mind if we borrow it. It helped in our past before during the curse."

"Master's right." Lumiere agreed. "It helped us find Chip. There's no doubt in my mind that it can help you guys find those gems." Adam looked at Dr. Why.

"Dr. Why?" He asked. "Would you assist me in getting it?" Dr. Why nodded.

"Of course." The doctor agreed. He looked at his partner. "Kev, you stay here. I'll be right back." He went towards Adam.

After some farewells, Adam went off with Dr. Why to France in the 1700s.

"Oh, shoot!" Cogsworth cursed. "We should've suggested the transportation book too. It would make the upcoming journey more easier."

"Maybe they'll think of it." Lumiere assured his friend. "If not, then they don't. They got to go with what they have. As long as the upcoming journey is a success, that is all that matters."

"True, but it would still be easier and faster."

"That it would, Cogsworth. But we have to wait and see, and go by it."

A few minutes later, Adam and Dr. Why were back with the Enchanted Mirror. Adam gave it to Sonic, and gave him the instructions.

"Got it?" He hedgehog looked at him, and nodded.

"Don't worry." He began. "We'll be back before you know it. I am Sonic after all. Going fast is my speciality."

"But you have to wait for us." Banjo reminded him "Not everyone is as fast as you." Sonic looked at the bear.

"I know, it would be great, and such a lifesaver if everyone was, but I know. But everyone can't be too slow. Otherwise, just let me go, and this quest will be over in a blink of an eye."

"You know that won't be true." Frankly said to him. "They'll be obstacles along the way that you'll have to slow down, and deal with." This time, Sonic looked at him.

"You'll be surprised, old timer, but yeah, sad as it is, you're probably right."

"Banjo and I will catch up with you." Kazooie stated. "It's the chameleon and bat that you have to worry about."

"Kazooie!" Banjo warned.

"I know." She sighed. "Be nice, and I will. You have my word." Banjo knew otherwise, but kept an open mind about it. E. Gadd gave Yooka a smart phone.

"Here." He said to the chameleon. "Call when you have a gem so that Timmy can wish you where ever you guys need to be next." He also gave Finn a satchel. "And for all of the gems, and like last time, food and drinks are in there, Wish up for more if need be." Finn saluted him.

"We won't let you down." He promised.

"And I'll be good, Yooka." Laylee said. "So you don't need to worry." Yooka smiled.

"Good." He said.

"It's the bear and bird you have to worr...I'll be good."

"Okay," Monogram announced. "Time for goodbyes."

"Be careful, Sonic." Tails told the hedgehog after the Enchanted Mirror told them their first location was Gravity Falls. Sonic gave the fox the thumbs-up.

"You know I will, keed." He vowed to him.

"All of your training had lead you two to this." Jamjars said to Banjo and Kazooie. "You know what to do."

"We know!" Kazooie said. "All of our training had lead us to moments like these. It's not that much difference."

"You know what to do too, guyssss!" Trowzer said to Yooka and Laylee.

"We know." Laylee said. "And we will, perhaps even better than the bear and bird."

"What Laylee means is," Yooka stated. "...is that we'll do our best."

"Yeah, we'll do our best too, maybe even better." Yooka sighed.

"Don't you lumping die." LSP said to Finn and Jake.

"LSP," Princess Bubblegum said. "They can't help it. This is life or death we're talking about here, but yeah, don't die."

"Thanks." Jake said back. "We'll try our best not to."

"Or if you do die," Marceline added. "...it's not the end of the world."

"Marcy!" PB scolded. The Vampire Queen sighed.

"Okay, don't die I guess."

"We'll do you proud, guys." Finn promised. PB smiled.

"I know you guys will." She said. "You always had, and always will." This time, Finn smiled.

After some more goodbyes, they were all ready. Sonic, Yooka and Laylee, Banjo and Kazooie, and Finn and Jake all went though the portal Sonic wished up for them, and all were teleported to Gravity Falls, Oregon.