Chapter Seven

"Don't you know, Kazooie?" Banjo asked his feathered friend. "It's been twenty years, but we've been here." Kazooie observed their surroundings more closely. He was right, they had been here.

"Not Clanker's Cavern?" Kazooie guessed. Banjo shook his head. Kazooie thought a bit more then remembered instantly."I got it; Clinker's Cavern!"

"That's it."

"But why are we here? What gem do we need to find here?" Banjo only shrugged. "Well, you're no help at all.

"I don't think we're here for a gem." Sonic said looking at three pedestals before them. Kazooie looked at him.

"What do you mean?" She asked. Sonic pointed at the stone platforms.

"See those pedestals?" Kazooie looked and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm not blind."

"Watch it!" Laylee warned. Kazooie looked at her.

"Watch what?" She then got it. "Oh, you think that I was going to say 'blind as a bat', didn't you? I swear, I wasn't. I was just going to say 'I'm not blind.' That's it. I know my audience."

"Good, because I'm not blind. I can see, thank you very much. Not with 2020 vision, but I can see." Kazooie sighed.

"Yeah, it would be better if people in the real world were gifted with 2020 vision instead of something worse. And before you say it, just because I'm a bat, I had nothing to do with it."

"I know. I don't judge people or animals on their backgrounds. I judge them on their character and their actions, just like it shoud be."

"Wish others thought like you."

"Don't we all." Kazooie looked at Sonic again.

"So, what about those pedestals?"

"On his journey for the 100th story, Mario said that before they went home, they had to put the gems on three pedestals before all of the cartoon shows went back to normal. I think that's why we're here." Finn took the three gems out of his pack and saw that they were all glowing.

"Is that why the gems are glowing?" He wanted to know out loud.

"Could be." Jake said. "That's what I would bet if I were a betting magical dog."

"Well, maybe we should check to see." Laylee piped up. "That is, unless one of you guys have any better ideas."

"Not me." Yooka stated. "I think that's a good idea." Laylee smiled.

"Why, thank you, Yooka. It's nice to have your voice heard."

"Plus, we don't know what else to do." Jake put in. "And it wouldn't hurt to try, so, why not?" Finn headed to the first pedestal.

"Careful." Jake warned him. "They're fragile." Finn looked back at him, annoyed.

"I know that." He told him, "You don't think I know that?"

"I believe you. I'm just reminding you in case is all. You got this, bro!"

"Gee, thanks. Now I feel so much better."

"You know what? Forget what I said and continue to do what you were doing."

"I'd love to." He was about to place the first gem on the pedistal when it was snatched away from him. "Hey; what the?" The others were also snatched away from him. "Hey, what gives?" They all looked and gasped as they saw a Grille Chompa, a Gruntyductyl and a Shooter Gruntbot before them. They all were holding onto a gem. The Grille Chompa had the amethyst, the Gruntydatyl had the emerald and the Grubntbot had the tranzite.

"Hey!" Kazooie piped up about the three enemies. "The enemies are from each game. The Grille Chompa and the Gruntdacyl from the first two games and the Shooter Gruntbot from the game we rather forget happened."

"I'm getting really sick of having to fight our enemies." Laylee said. "It's like that's all we've been doing lately is battling monsters. Can we just not and get on with our lives?"

"Well, tough." Yooka told her. "That's what we heroes have to do sometime to save the day. You know this."

"Yeah, but I still wish we would have a break every now and then. I know we have a break every now and then, but I wish we would get more, better yet, not have to worry about it. Life will be so much better off."

"I hear you. Unfortunately, evil never takes a vacation."

"I wish it did, a permanent vacation."

"We didn't have to wail on enemies the whole time." Jake reminded her. "Remember, we also did challenges like that arcade game and that underwater race. We also had to answer questions with help from our friends."

"I believe the questions were more for the readers." Kazooie stated. "So they could answer, have their memories refreshed or have new readers interested in reading them and to tell them they exist."

"That's somewhat clever." Finn remarked. The others agreed.

"Guys, focus!" Sonic told his friends. "We'll never get anyway with you bickering the whole time. The three days deadline is alost up." Kazooie looked at him, shocked.

"Three days?" She asked. "It feels like 10 months since we began. I believe Mario said that he and his team took a shorter amount of time then us. A human mother could have started her pregnancy when we stated and her baby would now be a month old."

"Crazy how time flies." Jake observed.

"Guys, focus!" Sonic repeated. Kazooie looked at Archie.

"Looks like we'll have to wait to search and reunite you with your mother after this, little guy." The Chao baby just looked at her. "Yeah, you don't care. I'm speaking nonsense to you right now."

"The good news is..." Laylee began. " that green monster just left the amethyst here and went back into the wall." She began to laugh. "Guys, he's a coward." She flew towards the amethyst. "His loss or her. I honestly don't care." She began to grab it with her feet.

"LAYLEE, NO!!" Both Banjo and Kazooie shouted, eyes filled with terror. The bat was confused.

"What is i..." Suddenly, the Grille Chompa burst out of the wall and bit Laylee. The flying mammal shrieked as she flew away. "I can't believe I fell for another trap. That little sneak! Why don't I learn?"

"I can't believe you fell for it either." Jake admitted.

"If we want to get the gems on their proper places," Sonic began. "It looks like we have to defeat them all." Finn nodded in agreement, getting his sword ready.

"Fortunatly, there's three of them and seven of us."

"And we defeated these baddies hundreds of times before." Kazooie said. "So this should be no problem. It'll be over before you know it." Laylee sighed.

"Fine!" She said, clearly not to happy. "If we must. Hopefully this'll be the last battles though. As Sonic said, our deadline is almost up. We need to go to that party and see how's everyone's doing, considering the party's still going on."

"I think it will be." Kazooie assured her. "And just like I said, this'll be over before you know it."

"Let me deal with these baddies." Sonic volunteered. "We all battled so hard already and we need to get stuff done. I'll be done liciky split." And with that he ran off. He managed to defeat the Gruntbot and Gruntydactl, but the Grille Chompa was too much. The Chompa burst his head out, making Sonic fall to the ground.

"So close." Banjo observed. "Good job with the other two though."

"Watch and learn, hedgehog." Kazooie said. As soon as Banjo was close, the two did their Rat-a-tat-Rap on the Grille Chompa, defeatng it once and for all. Sonic smiled.

"Thanks." He thanked them as Banjo helped him to his feet.

"Now that all of the craziness is out of the way," Finn began. "Let's hurry and put all of the gems on the pedestals and get out of here before it's too late."

"Could be a trap." Jake told him. "We should double check to see for absolute certain that the bad guys are all gone before we continue."

"I agree." Laylee agreed. "If I learned anything during these past three days is to never just fly into things. You never know what's about to happen." Yooka nodded in agreement. Finn sighed.

"Okay, but make it fast."

"Fast is what I do." Sonic said, preparing to run. "I'll be done lickity split." He then sped through the whole cavern, then came back to report. "There's no one in this here entire cavern but us."

"I would maybe suggest to check more slowly," Jake began. Sonic groaned with an eyeroll. "I believe you though."

"Thank you!" Finn took out the gems from his backpack and gave the emerald to Sonic and the tranzite to Yooka. The three animals approached the pedestal, but before they could place any of them on the platforms, Archie flew out and snatched all three gems. The heroes were all confused and looked at the Chao.

"Archie, what did you do that for?" Kazooie wanted to know. But the Chao formed a mischievous grin on his face and laughed evilly.

"I don't like this!" Finn whispered to Jake. The good cartoons gasped as Archie's skin turned all black and he grew bat wings and fangs.

"We've been tricked!" Sonic observed, "Archie isn't a neutral Chao at all. He's a dark Chao!" They then heard laughter and they all gasped as Eggman appeared. Snivly, Scratch and Grounder were beside him.

"Eggman, what are you and your goons doing here?" Sonic wanted to know.

"I called Anti- Cosmo to poof us here when you all thought you defeated us We did it just before the helicopter exploded. Pretty cool, huh?" The bad man explained. "And I see little Archie just betrayed you just now just like his papa trained him to do."

"Archie, no!" Kazooie said to the baby. "We were so good to you in such the short time we had with each other."

"We mainly fought and didn't really form that much of a bond with the kid." Laylee pointed out.

"That may be true," The bird agreed. "But I still can't believe that we were all tricked by a baby. I saved you from an exploding helicopter!"

"Well, believe it, birdie." Eggman said. "And that is what we call acting! He acted that way to get on all of you good cartoons' good side. Pretty clever, huh? I taught him that and he passed with flying colors to make his Dada proud."

"Well that all checks out." Jake observed.

"Please, Archie!" Kazooie pleaded the chao. "Don't do this. Remember who you are! Remember me? Kazooie? The one who saved you from those bad guys? You just have to remember, Archie! Please, I beg of you!"

"Uh, before this turns into a sob fest," Sonic began. "I can get Archie back, There's an easier way." Kazooie looked at him.

"Why are you letting me do this pitiful act then?" She asked. "Do it." Sonic nodded,

"Okay, I will." He said, then looked at Yooka. "First I'll need to make a call." Yooka nodded and gave the phone to Sonic.

"Who are you going to call?" Scratch wanted to know. "Your mom to tell her that you lost?"

"Yeah!" Grounder taunted as well with a laugh. "Are you? Because there's no shame in that. In fact, that might who I'll call if I had a mom." Sonic dialed and the phone rang.

Sonic wished up a Hero Fruit which poofed up in his hands. He gave the phone back to Yooka. The two robots were confused, so were Sonic's friends.

"Why'd you poof up a fruit?" Scratch asked. "Last meal requst? And where did it come from?"

"Uh, Sonic?" Laylee started. "No offense, but I don't think a fruit will help, like at all."

"Watch and learn." The hedgehog said to the bat. He showed the fruit to Archie. "Archie; look at what I have for you!" Archie looked down at the fruit and became joyful. His mouth watered and flew down to eat it. Eggman panicked and Kazooie looked appalled.

"Archie, no!" Eggman shouted at the baby. "Be strong! Resist the fruit, Please, obey Daddy, won't you?"

"You're not going to poison my baby, are you?!" Kazooie questioned with concern.

"Gosh, no!" Sonic told the breegull. "Who do you think I am? And Archie's not your baby even though you named him."

"True." Kazooie agreed. "But even though he's evil now and we spend one chapter together, he feels like my baby. And like every good parent, don't want anything bad to happen to him."

"It won't." Sonic promised her. "I promise, this is not poison. Just an antidote of sorts." Archie snatched the fruit and ate it in one gulp. Sonic smiled. "That's it. Good Archie." Suddenly a cacoon engulfed over the chao. The heroes were in shock.

"What's happening?" Finn wanted to know. "Is it evolving?"

"It's not a Pokemon." Jake reasoned. "Although evolution isn't just reserved for Pokemon per say. Other animals like caterpillars do it kind of when they emerge from their chrysalis into butterflies."

"It's reverting back to normal." Sonic explained. "Meaning that it's turning back to the chao that it once was." The cacoon reopened and out popped Archie, back to his neutral self. Kazooie was overjoyed by this.

"Archie!" She cried. Archie made his baby sound and flew back down to the bird to embrace.

"NOOOOOOO!" Eggman screamed. "This isn't supposed to happen."

"Uh, Sir." Snivly spoke up to him. "We still have the gems. That is what we came for, so all is not lost."

"Oh." Eggman realized he still had them in his hands. "Right." He began to laugh. "Look at what I still have and you don't, Sonic and crew." His henchmen joined their boss in the laughing. Sonic prepared to run.

"Oh, yeah?" He challenged. "Not for long." He head butted into his nemesis. Eggman shouted 'oof' as he lost his grip on the gems. Before anyone could react, the hedgehog ran and placed the gems on each pedestal. When he stopped, they all began to glow and raise up. The good cartoons all awwed at this, even Sonc was impressed.

"Now what?" Jake wanted to know.

"We're supposed to hold each other's hands while wishing together for our shows to return good." Sonic explained to him. "At least that's what Mario told me."

"Why must we hold hands and close our eyes?" The hedgehog shrugged.

"That's how they did it, so, why not, right?"

"I guess." And with that, all of the good cartoons held hands or feathers or whatever they had. Kazooie felt something touch her feathers besides Banjo. Kazooie looked up and saw that it was Archie. She smiled.

"You want to wish with us, Archie? Sure, the more, the merrier. The wish might be stronger this way." And so they all closed their eyes and made their wishes.

"I wish for our shows to return to normal." They all chanted at the same time except Archie who just did his baby babble. They all heard beams of light shooting in every direction. They all open their eyes to look. The colored beams came from the respective gems. It was like a mini laser show.

"Where are the 3D glasses?" Laylee joked. Then the beams stopped. One by one, the gems stopped glowing and they dropped down onto the pedestal.

"That's it?" Finn wanted to know.

"It appears so." Sonic said. "Now we go back to the castle."

"I'm surprised the party's still going on." Banjo started. "It's been three days that feel like months."

"If the princess wants a party that lasts that long." Kazooie put in. "I say we let her. She's the host after all. And as long as the party's fun, there should be zero complaints."

"I guess." Yooka was about to call when he noticed Archie.

"What are we going to do about the kid?" He wanted to know. They all looked at Archie.

"I can drop him off in Chao Kindergarten at a Chao Gardens later to see if they can locate his family." Sonic offered.

"That's a good idea." Finn stated. Everybody nodded in agreement. Archie, however, crossed his arms over his chest with a pouty face.

"Cha!" He disagreed, shaking his head. Everybody was confused.

"You don't want to go back to your family, Archie?" The breegull questioned. Archie looked her way and flew as fast as he could for an embrace.

"Chaaaaaaaaa!" The baby only babbled.

"I think Archie wants to stay with you." Banjo told his feathered friend. "I think he has a real liking to you now." Kazooie was confused.

"Is this true, Archie? You want to live with Banjo and I?" The Chao looked at the bird and nodded. Kazooie was speechless. "I...I don't know what to say. You sure you don't want to be with your Mom?" Archie nodded immediately. "But...why?"

"You weren't abandoned by her, were you?" Finn asked. The Chao looked at him and gasped.

"How horrible! Who would ever abandon a cutie like you and I'm surprised you even knew the word and understand everything we're telling you right now."

"He sure is smart." Sonic put in.

"Abandoned by his own mother." Finn said angrily with a fist. "And just leaving him out there in the open like that? That's so wrong and messed up! He could've died if we haven't found him in time. I like to punch her right now if I could."

"She might've had her reasons." Jake reasoned with Finn. "We don't know the whole story behind it, but yeah, leaving your child out in the middle of nowhere like that is pretty cold."

"Well, I don't know." Kazooie continued. "I mean, I kind of want to, but it'll be hard to explain to our fans if they make a true future installment to our games. She looked at her bear friend. "Banjo? What do you think?" Banjo shrugged.

"I mean, this is what Fanfiction is for. The author gets to make up what happens. It can be non-canon."

"I guess." Kazooie then smiled. "Hey, you're right! If the author wants us to have a Chao child, we can have a Chao child. Welcome to our little family, Archie Oliver!" Archie cheered and embraced Kazooie. Kazooie returned the favor in the best way that she possibly could.

"Okay." Jake spoke up. "Now we can go back, right, guys?"

"I think so." Sonic said. He pulled out the mirror while Yooka dialed the phone.

Eggman got up just as soon as the heroes poofed away. He cursed in frustration and looked at his minions.

"Idiots!" He said to all of them. "Why didn't you stop them?!"

"Sorry." Grounder apoligized. "But the gems were glowing, then a touching scene happened with the bird and the Chao..."

"There should be no excuses!"

"You're right, Sir." Snivley agreed. "We failed as minions. We were all being dumb. It's unforgivable. We're very sorry."

"Are we going to stop them?" Scratch asked.

"Well, first we have to report this to Anti-Cosmo." Eggman explained. "See what he says."

"He's not going to like it." Grounder pointed out.

"Well, sometimes we have to tell people we like bad news." Snivley told him. "Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news, but it's all for the best."

"I know. Still it would be good if we don't have to."

"We don't necessarily have to." Scrach reasoned. "We can leave him in the dark about this and go on with our lives or be the heroes ourselves." He saw his boss eyeing him. "We're not going to do that, are we?"

"So, what did he say?" Snivley asked as soon as Eggman got off of the phone with the anti fairy boss. Robotnik turned to him.

"We're going home." He said.

"Just like that?" Grounder questioned. "But what about...?"

"When I told him that the gems were glowing and beams shot out of them, he said it was too late. His magic as well as the other anti-fairies, will be ineffective. The damage is already done. We lost. The good cartoons won again. I bet no one was expecting that."

"I wasn't. I mean, they always win. That's what they're known for, but it was still shocking to me." He changed the subject. "Gosh, why do I get the feeling that Plankton is going to say 'I told you so'?"

"Probably because he will." Scratch said to him. "Come on, let's all poof off and get it over with." And so that is what they did.

Everyone in and on the grounds of Princess Peach's castle were ecstatic on the hero cartoons' return. They all applauded for them.

"Thank you, thank you!" Sonic said. "You're too kind. We'll happy to help."

"I think this all calls for a celebration." Major Monogram stated.

"But we've been celebrating for what seems like the whole year." His intern said to him. Monogram looked at him.

"So, you want to live out the rest of 2020 by not having a good time? Hope is in our futures. Isn't that a good reason to party on?" Carl instantly changed hIs mood.

"Let's party! WHOO! We deserve to be happy! Good things are in the future!" Let;s party until 2021!" Monogram smiled.

"That's my former unpaid intern." Finn looked at SpongeBob.

"Hey, Spongy?" He asked. SpongeBob turned to him.

"Wow; no one called me that before." The sponge said. "I kind of like it. It's cute."

"Right, so anyways, we kind of destroyed Larry's boat."

"Destoryed it? Were you the one driving? I destroy boats all the time when I'm behind the wheel, so it's fine. Only in this case, it;s not. Larry's going to be mad at you."

"He knows and he was the one driving."

"Ooooooh, so he can't blame you then if he did it!"

"Long story short, I decided to donate money to help pay for a new boat." This surprised both Jake and SpongeBob.

"Wow!" SpongeBob said. "That's so generous of you. He'll be very happy."

"I know, right? It feels good to do good, you know?"

"Finn," Jake told his brother. "It's really sweet that you are doing this, but you don't want to chat about this first? Where are we going to get the money?" Finn turned to Jake.

"I'm sure PB will help us out."

"Well, okay then. But let's ask her first, okay?"

"That was my plan all along."

"So, did the Enchanted Mirrior help?" Prince Adam asked when Sonic gave it back to him.

"It sure did!" Sonic said. "Although a teleporting book would be much better."

"It probaly would. But like Lumiere says, we have to make do with what we have."

"That's true, Master." The maitre d agreed. "Why complain if we can't do anything about it, non? Now come on, let's forget about the bad times and focus on the good things to come. C'est la fete!"

And so they all partied for a long time, PB gave permission for some of her money to be donated for Larry's new boat and things for the cartoons went to normal once again.