[After Naruto Changed Into Tsunami's Father]

It isn't until Naruto has his clones do another patrol that Tsunami asks the blond shinobi, "Naruto-kun, could you possibly change into a person from a picture?"

"Mmnn," Naruto hums in the affirmative, recalling all the nude photos of women he research to get his Sexy no Jutsu right.

Naruto watches the long-haired mother hesitate before dropping her peeler and carrot. She looks over to the damaged photo on the wall before looking to the door. She turns to Naruto and politely asks in a something of a whisper, "can… can you please come with me?"

Naruto follows the woman to her bedroom and along with his heightened blood flow, thoughts of Kurenai and his senses, Naruto is acutely aware of how nice it smells. The woman ignores the young blond while she rummages through her well-organized closet for a box buried deep behind everything. She takes out a single photo of a strong-looking man in fishers gear and a white rope around his forehead tied at the side.

The fact that Tsunami looks so lovingly sad at the photo snaps Naruto out of his arousal. With unshed tears in her eyes, she turns to Naruto and extends the photo, asking, "would it be at all possible if you transformed into this man?"

Naruto took the photo and analyzed his features as he inadvertently yet unabashed asks, "who is he?"

"He… I've lost two husbands in my short life," she answers. "I… I just want to feel some closure… or forget, or simply see… I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. I don't know what I'm asking. You shouldn't have to-"

"Sure," Naruto tells her. He puts his fingers together and a second later Naruto looks exactly like the man in the photo, smiling, but at her expression of lost love, he smiles weakly. Unexpectedly, sorrowful melancholy spurns Tsunami's muscles to run into his chest, wrapping her arms around his chakra-solid form. She's clearly upset as she holds him with as much strength as her trembling arms have. Three months ago he wouldn't know how to react if a girl hugged him, especially if he could feel their soft breasts cushion so amazingly against him.

When he hears her mumbling apologies, Naruto realizes he doesn't know what the voice of the man in the photo sounds like so decides to say nothing. Instead, he hugs her back and hopes that it's good enough.

"I'm so sorry," she says before pulling away some to look him in his eyes. She looks pained, expressing a variety of longing and sadness for the image of this man, her late husband suddenly before her. "Dearest…"

Naruto shakes his head, no, hoping she understands whatever her troubles, it's not her fault. Enjoying the warmth and hoping to help, Naruto cups her face in his larger hands.

So lost in the likeness of her strongest love and the shocking dam of feelings threatening to break free, without thought, Tsunami leans up and kisses him, completely opening Naruto's eyes in shock and dispelling the jutsu. When her upward leaning kiss turns into a downward leaning liplock, she opens her eyes to identify the truth behind the fantasy. She's kissing a boy not that much older than her son.

'This… this… isn't my husband!' she mentally screams. Tsunami feels disjointed, functioning and not functioning at the same time. It's like she knows two things. One is a physical reaction from an intimate act. Her body simply knows this feeling leads to better feelings and prepares accordingly. And secondly, her mind is shocked by how wrong she was to see the likeness of her husband. Like the photo of him she couldn't let go of, she should've kept these feelings buried deep in the back of her lonely heart. Despite kissing someone she shouldn't be kissing, Tsunami feels expansive sadness for doing this in the first place, and partly due to her vulnerable heart and shamed mind, her body isn't getting the signal to do something about it.

So strong was her self-loathing for losing her mind and so arrested was her body's reaction to push the boy away, after a few seconds Naruto simply leans in, enjoying the warm soft contact enough to deepen it. Eyes closed with thoughts of Kurenai's lessons, Naruto opens his mouth to slide his tongue against her lips as he cups her jaw. The way he leads, Tsunami reacts a bit and the slight parting of her lips is all Naruto needed to slide his tongue into her oral cavity, greeting her oral appendage and playing with it. Naruto pulls her face in more with his lead hand as he tilts his head to the side. His left travels in her lush silky hair to the back of her head and gripping her with a bit of a tug.

Tsunami moans at the bit of hair pulling and she can't believe it when she feels the heat of her body double and pool between her legs. She can't believe anything when her mind reminds her, 'this is sexual!'

Naruto swivels the kiss to the opposite side of her face as the hand cupping her jaw travels down her neck until he grips the base with surprising strength and warmth. Moving back some, Tsunami wonders if he'll end this when he sucks at her lower lip, nibbles it then swivels back, kissing her just as deeply with a playful tongue.

It isn't until the hand at the base of her neck moves lower to cup her breast that Tsunami braces and draws enough strength to push away. Her knees felt paper thin and she falls to the mat away from him, bracing herself with her hands, protesting, "wait," as she gathers her breath and bearings.

Naruto hadn't expected her pulling away, though he couldn't really think about how the kiss started with most of her thighs showing and a bunched-up skirt that does little to hide the curve of her butt. While not quite the bubbly bottom Kurenai's strong legs support, Tsunami does have more than enough for him to grip.

"It's okay nee-chan," Naruto states as he grips the underside of her luscious posterior, massaging and rolling the tender flesh with his strong grip. "I can make you feel good."

"W-wait," Tsunami twists to look at him at the warm touch. "I- you can't. You're just a child."

"I'm a ninja," he defends, momentarily irked as he tightens his massage before realizing, "I want to help you."

"You can't!" Tsunami calls, pressing a hand against his chest. "We can't- Listen, I'm sorry I let this-"

"Don't be sorry," Naruto says moving his hard frame closer to her. "You didn't do anything wrong. You lost someone special to you-" At the mention of her lost love, and so fresh from her emotional upsurge, he stiff body weakens as he continues. "And that hurts." Naruto's hand releases the woman's pert bottom to snake down and under her bunched-up skirt. "I just want to make you feel better for a little while, at least," he firmly tells her as his fingers brush against the softness of her inner thighs. They were much different than Kurenai's. Even Ino's thighs felt stronger, but still the way they quivered felt nice.

Tsunami snaps her legs shut, but clearly, his middle finger is close enough to flick at the fleshy hood beneath her moistening panties. She grips his strong forearms with both hands trying to think beyond rising warmth. It's been years since she's been physically stimulated by another man, but Naruto is only a handful of years older than Inari, and she can't do this. Nice as he is strong, she has to tell him, "Naruto, I think- mnn."

She's cut off when his lips find hers and his tongue is back in her mouth. At the flicking feeling at her dampening pussy and a long tongue dominating hers as his mouth sucks her in, Tsunami's hips rock and roll once before they quake in a thrilling feeling. Her outstretched arms burn and weaken, allowing his hand to move closer to her wet nether lips. The blond ninja feels her slick lips and thinks they're not so different from his raven-haired Jōnin. While he makes out with the mouth above, he slides two fingers in the mouth below.

She moans at the intrusion and he feels her grip him. Naruto still doesn't understand the observable cues Kurenai talks about in order to be sure he's making her feel good, but he takes the way she grips him to be a good sign. Recalling how much Nai-chan does the same, Naruto's pants now feel like they're choking him. Naruto pulls his mouth and hand away. Rather than figuring out how to remove her skirt, he simply raises it to her waist before he grips her plain white panties and begins pulling down when her hands snap to his, holding them.

She takes a breath before telling him, "I'm grateful you want to help but this isn't- we can't do this. You and I can't do this."

Having heard this from Ino and Kurenai, Naruto huffs with some frustration. He simply can't understand why they all want to keep him a secret. Is he so horrible that no one would appreciate telling others about him? Still, like Kurenai, Naruto glumly tells Tsunami, "it's okay, Tsunami-chan. I promise I won't tell anyone. We can keep it a secret."

Feeling the growing ache in her legs is enough for her mind to debate her physical yearning for her moral integrity. After all, who's the victim here? In his mind, he's helping her and in her mind, she needs a balm for the reopened wound of her heart. Despite the interested men in the village, her mind could simply never accept the advances of another. 'If no one finds out, what's the big deal?' she wonders. This isn't about victims and abuse. 'This is just a reprieve,' she thinks, letting go of his hands, and adds, "just- just this once."

"Sure," He agrees as he quickly slides her panties down her tan legs. She has more hair than Kuranai, not that it matters to him in any way.

"And you mustn't tell anyone," Tsunami speaks, covering her eyes with her forearms as she feels him effortless elevate her right leg to slip between them. Hearing his hum of agreement and his opening zipper felt like the difference between a knock on the door and the sound of a cell door closing. Panicking over the stupidity of her lapse in sanity, Tsunami leans up to stop him, declaring, "wait," as she puts her hands on his shoulders. She may as well, using them to brace herself when she feels his girth squeeze into her vaginal canal.

On her back, knees bent with a blond boy between them and up with her skirt bunched up at her waist, Tsunami didn't know what she was expecting making love to a teenager. She supposes she wasn't expecting anything as long as he could help her avert her attention from the reformed pain in her chest, but she certainly never expected him to spread her weeping walls so thoroughly. She hears herself moan in her surprise as he pulls back a bit before driving farther into her leaking womanhood.

'He's inside,' she thinks with some measure of defeat. 'You let a boy inside of you,' an accusatory voice in her mind beats her with as he starts repeating his thrust more and more until unbelievably, he's reached her cervix. Tsunami felt full to her throat as she hears him groan, "you feel so good nee-chan! You feel amazing." Her body clutches at him in response, falling more and more into the pleasant feeling building within.

Naruto pulls out slowly. Despite missing Kurenai, missing this wet hot feeling, he doesn't just ram in as much as he knows he can. He wants to savor the wonderful sensation as he slowly pushes himself back in. She doesn't grip him nearly as strong as Kurenai but in a soft sort of way it feels just as good. Naruto didn't realize he was failing his sensei as Tsunami's moans started to become more frequent and he could keep from thinking of reaching his own pleasurable climax. Fortunately, his girth, length, and pronounced head did the work for him.

Tsunami couldn't believe how amazing being gutted feels. His initially slow pace did wonders getting her accustomed to his size, building a tempo to the shameless pounding he's giving her now is making her forget herself. Tsunami moans, "mmmn, Naruto!" often as he continues drilling her gushing center. Hearing the constant wet slapping of the throbbing cock stuffing her quaking womb, she feels so disgraced, thrilling her that much closer to her building end. The thick coil tightens and Tsunami is almost scared by how hard and fast he's taking her, wondering if his hips will ever stop even if she orgasms. The idea that he would keep fucking her senseless despite being so incredibly sensitive scares her.

"You're so hot," Naruto groans to the ceiling above as he stuffs his hungry cock into her pot of liquid honey. Gripping her waist Naruto easily elevates her with his superior strength and digs in her massaging nectar happily, relishing in the superheat of her.

"MMn… aahn… ahn, haann, don't- don't stop!" she yells, bracing herself as steady as their rocking thrusting crotches will allow. "Ahn! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummmm!" She yells, feeling the taunt juicy coiled at her hot center finally snaps, exploding a mess of electric bliss throughout her entire fragile body. Tsunami's torque is high, twitching and quaking with over sensitivity and bliss. Unaware of anything else until she realizes her fears have come true. Naruto hasn't stopped. He hasn't slowed and her over-sensitivity is rocketing her to a second powerful orgasm.

"Mnn, ahn, wai-, Naru- Ahn Ahh, Ahhh, I'm goin'ta, M'goingt!" is all she can assert before a weeping scream rips through her throat as another explosion of pleasure rips through her body, squeezing his rock hard cock so hard, Tsunami's sure her cunts permanently molded to his shape. The strength of her second orgasm seemed to have done the trick as he stuffs his stiff rod deep as her quaking center can allow and shoots repeated loads of liquid heat directly into her uterus. He groans happily as the molten heat of his discharge elevates the white of her mind to loopy dementia.

Physically-memorized from his lessons with Kurenai, Naruto's body rolls his pressed-down gyrating hips with long digging strides, extending his own pleasure and ensuring Tsunami stays mindless in euphoria twice as long as her grateful, sweaty body squeezes the thick cum from his flushing urethra. Dark locks stuck to her sweaty forehead, Tsunami's fried and tried body falls back, reveling in pleasant sensations surging as ecstasy ruptures ripples up and down her entire system.

"How do you feel," he asks her, barely out of breath.

"Mnnn," is her only response before he leans down and kisses her deeply. The heat of their bodies pressed together as he cuts off half of her ability to breath is stifling in a pleasurable way and she kisses him back just as enthusiastically.

Though Naruto wanted to go one more round, he knows it won't be long until Kakashi, Sasuke, or Inari show up. He pulls his mouth back, enjoying her slight whimper before he extricates his softened penis from her womanhood.

"It won't be long before the others get here," he tells her as he stands and zips up. "I'll head downstairs first."

With Naruto gone, Tsunami is struck with the full gravity of her impulsive, mournful, indiscretion. "I had sex with a child…" Despite the distress of the significance of that statement, her body actually twinkles and flutters more, shaming her further. Outside of the thundering whirlwind of her shame-filled pleasure, her only thought as she expends his healthy helping of spunk from her sensitive quim is, 'thank kami it's my safe day.'

Tsunami couldn't understand how Naruto could act so natural in front of her family and his teammates. If it wasn't for her quiet demeanor, no one would possibly think anything was amiss. But of course, Tsunami couldn't help thinking about it… what they'd done… how big he is… how hard she came. As if awakened from a long sleep, her body was humming for activity. She could tell her delighted body wanted more. The aches she enjoys are as much a reminder as the memories of their moaning, his cock stuffing and gutting her so hard, so bestially. It was all she could think of, keeping her hot and eager throughout the day. 'If only he was older,' Tsunami bemoans as she listlessly washes the dishes.

"Would you like some help," Naruto calls from behind her, scaring her to holy hell. Her shriek caused the entire room to look as Naruto apologizes.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you," he anxiously states.

Pressing a calming hand to her heart-pounding chest, Tsunami tries to reassure the blond and the others, "it's okay, Naruto-kun. I was in deep in thought. It wasn't your fault."

"Do you need to lie down," Tazuna asks with concern. "You've been rather flush the entire night."

"I can give you a simple physical, if you like, Tsunami-san," Sakura adds.

"Thank you," Tsunami tells them. "Maybe a bit of fresh air might help, if that's okay." She bows respectfully after Kakashi nods who then turns to Naruto.

"I guess I'm up," Naruto states following her out.

After they walk a good distance from the house, Naruto asks, "nee-chan, are you okay? You've been out of it all day. Did you not like it? Was I bad?"

She turns to him, blushing at the sight of his blue eyes in the purple of the night. Finding it easier to answer him by looking away, she tells him, "you- you did fine, Naruto-kun… in fact, it felt very good."

"So what's the problem," Naruto asks with genuine concern.

"You're- I'm simply too old for you," she asserts. "You should be with a girl your own age, not an old mother like me."

"I don't think you're old," Naruto returns with his usual zeal. "And you may be a mom, but you're still pretty hot. Any guy would be super lucky to have you."

Blushing at the, 'have you,' she forces some chuckles before stating, "th-thank you. It's just this is not a good thing. I'm an adult and what I did is a crime."

"It's okay, then," Naruto voices exuberantly. "I'm an adult too! All ninja are. My Hitai-ate means that my home thinks I'm old enough and strong enough to protect them."

"I don't believe they would approve of what we did," is the only argument Tsunami can respond with.

"Well, this has nothing to do with them so I don't see why they need to know. Does that mean you don't want to go again?"

Tsunami pulls up to a stop. The grand question of her dilemma is revealed and she's honestly confused.

Naruto isn't sure what she wants, but he takes her hand and leads her into the forest. Slowly he turns her toward a tree, pressing her against it as he lifts her confusing skirt. Normally Kurenai takes her clothes off, so he makes a mental note to ask her about this when he gets back. Without raising a voice of resistance, her slides her black panties down before he plunges his tongue in her warm snatch. After pleasuring his red-eyed sensei, Naruto once told Kurenai how it feels like he's eating ramen when he's lapping in her privates. She told him mental images are helpful but to never mention that again. He isn't sure why, but he enjoys Tsunami-chan's pussy as it starts to leak and quiver.

It isn't long before she's moaning and Naruto is so lost in the wonderful taste of her salty wetness, he's surprised when she squirts a bit as she moans loudly. If he didn't have her by the waist he was pretty sure she would fall to the ground. Fairly certain she's ready, he brings his eager cock and in a single thrust, fully embeds himself in her spasming tightness. It instantly feels fantastic and he forgets the world as he fucks her for all he's worth. He fucks her through her second and third orgasm before he finally fills her velvet chamber with his hot seed.

Naruto would've gone for another round but she passed out.

[END of Omake]

AN: Naruto and Tsunami would have sex every so often. I was undecided if he would get her preggers, though. I doubt Tsunami was expecting to have sex let alone would be on the pill. It was a toss up that I thankfully never had to make a decision on.