"Connor, look at me,"

He does. His face is distraught. His cheeks are flushed, Tears stream down his face. Keeping a firm hold of one hand, I reach out and brush them away with my thumb. His lip trembles. I fight the urge to kiss him again.

"Connor, you saw me, when I was invisible. That was all I ever wanted. I can't believe after all this time, we could have been each other's saviors. We could have helped each other. Then maybe we wouldn't be having this conversation here, this way.

"Evan," he says, his gaze slowly meeting my own. "Is it too late? For us?"

You would think so. Dead is as late as you can get, isn't it? Ironically, the end is only our beginning.

"I don't need you to sell me on reasons to want you.
I don't need you to search for the proof that I should.
You don't have to convince me.
You don't have to be scared you're not enough.
'Cause what we've got going is good,"

He smiles, sadly, wiping his nose on his jacket sleeve. I tuck a strand of his hair behind his ear.

"I don't need more reminders of all that's been broken,
I don't need you to fix what I'd rather forget"
Clear the slate and start over.
Try to quiet the noises in your head.
We can't compete with all that,"

He laughs. My heart leaps. It's so beautiful. He's so beautiful.

"So what if it's us?" I ask
"What if it's us,
And only us.
And what came before won't count anymore or matter?
Can we try that?"

He smiles, so brightly, I feel my heart may burst. He says,

"What if it's you?
And what if it's me?
And what if that's all that we need it to be?
And the rest of the world falls away?
What do you say?...

"I never thought there'd be someone like you who would want me."

He pulls me into a crushing embrace, burying his face in my shoulder.

"So I give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go."

"But if you really see me," I say into the warm fabric of his jacket.
"If you like me for me and nothing else.
Well, that's all that I've wanted for longer than you could possibly know."

We draw away slightly, foreheads resting against one another, our fingers intertwining between us. I say,

"So it can be us
It can be us
And only us
And what came before won't count anymore or matter
We can try that."

He whispers,

"It's not so impossible
Nobody else but the two of us here,
'Cause you're saying it's possible,"

"We can just watch the whole world disappear
'Til you're the only one
I still know how to see
It's just you and me
It'll be us, It'll be us
And only us
And what came before won't count anymore

We can try that,"

"You and me?"

"That's all that we need it to be.
And the rest of the world falls away,"

"And the rest of the world falls away."

The world falls away
The world falls away

And it's only us, for forever...

A/N Omg that's the end. Idek where that came from but damn I love our tree bros. Hopefully, you all enjoyed that. I'd love to hear what you thought. Yeah, I'm going to go cry now.

An explanation:

This is set post-canon of the original story. Evan gets worse and worse after the fallout from his lie reveal. Eventually, it all just becomes too much and he just lets go.

But Connor was there, he waited for him. He guides Evan through this new existence. Both are so carefree, Connor is happy because there's no more pressure, no more people. They can be themselves, for forever. They can be this way, for forever. Life will be alright, for forever. Evan thinks 'We could drive the winding country road, or grab a scoop at À La Mode. But no, we're here,"

They could be doing all these things, but no, they've died.

Connor's perfectly content to talk to Evan, despite his confusion, because he's so glad to have someone else who's gone through what he has. Someone to keep him company in this in-between existence. They talk about what could have been, what they would have done.

And the rest is after-life history...

Idk I woke up crying because I dreamt of this. If you need clarification or want to add your own interpretation just comment or message me or something. We love our Treebros.