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25th October 1991

Harry sat down at one of tables in the library closest to the interception between the Law and Reference Sections. He sat with Wizarding Politics and Traditions on the table across from him as he waited for Ron to come back from his detention after his interview with Professor McGonagall. Every First Year has an appointment with their Head of House to see if they are settling in and about their studies instead of flying class on that day. Ron, having a detention for missing homework after his interview, told him he would meet him at the Great Hall for dinner.

Madam Pince was a not patient woman. She had an over protective nature for her books was her most distinctive personality trait. But, alas, he had nowhere else to go when the Gryffindor common room has an unofficial Exploding Snap Tournament which was orchestrated by the Weasley twins. As much as he likes the game, he wasn't good enough to enter so he decided to go to the library with his book in his bag.

Harry signed as he read the passage from his book once again:

Some families have magic which is only exclusive for that bloodline. It is thought that if the family stops due to the lack of a male heir, the family magic is transferred to the female heir's children. Family magic is exclusive to those who Lady Hecate deemed acceptable. Families who Lady Hecate deemed acceptable are rare and there is only few families alive which have blessed magic: either through dead family lines or from that direct bloodline. Families with that magic have political power in the International Wizarding Courts as well as one seat in said court.

He bit his bottom lip as he wrote this in his parchment book. His lightly ink stained fingers brushed his shaggy, midnight-black hair out of his emerald green eyes.

He glanced up to the large oak doors when he heard it open, only to see the familiar bushy brown hair that belonged to Hermione Granger. Her small stature carried the weight of a book and her book bag. The book itself was dusty and likely wasn't checked out for a long time until her. She went to Madam Pince and returned her book before her tawny eyes glanced around to find a vacant seat. Her eyes finally settled on the chair across him and approached him.

"Hello, Harry, is this seat taken?" Hermione asked and pointed at the chair.

"No, I don't mind. You can take a seat." Harry told her politely.

"Oh, thank you!" Hermione said and sat gracefully while taking out one of her parchment filled notebooks, their assigned charms book and a reference book.

They all sat in silence for a while with only the sound of a quill scratching and her muttering before they heard footsteps heading towards them.

"Miss Granger, Madam Pomfrey has asked me to tell you that she would like to see you immediately." Madam Pince informed her.

"Thank you, Madam Pince, she can expect me to be there," Hermione told the librarian and, with her lips pursed, the librarian left.

"Harry, if two older male students come here, can you tell them that I went to Madam Pomfrey?" Hermione asked and when he nodded, she carried on. "Great! One has messy short black hair and has cyan-blue eyes. He is a Third Year Slytherin- Harry! Don't make that face! He is an alright bloke! The other one has sandy-brown hair and due to it being shoulder length, he puts it up in a low ponytail. He has hazel eyes and is a Second Year Hufflepuff. When you see them, tell them I will be back in about 10 minutes from my bimonthly appointment." While she was saying this, the First Year Gryffindor wrote down some notes about said boys' appearance and told her he will keep an eye open for them.

Hermione smiled at this and quickly packed up her stuff and rushed (well as fast as you can go) out of the library and headed straight to her Head of House.

Hermione walked quickly through the school wall, thankful that Adrian told her about the secret passages, and got to the Hospital Wing.

She opened the door and saw her private doctor in the Muggle world and her foster father. Since Hermione found out she was a witch, it was revealed to her that her doctor was a Muggleborn wizard who chose to live and work in the Muggle world. Since then, Dr Winterbourne travels to Hogwarts to do her routine checkups of her artificial pacemaker which was made by Dr Winterbourne to work in the Wizarding World. He had messy red hair with striking blue eyes and had a white coat on over a blue scrub top. Her foster father had blonde hair with brown eyes and was wearing a thick woolly jumper and plain jeans.

"Hi Hermione, how have you been feeling since I have last seen?" Her doctor asked after she was sent to go to a bed with private sheeting around it.

"I have been feeling fine though I had felt lightheaded for a few days. Madam Pomfrey gave me a potion which helped." Hermione said honestly.

"Do you remember the potion?" He asked.

"Yes, the Angustiae Ultra Potion." She told her doctor of 6 years.

Dr Winterbourne casted his wand over her body which gave him her height and weight: 149cm and 40kg.

"Now Hermione, I am going to do a spell to show an ECG scan for about a minute." He told his patient.

She nodded and felt the faintly familiar sensation occurring around where her heart is. Next to her, a faint screen showed up and her doctor saw that her heart rate going normal.

"Right everything is in order," her doctor muttered and wrote it on his notebook. He then turned to her and stated: "I recommend you taking the Angustiae Ultra potion if you feel dizzy and if you get heart palpitations or if you feel like your heartbeat is skipping frequently, please tell Madam Pomfrey. I told her to stock up on Cor potions before you got to Hogwarts."

Hermione nodded and told her doctor thank you before he went to give Madam Pomfrey his report.

"Hi Dad, how is Hugo?" She asked her foster father after being hugged by the same man.

"He is doing well though he is missing his baby sister," Kaiden said cheekily and winked at the girl he raised since she was 5.

"I miss him as well. Sherlock is doing well though he is scaring my housemates a little. Dad, how is dentistry faring you since I left?" She asked as she mused about Sherlock scaring most of the Gryffindor table when she received her snake back in mid September- those weren't scared were Lee Jordan, the Weasley Siblings present (minus Ron), Oliver Wood and Harry Potter.

"It is going great though the Fox twins miss you," Kaiden told her and they heard the private sheeting draw open and told Kaiden it was time to leave. Dr Granger kissed his foster daughter's forehead before leaving the Hospital Wing.

Hermione packed up her stuff and left for the library.

When she got to the library, she was greeted by the sight of her best friends (though beginning to see them as surrogate brothers) laughing silently with Harry Potter.

"Hermione, you didn't tell us that Harry is flipping hilarious!" Casey told her as she sat down at their table. In the corner of her eye, she saw that Harry blushed faintly at the praise.

"I didn't know either. Ronald keeps distracting him when I go near him," Hermione admitted.

"Well not anymore, you Hermione Granger are my friend- no one will change that." Harry declared and nudged her arm. "Besides, he dislikes the library."

"Mione how was your appointment?" Adrian asked, changing the subject as he saw her cheeks turning red.

"It was fine- nothing is wrong," Hermione stated.

"Hermione, I have been thinking." Casey started and was interrupted by a cough which sounded like 'shocking' by Adrian who received a mock glare before continuing. "Don't you think it is weird that you, a supposed Muggleborn student, are naturally gifted in magic more specifically martial and healing?"

"Supposed?" Harry repeated with confusion written clearly on his face.

"Harry, I was found in Marylebone and I was fostered by Dr Granger." Hermione told him and he nodded, showing he understood. She then turned to question at hand. "I suppose it is weird." She pondered.

"Maybe you should get an inheritance test at Gringotts?" Harry requested.

"Yeah, I could do that in the Christmas holiday," she mused.

Just then, Madam Pince announced that dinner is going to start. The friends gathered their things and made their way to the Great Hall along with the other students in the library.

When they got inside the Great Hall, Ron was already sitting at the Gryffindor table waving for Harry to come over.

"Hey Harry! Lots of great food today! Thank goddess!" Ron appeared to not have seen Hermione as she sat next to Harry who was across from him. He kept to rambling on how hard, how gruesome Professor Snape's detention was all while stuffing some chicken inside his mouth. "Anyway, it was horrible!" He went to grab a spoonful of peas just as Hermione was going to. "Hey! I was getting that! Oh... it is you..." Ron said disdainfully.

"Ron! She is my friend," Harry lectured him as she saw the girl in question look subtly sullen next to her.

"If she is really your friend, I will try to be better around you, Hermione." Ron said to her after a few moments of silence.

"Thank you," Harry said gratefully, sending his best friend a small smile.

Hermione will get checked every 2 months by Dr Winterbourne so he will appear more in coming chapters.