Starships flew across the horizon, firing all manner of lasers at a much smaller ship. This ship in particular, was none other than the Millenium Falcon, being piloted by none other than Bob Solo—a handsome, young tomato man of 23, and Chewlotsa, a handsome young gourd Wookiee man of, 300, give it take.


Chewie quickly obliged. He punched the light speed button and off he went. The Millennium Falcon easily evaded the Empire ships, and managed to land on Corellia—Bob's home planet.

"Man.." Bob said upon the dismount. "Who KNEW it's be so EASY to get that guy to Jabba?"

Chewie nodded.

"BOB!" Exclaimed a tall leek woman. "You're back!"

The leek ran over to greet Bob and Chewie.

"Hey, Sana." Bob said, hugging the leek and giving her a kiss. "How's it goin?"

"Pretty well." Sana replied. "You get any news about that huge bounty yet so we can leave this place and settle down somewhere?"

"Not yet..." Bob smiled and wrapped a (non-existent) arm around her. "But just you wait—pretty soon, it'll only be about and you..."

("GLAWWWRFGHAGH..")* Chewie exclaimed.

"Oh. And Chewie." Bob smiled, wrapping another non-existent arm around the Wookiee. "Can't forget him!"

Suddenly, Bob's holo-wristwatch started to blink repeatedly. He looked down to find that it was none other than a call from Jabba the Hutt himself!

"S'cuse me, Sana." Bob said, moving away from Chewie and her. "I gotta take this call!"

Bob walked away into the building that he and Sana called home, behind a curtain of imported beads strung together with Wampa-fur yarn.

"So..." Sana said, once Bob was gone. "You wanna get some pizza, big guy?"

Chewie nodded and happily roared.