Bob flew the Millenium Falcon from the base, kyber crystal in hand, watching it blow up to smithereens. Though Sana had double-crossed Bob and Chewie, they still kept their spirits high.

"Well, what do you wanna do now?" Bob asked Chewie.

Chewie gave some sad growls, for he missed Sana and the way she would pet his fur.

"Yeah, me too buddy." Bob said. "Me too."

Suddenly, the messages on Bob's holophone started blinking. Bob looked at the message, and his eyes widened. He looked over at Chewie with a wide smile upon his face.

"Let's go, Chewie.." Bob said. "I heard there's another smugglin' from Jabba. This time, it's on some planet called "Tatooine" or somethin' like that."

Bob and Chewie clambered into the Millenium Falcon, and off they went. Little did they know that the adventure they were about to undertake was even more epic than the last!



King of Wishful Thinking

(Go West)

Wiggle it (just a little bit)

(2 in A Room)


(Justin Timberlake)