A small, humanoid figure slid into the alleyway. It fingered its dagger uneasily as it approached a pile of boxes crawling with rats. "Zasheir?" A quivering voice whispered. "I got it, Zasheir."

"You always do, my little helper!" A raspy voice laughed from the boxes. The common rats darted out of the way as a lanky human crawled out of them. "Let me see, boy!"

The young humanoid pulled back its hood to reveal the face of a dirty elven child. The elf pulled out a small case from within his clothes. Zasheir snatched the box from the young boy and opened it, revealing a shining gold necklace. "Yes, Mella! You never fail to please!"

Mella grinned happily. He was always happy to please his boss, an agent of the Xanathar guild. Zasheir tossed the young elf two gold coins "Here's your payment, kid!" The boy gawked at the money and hurriedly put it in his pocket.

Just then, two of Waterdeep's city guard came racing down the alley. "Get over here, you filthy thief!" One of them yelled. Zasheir's head snapped to the side and a look of horror crossed his face. He darted into the open sewer, leaving Mella.

" No! Zasheir!" Mella screamed. "Help me!" Arm outstretched, he leaped forward. He almost made it, but the guard's hand clamped around the young elf's arm, yanking him back.

The guard holding Mella's arm looked down at him, then noticed the small wooden box on the ground that Zasheir had left in his hurry to escape. "Stupid boy!" The guard laughed. "Did you not think that we would find you?"

Mella's response was a surprising one indeed. He twisted his arm, freeing himself of the brute's grasp, then ran out of the alley- only to find three more guards waiting for him. He considered his chances, then he eyed the guard farthest to his left. The little elf pulled out his dagger and recklessly charged at him.

The guard stared in confusion for a split second, then leaped out of the way, screaming. Mella ran past him, deftly dodging the arrow fired by another guard, and darted into a throng of humanoids. The guards tried to pick their way through the crowd, but the young elf was much faster.

He'd gotten away, as always