Mella quietly slunk through the streets, looking for his target. The second the elf saw a harried half-orc glancing around nervously as he walked, he knew that his innate talents had helped him again. The previous assassin had failed, but Mella never did.

The dagger slid into the half-orc's back cleanly, as did a hand crossbow bolt that quickly joined it. He was dead before he hit the ground.

The elf did not smile at the perfect assassination. This half-orc, Shamog, was not a bad man. He had simply made the Xanathar angry. And when you make the Xanathar angry, you die.

As he strode back towards the more civilized parts of Waterdeep, he pulled down his cloak and was cheerful and polite to everyone. It was a facade, of course, but a smiling elf with seemingly nothing to hide does not seem as suspicious as a cloaked, rude one.

Mella's eyes drifted, and he spotted two of the Waterdeep city guard. He barely resisted the great urge to kill them both. The city guard had killed his mentor, Zasheir, and the elf wanted revenge. He had drained the life from so many of them, but his thirst for their blood was never slaked.

He continued on, his friendly greetings slightly less sincere. Then, the elf happened to glance at a small gnome wearing a green coat over her otherwise black attire. It was Tana Turen, otherwise known as Teetee.

"Teetee!" Mella exclaimed. "You're back! Why didn't you tell me?"

"How was I supposed to?" She laughed. "I just got here!" She ran up and hugged the elf, and he hugged her back.

"How have you been, Teetee?" Mella asked.

"Great! And how are you, Em?" This was what Tana called Mella, for she was very fond of nicknames.

"Same as you!" The elf said happily. "Just finished for the Xanathar Guild! I did it perfectly!"

"Oh, Em! You know how I feel about those things!" Tana protested.

"Sorry..." Mella mumbled.

"You really should leave them." Tana said quietly, for agents of the Xanathar Guild were everywhere. "Neither of us like them or what they do, and you could make an honest living doing something else."

The elf just shook his head. "You know what would happen to me. The Xanathar would hunt me down to the ends of Faerûn!" The thought sent a shiver down his spine. He remembered what happened to Zasheir when he tried to leave. The Xanathar sold him out to the city guard, who made him into an example for criminals. His skull still stood in front of the city guards' headquarters.

Tana noticed a small bird that was acting peculiarly, hopping around in small circles near their feet. "Well, that's unusual." She muttered.

"What?" Mella fingered his dagger nervously.

"This bird!" The gnome said. "It's acting strange."

The second Mella saw the bird, his dagger came out of his belt and toward it. The bird was too fast though, hopping away toward a crowd. Then, Tana gasped, for the bird morphed into an elf slightly younger than her companion, then ran into the mob.

"What was that?" She cried.

"That was Ara." Mella groaned. "An aspiring druid- that is, he was until the Xanathar got to him. Now he's the best spy in the guild. We have to leave Waterdeep."