They'd been training when it happened, Cole was balancing on the poles when he heard a scream of pain coming from across the sanctuary grounds.

It sounded like Zane.

He leaped down from the post and rushed to their newest member, "Jay, get the first aid" he might not have known the new guy well, but he knew him well enough to understand that he wouldn't scream over nothing, the other ninja-in-training was curled around himself, just out of reach of the training machines. Cole ran up to him in a panic, "Zane" he cried out, leaning over him.

Zane was holding his arm to his chest, face contorted in pain, gently, Cole placed a hand on his shoulder, "Zane, hold on" Jay, returning with the first aid kit, ran up next to them "what happened, is he okay?" he asked as he opened the box, "I don't know" said, Cole, he turned back to Zane, "you still with us, Nostradamus?"

"I am conscious" said Zane, his voice strained, "but my arm-" he sat up, still holding his injured arm to his chest, carefully, Cole took his arm to care for the injury.

He'd expected to see blood.

Beneath a thin layer of fake skin and flesh, there was torn metal and broken wires.

For a moment, no one spoke.


Cole tried to meet his eye, but Zane looked away.

Jay took his injured arm, somewhere between fascinated and concerned, "this is very advanced!" he said, excited, Zane pulled away, "please don't do that"

"We should get inside" said Cole, helping Zane up, the older teen's wounded arm dangling uselessly.

The three went to Zane's room and sat him down on his bed, he was uncharacteristically quiet, even by his standards, knowing he was the only one who could help, Jay left to get some supplies. Cole sat on the opposite end of the bed from him, eyeing him cautiously, thinking about how he should proceed, Sensei Wu wouldn't be back for a couple hours, and who knows what could happen in the meantime.

"Why are you here?" he asked, a bit harsher then he intended, "I was injured" replied Zane, sounding distant, "you brought me here"

Cole narrowed his eyes, "why did you come here, to the monastery?"

"Sensei wanted me to" Zane sounded less distant now, but there was an edge to his voice now.

Zane stood, holding his injured arm, he started to leave, but Cole stopped him, "are you really Zane?"

No one moved.

"I don't know"

Cole could barely hear him. His voice heavy with despair, he wasn't used to this level of uncertainty from the normally confident ninja, and it broke his heart.

Zane started back up towards the door, but Cole ran up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry" he said, "I shouldn't have-" he choked up, and Zane turned towards him, confused by the sudden change in attitude.

"I shouldn't have said that" Cole continued, removing his hand from Zane's shoulder and looking away, Zane looked away as well, "I understand why you wouldn't trust me" he said "I accept your apology"

The door opened, and Jay walked in, carrying his toolbox, he waved over the wounded ninja "here Zane, let's get a look at that arm!"

Zane complied, following him to his makeshift workshop, he pulled up a chair, "just sit here" he said, getting to work, mumbling to himself and asking questions about his companion's functionality. After a few minutes, Jay glanced up at Zane, who was trying not to look at his arm.

"Who made you?" he asked, Zane hesitated a moment, and then said "I don't remember"

"Are you sure?" Jay pressed, "don't you remember where you come from? Or anyone who raised you?"

Zane sat for a moment, wondering if he should answer, "the first thing I remember is wandering alone through the snow, that was about a year ago"

He was family, afterall.

Jay frowned, "you sure you don't remember anyone?" he asked, Zane shook his head, "no" he paused, again considering what he was about to say, "no one really wanted me around before Sensei"

Jay stopped what he was doing, looking back at Zane's face, "oh, I'm sorry" he said, going back to work. They didn't talk for a bit, the younger of the two quietly repairing his friend's arm.

"Is that better?" he asked, Zane moved his arm, experimentally, and then ran the previously numb hand along the edge of his seat,"it seems to be in working order" he said, getting to his feet, "thank you" he started to leave the room.

"Hey, uh, Zane" said Jay, and Zane paused, looking back at him, "I want you to know that I don't just see you as a machine, sorry I thought you where weird"

Zane smiled, "I'm glad to know" he said, "thank you again"

He hung out a couple seconds more, seeing if Jay had anything else to say, before leaving for real.