The memory faded and Kirk rushed through the white door that was behind them. Spock and McCoy quickly filed through after him. The captain collapsed onto the couch and let out a loud sigh, his head in his hands.

"Jim," McCoy let out a small sigh in comparison, "Frank is a bastard and you'll always be better than him."

"Captain-" Spock tried to speak but was cut off.

"Jim," Kirk said softly, "call me Jim while we're here."

"Alright, Jim, may I inquire as to why you never went to your mother with the information that your step-father was harming you?"

Kirk chuckled darkly, "like I hadn't tried? My mom didn't care."

"Illogical. Mothers protect their young."

"Not always," McCoy spoke up. "Things are different than they were on Vulcan. Mothers – and fathers – don't always take care of their children."

Kirk stood up abruptly, "just- let's get this over with, it's just going to get worse."

"You mean it's worse than that?!"

"Bones, you already know some. Don't act dumb."

"All I know are the scars on your back."

Kirk rushed forward and slapped his hand on McCoy's mouth. Spock raised an eyebrow. After a few seconds, kirk released McCoy's mouth and then sauntered towards the door. He swiftly opened it and walked through. The doctor and commander shared a glance before heading in after their captain.

The scene before them started with Jim on a shuttle. He looked sad and sullen. Frank could be seen walking away from the shuttle with a smirk.

"Hey," the boy next to Jim said, "where you headed to?"

"Some new colony," Jim stated quietly, "my aunt and uncle live there."

"I'm headed to Alpha III, I heard it's boring there."

"Mine is a farming colony, nothing new for me."

The scene shifted to show Jim on a federation vessel. He was in his quarters that he shared with an Andorian boy. They were playing chess and Jim, of course, was winning. They were interrupted by the door opening up and a yeoman entering. She had a smile upon her face.

"James Kirk, Sith Th'vhaotrek," she addressed them, "We'll be arriving at Tarsus IV soon, so why don't you boys pack up and get ready."

She was gentle with them, something Jim wasn't used to. She quickly left the boys alone to pack.

"Wait a min-" McCoy started, but was cut off.

"Stop," Kirk told him. "Just don't."

McCoy kept his mouth shut after that. Spock was shocked but refused to show it on his face. He now understood how grave the captain's past could possibly be.

The next scene was Jim meeting an older couple, they were both smiling.

"I'm JT," he said quietly.

"Okay…" the woman trailed off, looking at her husband.

"Nice to meet you, JT," the man didn't even hesitate.

Jim, now JT, smiled a little.

The scene changed to show a montage of JT getting close to the couple. He was smiling and joking around with them.

"The first year was fine," Kirk stated out of the blue. "They were great… Nobody had even saw the famine coming"

The scene changed; a guard was escorting them to the town square. They were all confused as Governor Kodos was standing in front of them on a raised platform.

"The revolution is successful," Kodos stated. "But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV"

Then it happened. Phasers were shooting off everywhere. JT's aunt leaned down and whispered something in his ear. JT shakily nodded and then bolted. Some other kids saw him running away and followed. There were fourteen kids following JT. Fifteen kids bolting for the woods and nobody really noticed just their parents or guardians who saw them fled.

Then, phasers were shot at them. One fell, a Risian male. His twin sister saw this and was about to fall to go check on him when JT pulled her along into the forest.

JT and the others ran for a while. Another had fallen, an older human boy. JT saw another human boy about fourteen carrying a little girl. JT let go of the Risian when he noticed a little human boy falling behind. He slowed his pace slightly and picked up the child and picked up the pace.

"That's little Kevin Reilly," Kirk said softly, causing the other two to look at him His eyes looked on, watching the not so distant memory. "He's lucky. He barely remembers this. He does, but just barely. He just turned 21, my baby is all grown."