Once upon a time, There was a little engine in the sheds. It lived in a shed with five other engines. They were all bigger and stronger than the little engine, so the drivers and firemen would use them instead. "We won't choose that thing. We want big and strong engine like these.",They would boast. The little engine hadn't been out for a long time. If it had feelings, then it would be sad.

One day, a 30-year old dalmatian named Edward came along to start work. He looked at the little engine, as if he was going to ask him why he was sad. "How long has this engine been shut up in the sheds?",He asked. When he was told about it, he looked at the engine. "So old boy, would you like to come out today?". And with that, his fireman Charlie lit up a fire and made a lot of steam. Then Edward pulled the regulator and soon the little engine was moving along. The other railway staff, who were barely getting their engines ready, were crossed at being left behind. Away went the little engine, a "Larger Seagull" K2 Class, to collect some coaches.

"Careful, Edward!",said the shunter,"Don't bump and bang the coaches like those big morons do". So Edward drove his engine to the coaches very, very carefully, and the shunter fastened the coupling. "Thank you, Edward.", he said, "That was kind! I'm honestly glad you're pulling this train today".

Then, they headed to the station, where some of the passengers were waiting. "Peep, peep!",Went the little engine. Edward poked his head out from the cab. "Get in quickly, please!",he said. So the people, mammals of all shapes and sizes, got in quickly, and Edward waited happily for the guard to come and blow his whistle and wave his green flag. He waited. And waited. There was no whistle and no green flag. "Where is that guard?!", Edward murmured anxiously. His fireman went to see the station master.

"Have you seen the guard?"


They asked the porter.

"Have you seen the guard?"

"Yeah, last night."

Edward was crossed. "Are we ever going to start?!"

Just then, a little rabbit spoke out, "Look here he comes!" And there was the guard, running down the hill with his flags in one hand, and a sandwich in the other. He ran up on the platform, blew his whistle, and jumped to his van. Charlie jumped to the cab. and soon, the train puffed off. They had a lovely afternoon as they sped through the countryside, children waving as he passed and stopping at stations an chatting with old friends.

"I'm taking this old boy out again tomorrow.", He told his co-workers. "What do you think of that?". But he didn't hear what they thought, for he went home very tired and fell asleep at once.