Zoodor is considered by many to be a special place. Some would say that it's because of its beautiful scenery filled with shining lakes, peaceful countryside, and glorious mountains. Some would say its because its consider by some an actual safe place for predators, in which they are as respected as other prey. However, there's always a pretty good chance that people will tell that the reason for the island being special is the North Western Railway. The North Western Railway, NWR for short, is one of the island's most important factor of Zoodor's economics. The Railway had be officially open in 1915, to which it is the island's most frequently used mode of transport.

Zoodor Island, 1945

The next morning when Edward, the kind dalmatian, came to work, he found that nothing had changed. One of his co-workers was Gordon, a big brown bear who was popular among his peers, was boasting. "You watch me little Edward as I rush through with the express. That will be a splendid sight for you", he chuckled. Eventually, the engines had plenty of steam, and Gordon clambered up to his engine. "Goodbye, little Edward, Look out for me this afternoon". Edward soon drove off to do some shunting.

Edward liked shunting, It was fun playing tricks on the trucks, more specifically the gerbils who look after the cargo in said trucks. He would come quietly and give them a push, then he would stop and the silly trucks would bump into each other. "Wah!", the gerbils cried, "Whatever is happing?". Edward kept shunting, until there were not more left to shunt, then he stopped to rest. After climbing up on his engine to enjoy his tea, he heard a familiar whistle.

Gordon was very crossed. Instead of driving the express, he was driving a very dirty goods train. "A goods train. A goods train! The shame of it! Ohh, the shame of it...", He grumbled. Edward laughed, and after finishing his tea, he climbed down and started his engine. He went off to find some more trucks.

Then there was trouble. A porter came up. "Gordon and his train can't get up the big hill", he said to Edward, "Can you come and push him up it?". Edward agreed, and went off in search of the big blue bear. They found Gordon and his goods train, which was halfway up the hill. He was very crossed. His fireman was talking to him severely.

"C'mon, Gordon. You're not trying!"

"I can't do it, those noisy trucks hold this engine back. If they were coaches, then that would be different".

Edward came up.

"I've come to push."

"No use at all.", Grumbled the bear.

"You wait and see.", replied the dalmatian.

They brought the train back down to the bottom of the hill. Soon, Edward positioned his engine behind the goods train. "I'm ready!", he called out. "No use at all!", grumbled Gordon. They pulled and push as hard as they could. "I-can't do it, I-can't do it, I-can't do it!", groaned Gordon. "I-will do it, I-will do it, I-will do it!", cried Edward. The little engine pushed and puffed as hard as it could. And almost before he realized it, Gordon and his A-1 Pacific engine were at the top of the hill. "I've done it! I've done it! I'VE DONE IT!", shouted the bear proudly. He forgot all about Edward and didn't wait to say thank you. Edward was far behind and very exhausted.

He went off to the next station and as he took a drink of water, his fireman spoke to him. "You know, I'll get out the blue paint and we'll give this old boy a good and smart look in the sheds", he said, "Also, Good work bringing brownie up the hill". Edward could only smile.