Written by decide name later

Chapter 1

(A/N: I'm writing this during book 3 of Dragonwatch. Spoiler warning if you have not read any Dragonwatch books. I don't own Fablehaven that all belongs to Brandon Mull. Enjoy :) ).

Kendra was watching the man she loved fight the man she hated. She had to do something. Kendra could feel the power of the Fairy Queen's crown surging through her body. She could do something. She knew she could. While Ronodin was readying himself for another attack, she ran to Bracken and put her hand on his neck. Everything inside of her went into him. (All of her magic was being used to fight and finally destroy Ronodin. )

Once she was finished giving Bracken the last of her power, she fell. She watched weakly from the floor. Bracken took off Ronodin's horn and purified it. Ronodin was furious—and scared— because he had no defense. Then he saw his getaway.

"Oh Bracken, you might want to stop worrying about me and go take care of your Fairy Princess," Ronodin said with a smug look.

Bracken turned back and saw Kendra on the floor, looking as if she were dead. She was pale as a ghost. He turned human and ran to her side.

Ronodin took this opportunity to take a potion. He turned into a crow and flew away. Bracken didn't care though. He was too worried about Kendra. She wouldn't open her eyes. He refused to think the worst had happened. He had to get her out of here. The darkness probably wasn't helping.

The revenant took Bracken to the clever boat the Underking said they could use to leave. He climbed in holding Kendra, the bag of his horns, and the sunset pearl. Bracken told the clever boat to go to the island of Timbuli.

The boat pulled away from shore. Now his biggest concern was if Kendra would ever wake up. He put his first horn in her hands—after making his mind connected to it again—in hopes of possibly making contact with her. He could see into her mind fairly easily, which he thought nothing of, but only for a moment.

Bracken said his next words with urgency. "Kendra please wake up. This isn't good. I can read your mind too easily." He said the next phrase very softly. "I can't lose you, please come back to me."

Bracken started to cry when—.